iPhone 7 Cellular Update Failed

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fix iPhone crash after updating to iOS 13

Force restart your iPhone

This is the most direct method, and a forced restart. it is a hardware action that does not affect software.

iPhone XS Max / XS / XR / X / 8 Plus / 8 : Press and hold the side and any volume buttons until the slider appears. Then drag the slider to turn off your iOS device. Then you can press and hold the side button again to turn on your iPhone.

iPhone 7 / 7Plus: Press and hold the Volume and Side buttons for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears. Then drag the slider to turn off your iPhone. Then press and hold the power button to turn on the iPhone.

Fix iOS 13 Glitches with iOS Repair Tool (No Data Loss)

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What to do before fixing iPhone glitch

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How to fix iPhone glitch after updating to iOS 13

Fix iPhone glitch after iOS update

[Conclusion]: iPhone Having Difficulties After iOS 13 Update? Here, this post will offer the best solutions on how to fix iPhone error after updating to iOS 12.3 / 12, even with the latest version of iOS 13.

We’ll get the official iOS 13 feature list at WWDC 2019. Each iOS update brings new highlights. Similarly, this time around, Apple has done its homework in terms of details. Apple will release its dark mode for iOS with this latest update. If you want to use your phone at night without blinking, it comes in handy. In addition, the new iOS 13 system offers a new slide keyboard, the Revamped Health app. Features like sleep mode, home security, iPad multitasking, and more have also been optimized in the new iOS 13. If you want to update to iOS 13, check if your device supports the system. The following devices will almost certainly receive iOS 13: iPhone XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus / SE, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation), 12.9-inch. iPad Pro (1st generation), 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad (2018), iPad Air 4, iPad (2017), iPad mini 5, iPad mini 4.

iPhone encountered a glitch after iOS 13 update? Like the 12.3 / iOS 12.2 / iOS 12 update, each update may cause some bugs. Some users have complained about iPhone crashing after upgrading to iOS 13, such as black screen, frozen screen, stuck Apple logo or white screen and so on. There are many reasons for these glitches, but you can easily fix them in many simple ways. Here are some iPhone troubleshooting tips to fix some of the most common iPhone glitches.

How to Use iOS System Recovery to Fix iPhone Issues

Install and Run iOS System Recovery
Install and run iOS System Recovery on your computer. Then connect iPhone iOS 13 to PC with USB cable.

Step 2. Select recovery mode

Select the “iOS System Restore” option from ” Tools”. You will see several notes displayed in the window. If you have no problem with all the notes, click “Start”.

Reminder: Your iPhone will be updated to the latest version after the fix. If it’s a jailbroken iPhone, it will be upgraded to a non-jailbroken phone.

Download the firmware for your iPhone

The program does this automatically after detecting the model. You can also manually select the firmware version you like if there are multiple options. Click on “Repair” to download the firmware for your iPhone.

After downloading the firmware, the program will start the recovery process automatically.

Step 4.Fix iPhone crashing to normal
After a while, your iPhone glitches will be removed and your device can work normally again.

This versatile app can quickly fix various iOS system issues without data loss, such as iPhone stuck on Apple logo, DFU mode, recovery mode, iPhone i crash, iPhone screen, keyboard crash and iPhone FaceTime crash, etc.

How to Fix Cellular Update Failed Error Easily

When it comes to Apple, it offers updates for all iOS devices very consistently. Each update comes with some improvements and new features for iOS devices. When a new update arrives, users can update their devices by going to the Update tab in Settings. In most cases, the update procedure runs smoothly and the device updates without errors. However, in some cases people are getting the cellular update failed error. This error can be caused by some hardware or software issue on iOS devices.

Regardless of the reason, users can fix this error on their own. Here we have listed some of the most effective solutions for solving the cellular upgrade failed issue. By using these various methods, you can easily fix the update failed error.

Steps to fix the Cellular Update Failed issue:

To fix this annoying issue, review the steps listed below.

Initially open Settings on your iPhone.

Now go to the General tab.

Step 3 Then keep scrolling to find ‘Reset Tab.

On this tab, you must select ‘Reset network settings’.

You have to wait for your device to replenish the screen. After that, you can make sure that the cellular update error has not flashed on your smartphone.

update your device to the latest iOS

The latest version of iOS 13.2 is now available to download and install on iPad and iPhone devices. This method will fix the cellular update error issue. Follow the steps below to update your device and resolve the anonymousying issue.

Restart your device to fix Cellular Update Failed.

In some cases, you might be able to fix the Cellular Update Failed issue simply by restarting your iPhone. To restart iPhone 7/8, you need to press the power tab until you bump into the slider to turn off the power on the phone screen. Now drag this slider and wait for a while. You have to hold down the power button again until you see the Apple logo.

To restart iPhone 11 / XS / X, please press the volume tab (down or up) and the power tab together and keep holding them until you see the power off slider on the screen. Then drag that slider and wait for about 30 seconds. After that click on the power tab of your phone until you see the Apple logo.

After you have restarted your device, you should check if the cellular update has failed. The problem still persists or not. If your cellular signals appear, it means the problem has been successfully resolved.

Select the “Recover Now” tab

After downloading the file, select the Repair Now option. After completing the repair procedure, click “Finish.” Now you can check if the problem with the cellular update is still there or not. So, you have successfully fixed the problem in the most efficient and easy way using Tenorshare ReiBoot. This program even fixes various other iOS related issues.

It is also a powerful tool. Reiboot can easily fix com.Apple.mobilephone error 1035 and horizontal distribution wrong time iPhone problem for you too.

What does the error “Cellular update failed” mean

Cellular update error refers to a situation where users are faced with the notification saying “iPhone cellular data update failed when they try to update iOS version on their iPhones. On iPhone 11 / X / 8/7, you will find No Service error instead of cellular signals. This the error disables your device to use cellular services such as texting, receive and make calls, and restricts the use of mobile data.

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Explore and Install Cellular Updates

As you know, media updates don’t appear as often as iOS updates. However, these updates are released by your carrier or Apple to improve your iPhone’s cellular connectivity.

Visit Settings.

Now click on the General tab from your phone settings.

Click on ‘About the company. ” If operator updates are available, a pop-up appears within a few seconds. Now you need to click on Update “.

Carrier updates can fix the cellular update error issue. Check the cellular connection for checking it.

Methods to Resolve Cellular Update Failed on iPhone

Some iPhone owners occasionally encounter the Cellular Update Failed error. The full text of the error reads as follows:

In addition, if a similar problem occurs, iPhone users can see the inscription “No network” in the operator’s line, as well as see a message about the need to update the firmware in the cellular settings of their device.

Solution “Cellular update failed” on iPhone

Read the article carefully to the end!

Based on the information in the error, many of you have probably assumed that the device simply needs to update the firmware. Well, in some cases, this is true. By air, this is done as follows:

  • make sure your iPhone is fully charged or connected to a charger;
  • connect to a wireless Wi-Fi network;
  • go through the following path: Settings → General → Software update;
  • click on the button “Download and install”.

Users claim that this update method may not be available. In this case, the iPhone can be updated using iTunes, which is done like this:

  • launch iTunes on your computer;
  • connect iPhone to PC via USB cable;
  • select your device, then. “General / Settings”;
  • click on the “Check for updates” button;
  • now click on the “Download and update” button and watch the iPhone update process.

As you can see, updating the iPhone is a fairly straightforward process. However, we strongly advise you not to rush into this matter.

Cases have been documented when iPhone users who encountered the error “Cellular update failed” after updating the firmware did not solve the problem, but received at their disposal. a brick.

You see, “Cellular update failure” can sometimes (!) Occur due to hardware problems with the iPhone. Simply put, this problem cannot always be corrected at home. After updating the iPhone firmware, the following may happen:

  • you will restore the functionality of your device;
  • absolutely nothing will happen;
  • your iPhone will turn into the already mentioned brick.
  • restart your iPhone (you can even restart it several times in a row);
  • reinstall the SIM-card (also several times and with a reboot);
  • reset to factory settings.

If none of the above helped, update the iPhone firmware, especially if it is still under warranty. As a last resort, you can take the device to a service center and describe your problem. The specialists there will surely help bring your iPhone to life.

With no iPhone warranty. well, you can try updating the iPhone’s firmware, hoping that trouble will bypass you and everything will return to normal. Well, if it doesn’t work around it, look for help in “unofficial” service centers.

We remind you once again that the “Cellular update failed” error is not always the result of hardware problems with the iPhone and is often solved by an elementary firmware update. Be careful and weigh your every decision!

Causes of the Cellular Update Failure Error on Your iPhone

There are only two possible reasons for the error “Cellular update failed“.

  • Hardware Issues: This includes issues related to the placement of the SIM card in the tray. It could have been lost due to a fall or was interfering with the connection.
  • Software Issues: Some of your settings or a recent network update may be causing this error.

Do not worry! We can do basic troubleshooting steps.

Reset network settings on iPhone.

  • In the Settings app, tap General.
  • Scroll down and tap Reset.
  • Click “Reset Network Settings”. Click again when prompted to confirm.

Turn Airplane Mode on and off on iPhone.

  • Go to the Control Center.
  • Tap the airplane icon to enter airplane mode.
  • Press again to exit after a while.

Another way is to go to the Settings app and turn on airplane mode. Turn off after a while.

Repeat this a couple of times and see if that solves the error. If not, try another method.

How to Fix Cellular Update Error on Your iPhone?

Check if there are updates for iOS or carrier settings.

By releasing updates, companies fix several bugs. Hence, it is very important to keep your device up to date. Let’s see how to check the update of iOS and carrier settings.

  • In the Settings app, tap General.
  • Tap Software Update.
  • Click Download and Install if an update is available.

Carrier update settings on iPhone

  • In the Settings app, tap General.
  • Go to the “About” section.
  • If there are pending updates, a popup will appear on the screen.

Carrier settings are the bridge that connects your iPhone to a single cellular network. Since each service provider has its own settings, you can visit our guide to get a better understanding.

IPhone Cellular Update Failed? Quick ways to fix it!

Cellular Update Failed was first seen on the iPhone 7, and several other models have followed suit. This error caused a “No Service” message in the upper right corner of the iPhone screen, replacing the network bars. Thus, you will not be able to make or receive calls on your iPhone. Undoubtedly this sparked a thread in the Apple Platform discussion.

If you are facing Cellular Update Error on your iPhone, here are some quick fixes.

Turn Cellular Data On and Off.

This can again be accessed from both the Settings app and the Control Center. Here’s how to do it.

  • In Control Center, tap the icon next to Airplane Mode to turn it off. Wait for a while and press to enable.
  • In the Settings app, tap Mobile Data. Turn the toggle switch on and off at short intervals.

Repeat the process a couple of times and see if it helps. If not, try another method.


If iPhone cellular activation fails, restarting will help. Full Hard Reset in progress:

  • the keys “Home” and “Lock” are pressed simultaneously;
  • after 8-10 seconds, they are released and the gadget automatically starts the reboot process.

Upon completion, the applications will be restored.

Using a stable internet connection

Problems with connecting to servers are resolved with a stable connection. By connecting to Wi-Fi, the connection will stop being interrupted and activation will take place without failures.


Doubtful assemblies may stop working after resetting to factory settings. When making a purchase from an unauthorized dealer, there is a high risk of getting a gadget with fake parts and subsequently a non-working device. Devices on the IOS platform 11 and higher are at risk. If iPhone activation fails after factory reset, the reasons are as follows:

  • repair with non-original spare parts;
  • when the server is turned on, the companies do not recognize the replaced parts and block the phone.

In order to avoid trouble, it is worth making the purchase and repair in official services.

IPhone hardware issues

Problems can occur due to glitches in the phone. These include:

  • failure of the visibility of the SIM card;
  • constant network search, even without a SIM card.

The expert in the service center can determine the exact problem.

Activation via iTunes

In cases where internet connection did not solve the problem. The firmware is being downloaded via iTunes, you should update to the latest version before starting. Steps:

  • run the program on a computer and connect a smartphone to it;
  • we go through authorization and choose a device from the proposed ones;
  • click on “Browse” and select “Update” in the block with a description of the device;
  • follow the instructions during the update and complete the action with activation;
  • disconnect the phone from the PC after the message about the successful unlocking.

Apple server is temporarily unavailable

When a message appears on the screen of a mobile phone, you should make sure that this is really a problem with the servers. This can be done by visiting the official website, there will always be up-to-date news about the state of the servers. If technical work is in progress, it is worth waiting and trying later.

Internet connection problems

In cases of unstable connection, activation will not be possible. You will receive an error unable to contact the server. Possible reasons:

  • there is a ban on data transfer;
  • restricting access to servers.

You can resolve the issue by contacting the service provider, as well as by checking the smartphone settings.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

SIM card not supported

This type of message can be displayed for several reasons. The signal coding does not match the phone’s radio module, or the card is blocked. In such cases:

  • contact your provider for a new card;
  • try to activate with a different SIM card;
  • check on the official website for information on the phone;
  • contact the official representative.

IPhone activation failed. What to do? [UPDATED. There is a solution!]

Failure to activate iPhone on iOS 11. is a problem that many users of “Apple” phones are facing lately. It manifests itself in the inability to activate the iPhone after resetting content and settings or reinstalling iOS. When activating the phone via Wi-Fi, the user sees the message “iPhone activation failed. Your iPhone could not be activated because it could not contact the activation server.” When I try to activate via iTunes, I get an error message with the number 0xE8000013 or 4016 on my computer, or the message “iPhone could not be activated because we could not get activation information from it”.

IPhone hardware issues

Activation may fail due to hardware issues with the iPhone. So, for example, if the phone has problems with identifying the SIM card (constant search for the network, regardless of whether the SIM card is inserted or not), the iPhone will not activate. The solution to the problem if the phone does not activate, in such cases can be determined after diagnostics at the service center.

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Problems on Apple activation servers

The most harmless option that may be related to the fact that at a particular moment in time the Apple activation server is really not available, as indicated in the error message. Check the status of Apple’s web services on a special page and, if the iOS Device Activation service is unavailable, the solution in this case may be patience and an attempt to activate a little later.

iPhone 7 iOS 14 Cellular Update Failed

How to protect yourself from a problem?

You can check the serial number of your device on the Apple website. If during the check it says “This serial number corresponds to the product that was replaced” or the check displays information about another device that does not match your model, color or memory size, your iPhone may be prone to an activation error. If you own a refurbished iPhone, it is highly discouraged to erase device content or restore software on it via iTunes.

IOS 11 Activation Issue on Refurbished Phones

Most often, iPhone activation error occurs with owners of refurbished phones. At the same time, here we are not talking about officially restored iPhones, which are produced under the control of Apple, but about Chinese handicraft devices. As a rule, such phones inside resemble a “Frankenstein’s monster”, assembled from different parts. Very often, of the original components on such iPhones, only the processor board remains and it may contain replaced components. Why on such phones most often there is a problem with the device activation error?

The problem stems from the fact that in iOS 11 Apple changed the rules for the device activation system. When activated, the components are polled and technical information (UDID, Serial No, IMEI, MAC-Address, etc.) is compared with numbers in the official Apple databases. If, for some reason (and for not officially restored devices, there are about a dozen reasons can be found) the information does not match, the device will not be activated.

Why iPhone Activation Fails?

There are three main reasons why the iPhone does not activate and displays an activation failure message:

Is it possible to fix a refurbished iPhone with activation error?

There is a solution. It consists in working with a memory microcircuit and making changes to its firmware. Such an operation can only be performed by the hands of an experienced craftsman in a service center with the availability of good specialized equipment. You can carry out such repairs in our service center. Information on the cost and approximate time of execution of works is presented in the table below.

Name of works 3-5 working days

However, the solution is not universal and is not suitable for every case. Since most of the owners of refurbished iPhones face this problem, it is possible to determine exactly whether we can help you only after inspection and diagnostics at the service center. We will be waiting for you and will be happy to help in solving problems with your iPhone!

Cellular Update Failed on iPhone? Looking for a solution!

I strongly welcome everyone! Despite the rather optimistic (in general) title of this manual, I immediately ask you to prepare for the worst. The thing is that the appearance of the error “Cellular update failed” on the iPhone, as a rule, has a hardware cause and, in the so-called “home conditions”, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. Although…

iPhone Cellular or Mobile Data Shows Error, No Service, Cellular Update Failed in iOS 13.5. Fixed

So, this “out of nowhere” malfunction does not appear. basically it happens immediately after some relatively serious manipulations with the device (updating to a new version of iOS or resetting the settings).

  • The inscription “No network” in the operator line.
  • The window “Cellular update failed. Your iPhone will not be able to make or receive calls or access cellular data until the device is updated. “.
  • When you go to “Settings. Cellular”, you can see the inscription “To use cellular data on this iPhone, it needs to be updated.”.

Total. everything hints that the iPhone simply requires a firmware update.

How can you do this if the iPhone cannot update itself? That’s right, use iTunes (detailed instructions)!

And here, dear friends, you have a very important choice.

The thing is that after updating (restoring) iOS through iTunes, three completely different things can happen:

  • iPhone will work as if nothing had happened, the network will appear on it and “Cellular Update Failure” will disappear like a bad dream.
  • Nothing will change.
  • The iPhone will freeze during the update process, display other errors, will not be able to activate and turn into a “brick”. That is, you will lose the opportunity not just to make calls, but in general to use the device in any way.

What is the reason for this? Often, with the so-called “modem” and its “environment”.

It is this microcircuit that is responsible for communication on your iPhone.

  • “The modem was crookedly stitched” (during the previous update), then restoring the firmware can help.
  • The “modem” has any physical damage or suffered in another way (excessive heating, water ingress, poor solder, etc.), then restoring the firmware can (in some cases) only aggravate the situation. the iPhone will be impossible to activate (and sometimes and turn on).

It’s not very pleasant for me even to type this text. But, unfortunately, there is no getting away from this. not all the same about discounts on the iPhone write.

Therefore, let’s jump straight to the conclusions.

Here’s what to do if you get a Cellular Update Failed error on your iPhone:

  • iPhone Warranty? Feel free to restore the firmware via iTunes. In case of failure, we contact the service center and let them already think about how to repair your smartphone.
  • iPhone without warranty? Here you need to think about and decide what is more important for you. a possible chance of success or a possible chance to get a “brick”.

However, even with the worst option, you should not rush to throw out your smartphone.

Because, at the moment, even unofficial service centers are quite successfully coping with such a task as “rolling the modem” (removing the microcircuit, cleaning everything qualitatively, putting it back in). this is the procedure that, as a rule, finally helps to solve the error “Cellular failure updates “.

So there is no need to despair! The main thing is to find a normal service center with good equipment (and not some kind of tent on the market) and then everything will be “OK”.

Well, I, as usual, will hope that no service is required in your case and all network problems will be corrected by a regular firmware restore via iTunes. I sincerely wish you good luck!

How to upgrade iPhone 6S to iOS 12

Restore via iTunes

Before proceeding with the recovery, think about whether you are ready to lose the data that is stored on your phone. If not, be sure to make an up-to-date backup of the information. You can save it on your computer using iTunes, or send it to iCloud by synchronizing with the cloud storage. If a restore, that is, a rollback to the factory state with a simultaneous iOS update, is performed just to completely clean the device, then no backup copy is needed.

You can restore your smartphone in two modes, normal and DFU. The second method will be needed if errors appear in normal mode. But in any case, you should start with recovery in normal mode.

  • Open the “iCloud” section in the settings and turn off “Find iPhone”.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password to confirm disabling the security feature.
  • Connect your device via USB to PC and launch iTunes. Select the phone by clicking on the icon in the program window.
  • Click “Restore iPhone”. iTunes will find and install the latest iOS version. Do not interrupt recovery, this will damage the system.

You can speed up the process by first downloading the firmware file in IPSW format. To select it. hold down the Shift key and click “Restore iPhone”. An explorer window will appear, through which you need to specify the path to the iPSW file.

Firmware options and methods

IPhone firmware is its software, the operating system known as iOS. A flashing is a system restore or update. In the first case, it means a return to factory settings with the removal of personal data, in the second. installing a new version of iOS without affecting user content.

deleting iPhone custom settings

A flashing may be required in the following cases:

  • IOS crashes.
  • Release of a new version of iOS.
  • The need to completely delete information from the phone. for example, when transferring the device to another owner.

There are two methods of flashing iPhone: via iTunes connection and Wi-Fi. In iTunes, you can do both flashing, restore and update. Over Wi-Fi, only device upgrade is possible, that is, downloading and installing updates.

Apple does not allow you to install outdated iOS versions. This does not prevent craftsmen from releasing software that allows you to downgrade the system, but most often it only works on older iPhone models. It is not possible to downgrade iOS on iPhone 6 or 7.

iPhone slows down after updating: what to do?

DFU operation

If iPhone won’t recover in normal mode and iTunes gives an error, use DFU mode. The order will be as follows:

  • Open iCloud Settings and turn off Find My iPhone.
  • Download the latest iOS version to your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer. Hold the Home and Power keys for 10-15 seconds until the screen turns off. A second after the screen turns off, release the Power button, but continue to hold “Home”. Wait for iTunes to see a notification that the device has been detected in recovery mode.
  • Hold down the Shift key on your computer keyboard and click “Restore iPhone”.
  • Select the downloaded firmware file and wait for the restore process to complete.

To wake up the device from DFU mode, hold down the Power and Home buttons for 15 seconds.

The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a home button, so the order of entering and exiting DFU mode will be slightly different:

  • Connect iPhone 7 to Computer.
  • Press and hold the power button.
  • Without releasing the power button, hold down the volume down key. Hold both buttons for 10 seconds. If the Apple logo appears, repeat the procedure. it means you have been holding the buttons for too long.
  • Release the power button after 10 seconds. Continue to hold the Volume Down key for another 5 seconds. If the iTunes Connect screen appears, start over. you held down the buttons for too long.
  • If the display stays black and iTunes displays a message stating that a device has been found in recovery mode, then you’ve put your iPhone in DFU mode.
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Otherwise, the instructions are the same: you need to select an IPSW file or entrust iTunes to download and install the firmware yourself. To wake up iPhone 7 from DFU mode, hold down the Volume Down and Power button until the Apple logo appears.

IPhone update

We figured out how to reflash a new iPhone through iTunes. a convenient way, but its implementation requires a computer at hand. If you don’t have a computer and you need a new version of iOS, you can get it via Wi-Fi. Why only Wi-Fi and not mobile traffic? The answer lies in the size of the downloaded file. 3G bandwidth does not allow downloading such volumes of information normally, so you have to use a Wi-Fi connection.

iphone, cellular, update, failed
  • Connect your phone to Wi-Fi.
  • Open the “General” section in the settings. Go to the submenu “Software update”.
  • Checking for updates will start. If there are updates, the “Download and Install” button will appear.

Important: Updating via Wi-Fi cannot be used on jailbroken phones, it will lead to an “eternal Apple”. How do I know if my device is jailbroken? The Cydia application will be available on it.

You can also update iOS through iTunes, while the order of performing the operation will practically not differ from restoring the device, with the only exception. user content will remain intact.

  • Launch iTunes, connect the device and select it in the program window.
  • Click “Update” and confirm the operation.

You can download the latest iOS on your computer yourself, and then select the firmware file in iTunes. This approach will save time for downloading an updated version of the system. To be able to specify the path to the firmware file, hold down the Shift key and click “Update”. An explorer window will appear, in which you can select the downloaded upgrade.

Remember, when you update, your custom content and settings are preserved. If you restore the device, then the phone will become “clean”, as after the purchase.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.


Hello, I forgot the password from iCloud to any applications. Re-flashing is possible and will it help?

Good evening. Tell me the camera does not work and the flash maybe a flashing will help? I read they say yes.

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I bought from another owner, untied everything in front of me, turned off the iPhone to find.
When trying to log in, activation error. unable to activate iPhone because it could not contact the apl servers.
This is such a game.
I tried everything.
Firmware, update via aytuns. Nothing activates it.
What do you think?
I have already bought the device. The person gets in touch, well, he says, it still worked. Now he, too, must walk with a non-working apparatus?
The service told me that the repair will cost 3000. And everything will work with a 100% guarantee. Maybe someone knows what to do?

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Hello. Purchased an iPhone 6s from a different owner. It is not possible to log out from his Aykloud, asks for the password of the previous owner, enter everything correctly, does not answer. settings do not work, authentication failed. Resetting the settings also fails. A yellow spot appeared on the screen and applications stopped opening, freezes. Tell me how to be?

I bought an iPhone 6 asks for the background of an old owner and someone doesn’t know how to be

Anyone who requires an iPhone that you don’t know is a brick. Google and iCloud Lock, saddened. For devices above seven, there is minimal sense to pay for unlock, but there is scammer. 80%, decide for yourself whether it is worth the risk

Whoever has a failure to enter / exit aikloud, reset. the bodies are most likely melted or crookedly soldered, the modem dies, if it is the sixth or lower. bury it, if higher. keep in mind that the modem soldering costs 100 dollars and after that it is better not to drop the bodies

iPhone 7 started rebooting every 30 seconds. When you enter DFU mode, everything is fine, but as soon as it starts to update, it turns on

Methods for flashing the latest iPhone models

Trying to figure out how to reflash an iPhone, the user must first understand what firmware is and what methods of flashing exist. The process itself takes 10 minutes, any iPhone owner can complete it, but for greater confidence, you need to know some technical points.

We have already written instructions on the site on how to reflash an iPhone, but it was about iPhones 4 and 5. You can see this article here. In general, the process has remained the same. Below we tell you how to reflash modern iPhones (iPhones 6 and 7) and how to install an iOS update on iPhone 6 or 7.

Reset network settings

You will need a persistent internet connection to update. IOS 12 update may be subject to required update due to poor WI-FI network. Thus, you must reset your network settings for Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular networks, etc., To ensure a secure internet connection: Go to Settings. Are common. Reset. Reset network settings

How to fix the problem when updating iOS 12

Force reset iPhone

The iOS 12 update for Apple devices may have been fixed. However, the device may freeze during the update. A forced reset allows the user to resolve any emerging problems at an early stage.

The iOS 12 update for Apple devices may have been fixed. However, the device may freeze during the update. A forced reset allows the user to resolve any emerging problems at an early stage.

Force Reset for iPhone XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8

  • 1. Press and release the volume up button.
  • 2. Press and release the Volume Down (-) button.
  • 3. Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears. Do not release the side button even if the screen turns black until the white Apple logo appears on the screen.

Force reset for iPhone 7/7

  • 1. Press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Volume down buttons at the same time for a while.
  • 2. Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • 3. After the logo appears, release the buttons and the phone will restart.

Force reset for iPhone 6 and earlier devices

  • 1. Press and hold the Home and Lock buttons at the same time.
  • 2. When the Apple logo appears on the screen, release the buttons.

Three Ways to Fix iOS 12 Update Issues

Since Apple released iOS 12, many people can’t wait to see the new operating system. However, problems have been identified. Found that some users got the error after updating iOS 12. Don’t worry, in this article we will share several ways to fix this update problem.

Fixing a bug in iOS 12 with ReiBoot

Tenorshare ReiBoot. It is a program to fix various common problems like iPhone / iPad, iPhone stuck on aytyuns, stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, restart loop, etc. This is just one solution to recover iPhone without data loss. Plus, it can fix all kinds of screen issues, iTunes errors, and many other issues that iPhone users often face when updating iOS. Undoubtedly, ReiBoot has a simple and streamlined interface that makes it easy to use. Simple steps to fix iPhone update problem:

Download and install the program on your computer.

Open this recovery program and connect your iPhone / iPad to your computer via USB cable. After recognizing the device, click “Fix all iOS fixes”.

Click “Fix it Now” to start System Restore.

The process will take a little time. Do not disconnect the device during the process. Once the recovery process is complete, the device should boot as usual.

, If iOS 12 is stuck when updating on your Apple device, it can be easily restored. Tenorshare ReiBoot is highly recommended as there is no data loss during use and it is very user friendly. You can easily fix iPhone problems (iPhone not working) with this software and enjoy the new iOS 12 beta without fear of iPhone freezing.