Why Samsung Battery Sits Fast


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Where to begin

The answers to these simple questions will help us understand the situation and understand whether something really happened with our smartphone or tablet or something else.

How much should a smartphone or tablet on Android work

First you need to understand that the device’s operating time depends on a huge number of factors, and not just on the battery capacity (this, by the way, is one of the most common misconceptions).

Factors that affect battery consumption:

Why Samsung Battery Sits Fast

To summarize: answer the question: “My phone runs out in so many hours, is this normal?” very difficult, for this you need to collect a lot of information. In order to better navigate, we will indicate the average operating time (per day: a couple of hours of music, an hour of Internet surfing, a couple of hours in the navigator mode, 40 minutes of calls, instant messengers or mail in moderation), this is about one to two days. But remember that everything is individual.

How to increase the operating time of a smartphone or tablet on Android

Now let’s see how we can eliminate the causes indicated above, or at least try to reduce their impact.

In addition, I immediately want to answer the common question why Samsung did not make a standard battery with a larger capacity. The fact is that not everyone is playing games, watchings or browsing the Internet. Most people use the smartphone sparingly, do not load it with a large number of applications, and they need a standard battery, for example, the author of the article uses the Galaxy S5 and lasts for two days. If the standard battery were of greater capacity, firstly, the dimensions of already rather large devices would be much larger (you can’t put them in your trouser pocket yet), and secondly, the price would also increase. That is why, with the help of additional accessories, we offer to increase the capacity exactly to the one you need.

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Every time you decide to install a new application, pay attention to his permissions. Permissions. This is a list of the actions that the application can perform on your device after downloading it. The more permissions the application has, the more system resources it will use, and the more difficult it will be for the device to go into power saving mode (the so-called sleep mode), because the application can work in the background and will wake it up constantly, even if the screen of your gadget is turned off and nobody uses it. You can read more about permissions in our article.

Required control the number of installed applications, after all, as we found out, each application has permissions, and if there are many applications, then the permissions increase at times. If there is an unnecessary application. delete it, do not leave in reserve.

Try to choose applications that are written by well-known authors, downloaded many times and have a high rating. Of course, this is not a guarantee of stability, but at times reduces the risks. It is also useful to know that the functionality and stability of the application can not only improve, but also deteriorate with its updates. It often happens that no new applications were installed on the device, but suddenly it began to discharge quickly. The problem may be a badly written update for some application.

To diagnose your device, you can take advantage of safe mode. It differs from the usual one in that only standard applications work in it, and all downloaded ones are turned off and have no effect on the system. If the problem in safe mode disappears, you can safely conclude: downloaded applications are to blame. However, at the moment there is no tool that allows you to find out what kind of application it is, therefore they usually act like this: they load the gadget in safe mode and check for a problem. If the malfunction is gone, they are loaded in normal mode and begin to uninstall those applications that were installed or updated last until they find the culprit. By the way, you can try to do such a test: boot your device in safe mode, note the time that it will work on a single charge, and compare it with the time in normal mode, we assure you will be surprised. Read more about safe mode in our special article.

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Also, the author of the article met user comments that pre-installed (built-in) applications are also to blame for the discharge. It is possible that there is some truth in this, but numerous experiments suggest that if there is an influence, then it is extremely insignificant. over, the operating system is designed so that the operation of many applications depends on each other and their thoughtless removal can only harm the device.

Nevertheless, it would be dishonest not to talk about all the possibilities, so we are sharing with you “secrets”: some of the pre-installed applications can be disabled so that they will not affect the working system, i.e. they’re falling asleep. How to do this, you can see in this article. If necessary, you can turn them back on.

In addition, there are several myths that are firmly entrenched in the ranks of users, so I would like to note the following separately: the battery can be charged as you like, you do not need to discharge it to zero, keep it on charge for 15 hours, and do not be afraid to use your device, nothing will happen to him.

Motherboard. the most important component of your device. It can have completely different damage, as a result of which the device can quickly discharge. Professionals teach how to deal with these injuries, therefore, if you are convinced that the problem is not in the battery or in something else, we strongly recommend not to engage in experiments on your own, but to contact any of our service centers. Using special equipment, the device is tested and the necessary part is replaced.

If the smartphone has an unused SIM card. pull her out.

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If you do not use mobile Internet (Wi-Fi only). Change the type of network to GSM, this will give a significant increase in operating time and slightly improve the signal quality. See how to do this in our article.

Change your mobile operator if the coverage area does not suit you 🙂

What other advice can we give? There are few of them, but they are also very important:

Disable auto-synchronization of added accounts or configure it selectively.

Synchronization. This is the process of transferring various data from a smartphone to a server and vice versa. This data can be anything: new contacts, music, mail, photos, achievements in games, etc. When you are not using the device, it is located in “sleeping” a mode in which energy consumption is greatly reduced. Synchronization works in the background, so you may not even notice how it “wakes up” device. If this happens very often, then the device can discharge much faster, even if you do not use it.

If you tried all the recommendations in this article except contacting the service center, but nothing helped, then you need to reset the settings.

Reset. This is the return of the device to the factory settings, in which all data is erased, and with it the errors that accumulate in the device after active use. Resetting is better prevention against errors that occur over time in the operating system and applications. This is especially noticeable if you use a smartphone or tablet after a reset without loading a bunch of other applications on it right away. And especially it is important to reset after software update (firmware). Not everyone knows, but the firmware process on their own and in the service center is very different, which is why many people begin to discharge the battery just after the update. This does not mean that the update is bad, it means that it is not delivered correctly. Therefore, we repeat again: be sure to do a reset after the update, this will greatly reduce the likelihood of various troubles with your gadget.