The Phone Is Heating Up – The Reasons And Methods Of Elimination

It so happens that the mobile device we deal with every day starts to get very hot. If this happens in certain situations (for example, after several hours of continuous play), then we won’t be surprised at this: it’s clear that the processor of the gadget was under load, which is why its temperature increased. But another thing. if the phone heats up during its inactivity or, say, when performing some simple operations. In this case, you need to understand what is happening and what is the reason.

In this article, we will try to find out what can serve as source of heating in the case of your device, which means increasing the temperature of the case in one place or another, as well as how to deal with the noted problem.

Bit of theory

It is not a secret for us that a lot of processes are hidden in the working device that are hidden from the human eye. This is the work of the same processor, and power consumption, and graphics processing, and much more. If the exterior of the smartphone looks calm, then inside it is a series of operations that can cause, including heating.

There can be several answers to the question of why the phone is warming up. To understand the true reason, it is necessary to find out which of the modules of the device is heating, after which we will understand the reason for this phenomenon. And in order to know what is getting hot, you need to understand where the heating takes place. It’s easy to find out: pay attention to the place where the temperature rises.

In total, the smartphone device does not have many elements that can heat up. These are: battery, processor and display. Only these parts can cause a serious temperature increase during their operation. Because of them, the phone heats up, only the reasons for this are different. Read more about this in the following sections, divided by the criterion of which particular element becomes hot.

Powerful processor

We buy devices that have 4-8 cores each, capable of launching any application and processing any task in a matter of milliseconds. And this gives certain positive results: working with a powerful phone is much more pleasant, because it is much less buggy and at the same time supports the work of colorful games and applications without any problems. Therefore, we are trying to choose just such a smartphone, without thinking about the temperature conditions of such processors. And due to their high power, their average temperature is quite high. Why is this happening?

Everything is very simple: if the “hardware” of the phone is involved in the calculation processes, it will in any case heat up. Only, unlike a laptop, the insides of a smartphone cannot be cooled. There is no miniature cooler fan driving the air around the “heart”. Therefore, the phone is heated, with which you will work at least half an hour or an hour.

The degree of heating of the device also depends on how “cumbersome” in terms of performance the tasks assigned to it are. If you play a colorful 3D game with maximum parameters for 2 hours, the phone will heat up more than with simple surfing on the Internet.


The battery installed in the phone is the only power source for the gadget if it is not connected to a wall outlet or PC. Therefore, the electricity required for the processor to come comes from here. And, as we know, a working electrical appliance can heat up if you connect it to a power source.

Therefore, if you have been working with your phone for a long time, the battery may become warm, which will cause you discomfort.

Only in this case, you need to pay attention to the degree of heating. If you understand what it is. normal temperature, since the back cover of the device is only slightly warmer than our body, do not worry. Very soon, it will cool down and return to its previous regime.

If, on the contrary, you feel that the smartphone is difficult to hold. in this case, something needs to be done. First of all, you need to know if this has happened before. If not. what caused a similar reaction of the device? If your phone is getting very hot for the first time, we recommend that you turn it off, as it may be damaged even more. After that, you need to understand what the reason was: maybe you used non-original charging; or the battery has been replaced. There are a lot of factors influencing this, including the need to understand how quickly the phone heats up, how long it cools down, which applications were open at the moment you felt the temperature rise.

Given all this, certain conclusions need to be drawn.

Heated display

Perhaps, if you notice that your mobile device’s screen is warming up, you should not worry about it. Most likely, you just spent too much time with your gadget, because of which the temperature of some of its components began to rise. For this reason, for example, the Samsung phone is often heated.

The Phone Is Heating Up. The Reasons And Methods Of Elimination

The degree of heating depends on what type of display is used, and on what brightness is installed on it. If the problem with the temperature increase annoys you too much, you can try to reduce the brightness; if that didn’t help either. Contact the service center. They should tell you if this is a normal temperature for your device or not.

Charging process

It often happens that the phone heats up while charging. There is nothing surprising in this. When connected to the network, the charging adapter starts to heat up, after which the temperature and battery of your smartphone increase. If, again, you can hold your device in your hands and do not burn yourself with it, you should not panic. In the opposite case, we advise you to carry the phone in for repair and it is advisable to refuse to use the charger, so as not to harm even more. It happens that the phone heats up when charging in case the network adapter fails. If this happens in your situation, be careful: it can harm the gadget.

Communication problems

As practice shows, there are a number of situations. when the phone heats up, discharges and shows unstable operation in general. In particular, we are talking about communication problems.

You see, if the smartphone does not receive the proper signal level, it tries to find it, connect to the network and work in normal mode. If this cannot be done for a long time, the device consumes its battery power and starts to warm up in parallel. In this case, we recommend switching it to “Airplane mode”.

Do no harm!

If you feel a strong heating of your device for any reason, first of all try to protect yourself from unpleasant situations, such as further breakdown and failure of the phone. Unplug it, turn it off, disconnect the battery. all these actions are aimed at rebooting the gadget, letting it cool down and starting to work in normal mode. Only if these actions did not help to get rid of the problem, begin to understand what was happening.

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