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How to clear cache on iPhone

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As you know, appetite comes with eating. If not so long ago, owners of the iPhone 4S and 5 cost 8 or 16 GB of internal memory, then the current owners of 5SE, 6 or 7 already lack 32 or even 64 GB. Particularly “persistent” manage to score 256 GB on the latest iPhone 8 or X. Having made such a “feat”, the user begins to curse Apple for the “small volume” of the drive and wonders how to clear the cache on the iPhone.

Caching Overview

A technology for quick access to data, called caching, is used everywhere in computer systems. According to the level of execution, the cache is divided into hardware and software. The first is implemented at the processor level, and the second, respectively, at the OS level. The user cannot control either one or the other. In fact, the owner of the iPhone has access only to the browser cache and the data of a small number of programs in which this function is implemented by developers.

IOS Cache

Unlike Android, where manual clearing of the cache is considered normal, iOS handles this task automatically. The system determines the availability of free space, and if it is lacking, it gets rid of those elements that can be reloaded. First of all, temporary files and cache are deleted, then the device is cleaned from streaming music, and application elements. Only after completing all the operations available to the automation will the OS display a message about insufficient memory.

Free space

The user can check the availability of free space on his iPhone at any time in the settings. Previously, this information was only available in digital form, but after the release of iOS 10, it is also displayed graphically.

Via iOS settings

Both views are collected in one section of the operating system. The user does not have to search for them in different places.

  1. Open the “General” item in the settings. On the main screen at the top and bottom, you can see two parameters containing the necessary information about the use of internal memory. The first gives us only information in digital form, and the second contains program controls.
  1. In the section “About the device” we look at the total and available capacity. Both indicators are marked on the screenshot with one frame.
  1. The following paragraph shows the storage information in graphical form. The first arrow points to the gray “Other” area. The system includes all cached files to which the user requested access. For example, if you do not download the album from Apple Music or VKontakte locally, but listen to it using the Wi-Fi network, it will not be listed as music, but will fall into the Other category. Similarly, photos sent to Photostream are taken into account. The number “2” indicates system recommendations for the release of space. Click the link marked with an arrow to view all optimization suggestions.
  1. Here we are invited to transfer photos to the cloud, clear the folder with deleted images and free from rarely used programs. If free space is absolutely necessary, we agree with the recommendations. In this case, about 700 MB will be freed.

In iTunes

Similar information can be obtained using iTunes. Having connected iPhone to the PC, we pass to the section “Overview” in the navigation area. At the bottom of the window is a diagram of the use of smartphone storage. By hovering over colored areas, you can see the space occupied by various categories of files.

Browser Cleanup

As we said above, Safari data belongs to the category that the user can manually control. Consider what options for removing the cache contain the settings of the system browser.

  1. In the iPhone Storage section, we’ll go below the recommendations. Here is a list of all applications installed in the system, data on the last use and size of the occupied space. We find the Safari browser in the list.
  1. The area of ​​interest to us is indicated by a frame in the screenshot. It immediately indicates the amount of data that can be cleared.
  1. Cached content from web pages is automatically sorted by size from larger to smaller. The button marked with a frame at the bottom of the screen allows you to open the entire list of visited sites. If you scroll through it, you will notice that most of the data has already been reset to zero by the system itself. To switch to the editing mode, click on the control indicated by the arrow.
  1. A “-” sign appears next to each page. Using it, you can selectively clean the list.
  1. Another editing option, which provides for individual deletion, is based on the iOS standard swipe gesture. Make a swipe on the selected page in the direction indicated by the arrow. As a result, an area with a virtual “Delete” button will open. If you continue to move your finger in the same direction, the recording is erased by simple swiping.
  1. When there is no desire to tinker with each record separately, you can delete all the data at once using the button marked in the screenshot.

Program cache

If you open the main settings screen and scroll to the end, an area opens in which the parameters of the games and applications installed by the user are located.

In most cases, the options are limited to the block shown in the frame. Here you can configure search results, the order in which notifications are displayed and the content is automatically updated. In rare cases, developers place a switch marked with an arrow to automatically clear the application cache. By moving it to the “On” position, you enable the program to clean up temporary files after it is closed.

Message retention period

The methods described above for cleaning the browser or individual applications will not give you much space. A much greater effect can be achieved by limiting the storage time of content in instant messengers.

  1. We will deal with this option using Telegram as an example. Go to the application settings and look for the item marked in the screenshot.
  1. At the top of the screen we see the settings parameter we need. With its help, the messenger uses disk space.
  1. The number “1” indicates a parameter that regulates the storage period of messages on the device. A similar feature is provided in the settings of the popular WhatsApp, Viber and the built-in iMessage client. By default, the value of this parameter is set to “Indefinite”. The second item indicated in the screenshot allows you to reset the current message cache.
  1. A pop-up menu allows you to select the files to be deleted or erase everything completely.

Social network applications, although they do not have such settings, have long ceased to actively absorb available space. The transition under the wing of Facebook had a positive effect on the optimization of Vatsap and Instagram. Applications receive regular updates with patches and work stably. At the very least, Instagram no longer needs to be removed from the device to stay functional.


The main plus of the iPhone for the user is that this smartphone just works. It does not need to be constantly tuned using the experience gained on Android. iOS copes with its tasks and does not need intervention, in rare cases requiring a reboot. Correctly setting up applications with regularly updated content, transferring mail to IMAP, and sending photos to the cloud, you will never encounter a lack of free space on the device.


If you still have questions about caching on the iPhone, see the thematic below.

How to clear cache on iPhone, free up memory

The speed of execution of various commands of ultramodern devices will impress anyone. Using new gadgets is interesting and comfortable, so their popularity is constantly growing. That’s just the work of any device can slow down over time, “apple” devices are no exception. For this reason, I would like to talk with you today about how to clear the cache on an iPhone.

Why do I need to clear the memory?

Not necessarily freezing and slow execution of commands is a sign of technical problems, most often the reason is the banal overflow of the cache. The longer the phone functions, the more unnecessary “garbage” accumulates in the memory. If you do not clean it in time, then the place will gradually fill up, the number of free gigabytes will decrease. You can easily clear the cache on your own.

Naturally, fast loading pages cannot but rejoice, only constant filling leads to a reduction in free space. Over time, the OS ceases to cope with volumes and cannot function as before.

Many users of iPhones and other devices, including Androids, are trying to completely clear the cache. In fact, experts do not advise doing this too often, because in some cases it can significantly help, it will allow you to quickly get to some pages of different sites, or even just cope with the tasks set by the user.

If the memory on the iPhone decreases at a terrible speed, for the reason that the smartphone has not been cleared of excess for a long time, you must immediately solve this problem, because otherwise you will not be able to save even some multimedia files to your phone.

The OS storage is filled with caching objects of various applications used on the iPhone. iOS immediately saves information about the processes that occurred on the device, this includes downloads, updates, and more. So the more software you have installed, the more often iPhone will be used, the higher the number of cache files stored in memory. The memory is loading. the speed decreases.

How to clear browser cache on iPhone

Apple installed the Safari browser on its hardware. So the cleaning procedure should begin with this object, because we use browsers quite often. Cleaning it is quite simple:

  • go to smartphone settings;
  • Find the necessary software. Safari browser;
  • after activation, scroll down to the options menu;
  • choose cleaning;
  • confirm the action in the corresponding box.

If you know how to clean the cache, you can control this process at any time if necessary. All active sections of the menu will change color to gray from blue, this indicates that the space in the device is freed.

Do you use everything that is installed?

I note right away that all the basic data is located in the identifier of social networks. Given that Instagram, Odnoklassniki and other similar resources are constantly increasing the number of their users, this fact is important. On such services, users do not just correspond, they listen to music, watchs, photos, download some kind of content.

So the repository accumulates a lot of information that sooner or later no powerful system can process. So you should check which programs you use and which ones you are updating idle. If necessary, you should delete everything unnecessary in order to litter your iPhone.

The author recommends:

How to remove garbage from iPhone programs

Some applications have a specialized function that allows you to clean everything immediately in the settings. With it, you can clear the gadget’s memory without deleting the program itself. You can activate the option like this:

  • open the “Settings” of a particular utility;
  • find “Clear Cache”.

In multimedia players there is a great opportunity to eliminate unnecessary information immediately from the desktop interface.

How to clean on iPhone 6S or another through software reinstallation?

There are several steps in this procedure, they will be as follows:

  • find in the settings “Basic Settings”;
  • in the “Statistics” subsection, click on “Storage”;
  • in the window that appears, you should look at the application directory, near each there is data on the amount of physical memory occupied by it.

After selecting the program of interest, you can view the place that it took on the disk. If you want, you can delete some application, and then download it again. So you can erase everything unnecessary that is in the application.

Useful content:

We use specialized software

Another option that will help clear the cache on any iPhone is to use utilities. They are specially designed for this purpose. On the network now you can meet both free options and those for which you have to pay.

To begin with, I note the Magic Phone Cleaner utility, it is easy and simple to use by installing it on the phone.

And there is a more advanced version. PhoneClean Pro. Install on a PC (Windows or MacOS), pair the iPhone and the computer, activate the program through the system scan window (Scan key. Scan). The utility checks and finds excess objects to be deleted.

You should talk about another product. Clean Doctor. The program can be downloaded for free, while it does an excellent job. After activating the utility, go to the tab that allows you to clear the cache.

Make a confirmation, and in an automatic mode all unnecessary objects will be eliminated. It should be noted that sometimes it deletes files containing information about updates in some applications, games, so gamers have to start all over from the very beginning. When you do not want to lose your gaming achievements, you need to approach the issue of cleansing individually, do not clear the cache in the corresponding software.

This utility is distinguished by the fact that it helps to control the use of memory, notes applications downloaded for a long time, and also not used.

Some recommendations

You should regularly force the system to reboot. During this procedure, many temporary files are deleted, so that additional space appears in the gadget’s memory. This is easy to do, just press the power key and Home at the same time, hold until the picture of the company logo appears.

You can also reinstall applications that take up a lot of space. These include Facebook and other social networks, various messengers. You can clean the space on your smartphone by removing this software and reinstalling it through App Store. It is easy to increase the amount of memory by resetting the device. But before that, be sure to backup the iPhone version in the services of Aityuns and Aiklud. Next, follow the process of activating and restoring the backup. Such cleaning will allow you to get rid of excess objects for a long time.

How to clear the cache on iPhone? I offered you several options, so choose the most convenient and suitable for yourself. Just before that, check if the necessary data backups are created and if you really want to get rid of the application. What options do you use? Maybe there are other proven options? Leave comments, subscribe to updates so as not to miss the latest and most current information.

How to clear cache on iPhone 4s. How to clear iPhone memory from junk

November 25, 2015

How to Increase Memory On Iphone 5se

Did you receive a message saying that you can no longer save the photo, since there is no free space and you need to delete some of the data? So, for the tech who saw this message, there are several ways to free up space on the iPhone and not delete your favorite music or files. So how to clear the memory on an iPhone?

The longer your iPhone runs, the more garbage accumulates. Garbage is all sorts of data, temporary files that are not useful to you. Over time, such files accumulate a lot and they can occupy several gigabytes on the device. How to free up space on an iPhone is very simple, remove this trash.

1. often perform a forced reboot of the system

When the system reboots, some temporary files are deleted, so this solution will help free up space on the iPnone. Hold down the power button and the Home button at the same time and hold them until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

2. We clear a cache in settings

How to clear cache on iPhone? You need to go to the “General” section in the settings, and then select Storage and iCloud. On the “Storage” tab, click on Manage. Next, we clear the cache on the iPhone and delete data that takes up a lot of space. Let’s delete the unnecessary data using the Safari example.

3. Delete the cache on the iPhone in the applications themselves

In some applications, you can delete the cache from the settings of the application itself. Try to find the cache cleaning function in the settings of the application itself. For example, take the Tweetbot application, its temporary files take up a lot of space, and you can clear the cache only in the application settings.

4. Reinstall apps that eat up space

Remove applications such as: WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and then reinstall them from the App Store. This method will also free up the memory of the iPhone.

5. Complete a complete reset of your iPhone

If you are still wondering “How to free up space on an iPhone?”, Then this method will help get rid of garbage for a long time. Be sure to make a backup of your device in iTunes or iCloud, and then complete a complete reset of your iPhone with deletion of content. After a complete reset of the iPhone, you will need to go through the device activation procedure again, and then restore the settings and data from the backup.

6. Install iPhone Cache Cleanup Applications

Although Apple itself is against the use of such applications, but they can be quite convenient. To search for such applications, use a search engine such as Google.

7. Use iOS features

You can also configure iOS to save memory, the following is a list of actions:

  • Turn off enhanced quality for VoiceOver
  • Turn Siri off and on again to clear function cache
  • Turn off iCloud sync for junk data
  • Disabling Photo Stream
  • Removing or rebuilding mail accounts
  • Turn off unwanted apps in Spotlight
  • Disable user dictionary
  • Do not store and photo attachments in the Messages application
  • Clear album with recently deleted photos
  • Disable saving original photos ands on iPhone
  • Disable background updates for the maximum number of applications
  • Shoots in FullHD instead of 4K
  • Getting rid of system languages ​​that are not used
  • Sync your device with iTunes

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How to clear cache on iPhone

After active and prolonged use of the phone, a lot of temporary files accumulate on it, the so-called “cache”. It does not bear any benefit for the phone, but takes up space. If you know how to clear the cache on an iPhone, you can free up a lot of space for installing the necessary applications, photos and other important goals.

Performing this procedure is quite simple, following the instructions below, anyone can handle this. So don’t put it in a long box and get started!

How to clear cache on iPhone

Why do I need to clear the cache?

As the smartphone functions, it accumulates unnecessary files, and if your gadget works for a long time, then a lot of such files will accumulate on it, so you have to delete them. If you do not do this, gradually the RAM of the device will clog and you will not be able to install or download anything. Removal is done without much difficulty.

Let’s see what the accumulation of unnecessary information in the cache leads to:

  • The device will reboot due to lack of memory for the necessary functions.
  • It will be impossible to save important information.
  • There will be problems when playing audio and gaming applications.
  • The speed will slow down.

First, you should delete temporary files saved in automatic mode after you climbed to various Internet sites. As an example, take a browser called Safari. The update is presented as follows:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Scroll through the list of applications and go to the browser.
  3. Activate the window and scroll down to the settings menu.
  4. Select a cleaning position.
  5. Go to “Settings”.
  6. Confirm the action.

If you figure out how to clear the application cache on an iPhone, everything will be under your control. After cleaning, as a rule, the active sections of the menu change in color from blue to gray. This suggests that the memory is freed.

How to remove or update unnecessary software

Key information is often stored in the identifier of social networks. These sites are used not only for correspondence, but also for downloading all kinds of content, listening to music,s, photos and so on. Thus, the repository is filled with a large amount of unnecessary clogging information. Now we’ll look at the main ways to clear the cache on well-known devices such as the iPhone.

Simple manual cleaning method

Applications for this device, as a rule, contain a special option that allows you to clear the cache directly in your personal settings. For such purposes, you will not even need to delete the application. Go to “Settings” and select “Clear Cache” there.

It is worth noting that and audio players have the ability to delete unnecessary information directly from the desktop.

Clear cache on iPhone 5S by reinstalling programs

Consider this procedure in steps:

  • Select “Basic Settings” in the settings.
  • Click “Storage” in the section called “Statistics”.
  • Check out the software list. Next to the name of each application, you can notice information about the RAM it occupies.

Choose a program? Now uninstall it, and then reinstall it immediately. So you save the gadget from the garbage information accumulated from the software.

Another interesting way! Here you will need to use all kinds of utilities. There are both free and paid applications. As an example, consider “Phone Clean”. It has an easy to understand interface. Connect the device to the PC and start the utility with the “Start Scan” button. This software checks for the presence of unnecessary files, which then will need to be deleted.

We can give such advice: reboot the system more often, since some of the temporary files are deleted during the reboot procedure. This will free up some space in the gadget’s memory. Press and hold the power key at the same time as the “Home” button and hold them, and the “Apple” picture will appear on the display.

Another cleaning method is to reinstall software that takes up a lot of memory space. Typically, these are programs such as Viber, Facebook and other networks, as well as VatsAp. To clear memory, uninstall such programs and reinstall them from the App Store.

Another method of clearing memory is resetting the settings. Create a backup in services such as iCloud and iTunes. Next, perform the reset procedure, and the clogging content will be deleted. Now activate the system and restore the settings from the previously saved copy. So you for a long time free the device from clogging files and software.

How to clear cache on iPhone 6 using iOS

If you correctly configure iOS, this will save some space on your RAM. The correct configuration is as follows:

  • Disabling the so-called enhanced quality (“Voice Over”).
  • Deactivate and reboot Siri.
  • Disabling synchronization for clogged iCloud information.
  • Turn off the photo stream.
  • Reconfiguration of accounts on E-Mail.
  • Turning off unnecessary software in “Spotlight”.
  • Delete dictionary function.
  • Refusal to save and audio files in Messages.
  • Clear album with deleted content.
  • Turns off the function of saving the original files.
  • Shooting in “Full HD”.
  • Removing non-applicable language packs.
  • Perform sync with iTunes.

By the above steps, you can optimize all kinds of data and store them without any cleaning procedures.

In this article, we examined the issue of clearing the cache on various versions of the iPhone. In all versions, the cleaning procedures are almost the same. The tips provided here by us are quite suitable for various modifications of the device, since you can clear the cache on an iPhone 4s, 5s, 6s in the same ways. Choose the cleaning method that suits you and get started.

Read also:. How to clear the cache (cache) iPhone / iPhone and iPad / iPad

A large number of users of Apple devices, sooner or later, face the question: How to clear the cache (cache) on iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus. SE) and iPad / iPad (2, 3, 4, 5 G) in iOS 7, 8, 9? The problem associated with clearing the temporary memory of device applications does not come immediately, but only after some time of use.

Why do I need to clear the cache / cache on iPhone or iPad

But, over time, using the device to view web pages and install various software and game applications, the quality of work and its speed decreases significantly and this is most often due to overflow of information stored in the cache. By itself, the temporary cache memory is designed to accelerate the operation of the device, since when downloading repeated information in a browser or other applications, the device does not need to download it again a second time. In the next openings of identical pages and applications, to the maximum, general information is used, previously stored in temporary files. memory cache.

When the disk size allocated for temporary files (cache) becomes full, when you open, for example, Internet pages, the device has to re-download the pictures of the template of the website being opened, slowing down the speed of opening. Question: How to clear the cache (cache) on iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus) and iPad / iPad (2, 3, 4, 5 G) with gradually becoming very relevant, for users of brand devices Apple

But downloading web pages in browsers is not the only areas requiring the use of a copy from the cache, and temporary memory is also used when working with applications, while also preserving various parameters and information about the system, updates, downloads. According to from the intensity of the workload of the smartphone or tablet, cache cache overflow occurs faster.

For long-term operation of the device, it is recommended to periodically clean the cache / cache on iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, SE) or iPad / iPad, both Internet browsers and other available applications.

How to clear Safari / Safari browser cache (for iPhone, iPad with iOS)

Safari Browser is an application that needs to clear the cache in the first place, since this memory is constantly full. In order to clear the cache (cache) Safari / Safari on the iPhone or iPad you need:

  • Open “Settings ”And go down to find a web browser Safari.
  • By clicking on it, a menu of its settings appears, where below we find the line “Clear site history and data “.
  • After clicking on the cleanup, a request for confirmation of the action will appear, with the offer to clean the application.
  • After that, the browser will return to its original state with a missing history of browsing the Internet pages and stored information from them.

How to clear Chrome / Chrome browser cache / cache on iPhone or iPad

The Chrome browser is not a system application of the device, so the principle of cleaning it is different from cleaning the Safari cache, since here it must be done in the browser itself. In order to clear the cache / cache of Chrome / Chrome on an iPhone or iPad with iOS, you must:

  • Open a Chrome web browser and go to Menu and further settings “Settings “.

Clearing the cache / cache of iPhone / iPhone and iPad / iPad applications

The ability to clear the memory cache of installed applications on iPhone or iPad in most cases is not available, unless of course it was built into the settings by their developers. If you carefully study the available application settings options, you will not find clearing the memory cache, then the option remains use of special programs for cleaning memory (cache / cache) of iPhone or iPad devices. of which there are already quite a lot.

With prolonged use of the iPhone or iPad, a large number of installed applications can accumulate, which already simply overflow the available device memory sizes and the question of finding settings and clearing the cache of individual applications already disappears. Here, it is simply necessary to use special cleaning applications that clean not only temporary cache files, but also other accumulated garbage, in the form of fragments that are currently unused, previously installed programs and games, reached quite impressive sizes up to several gigabytes.

Clearing application cache / cache with Battery Doctor

One such program, for clearing the cache / cache on an iPhone or iPad, for example, refers Battery doctor. In order to clear the cache (cache) on iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, SE) and iPad / iPad (2, 3, 4, 5 G) with iOS, download and install the application Battery Doctor:

The application is completely free and with it, you can quickly and without additional knowledge in this area examine your smartphone or tablet for the load of temporary memory and clean it up.

The developers of this application recommend cleaning the cache / cache of iPhone and iPad only as necessary. when there is not enough disk space. Since, together with temporary files and other garbage (which immediately after cleaning and subsequent launch of applications will be saved as a new copy) material data of games and applications may be erased. As a result of clearing the memory cache, you may need to reinstall some applications.

  • In order to clear the cache (cache) of iPhone or iPad (iOS) applications, open the “Junk ”And click on“Clean up cache “.
  • The application will automatically delete the application cache on the device.

The program was created specifically for people with different levels of knowledge about the operation of the device. All functions are launched with the help of several clear buttons, and the process of the work performed is accompanied by a logical and straightforward clear scale with percentages.

This program is really a convenient and reliable assistant for cleaning the cache (cache) iPhone / iPhone or iPad / iPad, because using it, you can just forget about this problem. If you periodically repeat the analysis process about cleaning the device, then over time, its speed will remain quite close to that which was during the first days of using the iPhone or iPad.