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Install an alternative keyboard

You may have used a physical classic keyboard or a standard virtual keyboard until now. However, there are a few simpler ways to write.

Honestly, there is no perfect keyboard, but Google Play offers many interesting alternatives that you might like. Here are the most interesting ones:

  • Perfect Keyboard (many customization options)
  • Go Keyboard (ideal for tablets)
  • Swype (classic gestures)
  • SwiftKey (predicts well what you want to write)

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Install Google Apps

We’ve reached a point where using an Android smartphone with Google Apps is just awkward. Fortunately, these apps offer high quality and add many important features that you can use on your device. If they are not installed right away, you must download them from Google Play:

  • Chrome (browser)
  • Maps (maps and GPS)
  • Drive (documents)
  • Hangouts (chat and messages)

These are essential applications that everyone should have. If you use Gmail and Google Calendar, you must install them as well. You can also download apps for social networks like Google. It’s good to check if you have the YouTube app on your phone (if not, download it immediately!). The Google family will soon be bigger.

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Activate phone tracking

Another thing that you must activate is Android Device Manager. It is an official Google tool that allows you to locate your phone if it is stolen or lost. It is also worth trying as soon as you get your new device. On the computer, you can find the approximate location of your phone.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

In the event that your phone or tablet is stolen or lost, you can start to sound an alarm or delete all data remotely. If you want better control over alternatives like Prey or Cerberus (An overview of Anti-Theft apps is posted right here by Top Apps)

Sign in to your Google account.

The first time you launch our new Android phone, you will be prompted to fill in certain details. One of them is logging into your Google account. You can skip this step, but we do not recommend it.

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Once you sign in to your Google account, your data will be automatically transferred from older Android devices. Assuming your data has been synced to the Google cloud, of course. With a Google account, you can also access apps, games and media from Google Play.

7 steps to set up your new Samsung Galaxy M21

Have a new Android smartphone or tablet and don’t know how to set it up correctly? Don’t panic, we present 7 steps to help you with this. To use the Android system freely and safely, you need to change several settings and install several applications. These 7 steps describe the most important elements of setting up a new Android device. Let’s walk you through all of them, and in a few minutes you will have a ready and secure phone or tablet.

Set up your screen lock

Some people prefer to use Android without passwords or other locking tools, they say it is much more convenient. It’s worth remembering that Android offers other forms of security for mobile devices besides the use of security codes. such as drawing pictures or recognizing faces.

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Samsung‘s Find My Mobile. As A Samsung Owner, This Is Super Important

Control your device

Your new Android phone is almost set up. However, it is also highly recommended that you install tools that allow you to monitor and control your battery, CPU or memory usage and data transfer. Here are some of the best deals:

  • Onavo allows you to control data transmission over the Internet.
  • 3G Watchdog even more detailed than Onavo, also available as a widget
  • AutoKiller automatically closes inactive applications to save CPU and battery resources
  • JuiceDefender helps you save energy
  • Softonic Moba,
  • Amazon Appstore,
  • F-Droid

At the same time, watch out for the black market and all files freely available on the Internet. They often contain pirated applications that can compromise the security of the system. If you don’t want any viruses or other annoying problems, you must be very careful when installing the APK file.

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