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Literally 10 years ago smartphones were new to us, and now wireless headphones, fitness bracelets, virtual reality glasses and other portable devices that can be worn do not surprise anyone. One of the leading positions in this area is occupied by smart watches. They are miniature computers with an abundance of sensors. Thanks to a wide range of functions, smart watches turn into indispensable assistants in everyday life. They know how to synchronize with phones, perform the option of GPS-navigator, fitness tracker. Using sensors, the phone can count the pulse, measure the pressure.

Smart watches are indispensable for athletes. They will tell you everything. the path traveled, the number of calories burned, the speed of walking or running, the number of jumps on the rope. They will also benefit people far from sports. after synchronization with the phone they will serve to receive notifications, messages from social networks and email. Some models are equipped with SIM cards for making calls and even cameras. You need to select a smart watch in accordance with your tasks. To make it easier for you to choose the right model, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our rating.

The best smartwatch with pressure measurement function

A smart watch with the function of measuring blood pressure can be chosen not only for athletes, but also for people who have health problems. They will help to always keep the main indicators under control. heart rate, pressure and even the level of oxygen in the blood. A person will be able to choose the most sparing pace of loads for his physical form, without risking his health. Such models are not devoid of other common smart options.

3 ColMi V11

Smart Watch Which is Better to Choose Inexpensive

Thanks to the neutral design, this smart watch is equally suitable for women and men. They successfully combine stylish appearance, excellent quality materials, functionality and convenience. The display is large enough (1.3) bright, the text on it is easy to read. Tempered glass and a special housing design provide reliable protection against shock, moisture and dust. Operation without failures is provided by the NRF52832 (M0) processor. The functionality of the device is wide. measuring pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, calories burned, distance traveled. There is also a heart rate sensor that will warn of arrhythmia.

2 Prolike PLSW4000

Interesting sports design, water resistance, comfortable shape, wide functionality. This smart watch is one of the best in terms of price and quality. The steel case is complemented by impact-resistant tempered glass. On the color OLED display all indicators are displayed, from it the necessary settings are set. the control is simple and intuitive. The Prolike PLSW4000 smartwatch tracks physical activity, sometimes reminding you to warm up a bit or drink some water. They measure everything that is possible. pulse, blood pressure, oxygen level in the blood, calories spent, steps, distance traveled. And at night, the clock tracks the quality and duration of sleep.

Buyers like that the watch looks bright and stylish, has many options, measures pressure, and easily synchronizes with a smartphone. A set of functions and their implementation are more convenient for users. But some complain about the poor quality assembly, a short strap and not always successful triggering of reminders. For example, an offer to stretch out at night.

1 ZDK M8 (stainless)

Stylish women’s smart watches stand out not only for their attractive design. They will become an indispensable assistant in sports and everyday life. Their 1.04-inch color screen will show a lot of useful things. blood pressure, pulse, oxygen level in the blood. They will monitor the quality of sleep throughout the night, show the distance traveled, calories burned, and also help to always stay up to date with notifications of new messages on social networks and incoming calls.

The best cheap Chinese smart watches: budget up to 3 000 rubles

Continues the top of the most successful models of the budget category. In it, we will consider watches made in China, since it is this country that offers an abundance of options at a low price with relatively good functionality.


Inexpensive smart watches from a so far little-known manufacturer from China are currently actively winning the hearts of consumers. The main trump card of the U8 Smart Watch is its low price, combined with good quality and functionality.

U8 Smart Watch is an indispensable and useful gadget for Android and Apple. It can be called a compact, convenient and functional computer. Thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, this gadget interacts with your phone and can play music, radio, manage photos ands, receive messages and calls. It has a thermometer, altimeter, physical activity monitoring, which means it will be useful to athletes and active people.

2 KingWear GT08

Inexpensive but very functional watch. There is a microphone, speaker, audio and, radio, camera (1.30 MP). The headphone jack turns the watch into a super compact player, it is possible to record. Smart watches are equipped with their own SIM card, which allows you to receive calls and make them. As an addition, sleep monitoring, calorie counter, accelerometer, stopwatch, timer are provided.

There is also an alarm clock, calendar, voice recorder, anti-lost function. Touch screen with backlight. You can install memory cards. Externally, the watch looks stylish and neat. It is simply impossible to find a more functional model at such a low cost. The only drawbacks that users mention are the fast battery drain and the complicated synchronization with the phone.

1 SKMEI Smart Watch 1250

And the SKMEI Smart Watch 1250 is the first in the top. Compared to more expensive models, this device has truncated functionality. But for such an amount this is just a find, which is why they open the second category of rating. The watch looks stylish and interesting. Among the main sports functions are an accurate pedometer and monitoring of calories burned. There is a notification function for messages and calls, an alarm clock. Lovers of selfies will appreciate the ability to control the camera from the clock.

Best mid-range smartwatches

In the middle of our top lurked the most interesting smart watches for the average buyer. They are an order of magnitude better than their Chinese competitors thanks to good body materials, components and high-quality assembly. Buying devices from this category, you will get at least a clear bright screen with large viewing angles and a smart processor that will not make you wait for a response to a press for a couple of seconds. The cost at the same time, of course, is higher than that of the Chinese, but still does not reach the premium models. We suggest moving to the ranking of the best smart watches in terms of price and quality.

3 Garmin Vivoactive HR

These smart watches stand out quite strongly from the competition. If in other models sports functionality is only “one of”, then in Garmin the opposite is true. Vivoactive HR is primarily a sports watch with some smart features. They can’t boast of a powerful processor or a stunning display, but they constantly (every 3 minutes) monitor your heart rate, count steps, the number of calories burned, and make up a jogging route using GPS. In general, for athletes it is.

2 Amazfit Bip

Low cost, sleek design, excellent workmanship, easy synchronization with a smartphone. these smart watches will surely appeal to those who love comfort and modern designs, but do not want to overpay for them. They are made of very durable materials, sit perfectly on the hand, weigh only 31 grams. From one charge, the model works for up to a month with constant use. Smart options include a built-in heart rate monitor, altimeter, compass, accelerometer, calorie counter and distance traveled, monitoring of physical activity and sleep.

The touch-sensitive E-Ink screen with bright backlighting provides excellent visibility in any light. Not without options such as notification of incoming messages and calls. There are no complaints about the quality and functionality of the users. the watch works stably, without hangs, quietly withstands constant wearing and washing in the shower. The only negative is that sometimes they are sold in the Chinese version. In this case, they have to be reflashed, but, according to users, this is not particularly difficult.

1 Honor Watch Magic (leather strap)

Popular, and surprisingly, far from the most expensive model with amazing functionality. This is one of the thinnest and most comfortable smart watches with a high-quality two-way strap made of genuine leather. The inner surface of the strap is made of synthetic rubber, so that the watch sits on your hand like a glove, without sliding. The bright AMOLED screen and carefully polished sapphire crystal make the image extremely clear.

Best Premium Smart Watches

In the modern world, watches have become to some extent exclusively status devices. Agree, there are a lot of devices around us showing time. This is a smartphone, and a laptop, and a TV, and a lot of information boards on the streets. So it turns out that traditional wrist watches are bought either for the sake of habit, or as a fashion accessory.

Smart watches in this regard differ little from traditional mechanical counterparts. For many, it’s important not only the functionality that they give, namely the appearance, the ability to follow modern technology trends. And which IT companies are most widely heard right now? That’s right, Samsung and Apple. We’ll look at their products in this rating.

3 SUUNTO 9 Baro Titanium

Smart watches SUUNTO are very expensive, but this is their only drawback. Everything from materials, workmanship, battery life to functionality is simply perfect. This is one of the best premium sports smartwatch models designed for long-term training, extreme sports and travel. The watch is equipped with a pedometer, they count the pace of running, its effectiveness, speed, record the duration of the workout and the number of calories burned. On the road, they will provide waypoint navigation.

Many will find useful options such as a thermometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, monitoring sleep and physical activity. Sapphire crystal and a high class of water resistance ensure the safety of the gadget in any conditions. And notifications from social networks will always stay up to date. Customers appreciated the chic functionality of the model, but some of them are unpleasantly surprised by the small scratches that appear in a short period of use far from extreme conditions.

2 Apple Watch Series 2 42mm Aluminum Case with Sport Band

Apple has always been a trendsetter. Smart watches appeared a long time ago, but became especially popular only after the release of Apple Watch. That’s where you can see the strength of the brand in all its glory. Smart watches from Cupertinians do not even have to be the best. in any case they will be the most popular, and their owner will automatically rise in the eyes of others. And although these words are full of sarcasm, it makes no sense to deny reality. In addition, the company managed to earn such popularity thanks to the excellent build quality and excellent optimization. And one and the other fully possess Apple Watch 2.

1 Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Choosing between Apple and Samsung is always difficult, because both companies produce very suitable devices. However, in the case of smart watches, Koreans managed to surprise. And it’s not about the most powerful processor, and not at the presence of all the sensors that you can imagine. Chip Gear S3 Frontier. controls. If on most smart watches you need to “wag” your finger on a small screen, then here you can navigate through the menu using a bezel. For those who are not in the know, this is such a ring around the watch face. The solution is not only interesting, but also very ergonomic.

The best smartwatch without screen

Finally, we have the strangest category left. To get started, answer a simple question. how does the interaction with smart watches work? That’s right, using the display. But there are models without it. It sounds strange, but in fact everything is quite simple: the clock mechanism occupies the main place in the watch case, but a couple of modules for interacting with the phone are adjacent to it. Functionality suffers catastrophically from this, but in general, this type of smart watch has a right to exist. Their main advantage is the lack of the need to charge the watch. As a rule, a solar battery is used to recharge the charge.

3 Mijia Quartz Watch

A new model with little functionality, but not bad features for a watch without a screen. Support platforms Android 4.4, iOS 7, time is displayed in analog form. Interesting options. world time, automatic time synchronization, alarm clock, interval reminders. It synchronizes with the phone, notifies you of incoming calls. Monitoring of physical activity, an accelerometer, a calorie counter are provided.

2 Meizu Mix (steel)

The watch has a pleasant classic appearance, made of high quality stainless steel, the glass is very durable, sapphire. The model is based on a Swiss watch movement. It supports the Android, iOS platforms, sends notifications about messages in some social networks, new mail, phone calls. Vibrates imperceptibly to others. Moisture protection is small, but can withstand rain and spray. The time is displayed in analog format.


Japanese watches are famous for their quality no less than Swiss premium models. But Japan and Japan to push electronics into everything. So Casio EQB-500D-1A suffered a similar mockery. And, I must say, quite successful. Yes, this watch cannot measure your activity. They will also not be able to play sounds and listen to you. Even the notifications here are in a very truncated form. the indication works only for e-mail, and even then not all. Why did they put the BlueTooth module here? First of all, to synchronize time on the watch itself. According to the manufacturer, the time is set in accordance with the most accurate atomic clocks. Secondly, the watch can “search” for a phone. To do this, at the last, of course, a proprietary application must be included. Of the interesting “non-smart” functions, it is worth noting the speed indicator. The thing is useless, but interesting.

In general, this smart watch can hardly be called smart enough. Rather, it is a status thing that is perfect for wealthy and respectable businessmen. But she has plenty of advantages. a solid appearance and good build quality, protection against shock and water (WR100 standard), a very long battery life, and a smartphone search function.