iPhone 7 how to distinguish original from refurbished

How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone from a new one by IMEI?

In order not to purchase a refurbished iPhone 7 for the price of a new gadget, you need to learn how to spot the differences. One of the best ways to find out if a gadget has been recovered is to check the device by IMEI.

A similar check can be performed using services such as:

  • imeidata.net;
  • iphoneimei.info.

Both resources are in English. It doesn’t matter which method you decide to use, as the result is important. It should be noted that it is impossible to download 100% that the phone was restored, but based on the data obtained, conclusions can be drawn.

Checking via model number

The most efficient way is to check the model number. The first thing to consider is the box. On the reverse side, where the barcode is glued (printed), is the model number. It comes before the value “RFB”.

There are times when you are not shown the box, but you have the opportunity to look at the iPhone. You should go to the settings, and then find the item “Basic”. In the window that opens, you need to go to the section “About the device”. The code will be written opposite the “Model” field.

In both cases, you need to check the first letter. There can be 3 variants of beeches:

In addition to the first letter, it is recommended to look at the letters preceding the “/” character. If there is RU, then this is normal, since the device is intended for sale in the territory of the Russian Federation. There are times when there is an LL (US region) at the end. If such a code is specified, you need to ask how the device got to Russia.

Service “iphoneimei.info”

After loading the web page, a form will appear in which you need to specify the IMEI iPhone, and then click on the arrow.

It takes 10-15 seconds to find information about the iPhone 7 or other gadget model. Once the search is complete, a table with details will appear.

To understand whether the device is new or almost new, it is necessary to analyze points such as:

  • The color of the iPhone 7, which is written in the header. If it differs from what the seller demonstrates to you, then the gadget has been replaced with a case, that is, it is not new;
  • If the field “iCloud / Find My iPhone” is set to “off”, then everything is in order with the device. When the phone is being restored, the status of this line will change to “on”;
  • If there is an Expired value next to any of the fields, then the gadget has been used before. We can talk about technical support or warranty service. In this case, it is clear that the gadget is not new.

According to these criteria, it can be understood that the iPhone is not new and the seller can be caught in deception.

What does a refurbished iPhone 7 mean??

Many users believe that a refurbished phone is a device that has been repaired. In fact, this is not the case. Some devices and iPhones, including, have a factory defect. Once deficiencies are identified, Apple employees fix them and then put them up for sale again.

On the websites you can find the mark “Refurbished” opposite the selected phone. Yabloko employees understand that the phone has been slightly altered, which means that a discount must be made on it. Unfortunately, resellers do not want to lose profits, so they often pass off “almost new” devices as new iPhone 7.

  • On the package.
  • Via iTunes.
  • In the settings of the iPhone 7.

After entering the code, you need to check the box next to the “I’m not a robot” field, and then click on the “Check” button.

After 3 seconds, information about the smartphone will appear. According to the information provided, it is difficult to understand whether the gadget was being restored.

For more information, click on the “Free Check Now” link. After that, additional information will be displayed. Thanks to the service, you can find out if a smartphone was stolen or lost. To compile a complete picture, it is recommended to use additional services.

Refurbished iPhone 7: How To Avoid Seller Cheating?

It should be noted that the cost of such devices practically does not differ from the gadgets that have just gone on sale. Before purchasing a refurbished iPhone 7, you need to understand what it is.

The most obvious differences between the original iPhone 7 and the copy:

How to distinguish an iPhone 7 from a fake?

Smartphones of the iPhone line are in great demand among consumers in many countries. As you probably know, due to the popularity of the device, we are seeing such a trend as an increase in the number of counterfeits. This year, Chinese manufacturers even managed to release a copy of the iPhone 7 prior to its official release. Outwardly, such a device may be identical to the original, so it can be difficult to recognize a fake.

Today we will take a look at all the differences between the iPhone 7 and many Chinese counterfeits, so that you do not fall victim to deception when buying a device on the Internet or from your hands. You must remember that every product can be copied, and the more popular it is in the market, the more often fraudsters manage to deceive the buyer. Apple’s next-generation flagships have broken the sales records of their predecessors, so the chance of acquiring a copy has increased significantly.

If you buy an iPhone 7 new, then the front panel should be covered with a branded film with a tab, which must be peeled off when you start using it. Each phone is equipped with a short color instruction manual of unprecedented quality: the font is smooth, without defects, and the colors are juicy. In general, everything indicates that this is an expensive product.

The configuration of the iPhone series smartphones has not changed since the first generation. Inside, there is still a white EarPods headset, a Lightning cable and a charger in the same color. Be careful, as it is not difficult for Chinese manufacturers to copy accessories. Pay attention to details, such as how the cable and headphones are neatly folded, they are pulled together with beautiful transparent ties. And the wires themselves are covered with very soft rubberized materials (fakes have very hard plastic elements). Original accessories should be free of tears, sagging and sharp corners.

The Apple iPhone 7 feels like a solid, well-built device in your hand with a nice coating on the glass that protects the display. In its cheap copies, everything crackles and bends, which immediately catches the eye. When you turn on the original iPhone 7 for the first time, a bitten Apple will immediately appear on the screen, and behind it the phone will prompt you to activate it for work. If you still doubt the authenticity of the purchased device, then connect it to your computer via USB and run iTunes (install if you do not have it), and it will immediately inform you.

Every Apple smartphone, including the new iPhone 7, has a beautiful screen with a juicy, crystal clear picture and a Russified menu. All devices of this line work on the iOS operating system, it cannot be otherwise.

Here are some tips to help you get ready before buying an iPhone 7:

If you have something to add or want to clarify any issue, then take the opportunity to leave a comment below under this article.

IPhone Model Number

IPhone model number is one of the most important indicators in identifying a refurbished device.

To check your iPhone’s model number:

  • Go to device settings.
  • Then open the main settings tab.
  • Go to the panel called “About device”.
  • Pay attention to the line “Model number”.
  • If your iPhone model number starts with P or M, breathe a sigh of relief, you don’t have a refurbished device. The letter F at the beginning of the model number will mean the opposite. you got a refurbished iPhone.


If you are not sure about the origin of the iPhone. look at the IMEI, as well as on the back of the box. We wrote about where to find IMEI in this article. In restored iPhones, the IMEI may not be comparable to the one indicated on the box or in the SIM card tray (for example) or in the device settings.

What is a Refurbished iPhone?

Sometimes troubles happen at Apple factories and iPhones come out with a factory defect: somewhere a shabby case, Face ID / Touch ID does not work, white spots on the display, and so on. In America, buyers, after finding such a defect, contact the Apple Store or Apple Support and the company replaces the devices with new ones.

Naturally, these defective iPhones end up with Apple, where the company’s masters play tricks on them and renew their defective functions. This is how refurbished iPhones are created.

Our people, bribed by the price of refurbished iPhones (such devices are usually 10-15% cheaper), purchase devices and fully use them. In most cases, refurbished devices work well, without failures and for more than one year. And in our market there are a lot of such refurbished devices on the CFH website (for example).

How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone

Seller Refurbished

This is the kind of refurbished iPhone you wouldn’t wish on the enemy. Devices of this kind were not restored by Apple, but by independent workshops, which literally piece by piece assemble the mutilated Athos, and then sell them as refurbished.

Such devices are very difficult to distinguish from new ones, but the option with IMEI always saves. Check the IMEI on the box, on the SIM card tray, on the case (if any), as well as in the device settings.

Most importantly, never get fooled by the low price of a supposedly new iPhone. A good iPhone will always come at a premium, especially if it’s in near-new condition.

Like new prescription

Some sellers allegedly indicate information that the device is refurbished, but not in exactly the same words as it should be. On some sites, you can find an iPhone 7 with a “like new” prescription. This is the designation for a refurbished iPhone. Therefore, be very careful and check the iPhone model when buying, ask to send you a photo of the box and so on.

White box is a sign of a refurbished iPhone

Apple has a clear mechanism for selling refurbished iPhones. On the company’s website there is an opportunity to purchase them at pleasant discounts.

However, even the appearance of the box of the refurbished iPhone tells you that this is not a new device. So, the iPhone that went through the restoration comes in a white package without any photos of the device on it.

The iPhone model will be written on the front of the box, and a small inscription “Apple Certified Pre-Owned” below. Some would-be scammers manage to stick an iPhone photo on the box to hide the scam. But the original new iPhones come in a sealed package that already has an image of the device printed on it. Stickers can only be present on the back!

Should you buy a refurbished iPhone??

New is always better. This is what you must remember. Nevertheless, officially refurbished Apple devices packed in factory film are not in vain very popular, both abroad and here. These are really good devices that can be purchased at an affordable price, serve you for more than one year and work without failures.

Don’t skip buying a refurbished Apple iPhone. If you don’t want to overpay, this is a great alternative to a used device. The main thing is that you know exactly and for sure what you are purchasing.

IPhone appearance

The smartphone itself should give the impression of a quality thing: the weight is felt, the metal pleasantly cools the hand. All modern iPhones are made of aluminum, in fakes, the case material can be any, up to painted plastic.

On a real iPhone, the parts fit tightly together and have minimal gaps. The buttons and the silent mode switch should clearly respond to pressing and have no backlash. There is an IMEI on the back cover of the smartphone, which matches the numbers on the box and the SIM card tray.

Assembled in China, on the other hand, is not to be feared. It is completely legal, because the iPhone is only developed in the United States, and produced and assembled in China.

An outright fake with giblets will give out details that simply cannot be in a real iPhone. These signs include:

  • removable back cover and battery;
  • support for two or more SIM cards;
  • slot for memory cards;
  • microUSB connector;
  • telescopic antenna.

But even if the fake is of high quality and it is outwardly difficult to distinguish it from the original, all doubts should be dispelled after switching on.

more complicated

A person with a trained eye will be able to distinguish a fake, not only without turning on the iPhone, but also without opening the box. There are a few surefire signs that will help you identify a clone right off the bat. Here they are.


Apple has a very reverent attitude towards detail, and it is expressed in everything about the iPhone, from the packaging. This box should be made of thick coated cardboard with even corners and a logo made by embossing. On the lower part there is always a sticker with the model name, serial number, IMEI and storage capacity. But the main thing is, of course, the contents of the box.

iphone, distinguish, original, refurbished


If a person has held a real iPhone in their hands at least once, they will almost certainly be able to distinguish it from a fake.

Not sure what to look for? No problem! Now we will teach.

How to tell a real iPhone from a fake one

Proven ways to recognize original Apple devices and not fall for the bait of scammers.

The development of technology gives us not only cooler iPhones, but also a lot of copies, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the original. In order not to get into a mess, it is better to buy iPhone only from authorized dealers. It will be more expensive, but safer.

If you still don’t want to overpay, you can try your luck and look for better from gray sellers. Just to get started, arm yourself with recommendations that will help you not to run into a fake.

There are two ways to tell the difference between a real iPhone and a Chinese copy: an easy one and a harder one. Let’s start simple.

Accessories and equipment

Each iPhone comes with a charging cable, headphones, USB adapter, as well as an envelope with documentation, stickers and a paper clip to remove the SIM card tray. All accessories should be carefully wound and packed in transparent films. Original cables, unlike fakes, are much softer, and the plastic on their connectors is impeccably smooth and has no burrs or sagging. Of course, everything should be laid out in its place in perfect order.

Software and internal stuffing

The days of clumsy translations and hieroglyphs on the menu are long gone. Now the Chinese have learned to imitate the interface and repeat the fonts exactly. What they do not know yet is to fake functions: neither Siri nor Find iPhone in a clone will work, of course.

Also, a fake cannot have a valid serial number that will be verified on the Apple website. Therefore, checking the balance of the warranty by the serial number is the easiest method to determine if the iPhone is real or fake.

To check, you need to find the serial number in the system settings (in the section “General” → “About this device”), make sure that it is identical to the number on the SIM card tray and the box, and then enter it in the verification form on this page. If the iPhone is genuine, the site will provide model details, warranty balance, and other information. Otherwise, you will see the message “Sorry, this serial number is not correct” or something similar.

Another guaranteed express method for determining the authenticity of an iPhone is syncing with iTunes.

The media combine automatically detects the connected device, showing all information about it, and, as you might guess, it will see through the fake at once. Just take a laptop with iTunes installed to the meeting with the seller and take care of the Internet connection.

Have you come across iPhone clones and fraudulent sellers? Be sure to share your experience in the comments.

How to know if your iPhone is new and not used?

The easiest and surest way is to use the Apple website:

  • We’ll need a serial number. over, if you are just going to buy a device, then it is not even necessary to activate it. you can always look at the box, or, what is more reliable, at the activation stage, click on the “i in a circle” icon. However, there are other ways to find out IMEI.
  • We go to the official Apple website in the section “checks eligibility for service and support”. here is the link.
  • Enter the serial number and look at the result.

There may be many options, but in order to make sure that the iPhone is new, we are only interested in two:

  • IPhone needs to be activated. it means that the device is new and no one has used it.
  • Estimated expiration date. It should end exactly one year after the first activation and inclusion. Here already look at the situation. if you are sold a phone under the guise of a new one, but the estimated service date ends in a couple of months. they lie to you and the iPhone is at least used.

Received any other messages that you do not understand? The decryption is in the article on the results of checking the eligibility for service and support.

How to tell a new iPhone from a used or refurbished iPhone?

How officially refurbished iPhones differ

We all know that Apple does refurbish and market certain iPhones like new.

Do you want to know in more detail what these devices are? I have a good article on the topic. read it, there is a lot of useful information.

How do you find out that you have a restored device in front of you? In fact, there are not so many ways:

  • The first and most important is the type of box (it will be different).
  • Lettering on the box. next to the serial number you will see RFB.
  • The price will be lower than the “regular” model.

There are no other differences. These are the same devices as the new ones. They have a full warranty and are verified in the same way on the Apple website. You don’t need to be afraid of them.

How to identify “artisanal” refurbished iPhones

In fact, these are the same used devices that are assembled in some unknown place and it is not clear how. This means that you can also distinguish them. check by the serial number on the Apple website. If the warranty has passed, then the iPhone is not new.

And all would be fine, but many sellers, selling unofficially (read, in basement workshops) restored iPhones under the guise of new ones, go to all sorts of tricks and try to confuse the buyer:

  • Say, this is some kind of special phone (Eurotest, Chinese, American, special). so the check does not work. Remember, verification on the Apple website should always work.!
  • The serial number on the box is forged. a random IMEI is indicated, which has not yet been activated. And the device, in fact, has a different number.

But the worst thing is that craftsmen can change the serial number directly in the phone. What to do and how to find out the truth?

  • Check IMEI by command # call button. By dialing it (like a regular call) you will see the serial number. compare it with the one indicated on the box and in the settings.
  • The most time consuming but most reliable is to restore iPhone firmware via iTunes. After this procedure, all interference with the operating system, if any, will disappear.

Well, then we act “according to the knurled pattern”. go to the Apple website, check and draw conclusions.

How to tell the difference between a new and refurbished iPhone?

There is one small snag in this question.

The thing is that there are officially and unofficially refurbished iPhones.

  • The surest and surest way to know if an iPhone is new is to check it out on Apple’s website. Depending on the results of the check, it will already be possible to draw a conclusion. a used device or not.
  • Sometimes the serial number can be spoofed to pass off an unofficially refurbished iPhone as a brand new device. Therefore, we look at the IMEI not only on the box, but also in the device settings (ideally, restore the firmware via iTunes. if the serial is changed in any way, then after this procedure the real numbers will “return”).
  • Officially refurbished iPhones are virtually indistinguishable from regular iPhones. The only difference will be in the picture and the inscription on the box, the price.

Perhaps these are the most important points from all of the above.

I hope that the information was useful. if it helps at least a few people (saves them from buying a “bad” gadget, reassures and assures that the purchased iPhone is really new), then it will be very good!

How to tell a new iPhone from a refurbished one by the box?

There is a proven and most reliable way to tell a new iPhone from a refurbished one by model number. We have already talked about it on our website in this instruction. However, few people know that you can calculate the new iPhone directly from its packaging.

In order to identify a refurbished iPhone, just look at the packaging of the smartphone. Refurbished iPhones, regardless of model, do not have a smartphone on the box. The package only says the name of the smartphone model.

The packaging of the new iPhones depicts a smartphone inside, or, as in the case of the iPhone 6/6 Plus, an image of a smartphone is engraved on the front surface of the box.

Here is a simple tip that will save you time and hassle, for example, when buying an iPhone from your hands. Just by looking at the pictures of the smartphone packaging in the ad, you can understand which iPhone is being sold. new or refurbished.

Note that Avito and Yulia are often hunted by scammers who pass off refurbished iPhones as new ones. That is why this information should be taken into account.

How to Check iPhone Orginal or Refurbished or Fake?

It is also important to emphasize that it is highly recommended to check the iPhone for “novelty” directly at the time of purchase using this method. So you can be sure of purchasing a new iPhone.


“Here’s a simple tip that will save you time and hassle, for example, when buying an iPhone hand-held. Just by looking at the pictures of the smartphone packaging in the ad, you can understand which iPhone is being sold. new or refurbished.

Note that Avito and Yulia are often hunted by scammers who pass off refurbished iPhones as new ones. That is why this information should be taken into account. ”

The instruction was written at the request of one of the readers, who just saw an advertisement on Avito about the sale of a supposedly new iPhone with such a box. Although in fact the smartphone is refurbished.

On Avito, 9 out of 10 new iPhones on sale are Chinese trash in the right boxes, unfortunately.

A reader wrote to our editorial office. He asked if it was a new iPhone or a refurbished one and showed a photo from Avito. We looked on the Internet. many have questions about the difference between the packaging of new iPhones and refurbished ones (as new), in connection with which the instruction was made.

And in it we specially marked twice (!) That in any case you need to check by the model number in this way. https://bloha.ru/iphone-ipad-guides/Kak-bystro-otlichit-novyy-iphone-ot-vosstan /.

At the very beginning of the manual it says “There is a proven and most reliable way to distinguish a new iPhone from a refurbished one by model number. We have already talked about it on our website in this manual. ”

In this manual, we are talking about how to distinguish new from remanufactured (Like new) by packaging.

“Here’s a simple tip that will save you time and hassle, for example, when buying an iPhone hand-held. Just by looking at the pictures of the smartphone packaging in the ad, you can understand which iPhone is being sold. new or refurbished.

Note that Avito and Yulia are often hunted by scammers who pass off refurbished iPhones as new ones. That is why this information should be taken into account. ”

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Refurbished iPhone vs Used iPhone | Things to know before buying a refurbished iPhone

How to tell the difference between a new iPhone and an original refurbished iPhone

There are several details to distinguish a refurbished iPhone from a new one. It:

  • packaging;
  • model and serial number;
  • IMEI;
  • guarantee.
  • Packaging

The film on the packaging is neatly sealed on both original manufacturer refurbished and new products of the company. No protruding seams, bubbles or creases. Welded seams go along the entire perimeter of the box, thin, without damage. Transverse short thin stripes are located along the edges of the longitudinal seams. However, there is a photo of the presented product on the box of the new smartphone. How, for example, to distinguish the packaging of the original new iPhone 7 from the iPhone7 refurbished by the manufacturer:

The reverse side of the packaging of the reconstructed original contains the phone model itself, serial number, IMEI. Indicated in clear legible type, no illegible inscriptions. According to the company’s standard, all the labels on the back of the package are printed on stickers. Serial number and model sticker indicates RFB refurbishment. The model numbers recovered by the official representative on the label have the original letter F. New devices. the letter M. Take the iPhone 6 as an example.

Picture “Label of the officially refurbished iPhone 6” Picture “Label of the new iPhone 6”

How to tell a new iPhone from a refurbished one

The issue of distinguishing features of a refurbished original Apple iPhone from a new one, as well as a fake restoration, has become common.

First, let’s figure out what a refurbished iPhone is. Officially refurbished iPhones are original smartphones that were handed over to certified service centers, as well as purchased by Apple through the Trade-in program. The refurbished device was already in use. The company sends products to factories where smartphones are subject to checks, elimination of system damage, replacement of parts with new ones, reinstallation of programs, replenishment of the kit with new accessories in the form of headphones, a charger and a USB cable. All parts are original. After a complete manufacturer refurbished. “restoration”, “update” from the manufacturer, the devices enter the market with the mark on the packaging “RFB”. The cost of such a phone is correspondingly cheaper.

There is also the concept of seller refurbished. restoration by a reseller company. A reseller is a wholesale reseller between a distributor and an end customer. In most cases, unofficial product recovery is done by China.

Our task with you is to determine the main differences between a new smartphone and a refurbished one. And also identify the differences between a fake and an original refurbished smartphone

How to distinguish a refurbished iPhone in the settings menu

Check the purchased device by model, serial number and IMEI in the settings and on the body of the smartphone itself. The numbers on the packaging, case and in the settings menu must match.

Go to Settings. General. About this device. Serial number, Model, IMEI.

The complete coincidence of the numbers and the first letter M in the designation of the device model indicates that the iPhone is new. Finding the letter F. officially rehabilitated and original. Sometimes the letter N is found. it means the previous user carried out repairs under warranty at a service center. P is a personalized device. All other symbols indicate the recovery of other unofficial companies.

  • Guarantee
    • New Apple smartphones have a 1-year warranty.
    • Original refurbished iPhones also come with a 1 year warranty.
    • Non-original smartphones that have been updated have no warranty.

    Where to Buy Original Remanufactured Product

    What is the difference between the operating system of the original Iphone 7 and the fake

    The original gadget has only one operating system and no other. IOS. If you are a user of Apple technology, you should know how it looks (icons, button style, font, etc.). If not, ask your friends or acquaintances to help you recognize IOS from other operating systems.

    Comparison of the Iphone 7 interface of the original and fake

    And of course, it should be remembered that smartphones from Apple are not equipped with a memory card slot, and there are also no branded iPhone7 that support two or more SIM cards.

    How to distinguish the original Iphone 7 from counterfeiting

    How to distinguish the original Iphone 7 by the reverse inscription

    You should pay attention to the inscription on the back of the device. It doesn’t match the original one. Neither font nor information match.

    Comparison of the screen Iphone 7 original and fake on the back of the smartphone

    The appearance of the original Iphone 7 and fake

    The familiar “Home” key in the new iPhone 7 has been replaced by a vibration-sensitive touchpad. She is sensitive to touch. The fake uses a simple mechanical button. When pressed, it emits a characteristic click.

    External differences of the original Iphone 7 and fake

    The camera of the original Apple smartphone is completely protected from external influences. There are no gaps. Perfect fit. But on the copy, between the rim of the camera and the lens, a sheet of office paper will easily squeeze.

    iphone, distinguish, original, refurbished

    Screen Iphone 7. distinguishing the original from a fake

    The main difference was the screen. If on the original iPhone 7 the screen continues the body, then on the fake one can observe a small step between the body and the screen. Oleophobic coating is absent on the screen, “fingers” remain. There is also no anti-glare.

    Comparison of the screen Iphone 7 original and fake

    How to distinguish an original Iphone 7 from a fake and a refurbished one

    Top 5 differences from the original Iphone 7 from a Chinese counterfeit

    As I have already noticed above, smartphones of the iPhone line are in unprecedented demand among a huge number of consumers in many countries. You probably know that due to the popularity of the device, we are seeing an upward trend in the number of counterfeits. Fraudsters keep up with the times, and even, it would seem, are ahead of it. Last year, Chinese manufacturers were releasing a copy of the iPhone 7 even before its official release. At first glance, the fake is almost identical to the original.

    However, if you look closely, the differences can still be found. Consider a list of parameters, what you need to pay attention to first of all to distinguish an iphone from a fake.

    Identifying the original Iphone 7 using Serial Number

    Let’s take the desired smartphone in hand, go to the menu, select “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”. “Serial number”. From your smartphone, go to the manufacturer’s official website in the check section (https://checkcoverage.Apple.com). Enter the number of the iPhone you are checking. If it is not fake, then you can see its model, production date, technical support by phone and other information. If the tested Apple device is not original, then you will see the message “Unfortunately, this serial number is not correct. Please check the existing data and try again “.