How to distinguish Samsung s10 original

What is the difference between screen manufacturing technologies

TFT technology uses thin film transistors to operate each subpixel. These matrices use amorphous silicon. They are not distinguished by rich colors and sharp images.

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In IPS, the gate electrodes are distributed on one surface so that the liquid crystals unfold in one plane when voltage is applied. The backlight of the entire matrix allows you to get a clear picture. “Locked” IPS cell allows for color reproduction without failures.

For OLED screens, the subpixels themselves are the source of light. This approach eliminates the need for external lighting. These displays are very good for deep blacks as they only need to turn off the LEDs. In addition, they are quite economical, because the black areas of the screen consume a minimum of energy.

How to distinguish an original screen from a copy

When choosing a smartphone, many often pay attention to its display, because this is perhaps the main component with which you will subsequently have to interact most often. However, most buyers don’t understand abbreviations like TFT, IPS and AMOLED, let alone distinguish the original screen from the copy. We asked the experts of the IVESTORE service to help understand the difference between the screens of modern smartphones.

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In total, 3 main types of displays are now common on the market: TFT (very poor quality), where the backlight is often not even adjustable, IPS (based on liquid crystals) and OLED, where organic light-emitting diodes are used. The first type is most often inaccurately made by Chinese craftsmen, while IPS and OLED either come from the manufacturer itself (like Samsung, LG, etc.), or appear in the form of high-quality copies, which are usually produced in the same factories as the original displays, but sold unofficially.

Why change the screen

As IVESTORE told us, the most common reason for replacing a display is damage caused by a fall. over, damage often appears in the form of a microcrack. it is inside, so you can easily not see it. However, such a crack tends to expand, and over time this can lead to various glitches of on-screen controls. It is also possible that stripes and ripples appear on the screen.

The specificity of Android smartphones is that manufacturers place a lot of components on the cables, including the top one, so even a drop from a small height without visible damage can subsequently grow into a serious problem. the display will simply stop working.

How the original display differs from the copy

The original screen is visible immediately. you can distinguish it from a copy first of all by the clarity of the picture and the saturation of the colors, as well as the smooth adjustment of the backlight. The corners of a non-original display often fade, in addition, there is an emphasis on specific colors. most often blue or warm.

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Fake Chinese displays often have a less sensitive sensor, and this can be noticed if you make a simple swipe. the delay will be visible. You can also distinguish a copy from the original by its resolution. a non-original display, as a rule, does not exist with a resolution higher than HD (this is simply unprofitable for Chinese craftsmen).

How to understand that you have a copy installed

To protect yourself from this, it is better to contact professional service centers, where the masters have original displays and the necessary equipment to replace them. IVESTORE experts will help replace not only the display, but also the battery, microcircuits and other components of the Android smartphone.

In the IVESTORE service center, all work is carried out on a turnkey basis, that is, the indicated cost already includes both the work and the cost of the display. We remind you that all readers can get a 10% discount on all types of Android device repair. It is enough to name the AndroidInsider promo code when registering or report it directly to the service center.

If you analyze the smartphone market and weigh the chances of each brand to become an industry leader or retain this title, then Honor is somehow aloof in our difficult times. This particular company, which has recently become a company rather than a brand, was at one time a very unpredictable “variable”, but the situation is gradually clearing up. It seems to me, and many agree with this, that she can become a real industry leader or at least confidently enter the TOP-3 global smartphone sales. To do this, she needs to do a lot of work, but by and large the result of this work should be the fulfillment of only one condition. Let’s try to see if Honor can leave everyone behind and start making the world’s best-selling smartphones.

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Last week, OPPO revealed a concept for a revolutionary smartphone that won’t fold in the accepted representation of the word. He will move apart to the sides, and his screen “roll out” out. I almost believe in this idea more than others and want to try a smartphone in practice, but there are still more problems than prospects. First of all, the manufacturer will face difficulties in the production of the display, then the features of the mechanisms will tighten, and all this will end with a warranty repair. However, this is if the smartphone even reaches the stage of sales and production. Why is it going to be so hard?

TFT, not a separate technology, such transistors are used in all types of displays, and most widely reveal their potential in oled matrices. In the article, the first type is more likely to mean TN-matrices and their varieties, which are allegedly popular earlier and now in VA China.

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