PS Plus Lux what is included. Classic games

Exclusions, aaa-Tailers and classic games: Sony announced the updated PS Plus subscription Owners of subscriptions “PS Plus Extra” and “PS Plus Lux” will receive a lot of games from the internal studios of Sony and commands. Alienation | Housemarque, PlayStation 4 Bloodborne | Fromsoftware, PlayStation 4 | Pixelopus, PlayStation 4 | Bend Studio, PlayStation 4 Dead National Apocalypse Edition […]

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How to shoot games on a computer. How to record a game on video using fraps

How to shoot games on a computer Providing your personal data, you agree to their processing in accordance with our PrivaVI confidentiality policy. TOP-12 best programs for recording video from a computer screen Among the programs supporting the video from the screen, not many stand out against the background of competitors with some special function. Most offer a standard set […]

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How to enable Secure Boot Asus Tuf Gaming.

Error “Secure Boot Violation”: How to fix it The error “Secure Boot Violation. Invalid Signature Detected” appears when the computer is launched by Windows. You can press Enter when it appears to enter the system, but it will occur every time when loading PC. As a rule, the reason for the appearance of this message is incredibly difficult to determine. […]

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Photon Launcher Phasmophobia Launch Game error. I do not see friends / friends in…


Phasmophobia UNITY ERRACT Previously played calmly in phasmophobia, everything was fine, but now the sweat goes out of my launch, giving out the error Phasmophobia Unity 2019.four.28F1_1381962E9D08. I have already tried to reinstall, launch in compatibility mode, from the administrator, nothing helps. There is no answer anywhere. According to the requirements, everything is suitable, I play from the laptop, one […]

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