Iphone Screen Icons

Iphone Screen Icons

IPhone Icons

The status bar at the top (called the Status Bar) of the display houses a wide variety of iPhone icons. Consider their meanings. Firstly, this is the icon. Cell signal, which displays the signal level of a particular cellular connection. If there are no stripes at all, it means that the phone is not in the coverage area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis network.

The icons in the iPhone are very different. For example, Network Type (or) displays the type of network. The view icon indicates that the iPhone is connected using an EDGE connection to the Internet. If there is an icon. then the smartphone is connected to the Internet via 3G. These icons on the iPhone must be distinguished.

The view icon means Airplane Mode. Thus, if there is such an icon, then the smartphone is in stand-alone, the so-called airplane mode. IPhone icons may also have. Wi-Fi Signal. It means connecting to Wi-Fi-type wireless networks. The signal will be the better, the more “sound waves”.

Icon. The iPhone is locked indicates that the smartphone is locked. If there is an inscription in the Status Bar 10:50 AM. then this is how the clock is displayed. They are replaced by a Lock icon (in case of unlocking the iPhone). IPhone icons are especially easy to remember.

Another useful icon is the Play indicator, which indicates that music is playing on the iPhone. The Alarm view icon indicates that the alarm is active. The icon with the image is a Bluetooth connection. It indicates Bluetooth is turned on.

The TYY Symbol means that the Teletype mode is on. Battery meter () displays the battery level of the iPhone. While the smartphone is charging, the icon will be green and with a lightning in the middle. Thus, such icons in the iPhone must be known and able to distinguish.


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What does a lock on an iPhone mean?

Crescent sign in iPhone. And in the iPhone you can also see such a sign as a crescent moon, which means the “do not disturb” mode. For example, if on some phones a lock means a complete screen lock, then on an iPhone a similar icon will only disable its spread. Each mode in the phone is responsible for something and is indicated by the corresponding icons. Click on the lock icon. Airplane Mode. This icon means that your phone is in airplane mode (offline mode).

If your iPhone does not flip the image, be it photos,s, contacts or the Safari browser, this means that the phone’s display is locked. Karina, the lock in the upper right corner of the sidebar is not pressed, it just notifies the user that the iPhone screen rotation is blocked. The locks are removed, but the screen is still stuck. Rebooting does not help. If you have an iPad and a lock icon in a circle next to charging, you need to do the following, switch the sound switch on the side panel to turn on and the screen unlocks!

What does an iPhone lock mean

My screen rotation was blocked, but there is no icon with an arrow. And I can’t do anything in tinctures. I had such a misfortune after recovering from a backup in iTunes, when switching from 4 to 5s, a simple reboot of the device helped.

Screen rotation lock on iPhone with iOS 7

IPhone 5S SCREEN DOES NOT TURN OVER WITH TURNING THE BUTTON ON AND OFF, watch without flipping trouble, firmware 3.11.00 What should I do? I have blocked the iPhone 5 I try to unlock it does not work, he says the phone is unlocked digging, but it does not work.

which means the castle is surrounded by a circle with an arrow on the end in the upper right part of iPhone 4

In most cases, this is due to the fact that the “screen rotation lock” function is enabled. To verify this, look at the upper right edge of the display. Therefore, if the screen image does not change orientation when the device is rotated, although the lock is disabled, this means that the developers of this application did not provide such a function. Go to “Settings” and click on “General”.

In today’s PhoneHelp section, we will describe all the icons that appear on the Status Bar. The Status Bar is the status bar located at the top of the iPhone display. Network Type. Shows the type of network. The icon means that your iPhone is connected to the Internet using an EDGE connection.

What do the icons at the top of the iPhone screen in the Status Bar mean?

Wi-Fi Signal. If you see this icon on the iPhone display, it means that you are connected to a Wi-Fi wireless network. The more “sound waves” in the icon, the better the signal. This icon shows you that your phone is locked. This icon indicates that music is currently being played on the iPhone.

Indicates that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. An arrow icon appeared, next to the battery icon in the upper right corner and there is no Internet connection, how to remove it? The iPhone is easy to use, which allows you not to delve into the search for the necessary navigation. Having gently pressed the lock on the screen with your finger, the position and the picture that was initially selected will be saved.

In previous versions of the firmware, to perform a screen lock, it was necessary to jailbreak and install a third-party application. If Apple’s policy goes in the same direction, then soon (with the advent of new firmware versions) the need for jailbreak procedures may disappear altogether. After updating the firmware of the iPhone to iOS 7th version, the screen rotation of the phone began to lock even faster and more convenient.

If next to the battery indicator you find an icon in the form of a curved arrow surrounding the lock, the lock is on. Hello! I have a new iPhone 4S, why doesn’t the screen turn over ((there are no icons. Firmware 04.10.01 please help. To revive the display, that is, turning on the screen rotation in iOS 7 is simple, pull out the widget of the control point from below and turn off the lock using same icon, which depicts a castle in a circle.

What do the icons at the top of the iPhone screen in the Status Bar mean?

The upper part of the iPhone screen, where the so-called “status bar” is located, displays information about the signal strength of the cellular network, current time, battery level and much more. It is not difficult for an experienced user to understand them, but for a beginner they are a little more understandable than the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Experienced for reference, and beginners to memorize our “cheat sheet”.

In the middle are clock. everything is clear with this. If desired, the clock can be configured to display the time in 12 or 24-hour mode. To do this, go to “Settings. The main ones. Date and time”.

On the left in the status bar are displayed: signal level, operator name and type of network used. Here we dwell in more detail:

  1. Signal quality indicator. five circles on the left indicate the signal strength of the cellular network and the more shaded the higher the reception quality. When only one is painted over, the connection is unstable.
  2. Operator Name. The value of “Extended Appears when the iPhone is connected to a network other than the one your operator uses. When the iPhone is searching for a network, “Searching” is displayed instead of the operator’s name.
  3. Type of cellular data network. If, instead of Wi-Fi, the iPhone uses a cellular network (mobile Internet) to connect to the Internet, then the operator’s name is followed by an icon indicating the type of network. Possible values: LTE, 4G, 3G, GPRS or E (for EDGE).