Slows down Windows 10 Pro Computer

After updating / installing windows 10 anniversary update on your computer, your joy may turn into annoyance.

The reason. a computer with windows 10 began to slow down. What to do? There are two ways out: to correct or return to the seven or the eight (to the previous OS).

Windows 10 can start to slow down immediately or over time, even on a powerful computer for many reasons. How to localize the problem?

You can’t always determine exactly what affects the speed of your computer, or at least it’s not very simple.

Below you will find recommendations on what to take the right steps to find and solve this problem.

NOTE: The recommendations below do not address hardware issues, but they can also severely slow down your PC.

The first reason why windows 10 began to slow down. the presence of malware

A computer can start to slow down very much if malware appears in it.

If your PC sends a mass e-mail newsletter that is classified as spam or is otherwise involved in money laundering without your knowledge, this can greatly affect its speed.

I assume that you already have a good antivirus program, but just to make sure that there are no viruses, scan your computer with SUPERAntiSpyware or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for adware and spyware.

After that, I also highly recommend using a healing utility (in Russian and free). Doctor Web.

The second reason why the computer starts to slow down is a heavyweight process.

In Windows 10, many processes are constantly involved. some of them can begin to slow down the computer greatly.

A process is a program or an independent part of a program.

It can seize system resources and thus terribly slow down the entire PC.

You can detect resource-intensive processes in the task manager, and then disable or delete them.

Slows down Windows 10 Pro Computer

The third recommendation is what to do if windows 10 slows down. remove programs from startup

Most personal computers have too many programs that start automatically each time the computer boots.

Each of them slows down your system and can cause conflicts and problems.

The fourth reason why, after switching to windows 10, the computer began to slow down. applications and programs

If the recommendations above do not solve the problem and the speed of your PC is farther like that of a turtle, the recently installed programs / applications may be to blame.

Try to remember what you installed recently and disconnect one by one by typing.

Also pay attention to the components of your PC. Maybe they are not powerful enough for the work you are doing?

In order to continue to work well, try to limit the number of operations performed at the same time.

Whenever possible, close large applications before opening the following.

Also remember that new versions of programs are generally more demanding in hardware.

Fifth recommendation how to eliminate the braking of windows 10. improving computer components

If your computer is too slow and inefficient, you need to think about investing.

I am not talking here about buying a brand new computer. You can, for example, add RAM to it, which allows you to increase performance at a relatively low price.

Many users in such cases decide to reinstall the system or simply format the disk. But is it worth it?

Perhaps you installed the drivers using special programs. I do not recommend doing this.

They can tell you this, that you will delete the century, and then make sure that you can’t solve the problem without reinstalling the system.

Some elements of windows 10 can also slow down the computer: Explorer, mouse cursor, context menu or start menu, but more on that in other articles. Successes.