How To Add Instagram Story Through Computer

Instagram Stories. This is a new feature added to the application a little over a year ago. Stories allow the user to share his daily life with subscribers, while not cluttering his page with a bunch of different information. Everything that you put in the story will be available to your subscribers within one day, after which it will be simply erased. In addition, the stories are not saved in your profile and do not fall into the current in the feeds of friends. Since this function is relatively new, not everyone has been able to get comfortable with it. If you also don’t know how to add a story to Instagram, then this article is for you.

What can I add to the story on Instagram

At the moment, the assortment of stories is limited to photographs and shorts (up to fifteen seconds long). Perhaps in the future this list will become larger, and developers will add longers and audio files.

By the way, you can still add music to your stories using third-party programs. A little later we will discuss this issue separately.

How to add a story to instagram via computer

It is done like this:

In addition, you can also use the emulator of a mobile device, but the instructions for it are the same as for phones and will be presented a little further.

Right after installation you will need to configure stories. If you do not do this, then you will have to set the parameters for each story separately. If this option does not suit you, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your page.
  2. Turn on the settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner (sometimes the settings are turned on via the three-dot icon).
  3. Then in the “Profile”Select the“History Settings
  4. Here you can choose people who can’t see your story, as well as those who can comment on it and who can’t.

On this, the preliminary preparation of the application ends, and we proceed directly to how to make the story on Instagram. Follow these instructions:

  1. Since we work through a computer, most likely you will have to take photos ors in advance and then transfer them to your PC in any way convenient for you; Or you can take a photo through the computer’s webcam.
  2. Start adding them to your profile as you usually do.
  3. At the end, when you get to the “Recipients”, At the very top of the list, select“Your story

After that, your photos will not be in the profile, but in the stories. If you suddenly do not understand how to add to the story on Instagram from a computer, then just as you shoot via phone, transfer to a PC and add (or through a webcam).

How to make Instagram story via phone

Creating a story for Instagram via the phone is much easier than using the PC version of the application.

Before you add the story to instagram, here again you have to prepare for this. The Instagram Stories function only appeared in August 2016, and therefore if you do not install updates for applications, then you will have to update it now. To find out if you have the opportunity to create stories, look at the upper right corner of your news feed, if you have an icon there in the form of a plus sign circled in a broken circle, then you have all the necessary updates. In addition, you will also need to configure stories, as described in the previous section.

If you have done this, then you can move on to creating stories.

  1. First of all, click on the same button in the form of a plus.
  2. After that, your camera will turn on so that you can take a picture or shoot a (remember that it should be no more than fifteen seconds).
  3. Settings are minimized here, on the shooting screen you can turn on the flash, configure some filters and switch to the front camera; There is no button for switching to mode; to take a, just hold the photo button.
  4. It is better to shoot in portrait format (vertically), since photos will be published in this way.
  5. When you add everything you want, you will have the opportunity to supplement your story with short notes or drawings, using the button in the upper right corner.
  6. When you finish editing, just click on the button with a bird at the bottom of the photo.
How to Add Instagram Story Through Computer

After that, your story will be published.

How to add music to your Instagram story

As promised, it’s time to discuss adding music to stories. In fact, there are two ways to do this: start the music while shooting or mount the movie separately, and then add it.

If the first option suits you, then make sure the music plays loud enough. You can even turn on music directly from the phone you are shooting from.

If you want to mount the movie separately, then you will need to shoot a regular (remember the time frame), mount it using any suitable program, move it to your phone and add it to stories.

How to add a second story on instagram

Many users are interested in whether you can add a second story to instagram. The answer is yes and no. You can add an unlimited number of different files to your story, however they will all go as a single tape, like a single story.

That is, if there is already one story, then you can supplement it, but you can create a new one from scratch only by deleting the old one or by waiting for it to disappear in twenty-four hours.

How to view Instagram history

Now let’s clarify how to view the story on instagram. To do this, you just need to go to your news feed.

All stories posted by the user will be displayed at the very top of his news feed until they are erased from the application’s memory. You will see it in the same way as any other user, except for the buttons for editing it.

How to change part of Instagram history

If after reviewing your story, you decide that you want to change or supplement it, then you can do it at any time.

In order to add new photos ors to your story, just do the same thing as you did when creating it. We have already said that all stories are united in one common tape.

By the way, remember, we mentioned earlier that all stories are stored in memory exactly one day. So, the storage time is counted separately for each photo and. That is, if you have two photos in history, one of which you took at five o’clock and the other at six, then the first one will be visible until five o’clock the next day, and the second, respectively, until six.

If you want to edit the story added earlier, then this is done like this:

  1. Click on the picture you want to edit.
  2. Three dots should appear in its lower right corner, click on them.
  3. A small menu will appear where you need to select “History Settings
  4. Editing itself happens the same way as when creating the story.
  5. In the end, do not forget to save the changes by clicking on the bird.

It doesn’t matter when and how many times you edit your story, it will still remain in its place and will be deleted twenty-four hours after adding.

How to delete Instagram history

If you want to learn how to delete a story on Instagram, then this is very simple. You need to repeat the first two steps from the instructions in the previous section, and then select the delete item in the settings for the photo. Agree is not difficult at all.

How to view history statistics

Each Instagram story has its own statistics, which shows how many people viewed it and some more detailed information about these views. The number of views is displayed right at the bottom of the photo next to the eye-shaped icon. By clicking on a number, you can see more detailed views. It will display who looked at which parts of the story and how many views each individual part has.

You can use this information as you see fit. For example, the most popular posts can be placed on your page.

Overview of Inbox from Your Stories

At the beginning of the article, we talked about how stories can be customized. One of the points in this setting was to set the ability to comment on your stories. If then you allowed users to leave comments, then now you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with them. The user does not receive notifications about messages sent from the history. To check them you need to go to the “Messages” page (button in the upper right corner of the news feed), and then view “Message requests” This is where all the comments left to your stories get.

How to combine parts of a story into one file

Many who are familiar with the Snapchat app know the feature available in it to combine all the stories in one day into one file. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no such function on Instagram. However, using a third-party application, you can combine all the stories (or part of the stories) into one file and put them as a post in your profile.

There are quite a few applications to do this, but PhotoGrid is the most popular right now. It allows you to combine photos from your story into one collage, process it with various effects and place it in your profile.

If at the output you want to get a file, then any editing program is suitable for you. If you uploaded stories from your phone, then you will need to transfer all the photos ands to your computer, process them there, and then you can post them through the site. Before posting, be sure to review the you mounted, check its quality and see if there are any watermarks left by the program on it.

How to add someone else’s story to your Instagram story

If you liked the story of another user, then you can post it to yourself. Here is the easiest way to do it:

  1. Go to the story you like.
  2. Click on the airplane icon in the lower right corner.
  3. Then at the top of the page, select “Add a post to your story

After that, this story will begin to appear in your place too. Such a story will be displayed in a special frame, according to which other users will know that this is not your story, but of another person.

This is the end of the article on how to add a story to instagram. In it, we discussed everything that you could want to learn about Instagram Stories, from their creation, to viewing statistics. This feature is perfect for those who want to get a little closer with their subscribers. And if you are an active person who has something to tell about your life, then be sure they will be happy.