Unlock Samsung sprint tool. 8 Best Samsung Pattern Unlock Tool to Unlock Your Samsung

Solved! How to Unlock Network Galaxy Note 9 (Invalid SIM Card)

in this post I will show you how to get the Unlock Network Samsung Galaxy Note 9 16-digit country code to unlock, unlocking SM-N960F, SM-N9600, SM-N960F, SM-N960U, SM-N960U1, SM-N960N, SM-N960W, SM-N960X, SCV40, SC-01L for (ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and U.S. Cellular) with 16-digit codes is straightforward, it is also the most secure way to Unlock Network Galaxy Note 9 your phone permanently. Your phone will always be unlocked even after every new firmware update. Removing the SIM-Lock from the phone using a code does not void the warranty and this is the method provided by the manufacturer. Once unlocked, you will be able to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 all bit U0, U1, U2, U3, U4, U5, U6, U7, U8, U9, and U10 16-digit network unlock code Android 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and Android 13 (ONE UI 5, 5.0, and 5.1 on any network in the country or abroad. Unlock code details will be emailed to you. To get the unlock code for your Galaxy Note 9, you need to enter the IMEI number of your Samsung phone.

What is an Unlocking Network?

The following options are available to the Unlock Network Samsung Galaxy Note 9 showing an Invalid SIM Card. If you don’t know which option to use to unlock your phone, please contact us. We will help you choose the right product for your phone. Some carriers in some countries use a certain type of network lock on the phones they sell, a type of lock that only reads “Network Lock” instead of “SIM Network” when you insert a SIM card from another carrier. “Unlock PIN” will not have a dedicated field to enter the code. Read Also: Samsung FRP-Google Account ADB Enabler Tool 2022 Android 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Supported Basically, your Samsung will tell you that the network is locked, but won’t let you enter the unlock code.

What is Carrier Lock?

Scenario: If you have a postpaid plan with mobile operators (MOs), your phone is locked with them and you cannot use a SIM card from other operators, and it depends on whether the device can be used even after the end of the postpaid contract. Further details will be provided by your Mobile Operators (MOs).

What is another lock or Invalid SIM Card?

A different lock means that you cannot use a device purchased in another region “Invalid SIM Card“, as it must comply with the rules governing that region and be approved.

Scenario: Unlock Network Samsung You bought a device from another region and can’t use it when you come to another Region. You must check the local rules and guidelines of that region as these will be followed first. And the service center can’t help to unlock the network because the control of one Region always applies.

What is a network lock?

Network Lock or Region Lock means that your phone is locked to the region where you purchased it.

Scenario: Samsung Galaxy SIM, Network Unlock You purchased your phone from another country through an official channel and didn’t unpack it until you went to another country. Now you want to use it and it will prompt “Network Lock” Samsung Galaxy’s mobile or tabs Network Unlock. No need to worry. This is a safety mechanism where you should insert a local SIM card from the country of purchase to activate the device before transferring/shipping it to another country.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Network Unlock Codes

If you see the “Enter Network Lock Control Key” or “SIM Network Unlock PIN” on the screen.

If the message “Unsuccessful” appears, you have tried to enter the unlock code several times.

In this case, enter the following:

  • 27673855# to reset your Phone.
  • Enter your Unfreeze code (MCK) into the SIM network to unlock the PIN.
  • It will show you the message “Unsuccessful,” which is expected.
  • Now, enter your unlock code and then tap Unlock.

If an Invalid SIM card message appears on the screen:

  • Enter the code below (Replace Network (NCK) with the actual code)
  • #0111Network (NCK)#
  • You need to type the Unfreeze code (MCK) in the “Phone freeze screen” section. If nothing happens, you can tap the Call button or # after entering the code.

If the SP lock message appears:

If the SIM password message appears:

If the SIM lock-enter password message appears:

If the “Network Unlock PIN……contact your service provider” message appears:

  • Turn on your Samsung phone without inserting the SIM card.
  • Dial #7465625638#
  • Enter your Unfreeze code (MCK)
  • A message will appear: “Unsuccessful.”
  • Now, you need to enter the network unlock code.

If a Phone Freeze message appears on the screen when you try to use a SIM from a different network, then:

Unlock Network Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Using SamKey?

Use this server only for Samsung phones that require an unlock Network Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Using the SamKey code.

SamKey Server Credits enable quick and easy Unlock Network Samsung Galaxy’s Mobile and Tablets of ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and U.S. Cellular of Samsung phones without a special box or dongle, Supports Android 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9, 10, 11, 12, and Android 13 thankyou.

Please do not confuse SamKey Server Credits with SamKey TMO Server Credits and note that it does not support SamKey TMO software (TMO software supports Samsung Samsung phones that do not require an unlock code).

Step 1- How much credit do you need, see the list of Credit Models FROM the SUPPORTED MODELS Tab

Step: 2- Purchasing 3 or 6 credits depending on your Samsung model, we will send you a new SamKey username and password (for returning clients, just enter the old username and password you used before)

Step 3- Warranty void must be “0” to read the unlock code correctly.

Step 4- Download the latest software from the SamKey Tool.

Step 5- Use the username and password you have already purchased.

Step 6- Press read codes and then more software instructions to Unlock Network Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for a solved Invalid SIM Card.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SIM Network Unlock Pin code

All new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 supported by these models (SM-N960F, SM-N9600, SM-N960F, SM-N960U, SM-N960U1, SM-N960N, SM-N960W, SM-N960X, SCV40, SC-01L) coming from T-Mobile USA or Metro Pcs USA with “SamKey Windows Online Tool” can be unlocked by a SamKey Network.

  • Supported By: SamKEY CodeReader
  • Credits (CodeReader): 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and some models.
  • Carriers: ALL
  • Versions: ALL
  • Comment: NO
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select Biometrics and security
  • Tap on Other security settings
  • Tap “Set up SIM card lock.”
  • Tap “Lock SIM card
  • Enter your SIM card PIN
  • (Note: The default PIN is 1234)
unlock, samsung, sprint, tool

Here are the simple Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unlock Code Instructions:

  • Turn off your Smartphone.
  • Insert non-accepted SIM Card.
  • Turn on your phone.
  • The phone will ask for a SIM network unlock PIN or Network lock control key.
  • Enter Unlock Code.
  • The phone will show a message Successfully Unlocked.
  • Now the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Unlocked!

How to use SamKEY CodeReader Tool for Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Tablets Android Smartphones?

SamKEY Rules, Conditions, Policy

for Unlock Network Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Invalid SIM Card, SIM Not Supported):

  • It’s not allowed to Unlock Factory Unlocked (SIM-Free) Devices
  • It’s not allowed to Unlock phones that are already Unlocked
  • It’s not allowed to Unlock phones with Fake IMEI (Changed IMEI)
  • It’s not allowed to Unlock phones with Modified NvData (RD Purpose)
  • It’s not allowed to Monitor SamKEY using Sniffers/Monitoring Tools
  • It’s not allowed to Debug SamKEY using Debugging Tools
  • Samsung Developers are NOT allowed to use SamKEY

If you violate our policies. your Account will be blocked You will be blacklisted !

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Best Samsung Pattern Unlock Tool to Unlock Your Samsung

One of the most undervalued however an exceptionally protected feature of Smartphones is the lock screen feature. It goes about as an obstruction between your personal data and an unwanted user.

In any case, in the event that you have forgotten your screen pattern, password, Passcode or PIN, there’s no real way to unlock your phone without resetting it. Here, we are going discuss the techniques that can be utilized to remove your screen pattern from a Samsung phone.

Top 1. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android [Hot]

In case that you have to bypass pattern lock Samsung, then utilizing Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is the best choice that you’ve. This tool could unlock screen lock on Samsung Galaxy phone, including pattern, fingerprints, password or pin lock with just a one click. What’s more, the tool is simple and easy to utilize and thus this is the explanation with respect to why it is supported by an enormous chunk of users everywhere throughout the world. Here we have listed the steps that you’ve to follow if you’re among one of the phone users who have forgotten Samsung phone pattern. Download this tool and follow the instructions below.

  • First, connect you phone using a cable with your PC. The software will detect your Samsung phone and install the software on your phone.
  • Now, you have to click on Remove Screen Lock button to remove the pattern.
  • There are 2 options for you. If you are using early Samsung phone, then choose Remove Screen Lock without Data Loss and get Start.

Select the device information carefully and confirm. If your old Samsung is not on the list, then just turn back to another choice and go to Step 6.

Manually enter your phone into download mode and then it will sucessfully remove the pattern lock on your Samsung device.

  • Now, follow the instructions that are showing on your screen, click “Start” button to continue.
  • Confirm that this process will erase all data on your phone and then continue.
  • A few minutes later, this process will be completed. Once your phone is restarted, your phone will have no pattern and you can use it.
  • Top 2. Android Device Manager

    Android Device manager is likely the following best option for unlocking your phone which could be utilized for Samsung phones. Working of this service is extremely straightforward and it functions as long as the user is logged into the Google account. This service can be accessed and utilized on any device or any PC.

    • Easy to use
    • Free and baked into Android
    • Remote wipe, location tracking, remote lock, remote alarm
    • No messaging
    • No spy camera
    • Trouble when trying to wipe up SD card
    • No SMS commands
    • Limited features

    Top 3. iSkysoft Toolbox

    iSkysoft Toolbox for Samsung Phones is a great tool, which intends to manage a wide range of Android issues such as lock removal, data recovery, screen recorder, data backup and restore, data extraction, SIM unlock, root, and so forth with 1 basic program. With it, you can make the most of your digital existence with no stresses.

    • Data recovery
    • Data backup and restore
    • Private data eraser
    • Full data eraser
    • WhatsApp transfer, backup, restore
    • iSkysoft Toolbox is a software that costs 79.95 for 1 year with 6 functions including switch, transfer, recovery, backup recovery, unlock and erase.
    • The UI is quite easy to use.
    • The products that are a part of the toolbox could be purchased separately.
    • The size of the setup file is very small
    • Available for Windows as well as MacOS
    • The SIM unlock tool doesn’t support all devices.
    • It needs root permission to backup apps on your phone.

    Top 4. DroidKit Screen Unlocker

    DroidKit Screen Unlocker is a ground-breaking pattern removal tool designed by the iMobie group. DroidKit Screen Unlocker was initially intended to be an Android lock screen removal tool, helping users remove any sort of screen lock from their device without giving any password. However, ongoing updates have included Remove Google Lock (FRP) mode which is exceptionally proficient with regards to expelling FRP lock from Samsung device.

    • Remove lock screen and Google account on Android devices
    • Recover lost photos, WhatsApp chats, messages, and more without root
    • Fix system issues and reinstall/upgrade OS for Samsung phones tablets
    • Save your essentials to PC/Mac in 1 click, manage all data with simple steps.
    • No skills required. Save your data and phone with simple clicks in minutes.

    There are 3 plans available that you can choose according to your requirements.

    • Basic Plan: available for 35.99 for 1 year
    • Family Plan: lifetime license, available for 59.95 and supports 2 to 5 devices.
    • Multi-User Plan: The pricing varies depending on the number of users

    Top 5. unlockbase

    UnlockBase was launched by John Milton in 2004. This unlocking service has been developed in Europe, yet it additionally has its workplaces in different regions of the planet and serves upbeat clients from all over. UnlockBase claims that it is the most proficient, economical and dependable versatile unlocking service accessible in the market today and it has had the option to hold a great relationship with its clients because of its customer support.

    • Easy user interface
    • No switching restrictions
    • Free of roaming charges
    • Resale value will increase for the better

    The pricing rate varies depending on different factors.

    • Money back guarantee offer
    • Good customer support
    • Supports Bitcoin
    • Offers most cost-effective prices

    Collects personal data of the users

    Top 6. Unlockunit

    Unlockunit unlocks Samsung phones as fast as in 1 moment! You could unlock your phone in more than 200 nations including Australia, USA, Asia and Europe. The organization has been doing business for over 7 years and unlocked more than 1 million phones.

    vary depending on network and phone model

    • Fastest solution to unlock your Samsung phones
    • Your phone is unlocked right away
    • Receive a code to type directly into your phone
    • 24/7 support if you’ve any questions

    Top 7. CellUnlocker.Net

    This service will likewise offer unlock services at a cost. CellUnlocker.Net unlocks all devices including Samsung Phones and they are pride of themselves as they are giving incredible service in the most limited timeframe. They likewise offer 100% assurance that they offer this service at lowest cost in the market.

    • Network Unlock
    • Official Unlocking Method
    • Save on roaming fees
    • Results sent via Email
    • All the financial transactions are performed using a secure channel
    • Promises a 100 % cash back in case the service was incapable to unlock your Samsung phone
    • Quotes order delivery time for every order and as well allows you to verify the status of your order

    Top 8. FreeUnlocks

    FreeUnlocks have been around for a couple of years and still get a lot of clients ready to take their risk on getting their phone unlocked for free. FreeUnlock is a simple to utilize site which could unlock Samsung phones as it were. Dissimilar to other unlocking services, you don’t have to download anything with FreeUnlock.

    • No spyware, malware, no software required and no downloads
    • Receive a remotely-generated code and unlock your phone quickly
    • Works with most of the phones
    • Completely harmless, with no risk to Samsung phone

    Works on Samsung Galaxy S5 devices only

    unlock, samsung, sprint, tool

    Bottom Line

    We hope that now you know that you can unlock your Samsung phones using the above mentioned tools. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is the best choice if you have forgotten your Samsung phone pattern.

    • Bypass Google account verification on Samsung devices (Android 6-13)
    • Remove Android password, pattern, PIN, and fingerprint lock just one click away
    • Support removing screen lock and FRP on both Win Mac

    Updated on 2022-09-05 / Update for Samsung

    How To Unlock a Sprint Phone Without Account

    There are some ways to get your Sprint mobile unlocked for free, but there are some requirements before that. As their policy says, however with the help of our Sprint unlock code generator you can skip this part. Here are some of unlocking sprint phone requirements:

    • your phone must be fully paid off, so you don’t have to owe them money.
    • you must have been active for at least 50 days on their network.
    • The device must be in working condition.
    • The device has not been reported stolen or lost, and there are no indicators of fraud.
    • Sprint will automatically unlock the device when it becomes eligible for unlocking.
    • Your Sprint account must be in good standing.
    • …and over 10 other requirements.

    However, if you’ve come to our page means you’re not eligible and looking for a free method to unlock sprint without account, without paying a fee and even worst – without waiting weeks for the unlock code, am I right?

    Thankfully, that’s the reason why Unlocky, our Sprint unlock codes generator, has been created in the first place. To let people unlocks their devices without depending on carrier’s elegibility requirements or paying a 3rd party which costs a lot.

    What is Unlocky Tool

    Unlocky is a cell phone unlock code generator that helps you generate free unlock codes by calculating the device IMEI. The unlocking process is pretty simple (like your carrier also do): once we have your IMEI number, our tool will connect through a backdoor to Tracfone’s database and then calculating the NKC code.

    Once the unique code has been generated this will be automatically uploaded to our server and will be ready to be downloaded. Among the unlock code, Unlocky will also generate the instructions to unlock an Sprint locked phone even it’s IMEI blacklisted or without account on Sprint.

    Everything works online in your browser, so you don’t have to download or install any apps that may damage your device and without voiding your warranty. Follow our step by step guide to learn how Sprint phones can be unlocked with Unlocky.

    Unlock Any Mobile Phone Model or Brand

    No matter which device you want to unlock Sprint network on, Unlocky Tool supports any device model and any manufacturer. Beside that it’s absolutely free, can be blacklisted, can have unpaid bills and is a official permanent unlock (so you don’t have to relockit again).

    Through Unlocky you can:

    • unlock sprint iPhone
    • unlock sprint Samsung
    • unlock sprint LG
    • unlock sprint Motorola
    • unlock sprint Nokia
    • unlock sprint Xiaomi
    • unlock sprint OnePlus
    • …and over 50 brands.

    How To Unlock Sprint Phone for FREE

    Before going through our unlocking steps, you need to know your device’s IMEI, as the unlocks are based on this number, just like Tmobile, ATT or any other network will do. The best way to find an cell phone’s IMEI is to dial to #06# and the IMEI will show up on the screen.

    Submit IMEI

    Once you’ve got your device’s IMEI number, insert it into our Sprint unlocker and click on the submit button. Wait a few second until your IMEI is recognised and added to our database.

    Country and Network

    Now it’s time to select the country and network carrier which your device is locked to. In our case, you have to select United States as country and Sprint as network provider. Our unlock tool will then know you have a Sprint locked phone.

    Unlocking Sprint Phone

    Now it’s time to let our tool to generate the unlock code based on your device’s IMEI. This process may take up to 3 minutes, depending on your network connection. Once the code has been generated, you may download it among the instruction to unlock Sprint.

    With over 2.500 unlock codes generates a day and few millions since we’ve launched the tool to the public, Unlocky is the best free solution to get a phone unlocked at no cost. We’d really appreciate if you share this page with your friends.

    Clicking on the button below you can access our unlock code generator page. There you will find a video tutorial on how to use Unlocky Tool and fully unlocking process but also instructions on how to unlock a Sprint phone. Contact us for any questions or suggestions.

    How To Unlock Sprint Galaxy S6 For Free Using IMEI Information

    Unlock Sprint Galaxy S6 today! Any model of the worldly famous Sprint Galaxy S6 can be now unlocked permanently and free of charge. Don’t rush to skip this because you may be skipping the only opportunity for a quick, permanent and efficient SIM unlock removal.

    The unlocking instrument and method described here will awe you most definitely for its simplicity and effectiveness. Even though this unlocking software application tool is fairly new on the market it is already known worldwide as a few thousand Sprint Galaxy S6 users have already applied it on their mobile phone devices and can never be happier with the choice that they have made.

    Why struggling with the SIM lock on your Sprint Galaxy S6 and smartphone device when you can forget about it in the split of the second. This simple solution will make you see the world of smartphones under a brand new and much brighter light.

    How To Unlock Sprint Galaxy S6

    Although the answer to this question applies to most of the smartphones in general, there are a few things that are specific only for the Sprint Galaxy S6. This can mean not one, but a few restrictions at the same time.

    And what happens when a newer model of your Sprint Galaxy S6 comes out and you want to upgrade your device? Then you would probably want o sell your existing Sprint Galaxy S6 and buy the new one. Did you know that the SIM unlocked Sprint Galaxy S6 mobile phone device is sold almost double the price of the SIM locked Sprint Galaxy S6 handsets? If you didn’t think about it! Not only you will have many more options with your unlocked cell phone device, but you can also make a profit by selling it. All things considered, removing the SIM lock can never be a bad idea.


    Now so long ago there was this trend when all the smartphone users would go to the mobile service shops. There are still some people that are considering this option, but it is too risky for my taste.

    The other option you may think about is the official unlock through your carrier. If you are a patient person then I recommend this method for you, although the best option is yet to come.

    Last, but not least is my favorite unlocking method ever. It is sleek, fast and straight forward. This method implies using a software application tool that you install on your computer and performs the SIM unlocking procedure with your own hands.

    unlock, samsung, sprint, tool

    The most sought for a tool for the Sprint Galaxy S6 mobile phone devices is without a doubt the Sprint Galaxy S6 Unlock Software Tool. This software is easy to operate and its success rate is 100 percent. On top of that, it can be downloaded no matter where on the planet it is the place you call your home. What is even more stunning about the Sprint Galaxy S6 Unlock Software Tool is that it can precisely calculate the unlock code for your Sprint Galaxy S6 device using only your IMEI number. I find it brilliant that one can get their unlock code for free, the same unlock code that the carriers charge a huge amount of money.

    The IMEI number is very important in the unlocking performed. The Sprint Galaxy Unlock Software Tool, you must not make an error regarding it. To be sure that the IMEI is your Sprint Galaxy S6’s then just dial #60#. Of course, there are other ways how to find the IMEI, but this method will do just fine.

    Unlock Sprint Galaxy S6 Instructions Step By Step

    Before you start the SIM unlock process you should read these guidelines:

    • Download the Sprint Galaxy S6 Unlock Software Tool whatever electronic device you wish. It can be a PC or a laptop. You can start the unlocking process by click on the download button below:
    • Install the unlocking instrument on your device and open it Sprint Galaxy S6 Unlock Software Tool when the installations over.
    • Connect your Sprint Galaxy S6 mobile phone device to the computer.
    • Wait for the Sprint Galaxy S6 Unlock Software Tool to detects your handset.
    • Fill in a few details about the Sprint Galaxy S6 you want to SIM unlock. (The country of purchase. The seller that put the SIM lock on your Sprint Galaxy S6. The IMEI number.). Also, you should provide a valid email address. You can create for this occasion especially if you don’t want to share your email.
    • Click unlock and check the email. In your inbox, you will see the message from the Sprint Galaxy S6 Unlock Software Tool with the unlock code.
    • Put a SIM card from a carrier. Whose services you were not able to use before. Enter the unlock code.
    • When you press ok your Sprint Galaxy S6 will be permanently unlocked. It will be able to function on all SIM cards and carriers wherever you may go.

    When you enter code you need to be careful not to enter it wrongly for more than five times. Otherwise, your Sprint Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 may stay permanently locked.

    Unlock OnePlus Nord N200 5G Code Generator

    If you would like to unlock OnePlus Nord N200 5G code by generator, to figure on any SIM card within the world, here I will be able to show you the.

    Unlock Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 For Free By Code Generator

    Today we will present you with the unlock Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 code generator. It is software that has many possibilities in the unlocking carrier.

    How To Unlock Vivo X80 For Free Using Code Generator

    The main goal of this web page is to provide you with information about how to unlock Vivo X80 for free using a code generator. This tool can help.

    How to Unlock Sprint Phone

    You maybe are interested in how to unlock a Sprint phone. Luckily, you’ll find 2 methods to unlock the Sprint phone in this article. over, you can also find the answers about unlock eligibility requirements and how to check if your Sprint phone is unlocked or not.

    Joy Taylor Last Updated: Apr. 11, 2023

    No doubt, Sprint is one of the biggest network service providers that offer smooth call and data connections in the US. Like other wireless service providers, Sprint designs sleek smartphones that you can buy to connect with families, friends, and business partners.

    Sprint phones are lightweight and nicely designed with incredible features. While this smartphone has everything you need in a mobile device, it isn’t without limitations. One of them that this article will FOCUS on is – the difficulty with integrating other network providers.

    You cannot use another cellular network with Sprint phones. To resolve that, our team has created a guide to help you out. Without further delay, let’s delve in.

    Unlock Eligibility Requirements

    Before discussing how to unlock a Sprint smartphone, let’s take a look at the unlock eligibility requirements. This will help you know whether or not your device is unlock-eligible. Here are a few prerequisites to unlocking your Sprint phone:

    • You must have used the device with Sprint network for a minimum of 40 days.
    • End-user must have completed the Sprint contract before proceeding to unlock the device.
    • Additionally, the phone must be unlock-eligible- meaning that the device supports a SIM card slot.

    Should you meet all the requirements above, you can proceed to unlock your Sprint phone. If your phone isn’t unlock-eligible (has no SIM card slot), you may have to request an MSL (Master Subsidy Lock) code from your service provider.

    For customers who want to unlock a Sprint device for international roaming, here are a few conditions to fulfill:

    • The device must be active for a minimum of 90 days with no outstanding payments.
    • You shouldn’t have unlocked more than one device in the past 12 months.
    • You must be a current Sprint subscriber/customer.

    Below are a few Sprint devices that you can unlock, whether for domestic or international use:

    • Samsung Galaxy S8/S8/S9/S9
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    • iPhone 5c/5s/6/6s/6s Plus/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/X
    • LG G5/G6
    • LG V30

    How to Unlock Sprint Phone with Carrier

    You can unlock your Spring phone without stress. However, the ease of unlocking your device depends on whether you fulfilled the conditions above. Also, your subscription mode plays a crucial role. Sprint phones with postpaid subscription modes are automatically unlocked after fulfilling the requirements. For prepaid subscribers, you have to bypass SIM card lock yourself.

    To unlock your Sprint smartphone, connect with the corresponding customer care by dialing 2. Once connected, you will hear a voice prompt. Kindly respond with Cancel Service, so your call can be transferred to the appropriate agent. You will be required to provide the following details:

    • Your name (in full).
    • Your correct account number and password.
    • The last four digits on your SSN (social security number).
    • The device IMEI or MEID number.

    Unlock Sprint Phone with SIM Unlock Tool

    SIM Unlock tools are software programs designed to help you bypass the restrictions on your device. Depending on your device’s operating system, the software required may differ. Here, we introduce to you one of the industry-leading software with an easy-to-manage interface – AnyUnlock.

    AnyUnlock is the #1 iOS unlock solution that has helped many iDevice owners to unlock all cellular network carriers, including Sprint, T-Mobile, AT T, etc. It’s famous for the quality services it offers.

    In addition to the SIM unlock feature, there are other services you could use this software for. Some of them include; the removal of iTunes backup encryption, bypassing Apple ID, screen unlocks, and more. AnyUnlock supports all iOS models, including iPhone 5 to 14 Pro Max. This tool is accessible via Windows and Mac computers.

    AnyUnlock Key Features

    • Unlocks all US-locked mobile carriers, such as AT T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.
    • 1-click to bypass all forms of security codes, whether Face ID, Touch ID, Apple ID, 4-6 digit code, and more.
    • Seamlessly remove iTunes backup encryption.
    • Easy to bypass your iCloud activation lock, without losing data.

    Steps to Unlock Sprint Phone with AnyUnlock

    From AnyUnlock’s office website, install a compatible version of the software on your computer. Launch the software and follow the instructions below:

    Step 1. Simply run AnyUnlock on your PC and select “Remove SIM Lock” mode. Connect your iPhone to the PC with a USB cable. Once your iPhone has been recognized, please choose “Start Now” from the drop-down menu.

    Step 2. You first need to check if your iPhone has been jailbroken. If not, please tap on the “Jailbreak Tutorial” button. After that, please kindly click the “Remove Now” button.

    Step 3. Make sure the Wi-Fi is switched off. And plug the SIM card into the phone again.

    Pull Out of SIM Card and Disconnect the Internet

    Step 4. To remove the SIM lock, tap on OK button after completing the preceding procedures. Whereas the operation is ongoing, please just keep the device connected and do not close the software.

    Step 5. Minutes later, you’ll see Removed SIM Lock Successfully page and now you can use your iPhone normally.

    SIM Lock Removed Successfully

    How Can I Tell If My Sprint Phone is Unlocked?

    Confirming whether your Sprint phone is unlocked or not is a straightforward task to execute. Here are some techniques you can apply to do that:

    Method 1. Check Phone Settings

    Although not guaranteed, this method is one of the fastest and cost-free ways to confirm whether you can use another cellular network with your Sprint phone.

    The steps involved vary depending on the operating systems you are using. Check out the appropriate guide for iOS devices and Android phones below:

    iOS Devices

    • Head to the Settings tab on your device and tap on Cellular Data (or Mobile Data)
    • Should you find Cellular Data Options on the next screen, it means your Sprint phone is unlocked.

    Android Phones

    unlock, samsung, sprint, tool
    • Go to Settings, and click on it to launch the menu page.
    • Tap on Mobile Network(or select Network Internet) on the next page that comes up.
    • Next, click on Mobile Network, also known as Network Operators on older Android versions.
    • If you use an older Android operating system, jump to step 5. Should you operate a newer Android version, tap on AdvancedAutomatically Select Network.
    • If you find a list of network service providers, it means your Sprint phone is unlocked.

    While the technique above could prove your Sprint phone is unlocked, it’s not a trustworthy option. For further confirmation, apply the techniques below.

    Method 2. Insert Another SIM Card

    Do you have another cellular network besides Sprint at hand? We advise that you insert it into your phone to see whether your device is unlocked. This technique is simple to implement, cost less, and 99.9% guaranteed.

    If your device is unlocked, the carrier network bar will pop up at the appropriate location without delay. However, if it’s the other way around, you may get an error message like “SIM Card not recognized” or something related. Mind you, before proceeding with inserting the new SIM card, ensure that it’s working properly and well placed inside the phone.

    Method 3. Contact the Customer Support

    Here is another quick way to confirm your Sprint phone is unlocked. Sprint customer support is always available 24/7 to answer queries or questions from clients. So you can reach out to them via call and ask about the status of your Sprint smartphone. Anyone who is available on the call desk will let you know everything about your device.

    Although you can also connect with Sprint customer service via email and chats, however, we do not recommend it. The reason is that you might have to wait longer than expected to get feedback.

    Before connecting with the Sprint customer support team, ensure that you are calling with the same device that needs to be unlocked. Plus you must use a Sprint network to connect.

    Final Words

    Buying a Sprint phone has its pros as you get to enjoy all the whopping offers the network carrier provides. Even though this is quite beneficial, you will face some challenges when you wish to switch your mobile service provider. But that’s now history with our detailed tutorial guide. We’ve introduced some powerful techniques to unlock your Sprint phone, kindly select one, and implement it.

    Our best option remains the solution that involves the AnyUnlock software. With AnyUnlock you can bypass any restrictions on your iOS device. This tool has proven to be the best as it delivers all its promises. What more do you need in an iOS unlocked? Try AnyUnlock now!

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