How to bypass Apple ID on ipad

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Get help from the original owner to remove iCloud Activation Lock remotely

If you purchased a used iPhone or iPad but the devices were locked by another iCloud account, you should ask the original owner to delete the previous iCloud account remotely.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock Remotely

Follow These Easy Steps to Remove iPhone Device from iCloud Site.

Please ask the original owner to log in to Apple‘s official iCloud service platform.
Just open with a browser on your PC or Mac

Sign in with your Apple ID (email address) and password.
If two-factor verification is enabled, you need to tell him / her the verification code you received.

After singing in your iCloud account, please click Find iPhone.

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Click “All Devices” And select the device you want to remove from your iCloud account.

Click on the small cross next to the device name to remove it.

You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Click “Remove from Account”, Then the device will be removed from your iCloud account.

If you are experiencing difficulties or need more detailed guidance on this subject, I suggest you read my article on How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone or iPad.

After removing the iCloud lock, you should be able to set up your iPhone or iPad normally. You will never be asked for the previous owner’s Apple ID again.

What if the previous owner forgot their iCloud details?
The original owner can reset the password if they forget it as long as they remember their Apple ID and email password.

Apple ID. this is the account they use for everything they do with Apple, such as when they shop in the iTunes Store, sign in to iCloud, buy an app, etc. To reset their password, they need to know their Apple ID email address ID.

Answering security questions
To reset it by email
Reset uses two-factor authentication
5. Follow the instructions on the screen to reset your Apple ID password.

Best Apple Activation Unlock Tool

UkeySoft Unlocker. is a professional Apple ID unlock and iPhone locked screen unlock program to help you remove iCloud activation lock easily even if you don’t know Apple ID account and password. It does a great job of unlocking iCloud lock and Apple ID with one click. Also, if your iPhone / iPad is stuck on the locked screen and you forgot your password, it is easy to solve. This tool is also specially designed to remove 4-digit / 6-digit passwords, Touch ID and Face ID on iPhone / iPad. You don’t need iTunes here and you can access your device normally even if you forget your password. Now try to bypass iCloud Activation Lock with one click.

  • Remove iCloud account from activated iPhone / iPad / iPod touch if Find My [device] is disabled.
  • Remove Aple ID from activated iPhone / iPad / iPod touch if Find My [device] is disabled.
  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on Any Activated iPhone without Passcode.
  • Unlock 4 types of passwords such as 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, Touch ID and Face ID.
  • Your device will not be locked, locked, tracked, or deleted by a previous iCloud account after successfully unlocking.
  • Sign in with a different Apple ID or create a new Apple ID.

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How to Unlock iPad without Apple ID/Activation Lock

Remote iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone

If you purchased a used iPhone and have the contact information of the previous owner, it is very easy to remove iCloud Activation Lock Remote.

Sign in to with his / her Apple ID and password.
Click Find iPhone and click All Devices at the top of the screen.
Select the device you want to remove from your iCloud account.
Select “Erase iPhone” if needed.
Finally, click Remove from Account. After removing the device from your previous iCloud account, turn it off and then turn it back on to set it up with your Apple ID.

Over 5 different iCloud activation lock solutions, some free methods are really helpful and UkeySoft Unlocker completely removes Apple ID and iCloud account from any activated iPhone / iPad / iPod touch if Find My [device] was previously disabled. Compared to the above 5 different ways to remove iCloud Activation Lock quickly and easily, there are four free methods worth trying if you cannot unlock it and you have previously disabled [Find My iPhone], there you can easily remove your Apple ID from your devices with this iPhone unlock tool even if you forgot your Apple ID password. These methods have helped me and thousands of readers unlock Apple Activation Lock on iPhones, iPads and iPods. If you think this article helps you a lot, share this page with yours. and other social media, telling more people around you who need help.

Hot solutions. ALSO ON UkeySoft SOFTWARE

Looking for a secret passcode to unlock any iPhone? Using passcode to unlock iPhone and iPad, you need iCloud remote unlock. This article will show you how to unlock iPhone with or without a computer.

Can’t enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen? Try the solutions mentioned in the article to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen and you can also use iPhone unlock tool to unlock broken iPhone screen without passcode.

How to remove passcode from disabled iPhone? How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your passcode? This article will show you how to remove password from locked iPhone / iPad using iTunes, iCloud or UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker.

Get help from Apple to remove iCloud Activation Lock

If none of the above methods work, you can still try the last one. You can ask Apple for help in removing iCloud Activation Lock, but you need to prove to Apple that you are the current iPhone owner and have full rights.

To prove that this iPhone belongs to you, you need to provide Apple with the following proof:

For a new iPhone: You need to show a receipt to prove that the device belongs to you.
For a Used iPhone: Title has been transferred from the original owner to you, you need to provide proof of resale
Apple will then check to see if the device has been reported stolen. If the checks show that it is there, they will not help you unlock it. If your pipe is not missing or stolen, she may still refuse help. For example, if they do not believe, you can adequately prove that you are the rightful owner.

Apple values ​​security and privacy very highly, so unless they are 100% sure the device belongs to you, they won’t help you unlock it. Finally, I want to say that it will take a long time to help Apple Support, which is even worse, although you spend a lot of time proving that this is your phone, they may not help you. Even if they want to help you, you will spend a lot of time talking. The best way to bypass Apple Activation Lock. use a third party Apple ID unlocking tool like UkeySoft Unlocker, it can help you remove Apple ID and delete iCloud account without entering password.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with UkeySoft Unlocker

Your Apple ID. this is the account you use to access all Apple services like the App Store, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and more. After you sign in to your Apple ID to access your iPhone, all Apple services on your device will be set up automatically, for example, you have an iCloud service to sign in with your Apple ID. Find My [device]. one of the key features of the iCloud service that helps you find your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you have turned on Find My iPhone on your device, you can use the Find My app to find your missing device, and if the device is nearby, you can play a sound to help you or someone nearby find it. ,

To bypass Apple iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone, simply delete Apple ID on iPhone carefully. However, how to remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone if you don’t know the password? Please don’t give up, you still have the option to unlock Apple ID and iCloud Activation Lock without password using a third party iPhone unlock tool if you meet the following conditions.

If Find My [device] is disabled, you can unlock your Apple ID to remove iCloud Activation Lock using UkeySoft Unlocker.

For iOS 10.2 to iOS 11.4 devices, even if Find My [device] is enabled, UkeySoft can also help you remove Apple ID and unlock iCloud Activation Lock, no data loss.

3.For iOS 12 and later, if Find My [device] is enabled, no software will be able to unlock it. If you don’t remember your Apple ID password and login to to unlock it.

How to bypass iPhone and iPad activation lock using doulCi [instructions]

Members of the doulCi hacker group launched a service that bypasses the Activation Lock technology. The feature works on Apple mobile devices and blocks lost or stolen gadgets.

Activation Lock appeared in the iOS 7 operating system and allows owners of Apple mobile devices to restrict unauthorized access to the functions and contents of the iPhone and iPad in the event of theft or loss. However, thanks to the development of Dutch hackers, this technology can be circumvented.

The doulCi service acts as an intermediate link between iOS devices and iCloud. iPhone and iPad mistakenly identify it as an Apple server. At the moment of unlocking, the server intercepts signals coming from the gadget to iCloud and in the opposite direction. Thus, if a person decides to use the service, hackers will have access to the passwords of the Apple ID identification system and other personal information stored in the cloud.

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According to hackers, their invention has gained popularity among users. every few minutes the blocking is removed from several thousand devices. The hackers also emphasize that they have developed activation bypass technology exclusively for the owners of the smartphones themselves, so that they can bring them back to life.

How to remove iPhone and iPad activation lock using doulCi:

The first step is to open the hosts file on a computer with iTunes installed. To find the system hosts file:

  • on Mac OS X you need to go to the / etc / folder through the Go. Go to folder in Finder command.
  • on Windows open C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ and find host.

In the hosts file, add ONE of the following lines:


A stolen or lost iPhone or iPad should be connected to a computer and put the gadget in DFU mode. To do this: hold the lock button for 3 seconds; without releasing the lock button, press the main button for 10 seconds; while holding the main button, release the lock button; continue to hold the button for 30 seconds, after which the utility will start the procedure. When you see a gray background on the screen, you can release the button.

This stage is the main one. When the device tries to connect to Apple’s servers to check for activation (this happens every time iOS devices connect to iTunes), the hosts file will redirect the request to the hacker’s servers. The latter will carry out reads of information about the device, including the serial number and other unique identifiers.

DoulCi servers will process the activation request and release the unlock. An iPhone or iPad linked to someone else’s Apple ID will be able to go through the Activate iPhone screen and go to the desktop.

DoulCi’s only drawback is that an iPhone unlocked this way won’t work with a SIM card. The card is blocked due to the peculiarities of this method. iOS considers it to be successfully activated, while the iPhone modem firmware (baseband) is not. iPhone cannot be connected to networks of cellular operators, but you can use all other functions of the device. At the moment, the creators of doulCi are exploring the possibility of activating and flashing an iPhone modem.

What is the iCloud unlocking process?

The checkm8 bootrom exploit was recently discovered. It can be used for a variety of purposes, even to jailbreak the latest iOS versions available. There is already a jailbreak tool checkra1n for this. It can be used to bypass iCloud using command line.

To do this, you must have iOS 12.3. iOS 13.2.3 installed on a device that is supported by the checkra1n tool (A7. A11). We will list them below. You also need to jailbreak your device using the checkra1n tool.

What do you need?

Note: Many offer their own iCloud lock removal service, but instead just take your money and do nothing. There are even free programs for unblocking, but they do not work either.

Supported Devices

Untethered iCloud Bypass iOS 12.2. iOS 13.5.1 (macOS only) with working calls and mobile internet

There is also an untethered iCloud bypass of iPhone / iPad running iOS 12.2. iOS 13.3.1, however, your device should not be restored / reset to factory settings (not the welcome screen). a should be on the pascode input screen (on the regular password input screen).

Install brew via Terminal.

Install usbmuxd via Terminal.

Enter and register your device serial number on this page. At the time of writing, it cost 2.

Download iBy0.dmg (alternative link) and run the application.

Press the ‘Start System’ button. Wait while the program removes iPhone password and restarts it.

After rebooting, you will see a welcome screen. Set up your device as usual before the Apple ID entry screen. The device will reboot.

Run the jailbreak process again via Checkra1n and in the iBy0 program press the ‘Start System’ button again, your device will activate and reboot. This method is untethered, which means that you can safely turn off and on the device.

  • Your device is still considered locked on Apple servers.
  • ICloud doesn’t work.
  • IMessage doesn’t work.
  • FaceTime doesn’t work.
  • Notifications don’t work.

For Mac

First, you need to install the checkra1n jailbreak tool on your device. Then go to the next step.

Open the Terminal app.

Enter the command to install all required dependencies:

Wait for the message “Waiting for connection” to appear.

Without closing the first tab, open a second tab in the terminal or a new terminal window.

Enter the following command:

Finish setting up your iPhone as usual. Device has been successfully hacked.

Since iCloud Bypass for iOS 13.3 and newer is tied, it is recommended to install the SafeShutdown tweak to prevent your device from shutting down.

How to Bypass iPhone or iPad Activation Lock in iCloud (Activation Lock) via Checkra1n

You can finally bypass your iPhone or iPad’s Activation Lock with the checkra1n jailbreak tool. In addition, you can do it absolutely free. Below we will tell you about everything.

This article is especially useful for those owners of iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices who bought a used iPhone or iPad. Many of these devices are locked using iCloud. ICloud Activation Lock is a big problem. precisely, it was a big problem. Previously it was not possible to bypass activation lock, but now there is a jailbreak tool checkra1n. Let’s figure it out in order.

Note: We are not responsible for what you do with your device. This article was written for educational purposes.

For Windows

First, you need to install the checkra1n jailbreak tool on your device. Then go to the next step.

Download and Run iCloud Bypass Tool for Windows

Click on Bypass iCloud iOS 13.3. 13.4 fix sync iTunes

Wait for the message Bypass iCloud done! This will mean that the device has been successfully hacked.

How to Remove Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

There are only two ways to remove activation lock.

  • When you own and if you deleted your own device
  • When you are the second owner. by contacting the previous owner

How to avoid activation blocking when buying a used iPhone

First of all, it is good practice to buy refurbished Apple products from Apple (or some well-known retailer such as MacSales.) Refurbished devices from Apple have the same one year warranty.

If you haven’t found a good refurbished deal, then there is absolutely no harm in buying a used iPhone or iPad. But be sure to check your Activation Lock before purchasing from someone else. Plus check the condition of your iPhone or iPad before purchasing.

Remove Activation Lock when selling an iOS device

What we have explained above is exactly what you should follow before selling your device. This provides a comfortable environment for the next owner. Plus also ensures that your personal data is no longer on this device.

Here’s a quick overview of what you need to do before selling or giving to someone else. You can see the exact steps on how to follow these steps above.

  • Disconnect your Apple Watch.
  • Disable Find My iPhone.
  • Exit iTunes and App Store.
  • Erase everything.
  • Remove from the list of trusted devices.
  • Unregister iMessage if you are migrating to Android.

When you own and if you deleted your own device

If this is your device, you have nothing to worry about. If you enter recovery mode and restore your device without exiting iCloud, you will see an activation lock screen. Just enter your Apple ID and password and you’re done.

If you don’t remember your Apple ID email, visit the official Apple iForgot Page.If you forgot your password, you can reset from here as well.

B. Contact Apple Support and verify ownership.

If you have valid proof of purchase, you can contact Apple Support and ask them to remove Activation Lock. You can contact them through the Apple Support app. Live Chat or support number.

Or better yet, if there is an Apple Store near you, visit them with confirmation of purchase. They can remove Activation Lock on your iPhone or iPad. Typically, you will not be charged for this, even if you do not have Apple Care or the device is out of warranty.

As you read, this is pretty straightforward if you are the first or existing owner. But when you see Activation Lock on a freshly purchased second-hand iPhone, here’s how to get around it.

Check Activation Lock before buying an iPhone from someone else

About 50% of iOS devices are legally sold with Activation Lock turned on. In some cases, the seller deliberately does not remove the iCloud lock in order to subsequently request more money. In other cases, it happens by accident. In order not to fall into the trap, before buying, you should check if the device is locked.

Before purchasing an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch from an Apple Authorized Reseller, you must ensure that the device is removed and is not associated with a previous owner’s account. Also, you need to ask the seller if they removed the activation lock or not.

Turn on the device. If the passcode lock screen or home screen appears, it means it has not been deleted. Then ask the seller to completely erase the device from Settings → General → Reset → Erase All Content and Settings. If you asked for the previous owner’s Apple ID and password, it means the device is still associated with their account.

If there is no previous owner, you can ask them to remove the device from their account by signing in to (explained above). When you are prompted to “Set up your iPhone / iPad” when you first turn it on, it means Activation Lock is disabled.

How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

When you activate your iPhone or iPad, Apple uses a unique device ID and associates it with your Apple ID. This ensures that the one who stole the phone cannot activate and use it again. But if you buy a used iPhone with the right intentions and then find it’s still locked, you can bypass Activation Lock on your iPhone or iPad. Only then can you make the device completely yours. Let me tell you more about this and how to remove Activation Lock.

When you are the second owner. by contacting the previous owner

The chance to remove Activation Lock on a used iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac that you bought or received depends only on the previous owner. If they don’t collaborate, you will practically be left with a paperweight with the Apple logo.!

In many cases, device owners may accidentally sell or gift you an iPhone with their Apple ID while still having Activation Lock turned on. In such cases, you need to contact them and follow these steps.

A. If you can meet the previous owner in person.

Ask them to enter their Apple ID and password on the activation lock screen. Then let them set up the device with their Apple ID. Once the iPhone is set up, they need to complete all of the following processes:

  • Unpair Apple Watch, if any.
  • Disable Find My iPhone. To do this, open the “Settings” application → click on the Apple ID banner at the top → “Find mine” → “Find my iPhone” → turn off the switch “Find my iPhone”.
  • Sign out of iCloud and the iTunes App Store. To do this, open the Settings app → click the Apple ID banner at the top → scroll down and click Sign Out. Select do not save data and click “Exit” again.
  • Delete all content and settings. To do this, open the Settings app → tap General → Reset → Erase all content and settings → enter your iPhone password → confirm.
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After completing the erasing process, the device looks like new and does not have an activation lock. You can now set up your phone and use your Apple ID or create a new one. The problem has been solved. Enjoy!

B. If you cannot meet the previous owner, ask him for remote assistance.

If the owner lives in a distant location and cannot complete the above steps, you can ask them to provide their Apple ID and password. This is not the best solution, as people shouldn’t be doing it. But, if a relative or someone close to you sold or donated a device to you, you can ask him to enter his Apple ID credentials.

If the above solution doesn’t work, ask the previous owner to follow these steps:

Important Note: While the previous owner followed the above steps, make sure mobile data or Wi-Fi is connected to the iPhone you are using. Only then can the device be erased.

Once the process is complete, the iPhone is released from the Activation Lock. Now restart your iPhone and set it up using your existing Apple ID or create a new one.

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Having problems with a locked Apple device? Learn how to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple Watch. We’ll look at a few steps, including Apple’s web-based activation blocker coming in 2021.

Activation Lock is a security feature that turns on when you turn on Find Me. This is how Apple describes it:

Activation Lock helps protect your device even when it’s in the wrong hands and can increase your chances of getting it back. Even if you delete data from your device remotely, Activation Lock can still prevent someone from reactivating your device without your permission. All you have to do is leave Find My [device] enabled and remember your Apple ID and password.

This is different from your iOS / Apple Watch device password or your Mac’s password. If you are having problems with Activation Lock, you will see a screen similar to the image above asking for your Apple ID email and password.

iPad ACTIVATION LOCK REMOVAL WITHOUT PASSWORD | Activation Lock forgot Apple ID and password

How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone and Other Devices. 9to5Mac

How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and .

  • If you can’t remember your Apple ID email address, see here
  • If you can’t remember your Apple ID password, reset here
  • If you can’t remember your Apple ID password reset security questions, please call 800-APL-CARE (800-275-2273) or contact to see if there are other options to recover your account
  • If you are in the US, there is a new Web Activation Block Tool at the bottom of the landing page there is an option to Run Activation Block Support Request. Here are the conditions:
  • You must be the owner of the device. Proof of ownership required. Proof of ownership must include product serial number, IMEI or MEID.
  • Your device data will be deleted. If Apple unlocks Activation Lock on your device, all files and data stored on your device will be permanently deleted. Please note that when restoring a device from a local backup, Activation Lock will be re-enabled.
  • We cannot unlock a managed device. If your device belongs to a business or school, please contact your IT department or manager. We also do not accept bulk requests.
  • Your device should not be in Lost Mode.
  • In countries where the new Activation Lock Tool is not available, visit the Apple Store with proof of purchase, it may be possible to remove the Activation Lock, but the device will be removed in the process

Apart from the steps above, there is really no way to disable Activation Lock on Apple devices. There are cases where third-party companies appear to offer device unlocking services such as GrayShift. However, these options usually cost thousands of dollars, often target law enforcement, and Apple can render exploits useless with a software update.

The only exception is DriveSavers, which claims to provide a consumer-focused unlocking service for Apple devices. However, are not listed on the site, and we can in no way vouch for them. Please be aware that most other third party “unlocking services” will be either scams or temporary fixes.

The best solution is to follow the four steps above to recover your Apple ID and disable Activation Lock legally.

To learn more about Activation Lock, visit Apple’s support document page here.

Bypassing the message “This iPad is linked to Apple ID” without a password

While the two methods above are handy for disconnecting iPad from Apple ID, they are useless if you don’t have a password. And it can happen if you’ve just bought a used iPad or forgot your password. Luckily Tenorshare 4Mekey. a tool that anyone can use to bypass the “This iPad is linked to Apple ID” screen even if they don’t have a password.

Tenorshare 4MeKey works great on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch of various iOS versions. Hence, it is a versatile program to bypass iCloud Activation Lock without much hassle. What’s more, this tool is so easy to use that even a beginner can avoid any mistake with it. Follow these steps to use Tenorshare 4MeKey.

You must first download Tenorshare 4MeKey to your computer. Install it and then launch it to get started. The message “Remove iCloud Activation Lock” appears on the screen.

Then, use a USB cable to connect your iPod to your computer. Before proceeding with this process, please make sure that there is a correct connection between the two devices.

Start jailbreak your iPad. When the jailbreak is successful, just click “Next” to proceed to the next step.

Check the information on your iPad. Before clicking “Start Removal”, you should understand that after bypassing the lock, you will not be able to use the device for cellular communications, phone calls and iCloud of the newly activated Apple ID.

Now click on “Start Uninstallation” to start bypassing the “This iPad is linked to Apple ID” screen on iPad. Once the process is complete, the lock will be released. This process may take several minutes.

This way you have successfully bypassed the lock screen and can set up your device with a new ID.

You can also learn more about how to use this tool by watching this video.

Remotely bypass the “This iPad is linked to Apple ID” screen

If you know the previous owner, but they are not physically in the same location as you, this method will come in handy. Previous owner can bypass this iPad linked to Apple ID screen using Find My iPhone remotely.

  • The previous owner will go to and sign in with their Apple ID.
  • Go to “Find My iPhone” on the iCloud page.
  • Tap the “All Devices” option at the top of the interface.
  • Select the specific iPad for which you want to skip the “This iPad is linked to an Apple ID” screen and remove from iCloud.
  • Click Erase. Press Next until you are sure the device is removed from iCloud.

You have now successfully removed your Apple ID and can set up your iPad to use it correctly.

Bypassing the “This iPad is linked to Apple ID” screen with ease

“This iPad is tied to an Apple ID.” this is a simple notification you can get when you are trying to use a used iPad. This message usually appears when you want to set up a used iPad for use. This activation lock will make it impossible to log into the iPad; hence you cannot use it for any reasonable purpose.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to make sure your account on a used iPad has been deactivated before purchasing one. But if you’ve already found yourself in this unpleasant situation, you do not need to worry, as there are various settings that allow you to easily bypass the “This iPad is linked to Apple ID” screen. So let’s see what you can do to get around this error.

IPad tied to Apple ID how to unlock?

Are you ready to disconnect your iPad from a previously synced Apple ID? If yes, we have the perfect solutions for you.

Directly enter your Apple ID and password

If you know the iPad‘s Apple ID and password, you can easily and quickly bypass the This iPad is linked to Apple ID screen. Notably, if you’ve just bought a used iPad and know the previous owner, you can contact them to help you enter the previously linked Apple ID and password on the device. The person can then deactivate it so you can set up the iPad with your preferred ID and password.

After unlocking your device with your Apple ID and password, go to Settings General Reset Erase All Content and Settings. The previous owner will enter the correct Apple ID and password, and then you will need to disconnect your iPad from the Apple ID.

Now you understand everything there is to do when you get the “This iPad is linked to Apple ID” screen on a used iPad. Once again, Tenorshare 4MeKey. recommended tool for this function.

Hot solutions. ALSO ON UkeySoft SOFTWARE

Looking for a secret passcode to unlock any iPhone? Using passcode to unlock iPhone and iPad, you need iCloud remote unlock. This article will show you how to unlock iPhone with or without a computer.

IPhone screen is broken or unresponsive? How to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen to access it? This article will teach you the useful method to enter password on broken iPhone screen, you can also learn how to unlock broken iPhone and iPad screen.

Can’t enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen? Try the solutions mentioned in the article to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen and you can also use iPhone unlock tool to unlock broken iPhone screen without passcode.

How to remove passcode from disabled iPhone? How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your passcode? This article will show you how to remove password from locked iPhone / iPad using iTunes, iCloud or UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker.

How to Unlock iPhone / iPad Using a Third Party Tool

If neither iTunes nor iCloud works for you, you can turn to third-party tools for help. UkeySoft Unlocker is the most powerful iOS unlock tool to help you unlock disabled iPhone password without iTunes in just a few clicks. It did a great job of removing 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, Touch ID and Face ID on a disabled iPhone / iPad. What’s more, if you forget Apple ID password, it will also help you unlock Apple ID without password.

Follow the detailed instructions below to learn how to remove iPhone passcode using UkeySoft iOS Unlocker. Please note that using this iPhone / iPad unlock software will erase data on your device. Please back up your iPhone data before starting.

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone / iPad Using iCloud

If iTunes doesn’t help unlock a disabled iPhone, you still have the option to bypass iPhone passcode without iTunes, try iCloud. If Find My iPhone is turned on, you can unlock your disabled iPhone using iCloud. Let’s see how it works.
Visit through a web browser on a computer or other mobile phone.

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Sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID password associated with your disabled iPhone.

Tips: If you find your Apple ID has two-step verification, it means you need to use a disabled iPhone to get a verification code. The most efficient way. remove the SIM card and install it on another phone to get the code. Or you can try the following way to use a third party tool to unlock a disabled iPhone.

After successfully logging into iCloud, click Find iPhone.

Just click the All Devices button to find your disabled iPhone and its location.

To get rid of a disabled iPhone, simply tap Erase iPhone to erase everything on your iPhone, including the screen lock code.

After that, you can activate and set up your iPhone.

If you want to quickly unlock your iPhone without using iTunes or iCloud, a professional third-party unlocker is recommended. UkeySoft Unlocker. Hope the above method can help you unlock the screen password.

Steps to unlock a disabled iPhone / iPad using UkeySoft Unlocker:

Launch UkeySoft Unlocker
Click on the link above to download and install UkeySoft Unlocker on your Windows / Mac. Then launch it. To remove disabled iPhone passcode please select “Unlock Screen Passcode”.

Connect your iPhone to your computer
Now connect your iPhone / iPad to your computer via the Apple USB cable, then click the “Next” button.

Put iPhone into Recovery Mode
To get iPhone out of lock screen mode, you need to follow the instructions to put iPhone into recovery mode.

Start Unlocking iPhone Without Passcode
When you see “Download complete!” on the screen, just press the “Start” button to start unlocking the passcode on the iPhone screen.

Successfully Unlock iPhone Screen Passcode
After a few seconds, when you see “Uninstall complete!”, It means that you have successfully removed the iPhone password!

Your iPhone will now restart as a new iPhone and you can set a new password for it!

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Unlock Disabled iPhone / iPad without iTunes, iCloud or Computer

Justin Sabrina Updated on July 29, 2020

We are used to setting screen passwords on mobile phones to protect data privacy. But when you forgot your iPhone password and we start to panic. After entering the wrong password several times, you will see an on-screen prompt “iPhone is disabled, please try again in 1 minute”.

Sometimes, when you connect your iOS device to iTunes, iTunes will ask you to enter the password and click “Trust your computer” on your device, since you forgot the password and the iPhone is disabled, you cannot log into the computer. In this case, you cannot unlock or restore iPhone using iTunes. Also, if you haven’t synced your iPhone with iTunes before or turned off Find My iPhone, how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes? If you forgot iCloud password, how to unlock disabled iPhone without iCloud? Luckily, you remember your iCloud password and Find My iPhone is on. How to unlock iPhone without a computer? If you still can’t unlock a disabled iPhone, check out this article, here you will learn how to easily unlock a disabled iPhone or iPad with / without iTunes, iCloud or computer. Let’s explore.

How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone / iPad Using iTunes

When you see the message “iPhone is disconnected, please connect to iTunes”. As the post says, you can use iTunes to unlock iPhone passcode, but make sure you sync your locked iPhone / iPad with iTunes before. This is a simple guide to bypass a disabled iPhone via iTunes:
Connect your disconnected iPhone or iPad to your computer using an Apple USB cable. Then launch iTunes and iTunes will appear as soon as possible.

To enter a locked iPhone, click the Phone icon on the left and it will display your iPhone information, then click Summary of Restore iPhone.

If iTunes asks if you want to back up your settings, select “Backup”.

Click the “Restore” button again and wait for the restoration to complete. After restoring, all data on iPhone was deleted including screen passcode and you will see your iPhone is in Hello interface.

How to unlock iPhone without computer via Find My iPhone app on another iPhone

When iPhone or iPad is disconnected and won’t connect to iTunes, how to fix? Worse, what if you don’t have a computer that can use iCloud to unlock iPhone password, what to do? Don’t worry if you’ve enabled Find My iPhone on a disabled iPhone or iPad, you can follow the detailed guide to unlock iPhone without a computer or iTunes through Find My iPhone app on another available iPhone.
Get an affordable iPhone (your family’s iPhone / your friend’s iPhone), go to the App Store, then download the “Find My iPhone” app.

Once installed, launch it and sign in with your iCloud account (usually your Apple ID) and password.

The following will list all iOS devices using the same iCloud account, found and selected your disabled iPhone or iPad.

Then click the Actions icon at the bottom of the screen. To remove the iPhone passcode, click Erase iPhone, which will erase all data and settings on the disconnected iPhone. Of course, the screen passcode will be removed from the iPhone.

If you have forgotten your Apple ID and password, this method is not workable, please refer to Part 2 to complete the operation.

[Solved] How to Unlock iPad When Forgot iPad Password

To be honest, people live in a password world that consists of all kinds of passwords. You will set a specific password for your iPad to protect its security. When launching some applications, you will also need to enter the appropriate password, such as Apple ID and password. It’s hard to imagine that these digital numbers could protect your privacy before. However, your iPad will be disabled if you forget your iPad passcode. So how do you fix a disabled iPad due to a forgotten password? In other words, is there a way to bypass forgotten iPad password? You can Read and Learn Easy Ways to Reset iPad Without Passcode.

  • Remove Forgotten iPad Password
  • Forgot iPad password? Contact Support Apple
  • Factory reset iPad after resetting iPad password
  • recover iPad password with some tools

Factory Reset iPad After Resetting iPad Password

If you have synced iPad with iTunes before, you can reset iPad to use iTunes when you forgot iPad password. iTunes will erase all content and settings from your iPad, including a forgotten iPad password. But you can restore iPad from iTunes backup later. over, you need to use a reliable computer to restore iPad to factory settings. Otherwise, you will have to unlock your iPad first. Remember to update iTunes to the latest version.

Open iTunes on your Mac or PC. Use a USB cable to connect iPad to computer that you’ve synced with iTunes in the past. Wait for iTunes to automatically detect your iPad.

Find your iPad icon and click Summary below. Select “Restore iPad” to factory reset iPad without password. Your iPad will restart soon and you can set it up.

Reset and restore iPad to factory settings

The welcome screen offers three options available. You can select Set As New iPad if you want to resell it on eBay or give it away. Otherwise, you can choose “Restore from iTunes Backup” or “Restore from iCloud Backup” to restore iPad without forgotten password.

Restoring a device to factory settings can remove the password for a forgotten iPad, as well as a password-forgotten Android phone.

Recover iPad password with some tools

You can also unlock iPad password without recovery with the following tools.

Remove Forgotten iPad Password

The easiest way to unlock iPad if you forgot your password. this is to remove the lock screen password.

What you need professional software, Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker, to erase iPad password.

Apeaksoft iOS Unlock is an easy to use program to unlock iPad from various locks such as screen lock, Apple ID lock and screen time lock. It can erase the password so you can use iPad freely.

Now let’s see how to use this software to unlock password forgotten iPad.

Download iOS Unlocker for free on your computer by clicking on the download link below. It supports both Windows and Mac computer, and you can download the version based on your computer.

Launch it and select Wipe Password Mode. Connect iPad to computer via USB cable. Click on the Start button to continue.

Once connected, this program will automatically download the iPad information. Confirm or change the information if it is incorrect. After that click the Start button to go to the next step.

Here, this program will download the iOS firmware from the Apple server. You must make sure your internet connection is in good condition.

Unlock Forgotten iPad Password

After the firmware download is complete, press Unlock and enter 0000. After that, press Unlock to confirm the password unlock operation.

In the process, this software will delete the forgotten password, and you can create a new one after restarting it.

How to Bypass Forgotten iPad Password with ReiBoot

Put your iPad into recovery mode

Connect iPad to computer and launch ReiBoot. Select “Fix All iOS Freezes” on the main interface. Press the Start button and enter iPad into Recovery Mode or DFU Mode. Later select “Advanced Mode” and click “Continue” to continue.

Unlock Disabled iPad without Forgotten Password

ReiBoot will back up all your iPhone data before resetting. Later, choose advanced mode to erase all iOS data and settings, as well as forgotten iPad lock screen passcode. Click the Download button to download the firmware package. Click “Start Recovery” to quickly recover iPad password.

Forgot iPad password? Contact Support Apple

If you can’t sign in with your Apple ID password, contact Apple Support to reset your iPad password. As you know, Apple ID means a lot to every Apple user. You can purchase the app from the App Store, shop on iTunes, sign in to iCloud, and manage all Apple products. Therefore, you must recover forgot iPad password as soon as possible.

Open in whatever browser you use. Enter your Apple ID and password to prove you are not a robot. Click the “Continue” button to continue. Select “I need to reset my password” and click “Continue” again.

Get a password reset email from Apple Support

There are two ways to reset your Apple ID password. You can receive an email to reset your new iPad password. Otherwise, you can answer security questions if you remember the correct answers. Click “Receive Email” and click “Continue”. Later, Apple will send you an email titled “How to Reset Apple ID and Password”.

Reset new Apple ID password for iPad

Open this email and click “Reset Now”, you will be redirected to again. Enter your new Apple ID password and click “Reset Password” to finish. During this time, you’d better write it down in case you forget your iPad password and Apple ID password.

If you have enabled two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, then you can also try to reset your Apple ID password from any trusted iOS device.

How to Remove Forgotten iPad Password with iFunbox

Use a lightning USB cable to connect your iPad to your computer. Run iFunbox Reset Forgot iPad Password.

Unlock iPad When Forgot iPad Password

Expand var and select the keychains folder. Find and delete the “keychain-2.db” file. Restart iPad to see if you can unlock iPad without password.