How To Connect Apple Watch To Iphone

How To Connect Apple Watch To Iphone

To start working AppleWatch first you need to synchronize them with your Apple iPhone. Unfortunately, the Apple iPad does not support AppleWatch. If we are talking about compatibility with iOS versions, then the smart watch works with all models with iOS8.3 version. the program for working with the clock is already installed here.

We go into the Apple watch application on the iphone.

The process of connecting the watch to a smartphone is made very bright and interesting. It looks like this:

There are a couple of nuances that you should know about:

one) First of all, turn on the clock by holding the button below the wheel. After turning on, select the language. On the phone, click “start pairing” and place the SmartWatch so that they can be seen in the iPhone camera. At what the screen should fall into the intended area. How did the developers succeed, we will not delve into it. But thanks to this amazing animation, the smartphone creates a connection.

2) What I want to say is that there are no problems in the connection, the device is very sensitive.

3) When the connection is established, you need to choose the hand on which you will wear the watch. In addition, at this point you need to enable location services and specify the AppleID. If you do not have an AppleID, you can read the instructions on how to create an AppleID.

four) While the watch is not officially delivered to the post-Soviet space, there is simply no way to choose the Russian language. The beloved Siri will have the same problem.

5) You can unlock the watch at the same time as the iPhone. This is incredibly convenient, since due to the small size of the numbers on the watch, entering them is not so convenient.

6) The last thing to do is install the program on AppleWatch and synchronize with the phone. It is possible to automatically install all the applications that are on your iPhone, but you can only some specific ones. The first installation option is described here. Synchronization in this case takes a couple of minutes. What is the result? There are such items: “My Clock”, “View”, “Search” and “Selection”.

7) The first part is the settings and installed programs. Something similar to the settings in the iPhone.

8) In the “Watch” you can watch a about the capabilities of AppleWatch. This is very similar to the AppStore, in addition, it is decorated very similarly.

These are the key points you should know when using AppleWatch.