The causes of the blue screen on the laptop. Blue Screen occurs during the application of the application

What is the “blue death screen of Windows 10” and what are the methods of solving the problem? The so.called “blue death screen” in Windows 10 has changed in comparison with the earlier releases of the operating system. However, the reasons for its appearance and the principles of solving the problem (with the exception of some points) remained the same. […]

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Packard Bell laptop how to disassemble.

Packard Bell laptop how to disassemble To disassemble this laptop, we need, as usual: Two screwdrivers, preferably one cross, and the second with a spatula. Mediator or scalpel (not surgical). Thermal paste and possibly thermal laying that can be ordered from China or make it yourself. Archive of photos without compression. I want to immediately warn, this laptop Packard Bell […]

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