Why On Huawei Does Not Enough Memory

Memory is fragile. And even smart electronic systems can sometimes be difficult to cope with the huge flows of information that pass through them. Imagine what the Play Market program is like: there are not so many places on your phone or tablet, and user requests are endless. Ultimately, a problem may arise when, when downloading another application, your Play Store writes: “there is not enough space in the memory of the Android device.” How to be and what to do?

Out of memory: Play Market gives an error

To begin with, it is worth checking the amount of available memory. it is likely that there is not enough space on the gadget to download the application from Play Market. Go to Settings and check the memory status of the device.

If the memory is really packed to the eyeballs, we courageously and promptly take up the cleaning.

  • Remove unnecessary and unused applications.
  • Browse files, photos,s, music and delete unnecessary.
  • Clear unnecessary contents of the Download folder
  • Get rid of old SMS and MMS messages.
  • Move the most “heavy” applications from the phone to the memory card (this can be done in the Settings / Applications section).
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It is very convenient to monitor the state of the phone’s memory using special applications. They allow you to clear the cache, delete temporary files, track which applications have not been used for a long time, help optimize program performance, etc. In a word, facilitate the difficult and troublesome life of an Android user. They can be downloaded from the Market, like any other application.

One of the most popular programs is Clean Master. It has a simple interface and caring tools that will clean garbage and remove unnecessary files and make sure that you do not forget to carry out a “general cleaning”. In general, it will be faithful to maintain order on your device. You can also use Сleaner, Smart Manager, All-In-One Toolbox, etc. Be careful when performing advanced cleaning using these applications. Delete only unnecessary files and programs.

Play Market writes “not enough memory“, but there is enough space on the phone. Why?

If there is enough space in the phone’s memory, but when you try to download Play Market, it still gives an error, then this is the cant of the application itself. This happens quite often. Fortunately, smart people have found a way to fix this problem. The scheme is simple.

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Go to Settings / Applications. Find the Play Market and open it. Information about the program and the memory that it uses is displayed here. There is also a Clear Cache button.

Click. Without regret we erase the data about the application, and at the same time we delete updates. Quickly reboot the gadget and launch Play Market again. The icon and application interface will be transformed. this is normal. Now everything looks like it was in the old version of the program, but essentially nothing has changed. You can also use the search to find that ill-fated application and download.

In the event that, even after the Play Market manipulations described above, refuses to cooperate, you can resort to more radical measures. To do this, turn off the device and turn it on again while holding down the volume button. Next, select the Wipe cache partition, and then the Advanced category and the Wipe Dalvick Cache item (This procedure is described in more detail here).

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Now everything should work, because otherwise you will have to do a reset to the factory settings, and this is already a more painful procedure. So let’s hope it does not come to that.

Why On Huawei Does Not Enough Memory

Actually, that’s all. Keep your gadgets clean and tidy. And do not be offended at the Play Market. with whom it does not happen.

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