Find a Phone By Imei On Your Own Online

Find a Phone By Imei On Your Own Online

This time we will consider the option of how to find a phone via IMEI yourself via the Internet, because sometimes you need to quickly and urgently find a smartphone that has been lost.

The most commonly used gadget in the modern world is a mobile phone. It is always at hand, it stores a ton of information, all important numbers, as well as dates. And it’s not strange that after the loss or theft of such an assistant, a person in the literal sense of the word remains “as without hands“. If this happens, the person tries to find the lost gadget as soon as possible. But at such a moment, a logical question arises: what needs to be done in order to make the searches as fruitful as possible? There is a lot of information on the Internet about this. Most common the way to search for a phone on an android is to search using imei, well, provided that you know it.

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What is IMEI Android Phone (Have)

Imei Is a special phone code consisting of 15 digits. Usually it is located on the device’s body under the battery. But, in order to watch it, it is not necessary to pull out the battery. Just dial a combination # 06 # and the number will appear on the mobile screen.

Several ways to find your phone via IMEI yourself via the Internet

Now we will look at 4 of the most effective and efficient ways to find a missing pet. The very first methods are the simplest and fastest, and the most recent are more complex.

Find a phone through a Google account from a computer

The Android Remote Control service is not well known to anyone, except to users of the Google system. But with his help can find your device. In fact, it is already automatically integrated into the phone’s operating system. Therefore, it allows you to find a smartphone on a virtual map that shows its current location.

But, such a system indicates not just the coordinates of the device that was lost. As a rule, the owner can use the service “To call“, As well as” Block and Delete data. ” But it is worth remembering that the device that you are trying to find should have android firmware no older than 3.2.25. In other cases, it will be done impossible.

Find A Lost Android Phone Via Computer Using Airdroid

Airdroid is an analogue of Google. True, in this case, you will get the opportunity to independently control the device from a distance at a software level. But there is one drawback, and quite significant! If a SIM card is removed from the phone, or disconnect it from the internet, to do all the manipulations for the search will be impossible. This application can be found through the Google Play system.

How to find a phone by gps through a computer. Lost Android program

Lost Android is quite common, in fact very powerful program, allowing you to control the device from a distance. And also, as in the previous version, Google Play will help you to use it. After installation, an application called “Personal Notes” will appear in the smartphone, under which the true program for tracking will be hidden. When activating a program, give it administrator rights to the device. Then you have to go through a small registration using your Google account. After that, the program is completely ready for use. She can use such opportunities remotely, as:

  • Vibration activation
  • Sound on
  • Display on
  • Blocking and Unblocking from the Internet
  • Send messages that will pop up on the screen asking you to return the device
  • Copy and view photos, files, and contacts
  • Receive notifications about replacing a SIM card and much more.

If the device has GPS enabled, then you can easily find it on the map.

Find a phone through the police

In the Russian Federation, only mobile operators have access to a location. But such information announced to citizens only after those turn to law enforcement. That’s why in order to get such data you need to contact the police, presenting the ownership of the phone, indicating your details, imei, as well as filling out all the necessary papers.

After registering the application, law enforcement officers send an official request to the mobile operator, and they confirm the authenticity of the words you said about the owner of the device. Only then is an official response provided. But as practice shows, if you are an ordinary person, there will be difficult to find a device in this manner. As a rule, the police rarely react to such statements and try to do something. As a result, the fraudster who stole or appropriated the device manages to change the card, or sell the phone on the market. Then find him practically impossible.

But this method is suitable for those who have at least the slightest police communications FSB, or a cellular company. Then the process will definitely give results. Then, the search can last only a few hours, and be fruitful even if the device was turned off. But on practice, only a small percentage of people go to the police after the phone is lost. In addition, it is worth remembering that if in the search process it turns out that if a person just lost his phone, then you can get a fine penny.


After reading the detailed material on the topic of searching for a missing smartphone, you will probably know how to find a phone by IMEI yourself via the Internet, and therefore write in advance to write to your phone a sheet of your phone.

A mobile phone for a modern person is more than just a means of communication. As a rule, it stores contacts, correspondence, passwords and account data of various Internet services, banking applications, personal photos and much more. That is why the loss or theft of a mobile phone is a real disaster for any owner. However, there are not many opportunities to find a phone, and there are even fewer effective ways. One of them is finding a phone by IMEI. In this article I want to talk about how to independently find a phone via IMEI for free using the Google service. True, this method will only work if you have an Android gadget.

What is IMEI

In a previous article, I already talked about what IMEI is and how to find it out, so I will not dwell on this in detail. I only recall that IMEI Is a unique 15-digit identifier for mobile devices. It allows you to determine the location of the gadget, as well as remotely block its operation, but only on condition that the device is turned on and connected to the operator’s network.

You can see IMEI by dialing the combination ✶ # 06 # on the phone, in the settings of the gadget itself, as well as on the box from under it, or the iTunes application for PC (for Apple devices).

We are looking for a phone by IMEI using Google

It’s no secret that Google has been following all internet users for a long time. This can be treated in different ways, but in the case when the phone is stolen or lost, we can turn this fact to our advantage and use the Google service to search for the device, and absolutely free of charge.

It’s about service Android Remote Control, with which you can determine the location of the phone or tablet, block it and delete all data by resetting to factory settings. Remote control of Android is carried out through the IMEI device. But do not rush to be upset if you do not know him. Google he has been well known for a long time. So let’s get started!

We use the service “Remote Control Android”

  1. Log in to your Google Dashboard at As a username and password you need to enter your email address and password from it.

In the “My Account” you can see a lot of interesting things from the fact that Google managed to “dig” on you, but now we are interested in the tab Android. To find her, scroll down a little.

If you click on the inscription “Android”, you can see a list of all devices tied to your account and information about them: IMEI code, manufacturer’s name and device model, operator’s name, as well as the date the gadget was connected to the account and the time it was last accessed.

To the right of the list is a link “Active device management”. Click on it.

You will be redirected to a page with a map. If the stolen device is turned on, Google will determine its location with an accuracy of 20-30 meters and indicate the intended search area on the map.

On the left of the page there is a small window in which you can switch between all your devices, as well as three buttons, clicking on which you can control your phone or tablet.

Description of the main functions of the Android Remote Control service

  • “Ring”. The phone will play the ringtone at maximum volume for 5 minutes. This will help you find a phone lost indoors or outdoors.
  • “Block”. Allows you to set a password on the main screen and thus block an attacker from accessing the phone’s functions and all the data stored in it.

In addition, here you can leave a message that will be displayed on the main screen of the device, as well as specify a contact phone number to contact you. For example, you can write: “If you found this phone, please contact its owner by number.”. Such treatment will significantly increase the likelihood that someone who finds or steals your phone will return it back, because he will not only not be able to use it or sell it, but will also know how to contact you.

Be extremely careful when setting a lock password through Android Remote Control. It cannot be changed or disabled through this service. So enter a combination that you remember well, or better yet, write it down somewhere.

After the phone is returned to you, the set password can be disabled through the device menu: “Settings”“Safety”“Screen lock”.

  • “Clear”. Resets the phone to factory settings. Use this function only as a last resort, as during the cleaning process all your applications, photos, music and other information will be deleted from the device. After that, the Android remote control function will stop working, and you will no longer be able to find out the location of the phone or block it. It is also important to know that the data cleaning function applies only to files stored in the phone’s memory, but does not delete information from the SD card.
  • Can I find the phone via IMEI via satellite?

    Every now and then on the Internet the question pops up: “How to find a phone by its IMEI via satellite?”. But you need to understand that IMEI numbers of mobile devices and space technology, in particular, satellite communications are not connected in any way. Information about the phone’s IMEI is transmitted through the operator’s mobile network and nothing else.

    On the network you can find services and programs whose authors promise to find a phone via satellite for a fee, but all this is nothing more than a deception of gullible users and a way to capitalize on other people’s problems.

    Perhaps someday, finding phones using satellites will become a reality, but today there is no such technology. Therefore it is impossible to find a phone via IMEI via satellite.

    How to find a phone via IMEI over the Internet?

    At the beginning of this article I told you about the Google service “Android Remote Control”, which allows you to independently determine the location of the phone and block it. A similar service called “Find iPhone” is available from Apple. In both services, the device is searched for and managed by IMEI via the Internet, and this service is provided free of charge.

    All other sites, offering for a fee to find a lost device by IMEI, serial number or SIM card number online or install on your PC a program to search for a phone. No more than a “money scam” of users.

    Be vigilant and do not lose your phones! And if this happened, in no case do not transfer money to unknown persons who promise to find the phone via IMEI. You can easily find this information yourself and for free using the services of Google and Apple!

    Search phone by IMEI

    One of the frequently asked questions to the administration of the service is “how to find a stolen phone by IMEI”. We have already made recommendations on finding a phone by IMEI with the assistance of law enforcement and a mobile operator. Theoretically, it is possible to find a stolen phone, however, in practice, this method is ineffective, time-consuming and often inconclusive. For this reason, users are interested in finding a phone by IMEI on their own.

    Immediately make a reservation that an independent phone search by IMEI number is unpromising and ultimately does not lead to a positive result for several reasons:

    Thief can change phone IMEI

    IMEI is the code assigned to the telephone in the workplace. This is the only unique digital identifier that does not change on the phone after the loss. A phone number can be easily changed by simply replacing a SIM card, with an IMEI code more difficult, manufacturers of modern phones and smartphones are trying to block the possibility of changing IMEI, but in rare cases it can still be replaced. This is the first disappointment. If an attacker can change the IMEI code of the phone, you will never be able to find it.

    Lack of equipment to search for a phone by IMEI

    To find a stolen phone by IMEI, you must have access to the equipment and databases of all operators in the country where the search is carried out. This is the only way to determine where the phone with your IMEI number and its current phone number are. Access to this information can only be obtained by law enforcement agencies, but even they, owning such a search capability, rarely use it. This is the second obstacle that makes independent phone searching by IMEI problematic.

    You do not have access to phone location information

    All online services on the Internet, offers of individuals, applications and programs for finding a phone by IMEI are fraud. Only the mobile service provider (mobile operator) can receive and give information about the location of the phone on the basis of the IMEI number and only at the request of law enforcement agencies and if you have a statement about the theft. We strongly recommend that you do not waste time and money searching for your missing phone in this way.

    Based on the above facts, the only way to find a phone by IMEI is the standard procedure: a theft statement, a request to the operator for the location of the phone. Despite many difficulties, many succeed.

    A few alternative tips for finding a stolen phone

    1. Make a screen saver on the phone screen or fill out a business card with your contact details. If your phone is not stolen and lost, the finder will have the opportunity to contact you.
    2. Install special software on your phone or smartphone that sends SMS to the specified number when you change the SIM card.
    3. If you are the owner of the iPhone, immediately after purchase register in iCloud and activate the function “Find iPhone”.
    4. Use the LoSToleN service. This is the IMEI base of stolen phones, where you can add the serial number or IMEI of the stolen phone indicating the reward for return. Sellers and buyers in the secondary market often check phones for the presence of stolen devices in the database.

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