How to Disable Auto Correction In Iphone 5

How to disable auto-correction in iPhone?

Automatic word substitution is designed to increase typing speed on the iPhone, and at the same time, make the writing process easier. However, autocorrection is completely unsuitable for many users, due to the fact that they use a large amount of slang, which iOS is not able to understand. If for this or any other reason, auto-correction has started to piss you off, then be aware that disabling automatic word replacement on iPhone is very simple.

How to disable auto-correction in iPhone?

Step 1. Go to the menu Settings. The main

Step 2. Select Keyboard

Step 3. Deactivate the switch Auto Correction

Done! You can check the effect immediately. just go to the Messages application and write someone an SMS. Disabling auto-correction will work not only in standard applications, but in all others, for example, WhatsApp or Skype.

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Guide Apple. The most interesting news about Apple technology and more.. How to disable word correction on iPhone

If you’re tired of having your iPhone correct the words while typing and you want to disable it, then you’ve got the right article and I’ll tell you how to do it.

This function is really very annoying, although it sometimes helps to correct incorrectly written text. Let’s look at this function and how you can disable it.

What is auto-correction in iPhone?

This function has a very short and understandable name “auto-correction”, although many still call it “AutoCorrect.” It is turned on from the first launch of your smartphone, so it will be annoying from the first days of use.

It works as follows: you type the text and if it is typed incorrectly, then the text is highlighted and a possible option for replacement appears above it. If you press the spacebar, then the upper word becomes in place of the written one. In the case of pressing the cross in the text to replace, the word remains the same and you boldly continue typing.

How to disable AutoCorrect on iPhone

Disable auto-correction on the iPhone is very simple and just a couple of steps.


Using an iPhone for more than three years, I have never once turned this feature back on. In some ways, it helps, but if I write something incorrectly, then a spell check is enough for me, which will underline a misspelled word.

Now you know how to turn off “AutoCorrect” or “Auto Correction” on your iPhone. As for me, this speeds up typing and there will be no random replacements.

How to set up AutoCorrect text on iPhone

AutoCorrect is a necessary and important function that allows you to optimize your work and increase its speed. We’ll show you how to set up AutoCorrect on iOS.

How to set up AutoCorrect on Mac:

  1. Open the system settings of your Mac.
  2. Go to the “Keyboard” section.
  3. Go to the “Text” section.
  4. Click on the “” in the lower left corner of the window.
  5. Add the necessary command: in the left column is the command for speed dialing, and in the right column is the word that will replace it.

To check if AutoCorrect works, you can enter the command in any editor. We tried on Pages, and this is what happened:

How to set up AutoCorrect on iPhone:

  1. Open your iPhone’s settings.
  2. Go to the “Keyboard” section.
  3. Go to the “Replace Text” section.
  4. Click on the “” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. Add the necessary command: on the bottom line is the command for speed dialing, and on the top is the word that will replace it.

AutoCorrect work on iPhone can also be checked in a text editor. Let’s take notes:

Setting up AutoCorrect on iOS will not take you much time. This function is also convenient to use for maintaining any data: you can add the first two letters of your email to the menu, and it will automatically be displayed in the desired window.

How infuriates AutoCorrect on iPhone

The iPhone has an automatic text correction feature. This is a very useful feature when you want to quickly write a message.


She works often very crooked. And so much so that from the resulting pearls at least stand, at least fall. iOS cannot change words normally, even if you try to add them to the dictionary.

iPhone annoys with its intrusive AutoCorrect. If he does not know the word. this is kaput. Add a new word to the dictionary stupidly heavy.

I will explain for the unknowing how this works.

You write some kind of non-standard word and get a number of sentences to replace it. The leftmost in quotation marks a smartphone can remember. Just click on it and the iPhone will write it correctly.

This only works in theory. In fact, smart not a damn thing remembers! The same word can be added endlessly; the iPhone will still not want to spell it correctly. He will not offer it as a wildcard, but will continue to put in his place another familiar combination of letters.

But this is not so bad. iOS is sometimes unable to properly insert words already in the dictionary. Vivid examples:

all. Asya
yours. in general
OK. O’ Casey
ATP / Thank you. ATP
Yo. Yoshkar-Olu

And such options for crooked writing are endless. How the iPhone determines what I want to say is unclear. By the way, share what words you get with auto-correction. Interesting too.

Fix this case can be done in two not very obvious ways.

1. disable auto-replace in the menu Settings. Highlights. Keyboards

2. manually add words unknown to the smartphone through the menu Settings. Highlights. Keyboards. Text Replacement

Click and write a crooked word in the Phrase column, and in the Abbreviation enter the correct spelling.

Thus, the smart will finally learn and forever remember the spelling of a word. And this will save you from the pain of automatic replacement.

True, I do not understand why users are so suffering, Apple? Why can’t everything be done so that it works normally “out of the box”?

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How to disable automatic word correction on iPhone

Posted by editor on 10/11/2014 Updated 04/26/2016

If auto-correction of words on an iPhone is bothering you and you want to disable it, then here I will show how to disable auto-correction.

We go in Settings. Basic. Keyboard.

Turn off paragraph Auto Correction.

And now autocorrection of words will no longer offer you to change the word with errors

or the word that she thought you wanted to type.

I also advise for the safety of your iPhone:

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Using T9 on iPhone

Often in different forums, users ask, is there a T9 on an iPhone? How does this function work? How to turn it on or, conversely, turn it off? Indeed, for someone with the auto-correction mode, typing is more convenient and simpler, while someone, on the contrary, is experiencing discomfort. So let’s get it together.

Read more about T9 and the “Auto Correction” mode on the iPhone

In fact, there is no T9 on the iPhone. This option was on old button smartphones, where you had to be limited to just 9 buttons, which were responsible for a set of numbers, letters and symbols. As for the iPhone, there is an auto-correction mode. But out of habit, they continue to call him T9.

What is its essence? At the heart of the AutoCorrect function is the control of what the user writes in the text message field. In addition to this, the program automatically corrects what is written if it suddenly sees an unfamiliar word.

Autocorrection tries to predict your actions and offers from your dictionary those options that you think you would like to type. over, if the user does not react to the pop-up in any way, that is, does not click on the cross, refusing this word, then an automatic replacement occurs. It is enough to press the spacebar and go to the set of another word.

How to Disable Auto Correction In Iphone 5

In some cases, such a replacement is logical. But sometimes, as a result, instead of an understandable message in a vibe, VK or whatsap, sheer absurdity is obtained.

Much here depends on the user. Some owners of iOS gadgets quickly adapt to this type of dialing when you need to keep track of what the program offers. As a result, they can quickly write SMS from a smartphone. But there are those to whom the so-called T9 only interferes. Because of automatic word replacements, they get incomprehensible and even strange messages.

Therefore, if auto-correction does not increase your message printing speed, then it is best to turn it off. How to do this. learn more.

For reference! The Auto Correction function is enabled by default on the iPhone.

How to disable and enable t9 on an iPhone?

It is easy to remove the word auto-replacement from the list of active options. This procedure will take you no more than a couple of minutes. It doesn’t matter which iPhone you have. 4, 4s, 5s, 6, SE, 7, 8 or X. Everything is done in just a couple of steps:

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu on the iPhone.
  2. Go to the “Basic” section.
  3. Next, scroll down a little page and tap on the subsection “Keyboard”.
  4. Disable the option “Autocorrection” by moving the slider to the inactive position.
  5. We are glad that T9 will no longer interfere in the process of writing SMS or messages in instant messengers.

How, on the contrary, enable auto-correction, we think it’s clear. Just activate the switch so that it lights up in green.

For reference! Try to get used to typing with the auto-replace words option turned on. After all, this feature is very useful. Especially if you sometimes have to write bulky terms and different long words.

Customize for yourself

We recommend that you try setting up “Auto Correction” and generally speed dialing for yourself so that these options really help you when typing and texting. over, this is done simply. We open the section “Basic” in the settings of the iOS device and there we select the item “Keyboard”, and then “Auto Correction”. Here you can:

  1. Teach her new words. For example, in the “Keyboard” section, tap on the “Abbreviations” block. Then click on “New Abbreviation”. Write the full phrase and its abridged version. the same abbreviation. Click save. Now try creating a message and write an abbreviation. The system will offer you the full option. just tap on it or press the spacebar.
  2. Ask to highlight misspelled words. To do this, simply activate the “Spelling” option.
  3. Activate a mode in which you will be offered options for continuing the phrase (The system takes into account your previous conversations, writing style and the most common words). You can do this in the “Keyboard” section by enabling the option called “Predictive dialing”.
  4. Capitalize words by default if they come first in a sentence. Just turn on the “Uppercase” function.

Finally, we will discuss another important point. Does it concern how to clear the T9 dictionary on an iPhone? Indeed, as you use it, a large number of words accidentally added or spelled out with errors accumulate here that interfere with fast typing. Therefore, the iOS auto-correction dictionary needs to be reset periodically. To do this, go to the “General” section in the settings, tap on the “Reset” item and select “Reset Keyboard Dictionary”. Thus, you delete the words (including erroneous options. for example, “solder” instead of “sleep”) added during the time you use the device.

Deceive iPhone auto-correction with new abbreviations

The function of automatic text correction in the iPhone allows you to type messages to friends and relatives almost blindly. she will replace all incomprehensible characters with the words most suitable in her opinion. However, as practice shows, many users try to turn off auto-correction immediately after unpacking their brand new smartphone. Why? The Russian language is so vast that iOS may not even know half of the words that you use in everyday communication.

But this is also not the best way out of the situation. Often, the speed of typing messages using auto-correction is several times higher than without it. How then to be? The function can be fooled using standard iOS tools.

The point of this trick is to use keyboard shortcuts to temporarily disable auto-correction. Suppose you often use a word that, unfortunately, iOS does not know and constantly changes it to a combination that is not even close in meaning. Let in our case it will be the word “collapse”. auto-correction understands it as a “collage”.

Feel free to go into the basic settings of the iPhone, then in the “Keyboard” section. Then scroll down to the item “Abbreviations”, where the default is only etc. (and so on).

Add a new abbreviation. At the same time, in the “Phrase” field, enter the word that we want to see on the screen, and in the “Abbreviation” field, write the result of its automatic replacement.

All is ready! From now on, when entering a “collage”, the iPhone will replace this word with “collapse”. Of course, for a hundred words, this method is hardly suitable, but for three or five. completely. Surely everyone has their favorite word, which is constantly influenced by auto-correction. I only hope that it can be found in the explanatory dictionary of the Russian language.

How to disable T9 (auto-correction) on iPhone

If you had a push-button telephone, then you know what the T9 dial-up is. The T9 technology on the iPhone is no longer there, it’s just an established name. On iPhone, a similar feature is called Auto Correction.

If you are tired of correcting words that automatically change and do not fit in, you can turn off Auto Correction. However, this is only worthwhile in cases where the function really prevents you from entering text. Below we will tell you how to disable T9 on iPhone. The method works on all iPhone and iPad, including iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. For older models and versions of iOS, it is also relevant.

How to disable T9 in iOS?

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Select The main, and then Keyboard.
  3. Find item Auto Correction and turn off the switch next to it.
  4. Close Settings.

You can remove auto-correction, but leave smart punctuation so that the system corrects your punctuation errors. When you turn off T9 on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you don’t have to check your messages every time before sending.

In addition, you can mute the keyboard sound if you do not like it.

How to enable T9 on iPhone?

Of course, the T9 on the iPhone is just as easy to turn on. For this:

  1. Go back to Settings The main Keyboard.
  2. Turn on the switch next to Auto Correction.

When you change the position of the switch, the change will take effect immediately. You can enable or disable auto-correction on iPhone at any time.

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T9 on iPhone

The function of automatic word substitution on the iPhone is actually called not at all T9, but “Auto Correction”. Everyman also uses the term “AutoCorrect”. This feature is activated on the “apple” gadgets by default, so the iPhone user will definitely suffer from the “bear services” of the device from the very beginning of its use. Fortunately, turning the T9 off and avoiding discomfort is easy.

How does Auto Correction work and why is it being complained about?

“Auto Correction»Monitors what the user writes in the “Text”SMS. If he uses a word unfamiliar to the program, “Auto Correction”Considers that the user was mistaken, and offers the correct (in her opinion) option. The corrected word is visible just above the one entered by the originator.

The user needs to click on the “cross” and close the option offered by T9. If he clicks on a space, the word written by him will be replaced by the upper one. This is the problem: iPhone owners, when typing, constantly forget to click “X”“- as a result, instead of a sensible message, sheer absurdity is obtained.

“Auto Correction”Was supposed to contribute to an increase in the speed of printing SMS messages, but had the opposite effect. The reason is simple.: in Russian there are a lot of slang words, and new ones constantly appear. to teach the program “Russian common people” and make it follow speech trends, alas, is impossible.

How to disable T9?

If the function is ineffective, it is more reasonable to disable it. You can remove the T9 on the iPhone in just a few steps:

Step 1. Go to “Settings”And select the”The main”.

Step 2. Scroll down and find the subsection “Keyboard”.

Step 3. Switch the toggle switch “Auto Correction»To inactive position.

It is time for a light exhale. T9 will no longer interfere with the process of writing SMS, as well as messages in instant messengers Viber and What’s app.

In the “Keyboard” section, you can not only turn off the T9, but also make a ton of other settings that most iPhone owners don’t know about, for example, add a new keyboard in Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, and other languages, and set up automatic replacement of abbreviations (“etc.” in “etc”).

How to turn on the T9?

It’s logical that “Auto Correction»The same way it turns off. you just need to move the slider to the active position. The main question is different: whether to enable this function and, if so, why?

In fact, the T9 is not as useless as users think, because she can study. If you set up, for example, the abbreviations of those bulky terms that you have to constantly use for work reasons, this will help to save time on correspondence.

Teach “Auto Correction”New words can be:

Step 1. In the subsection “Keyboard”Find the block”Abbreviations”And click on”New reduction”.

Step 2. In the fields “Phrase”And”Abbreviation»Write down accordingly a complete bulky phrase and its truncated variation (for example, an abbreviation).

Step 3. Try to write SMS-ku. make a reduction in the body of the message.

“Auto Correction»Suggests using the expanded version of the phrase. Click “Space”, And the abbreviation will be immediately replaced by the full phrase.


Most iPhone users take T9 for granted. they constantly suffer from the intervention of this function, but they don’t try to disconnect, although this is done in a few simple steps. Disable and not necessary, because the T9 on the iPhone can not only “put sticks in the wheels”, but also be a “good assistant”. you just need to take some time to replenish its vocabulary.