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How to put Youtube app on LG Smart TV

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Before you install YouTube on your LG Smart TV, you need to connect the equipment to the Internet. For switching with a router, twisted pair or Wi-Fi is used (depending on the TV receiver model). The installation procedure is performed after accidentally deleting the utility or disrupting the player.

YouTube features on TV

Application is built-in options, but reinstallation is possible.

A YouTube utility installed on your TV allows you to:

  • enter the user’s “Personal Account” and make settings (for example, program the interface language or subscribe for a fee);
  • view videos with the ability to change the frame resolution;
  • search for materials by name;
  • disable the display of advertising content that interferes with viewing.

Solving installation problems

If the user is unable to download the application or its installation is interrupted, it is necessary to check the quality of the network connection. For example, a wireless data link may malfunction due to over-the-air interference or reinforced concrete partitions. In this case, we recommend using a LAN cable. If the problem persists, you should reboot the router or check the hardware settings.

If the problems are not resolved, you must turn off the power to the equipment for 30-40 minutes by unplugging the wire from the outlet. Manipulation allows you to troubleshoot failures caused by hardware problems. Additionally, you should reset the settings to the original parameters (the function is available in the general settings tab in the TV menu).

Step-by-step installation instructions

To install the program on a Smart TV series, you must:

The application is small, does not take up much space.

The utility’s performance depends on the quality of the connection to the Internet. A common problem is failures when connecting to a network via Wi-Fi: error codes 106 or 105 are displayed on the TV screen. To fix the problem, you need to rearrange the router or set 5 GHz data transmission to channels 36, 40, 44 or 48 manually via the menu router settings. If you cannot turn on the Wi-Fi transceiver on your TV, you should reset it to factory settings. If the procedure does not help, TV repair is needed.

What are the advantages of the application over the web version

An additional advantage of the utility is the integration with the Google Chromecast digital media player (implemented in versions released after mid-2017). A transceiver with a Wi-Fi module is installed into the USB connector of a TV, the equipment allows you to view data broadcast from a mobile phone or tablet computer on the screen.

Disable advertising on YouTube for Smart TV

To eliminate content on LG TVs, you must:

  • Launch the settings menu and go to the section for adjusting the parameters of network connections.
  • Activate advanced adjustments and then uncheck the automatic parameter selection field.
  • Manually enter a new DNS IP address that looks like
  • Check the work of “YouTube“. Ads should stop showing.

To block extraneous materials, you can use not only the correction of DNS addresses, but also special utilities. Programs do not require pre-configuration, but when watching some videos, a lock warning may appear on the screen. Before downloading and installing, please make sure the application and shell of your LG TV is compatible.

App update

To update the installed components, you must:

The shell allows you to add other programs (for example, for quick access to online cinemas or digital TV channels). Before installing, you should check the release of the operating system and update the shell.

How to set up YouTube?

After installing any specific settings, you do not need to do it. But you need to log in to your account. This must be done in order for you to correctly select a video based on recommendations from YouTube itself. There will also be synchronization with all devices on which the YouTube program is installed, and where you are logged in under your account.

If you already had an account, then you can use it. Or click on the “Add account” button. If you don’t want to log in, just click on the “Guest” button. After that, you will have two choices:

Enter the phone number or email address that is linked to the Google account. After that, enter the password.

Connect your phone and TV to the same router network using Wi-Fi or wire. Next, on your phone, open the YouTube app.

Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, a window will open where you need to select the “Login to your account” button. For convenience, you can use a third-party account.

How to download YouTube to LG Smart TV: installation, setup and troubleshooting

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you how to download and install the YouTube application to your LG Smart TV. First of all, your LG TV must be connected to the Internet. It can be connected to a global network only through a router using Wi-Fi or a cable. if you do not know how to do this, then I advise you to read this article.

SPECIALIST HELP! If you have any questions while reading the article, write in the comments and I will help you.

Installation instructions

  • Turn on the TV to the network, connect to the Internet, then turn on the screen using the power button on your remote control. Next, you need to go to the main menu: to do this, click on the button with the house icon. If you do not have LG Magic Remote for LG SMART TV, but a regular remote control, then click on the button labeled “Home” or “Smart”.
  • In the main block, you should see all installed programs. In theory, YouTube for LG TVs does not need to be installed and the application is installed from the factory. But there are times when, after installing a software update, it crashes.
  • Scroll and find the section “LG Content Store”. from here you can just install the program.
  • At the top, go to the “Applications” section.
  • On the Popular tab, you should immediately see the YouTube program, click on it. If you cannot find the application you need in the list, then you can search for it by scrolling down the list. Or you can find it using the search. there is a magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen: click on it; enter the name of the program.
  • Click on the “Install” button. the program will be downloaded from the Internet. After that, you can run it.

ATTENTION! If you get an error, the application does not install, does not start or hangs, then go to the last chapter of this article.

Application installation problem

Sometimes there may be problems when the program refuses to install, crashes or does not start at all, so I will give you a number of preventive actions that should help you.

  • Try restarting the TV itself and the router to which it is connected.
  • Once again, make sure you have connected the TV to your home router, otherwise it will not be able to connect to the internet. If you do not have a router configured, then go here.

You can try to update the operating system on the TV set:

  • Again open the main menu and go to “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Next, we need to click on the gear again to enter all the settings. the icon is at the very bottom.
  • On the left, select the “General” section and then scroll to the item “Information about the TV”.
  • Slightly below there will be a button “Run and install”. click on it. It may be unavailable only in two cases: you are not connected to the Internet; the latest update is already installed.

Then try to install the program again. If this does not help, then you can do something else:

  • Switch off the TV and unplug it from the outlet. this is very important. After that, wait half an hour and turn it back on.
  • If this does not help, then you can try resetting it to the factory configuration. To do this, again go to the “Settings” and on the “General” tab just above click on the button “Reset settings to factory settings”.

On Samsung TVs

There are several ways to watch YouTube videos on a Samsung smart TV.

  • Using ForkPlayer:
  • You need to go to Smart Hub;
  • Press button A on the control panel;
  • In the window that appears, in the Samsung account field, enter the word develop. The password should be pulled up automatically. If this does not happen, you need to enter 123456;
  • Mark the checkboxes in the items “Remember password” and “Automatic login”. And press “Login”;
  • Press “Tools” on the remote control. Then go to the submenu “Settings”. “Development”. Accept the terms of the agreement;
  • Go to the menu “Server IP-address setting” and enter the following numbers in the boxes: 46-36-222-114;
  • In the “Synchronize user applications” menu, wait until the line is fully loaded. The message “Fully updated” appears;
  • Finish the actions by clicking the “Completed” button. Return to Smart Hub;
  • Press the “Exit” button on the remote control;
  • Go to Smart Hub again. The ForkPlayer icon will appear on the screen;
  • By launching this application, you can see a list of applications that are in it. Among them is YouTube.

The YouTube menu will be different from the usual. Nevertheless, the main functionality is present.

It should be said that perhaps not all links will open. And some users note that standard applications stop working.

There are also cases of ForkPlayer freezing after restarting the TV. To solve this problem, it is recommended to create a Samsung account. You can do this on the website through a computer, or on TV. To do this, you need to click A in Smart Hub. “Create an account”. And before starting the specified player, go to your “account”. Also, do not turn off television equipment without first leaving ForkPlayer.

  • Using the Smart Hub search bar

The main screen has a search bar. If you enter “watch online” into it, a list of files will be displayed, including those from YouTube. True, all the functions that are inherent in this resource will be missing, you can simply watch videos.

  • Official widget with Samsung Apps

The installation is standard, as is the case for downloading any applications. In Samsung Apps, you need to find the YouTube app. But this is already for TV Samsung after 2012 release. In this software, it will be possible to link a smartphone or tablet to a TV so that you can play video on the device and watch on TV.

There are also widgets, free and paid, that contain ready-made playlists. But they also have a YouTube viewing function.

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Some of them are: NstreamLmod, SmartON, LmPal, etc. You just need to install them in the usual way. Note that the installation of such paid programs completely pays for itself, since they have various online portals for watching videos with good quality and stable broadcast.

As you can see, YouTube on a Samsung Smart TV can be used in different ways, each of which has its own characteristics and level of complexity.

On Android

Google has created the Android TV operating system, which is designed specifically for smart TVs. And many manufacturers began to install it on their devices, unlike LG and Samsung, which prefer to support their “operating systems” WebOs and Tizen, respectively.

Android TV turns your TV into a multimedia center. In addition to the usual settings for choosing a content source and its quality, there are signs of the familiar Android. That is, you can install many more applications than other Smart TVs. Access is via the Play Market. And the menu itself is very simple and straightforward. If you have Android devices, you can use them as a remote control.

As already mentioned, Android TV has set-top boxes for TVs, the setup of which is as easy as setting up the built-in firmware.

There are many games available for Android TV, and dedicated USB gamepads have been released for TVs. Let’s not forget about social media. At the same time, users are offered a virtual keyboard for large screens, which can be controlled from the remote control. If you get used to it, the process will be as convenient as when accessing social networks via a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Here are a few manufacturers that use this OS: Sony, Phillips, Ergo, Sharp, Kivi.

Android TV was released in 2014, so there are no problems with YouTube. And you can download the YouTube application for Android TV through the Play Market.


Here are the steps you need to follow to install YouTube on a new LG TV:

  • You will need to turn on the TV;
  • Find the “Start” button on the control panel;
  • Find “LG Store” in the list of applications. Shown here are all the programs that can be installed on your TV;
  • Enter YouTube in the search bar. After the application is found, you need to go to it;
  • In the window, you will now need to click the “Install” or “Install” button, depending on the language.

Now you can use all the functions of the app on your LG smart TV again. Installation is intuitive and straightforward.

Now let’s look at installing the ForkPlayer app:

  • You need to go to the settings;
  • Select “Network”. “Network connection.” “Connection settings.” “List of networks.” “Advanced settings.” Then choose a wired or wireless connection;
  • Now, in the “Set DSN” item, select the “Manual Input” tab. And enter the numbers: 85-17-30-89;
  • Click “Ok” and “Finish”;
  • On the main window, select the application “Russia TV”. If it does not appear, you need to download and install in the usual way;
  • We go into this application, but ForkPlayer will be installed instead;
  • Further in the list of applications, we are looking for YouTube.

Whatever changes you make in the settings, always remember, or better write down the sequence of actions and the changes themselves

What YouTube will give on TV

Smart TV differs from the usual one by the presence of programs for Internet access. By default, the firmware of the TV contains different applications, depending on the operating system available. But you can install any other programs that are suitable for your TV.

YouTube on TV allows you to watch the video content of this site. The widget is designed in such a way that it is convenient for the user to work with it on TV. There is all the basic functionality as on the online portal:

  • Login to your personal account and settings in it;
  • Subscriptions;
  • Search video.

How to download YouTube to Smart TV and install

For some reason, the YouTube application on Smart TV may be removed. For example, in June 2017, YouTube was removed from TVs older than 2012. This happened due to the termination of support for the old version of the widget (a small program that performs a certain function) YouTube, which was no longer relevant due to the hardware capabilities of the TV. Other options are possible when the software has been removed, for example, due to a flashing of the TV system. How you can download YouTube to your TV and install this application again, we will consider in this article.

Program installation

It has already been mentioned that the old YouTube app has been removed by the developers. But it was replaced by a new version of the software, which has an updated design, as well as better support. Another important point is the integration with the Chromecast.

Newer Smart TV models have built-in DIAL protocol which is based on Chromecast. This device is made by Google and is designed to stream audio and video information over Wi-Fi. Simply put, you can play a movie on your smartphone that will be streamed via Chromecast to your TV.

What to do for owners of old TVs:

  • Purchase a newer device model;
  • Purchase a special media player: Chromecast or Android Box on the Android TV operating system, etc.;
  • Install ForkPlayer app.

Even if you do not have the opportunity to use the described methods, you can go to YouTube from the built-in TV browser. To do this, the address bar indicates by analogy with a computer browser

When it comes to media players, there is nothing complicated here. Devices are connected to the HDMI input of the TV.

Installing ForkPlayer is not that easy. Let’s take a closer look at this method.

For other models with Smart TV

Downloading the YouTube app for other smart TV models is the same as described above. But here you have to experiment, since the settings may differ and the menu items are called differently.

Another option is to download through the browser, going to various sites, however, not all TVs allow installing applications in this way.

When you finally have YouTube installed, you can link it to a PC or mobile device, since it is much more convenient to work with search through them.

  • Go to YouTube on your device and go to the “View on TV” section;
  • Open the application on the TV and find in the settings menu “Link device”;
  • In the field that is on the device, you need to enter the code that appeared on TV;
  • Now a special icon will appear on your device (a rectangle with an icon similar to Wi-Fi in the lower left corner). Now when you click on it, you can control the search from your device.

As you can see, there are ways you can use YouTube even on old Smart TVs. If you wish, you can try to play around with the settings and install third-party applications. Or purchase a prefix. Although this is a more expensive option, it is still more reliable: there will be no freezes and unexpected failures.

Program installation

It should be immediately clarified that the YouTube application will work only on modern technology with Smart TV functionality. But there are also exceptions here. Not all users will be able to download YouTube on TV.

For example, a good half of Sony Bravia equipment does not work with the service, and the local software completely refuses to install the client. A similar situation with YouTube on Samsung TVs. Models up to 2012, even with Smart-functionality, do not perceive the proprietary YouTube application in any way.

In this case, external set-top boxes act as a panacea: for example, Android TV or the same Chromecast running on the Android platform. You can also use a third-party application ForkPlayer, which significantly expands the ordinary functionality of a “smart” TV. At its core, it is a browser with device-specific web resources created on the basis of playlists (IPTV, XML and M3U). Let’s consider the most effective options for installing a client with an eye to the TV manufacturer.

How to download and install Youtube on TV

The YouTube service is wildly popular all over the world. This resource allows you not only to view tons of video content, but also to rate it, comment on it, and also publish your own videos. Like other services of this kind, YouTube offers branded clients for a variety of platforms: Android, iOS, Windows and others. You can also download the YouTube application on your TV if it supports Smart TV functionality.

The TV user has access to all the possibilities of the service without any restrictions. But to get them you need to register. Authorized users receive individual recommendations, a detailed history of watched videos, the ability to customize the interface for themselves, and much more. And it’s all completely free.


Advice! It will also be useful to pre-update the software on TV.

The procedure for installing “YouTube” using ForkPlayer:

  • Go to Smart Hub.
  • Press the “A” key on the remote control.
  • In the line of the account, write the word develop. If necessary, enter the password 123456.
  • We put check marks on the items “Automatic authorization” and “Remember password”.
  • On the PU, click on the Tools button.
  • Go to “Settings” and click on “Development”.
  • Go to the “IP address settings” section and fill in the corresponding values ​​46-36-222-114.
  • Open the “Application Synchronization” branch. An “Updated” window should appear here.
  • We save the changes by clicking on the “Finished” button and return to Smart Hub.
  • Now the ForkPlayer icon should appear in the main interface.

LG Smart TV. LG Content Store Youtube App Install How To

After launching the utility, a list of applications will be presented, among which you can find “YouTube”. The menu of the latter is slightly different from the usual one, but only slightly. Basic capabilities are fully present.

Before installing YouTube on your LG TV, it’s worth updating the software. Otherwise, there may be conflicts with the client or with the same ForkPlayer. It is also useful to reboot the device.

Installing YouTube on the latest generation LG TVs:

The client should appear on the main screen.

Advice! The icon “Russia TV” can be replaced with any other by choosing the one you like from the firmware.

Upon opening ForkPlayer, the list will include the YouTube client.


TVs from Sony, Phillips, Sharp and others work under the control of the Android platform. In this case, there is no problem to download YouTube to TV. Everything is simplified as much as possible and goes by analogy with mobile gadgets.

  • Go to the Play Market.
  • We drive in YouTube in the search.
  • Installing the client.

The widget should appear on the TV home screen.

YouTube client features

Some people have problems with the branded application, especially with the latest updates, which have brought many innovations, and not only pleasant ones. The new version of YouTube TV boasts a nice design and a more ergonomic interface. But the main point worth focusing on is the presence of support for Chromecast technology, which greatly facilitates synchronization with various peripherals: smartphones, tablets, PCs, set-top boxes, consoles and others.

Other TV manufacturers

How to update YouTube on a TV with Smart TV

If YouTube cannot be launched, you can resume the widget by updating the software. To update the application software on Samsung Smart TV, you need to follow the aLGorithm below:

You can restore YouTube using an alternative way. you need to install the current version of the application through the Samsung TV settings. Go to the basic settings of the device, and then switch to the menu, where it is possible to uninstall various software. Select the required application and click on “Update”. Everything is extremely simple.

Now you have learned how to install and update YouTube on Smart TV. There shouldn’t be any particular difficulties with this procedure. The operating system of a Samsung TV is similar to the Android OS that the vast majority of users are familiar with. Therefore, you can install, update and remove software from TV in similar ways.

Install YouTube on Samsung Smart TV

As noted above, you can use YouTube through a browser, but it is better to install a separate widget on Smart TV. Samsung makes TVs that run on the Linux-based Tizen OS. There is no need to set up YouTube for this TV. the app is in the pre-installed list. But it happens that the user uninstalls the program by accident and needs to reinstall it.

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To return an app to the list of Samsung TV apps, just follow these steps:

Installing the program on Smart TV is easy. You should not download the program from other sources, as this may adversely affect the operation of the TV.

You can return the ability to view videos on YouTube through the second installation path. It is also easy to follow the aLGorithm of actions:

  • Download the mentioned program taking into account the operating system.
  • Unpack the resulting archived data into a folder on a flash drive.
  • Turn off Smart TV and plug the device into the appropriate jack.
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Open Smart Hub. find the appeared YouTube among the applications.

What is YouTube on TV for?

First, let’s figure out why YouTube is so popular and whether it’s worth installing this application at all. Modern television, even satellite, is gradually losing ground and no longer surprises. TV packages are being replaced by streaming services, where you can watch the most relevant programs.

It is important for the user to independently decide which programs and when to watch. Therefore, it is not surprising that a large number of people are eager to install YouTube on their Smart TV immediately after purchase. After turning on the application, the viewer has the opportunity to view:

  • Clips of musical performers;
  • TV series and movie teasers;
  • Famous bloggers’ channels;
  • Live broadcasts online;
  • Television programs.

This is just a part of the functionality offered by the service. Once installed, you can watch a huge stream of content, including TV shows and shows. Therefore, YouTube is able to completely replace cable TV. An application is a more convenient option, although you can open it through a browser.

How to install YouTube on a TV with Smart TV

The main specific feature of Smart TVs is the ability to install various applications. A laptop or computer can be connected to an ordinary TV, but it is impossible to install software on it. The most viewed platform today is YouTube, as it contains a huge variety of video content that is updated daily.

But what if YouTube does not function correctly after installation? In fact, you can fix the problem on your own, without resorting to the help of a specialist. Below is a step-by-step aLGorithm on how to upload YouTube to Samsung Smart TV.

Install and set up Video TV Cast on your Samsung TV

Perhaps for some reason, updating the software of the YouTube app for Smart TV turned out to be ineffective. If after downloading the current version of YouTube the problem is not resolved, you can use a program similar in functionality. This widget is Video TV Cast.

Before installing the application, it is worth considering the main specific features of such an alternative:

The opportunity to use this program is also available to owners of Samsung TVs manufactured after 2010. It is permissible to use Video TV Cast in combination with various gadgets: mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, etc. From these devices it will be possible to freely play videos, but it is necessary that the TV and the gadget are connected to a single Internet network.

Having connected to a single network, you should open the main menu of the application. Through it, you can go to the required page where the video is located. If the software is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, then you can open the video on the TV screen with one click and enjoy watching.

The TV Cast app allows you to play any YouTube content, and you don’t need to install a second widget. To fully use the functionality of the program, you will need to create your own profile by setting a username and password for it. So the user will have a personal library of videos at their disposal, it will be possible to use the subscription function and watch interesting channels.

To install the service, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Set up an Internet network via Wi-Fi, router or adapter.
  • Download the Video TV Cast Widget.
  • Open the program and enjoy its diverse functionality.

If you want to set up an Ethernet cable connection, you will need to crimp the wire on both sides. Now you have learned how to use YouTube in an alternative way, as well as how to connect and update the program in different ways. You can also include videos from YouTube using other programs designed to view content in video format.

Install YouTube app on LG Smart TV

Due to flashing LG Smart TVs and other failures, some programs are deleted or stop working, this also applies to YouTube. In this case, you need to reinstall the utility and properly configure the TV. But many users do not know how to download YouTube and install it on LG TV. We will try to analyze these and many other questions in detail in this article.

Installing and configuring the application: step by step instructions

Smart TV has many different applications, including YouTube. But sometimes the program icon disappears from the menu as a result of a software update. This is especially true on TVs manufactured before 2012. To solve this problem, you need to re-download and install the application. If you have no idea how to install the Youtube application and use it on your TV, then everything is described in detail below.

Setting up the app on the TV

Setting up software means making changes to its work for comfortable use. over, logging into your YouTube account will allow you to find the desired content in a few clicks and will open many other useful options (subscribing to channels, comments on videos, chatting in streams, etc.). You can also group videos by genre (music, movies, documentaries, sports, etc.). If you have not yet opened an account on YouTube, then create one on a PC or laptop, and then log into it on LG.

ForkPlayer. an alternative application

Many people use the ForkPlayer browser as an alternative way to watch YouTube. It also needs to be downloaded and installed. It allows you to view websites and videos online.

ForkPlayer menu

  • parental control;
  • search and viewing of videos and films;
  • creation of playlists;
  • customization of the design;
  • surfing sites;
  • additional functions and tips.

In general, with its help, LG Smart TV will become an alternative to a desktop PC in terms of surfing sites. over, this utility is absolutely free.

ForkPlayer is installed in different ways:

On LG Smart TV with webOS or Netcast OS, you need to change DNS as follows:

  • Open the TV menu.
  • Go to the Internet connection settings.
  • Next, open the “DNS Server”.
  • Then we specify any of the DNS listed below. And do not forget that each of them opens a specific utility. For example, typing will open ForkPlayer.
  • If you specify DNS, ForkStore will open. You must select “Premium”, after which you can watch “Russia Television”, “First Automobile”, “Radio” or “vTuner”.

In LG Netcast Smart TV with OS webOS or Netcast 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 4.5, the installation procedure using DNS change is as follows:

Network settings
Next, we set the type of connection to the global network.

Network type

  • If a cable is connected to the device and the appropriate connection is set, then you will see the information “Network connected”.
  • Next, open the list of networks (Wi-Fi points and wired lines).
  • Advanced network settings

  • Here we click “Advanced settings”.
  • The connection properties will open, where you need to select manual input of the IP address and DNS, where we specify DNS The bottom picture shows how to manually configure DNS.
  • DNS input

  • If Wi-Fi will be used to access the Internet, then select the appropriate type of connection and indicate the password from the network.
  • After connecting to the World Wide Web, go back to the list of networks and open the “Advanced Settings”.
  • Next, we specify DNS.
  • A window will pop up on the screen with information about the erroneous connection to the DNS server. This is normal. You just need to wait 2-3 minutes and reconnect. Everything will work. If the problem persists, then disconnect and reconnect Smart TV.
  • If everything works, click “Finish”.
  • To run the utility, select the “Premium” item.
  • List of DNS provided for LG TV:


    When using these DNS, do not forget that not all addresses are suitable for your multifunctional TV.

    The browser can be easily installed from a flash drive, but not all video content will be available. To remove the restrictions, install Remote ForkPlayer on the PC and launch it. Also required to enable on TV Remote ForkPlayer.

    To install the utility in this way, you will need to do the following:

    • Unzip the file onto the USB flash drive, which can be downloaded here.
    • Go to your TV account:

    Sign in to your TV account

  • Next, insert the removable storage device into the TV.
  • As soon as he sees it, press the button with the house on the remote control and look for our utility in the list that appears.
  • Now we launch it. To remove the restriction on content, turn on Remote ForkPlayer on PC and RemoteFork on TV.
  • On LG TV with OS Netcast 2010-2013 installed, you need to do the following:

    • Unzip RAR to removable media and connect it to the TV.
    • Next, go to your account, as mentioned above (in the previous method).
    • Then you need to go to “My Applications” (located in the lower right corner).
    • Here you need to select the item “My applications on USB”.
    • Now we run the software located on the flash drive.
    • To remove restrictions on video content, install and run Remote ForkPlayer on PC. You also need to activate RemoteFork.

    Create account

    To use the program, you need a Google account, which will be created within a few minutes.

    The account registration process is fairly straightforward. As with other services, you need to come up with a username (it will also be a Google email address), a password and write down your personal data (last name, first name, date of birth), as in the picture:

    It is necessary to come up with a complex password of eight characters (letters, numbers, and be sure to add special characters to this combination). This will help protect your account more reliably.

    Now we go to the created account to set up YouTube on the TV.

    Possible problems and solutions

    Difficulties with updating software on LG TVs are often due to the fact that it does not have enough memory. This problem is relevant mainly for budget equipment. To avoid such failures, you need to regularly clear the cache. This is done through the “Memory” item in the TV settings.

    The main problem with Smart TVs manufactured before 2012 is the lack of YouTube support. Manufacturers refused to service older versions of the program, so these devices need to install ForkPlayer or purchase a smart set-top box for them. In the latter case, additional costs will be required, which is not economically feasible.

    How to watch YouTube not on Smart TV

    To watch YouTube video content on TV, you need to find the YouTube icon in the TV menu and open the application. Its interface will appear, where you can quickly find a suitable video and watch it. For quick access to videos and broadcasts from subscribed channels, you need to log into your Google account.

    Now the YouTube application will be displayed in the Smart TV menu as in the picture below:

    Placement of YouTube among the rest of the software

    Varieties of widgets for webOS

    Widgets developed for LG Smart TVs increase the capabilities of the gadget, improve its functionality and are fully customized for a specific user. But the programs built into the TV are not enough and you have to download and install them yourself.

    All widgets are global and local.

    LG Smart TVs have both global and local apps built in. But, in practice, people looking for an application do not even think about what kind of application it belongs to.

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    Therefore, widgets for Smart TV LG are divided into the following varieties:

    • games;
    • social networks;
    • IPTV;
    • Internet telephony;
    • informative;
    • educational;
    • for watching movies in 3D format;
    • search applications.

    Installing from LG Apps Market

    If your LG Smart TV has an Internet connection, then you can start installing software for webos. They do it as follows:

    • after connecting the TV to the network, you need to enter the Smart Home section;
    • in the LG Smart World section, you enter your account;
    • in the list of applications that appeared as a result of the manipulations done, they find what they need;
    • be sure to get acquainted with the information about the program and specify its price;
    • at the next stage, you need to click the “Install” button;
    • to install a paid application, follow all the instructions that appear on the TV screen;
    • all operations are confirmed with the “Ok” button;
    • after the program is installed, open it by going to Smart Home and clicking on the folder.

    If the application does not work, then you should fix possible errors. And this could be:

    • lack of internet connection;
    • the application is not suitable for this model;
    • the TV does not have enough memory to install a new application;
    • user is not logged in.

    If, after correcting these errors, you still cannot install the program, then you should definitely contact a professional. If there is not enough memory on the device, you can delete applications that you have not used for a long time. To do this, enter the section of installed services and click on the “delete” button next to the selected program.

    Installing Apps on LG Smart TV

    After that, you need to connect to the Internet and log in.

    If there is not enough memory left on the device, then the application can be installed from a USB flash drive. But this is much more difficult to do. For this procedure, you will need an IPTV program. The only condition is that the folder with applications must be unpacked in advance. If everything is done correctly, a list of applications for installation will appear in the upper corner of the screen.

    Installing webOS applications on LG Smart TVs for a pleasant pastime

    TV has become one of the main ways of spending leisure time. LG Smart TV is a versatile device for watching your favorite movies or videos, playing games and even communicating with family and friends living in other cities. To do this, they use webOS applications, the number of which is increasing every day.


    Since it is impossible to install applications without an account, it is imperative to create an account. To log in to the system, you need to do the following:

    ��How To Get YouTube on LG Smart TV

    • On the remote control, the “Settings” button is pressed.
    • In the “Quick” section they find the “Account Management” button.
    • Create an account.
    • At the end of registration, click the “Agree” button.
    • To enter the system as a login, it is recommended to use an email address and enter a password.
    • The next step is to confirm your email and registration is complete.

    In order to make it convenient to create an account, it is recommended to connect a computer mouse to the TV. Then it will be easier to enter text.

    You can use the browser on your TV to confirm your email, but your best bet is to use a computer. To do this, go to your mailbox and follow the specified link to the LG Smart World website. An inscription will appear here confirming the completion of registration.

    After carrying out all the manipulations, you can log into your account on the TV. To do this, enter the email address and password specified during registration in the login window. If the data is entered correctly, then the screen will display information notifying about the successful login to the account. After that, you can start installing the APK on webos.

    Installing APK applications from a USB flash drive manually

    For old LG TVs with NetCast operating system, the instructions for installing applications from a USB flash drive are standard: you need to download the application, unpack the archive onto a USB flash drive, insert the USB flash drive into the TV and the new application will appear in the “My Applications” section in the “USB” subcategory.

    But users of later LG TVs running webOS often run into problems.

    To install an application from a USB flash drive to a TV with webOS before 2017 release, follow these steps:

    • Download the archive with the required application.
    • Format USB flash drive in FAT format.
    • Unpack the archive to the root of the flash drive.
    • On the TV, log in with your SmartTV LG Store account.
    • Insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector of the TV. If a window appears with a USB flash drive connection, you need to cancel it.
    • The app should appear on the home screen.

    If nothing happens at startup, you need:

    • Log in to the LG Store.
    • In the lower right corner, click on “My Page”.
    • Select the item “Purchased applications”.
    • Launch the application.

    For LG TVs with the webOS operating system from 2018, to run applications from a flash drive, you must first log in to your account.

    If all else fails and the applications still do not start from the USB flash drive on the TV, all that remains is to try to install the desired application through the developer mode. This method is very complicated and unsafe. Only specialists can figure out all the settings. And if something goes wrong, LG service centers will refuse to repair your TV.

    How to install, procedure


    What does the user lose if YouTube does not work on TV. Opportunities first.

    In principle, within one article, it is physically impossible to describe all the positive possibilities of using such an application on Smart TV.

    As shown by opinion polls, a certain part of the TV audience does not watch regular channels, but switches to YouTube to watch your favorite programs, programs, films, reviews, etc. for free. At the same time, Smart TV has stepped far forward in its development and in this regard constitutes a serious competitor to other gadgets.

    In this article, we will dwell in detail on the problem of restoring, setting up or updating a fashionable and popular resource on modern TVs.

    Installing YouTube on Smart TV

    One of the most user-friendly apps on any Smart TV is definitely Youtube. Millions of users use only this resource for their leisure time. What to do if this application is missing from the functions? How to install the application and enjoy watching your favorite content again.

    The article below is dedicated to the problems of installing, restoring or updating Youtube on Samsung, Philips and LG TVs with Smart TV function. Beforehand, you should make sure of the real functionality of your TV.


    The setup process involves the introduction of the actual YouTube account, to be able to view your favorite content or subscribed channels. In the absence of such a record, it must be created on a computer, and then registered on the TV. This will open access to those video files that you have already watched, plus many other possibilities.

    Separately, it is worth dwelling on the “Search” function. This is a handy feature for linking TV Youtube to computer analog. How to configure?

    • On any gadget, go to the page
    • In parallel, on Smart TV, go to the “Settings” section of YouTube and click on the “Link device” button.
    • The quick search tab appears.
    • Here we enter the activation code received in advance on the gadget.

    After the binding is made, we use all the advantages of YouTube on TV.

    How to install

    The most common option for installing YouTube is to connect the application through the factory settings of any Smart TV. The usual installation of Youtube on a TV follows a simple aLGorithm. In Smart TV with the Internet (necessarily connected), open the central menu. Find the application area and launch the Youtube channel. Next, a suitable one is selected. or a search is used. If you log in with your own account, you can use previously signed channels.

    But this is all ideally. And if YouTube does not work on TV.

    Consider the option for all Smart TVs. when YouTube is gone, it does not open or does not load. This scheme works using a computer, phone or other gadget.

    • Open the “Login” window directly on the YouTube application on Smart TV.
    • Do not close it until the end of the next steps.
    • Now we turn on the computer or other device with the Internet, where we need the page.
    • A request appears. we are logging in.
    • Be sure to use the data that is tied directly to the YouTube resource itself. This is especially important if you have multiple accounts.
    • If everything is done correctly, you will receive an activation code on your computer screen.
    • This code is transferred to an open tab on the TV.
    • Presses the “Allow” button and wait for the process to complete.
    • Enjoy watching.

    It should be noted that this universal scheme does not always work. Therefore, below will be given special cases of solving the problem of how to install YouTube on Smart TV on a certain brand of TV.


    Last year, YouTube discontinued support for Flash players, with the help of which it was possible to view this channel. In this regard, most models of Samsung SMART TVs have stopped broadcasting this video hosting. What to do? It is worth using other opportunities to watch your favorite channel.

    We give an example of restoring the action of YouTube, through the use of Fork Player.

    • Go to Smart HUB.
    • Then he clicks the button A (red) and enter the account “Develop”.
    • In the login line we write Develop, and in the line with the password the numbers: 123456. However, sometimes the password is automatically pulled up.
    • Logging in.
    • Go to the settings using the D button or the Tools key on the remote control.
    • A window for configuring the IP address of the server appears.
    • The value is entered.
    • Next, you should go back one step and click the tab for synchronizing user applications.
    • After completing all the instructions, in the main menu we get Fork Player.
    • When you open this player, we find YouTube and start using.

    In principle, nothing complicated, the main thing is to follow all the stages of installing Youtube on Samsung Smart TV

    As already noted, the YouTube application is present in the factory settings of all Smart TVs, including LG. Various technical problems, actions of the company itself and errors in settings can lead to the fact that it does not open or does not load. How to restore this service on LG TV?

    In principle, installation and / or adjustment can be done manually in a short time. The main thing is to follow the prescribed steps:

    The installed application is located in the list of applications. Now you can use it as usual.


    If the Youtube application does not work on the Philips TV, then the video hosting recovery aLGorithm is slightly different. The main difference lies in the preliminary removal of the non-working application. Then the new version of YouTube is installed.

    We strictly adhere to the phasing of actions:

    Appeared on Youtube TV, waiting for its user.


    As for common errors during installation, the list of such actions is very wide. In any case, you should strictly follow the instructions, otherwise you simply will not reach a positive result. Paradoxically, errors often start with the fact that the user has not checked the Internet connection. It is also not uncommon for the owner to use the instructions for a different TV model. In any case, if the described actions did not help to solve the problem for free, then it’s time to contact the specialists.