Which iPad Supports Apple Pencil 1

For some tasks, you may need more precision interacting with the iPad Pro. This will help Apple pencil. A tool through which working with Multi-Touch gains amazing capabilities and diversity. The revolutionary technology used in the Apple Pencil will seem incredibly familiar as soon as you pick it up. You can work with pixel accuracy even on the largest projects.

Which iPad Supports Apple Pencil 1

Apple Pencil erases borders

You can easily get started with the Apple Pencil, even if you’ve never held it before. It will live up to your expectations from the first minute. And even surpass them. Sketch from nature, portrait in watercolor, technical drawing. Apple Pencil will offer everything you need in one tool.

. At the speed of thought

Lightning fast response speed is a hallmark of the Apple Pencil. There is practically no waiting time between the moment when you started to draw and when the bar appears on the screen.

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And iPad Pro knows exactly when you touch the display with your finger, and when. With a pencil. When working with the Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro picks up twice as many points as when touching it with a finger, and the corresponding subsystem scans the signal with an incredible frequency. 240 times per second. All this ensures that only milliseconds separate your line of thought from appearing on the display.

Line thickness is pressure resistant

The sleek Apple Pencil case conceals a sophisticated system of sensors that measure applied force with maximum accuracy.

In particular, how much the tip of the Apple Pencil pushes the display. The greater the force, the thicker the line. The variety of artistic effects is almost endless like your possibilities.

. Hatching slope

Two sensors built into the tip of the Apple Pencil calculate the exact direction and angle of your hand.

When you write or draw, their relative position is determined by the Multi-Touch display. Thanks to this, you can achieve the effect of shading by simply tilting the Apple Pencil. As if you have coal or a regular pencil in your hands.

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12 hours battery life charges for creativity

Under the Apple Pencil magnetic cap, you’ll find a Lightning connector that you can insert into your iPad Pro to recharge your device. Its design is slightly elongated so that the pencil can be charged even when the iPad Pro is in a silicone case.

A full charge is enough for 12 hours of drawing, drawing, annotating and editing. If the Apple Pencil runs out of power during use, you can charge it from the iPad Pro in just 15 seconds and run another 30 minutes.

New perspectives loom for applications

Unleash the full potential of iOS 9 using the Apple Pencil in embedded apps or iPad apps from the App Store. You will definitely find completely new directions for creativity and work.

The Notes application has new features for making comments, making sketches and more. Draw a storyboard with a pen during a meeting. Make a pencil sketch of the interior of the new apartment. Or highlight important items in to-do lists with a marker.

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With Apple Pencil, Mail will be another way to express yourself. Something new will appear in your letters, such as drawings. Or handwritten comments on PDF documents.

Paper by FiftyThree

Want to use Paper from FiftyThree? Apple Pencil perfectly complements the convenient features of the application. Write, draw, colorize, draw contours, create sketches, draw graphics for presentation, and much more.