How To Increase Keyboard Size On Android

Keyboard Shells Guide for Android, Part 1

With active correspondence, constant typing on smartphones and tablets, the requirements for a software keyboard increase. In this guide, we will explore the keyboard shells available on Google Play.

The information will also be useful to those for whom the standard keyboard is inconvenient for many reasons, whether it is an inconvenient arrangement of keys or the absence of the necessary languages, layouts, or functions.

Review participants:

  • Smart keyboard
  • MessagEase Keyboard
  • Minuum keyboard

Also will be mentioned:

  • Hacker’s keyboard
  • MultiLing Keyboard
  • Go keyboard
  • Fleksy keyboard

Smart keyboard

Smart Keyboard. multilingual keyboard with support for themes and alternative layouts. The adjective “Smart” in the name, apparently, is explained by the fact that this shell can automatically correct typos, guess words and work with a user dictionary. However, like many other participants in the review.

To enable the keyboard, go to the “Language and input” system settings, activate Smart Keyboard and select it as the default input method.

Russian is present in the list of supported locales, in the “Language” settings of the application, you can mark the layouts available for switching during input. QWERTY layouts in 3 or 4 rows, T9 and a phonetic keyboard are available for the Russian language. Accordingly, where there is QWERTY, the usual layout for the Cyrillic alphabet is also assumed (hereinafter in the guide).

To fully support the Russian language in the Smart Keyboard, you can go to Google Play and download the appropriate dictionary. In the section “Prediction of text” options are available that will help to speed up text input and reduce the percentage of typos. These include: correcting common mistakes, hints, word completion and punctuation. Separately, it is worth noting the option of smart auto-completion. that is, the tips use the frequency of use of the word.

Custom dictionaries and AutoText can be imported / exported in CSV format. The program can copy both dictionaries and user settings to the cloud, synchronize via Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and other web services.

When working with text, Smart Keyboard allows multiple touch (i.e. multitouch) and gestures (swipe left, right, up and down). You can assign various actions to them: change the language, switch to compact mode, edit text, and many more. other

Through the general settings of Smart Keyboard, you can change the style of the keyboard. The list contains quite recognizable themes: iPhone, Android, Galaxy, HTC, in various colors, plus there is the option to download other themes on Google Play.

On small screens, you can activate the full-screen keyboard. Also, for accurate input, it is easy to increase the height of the keys in landscape and portrait displays. Separate keys (arrows), fields and rows for each layout are configured.

Summary. Smart Keyboard Shell will be interesting as a replacement and addition to the standard keyboard. This is a kind of universal option without “frills”, which is suitable for many users.

MessagEase Keyboard

MessagEase is significantly different from most keyboard shells on Google Play. First of all, there is no traditional QWERTY layout. But, as you know, the QWERTY layout is optimal not everywhere and not for everyone. For devices with a small screen, it makes sense to test the alternatives.

According to the developer, the maximum speed achieved when writing text in MessagEase is 82 words per minute, which is not so small. To learn about the MessagEase keyboard device and further speed up typing, you can download the MessagEase Game educational game on Google Play. Also, after installation, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the training manual and look at the help section, which describes in detail the functions of the application.

MessagEase interface is represented by a keyboard with 9 large buttons. They are arranged in such a way that the text input is intuitive: the most used letters of the alphabet are placed in the center of the keys, and to enter them, just touch the center of the buttons. Other letters are entered using gestures (circular movements, swipe to the side, etc.). You can use multi-touch, draw shapes in combination with modifier keys. Thus, it is easy to enter not only letters, but also numbers, special characters, and use editing commands.

In MessagEase, you can connect dictionaries for guessing words. In the form of add-ons, they are available on Google Play, including a Russian-language dictionary. There are more settings for the text in the “Auto Switch” settings section: correction of lowercase letters, punctuation, correction of errors in words, etc.

MessagEase provides macros for quick input. True, these are not so much scenarios as abbreviations, abbreviations. They are useful when entering frequently occurring text fragments, some quantities (date, time, contact) and some macros inside others.

And finally, in the additional parameters, you can activate the Turbo Speed ​​mode. a synonym for careless input. Using this method, you need to enter only the main characters in the layout, MessagEase corrects typos independently.

MessagEase flexibly adjusts the layout. Through the settings, you can change the color and shape of the keys, fonts, delete unnecessary characters on the buttons. In addition, the shape and size of the keyboard itself changes. For tablet and landscape modes, a left- and right-handed keyboard is available. You can switch between modes on the fly. directly when entering text.

Summary. This exotic solution can take root on Android, although it requires some retraining and getting used to. There are pros and cons to this approach. The advantages of MessagEase are unconditional: optimized and convenient layout, many important points have been taken into account: interface settings, full support for languages, gestures. In general, all this provides quick and correct text input. However, such addiction can lead to the opposite effect: you will have to relearn to the QWERTY layout again.

Minuum keyboard

Google play

The application is interesting if only because it raised almost 100 thousand dollars through crowdfunding, while it was planned 10 times less. The Minuum Keyboard is described as a “small keyboard for the thumbs”. obviously, this is attractive.

Minuum Keyboard offers not so much an alternative layout, but its other arrangement. QWERTY in a checkerboard pattern. This allows you to free up the screen and, at the same time, have at hand a full-format set of letters and numbers. Using such a keyboard is most convenient in landscape display and on a tablet: all letters are clearly visible, the distance is optimal and there is access to the bottom row of characters. When you click on any button, zooming is enabled.

With sloppy typing, words are corrected automatically. To demonstrate how the Minuum Keyboard deals with typos, you can run a small guide inside the program.

In addition, you can change the keyboard layout: normal, left or right, floating keyboard. The height of tooltips, space, compact and standard layouts is adjustable.

As for editing the text, there are not so many such options in Minuum Keyboard: correction of capital letters, clever punctuation, guessing words.

By default, the list of languages ​​for which you can download dictionaries contains only German, French and Italian. To add Russian, you need to enable Internet access and wait for the corresponding line in the Language section to appear layout.

Despite its emphasized minimalistic look, Minuum Keyboard offers many themes. They are divided into flat, soft, diamond-shaped, natural and others. Chameleon themes that change the background color of the shell depending on the current application are especially curious.

Summary. Minuum Keyboard will appeal to tablet owners and users who value typing speed and the ability to auto-correct typos. At the same time, the smartphone version is quite suitable for comfortable work with text, since in Minuum you can change the layout and adapt the keyboard to the size of a small screen.

Hacker’s keyboard

Google play

Hacker’s Keyboard is a program for those who need to make a kind of “mobile hack” to return the standard PC keyboard to the device. Almost all the keys on this keyboard are present (for example, the F1 – F12 function keys) and are in place.

For Russian, the Hacker’s Keyboard has regular and phonetic layouts, 4 and 5 rows of keys. Separately, a Russian-language dictionary is available on Google Play. When you enter, you can turn on hints, word options, completion, punctuation.

There are enough settings for the interface in the keyboard: you can change the height of the keyboard, the number of rows, the size of the text, and themes. You can configure gestures and reassign individual keys.

There are separate settings for the ConnectBot SSH client in the application. the PC keyboard, in particular, allows you to work in the terminal without restrictions.

MultiLing Keyboard

Google play

MultiLing Keyboard is a lightweight multi-language keyboard for Android. There is a Russian layout, in addition, a large number of alphabetic layouts are presented here: T9, compact, phonetic Cyrillic, left and right, Qwerty / Azerty / Qwertz, Dvorak, Neo and others.

For autocompletion, you need to download an additional dictionary on the developer’s site. The configuration process is implemented not as conveniently as in other programs: you need to spend several minutes to find the desired dictionary, making your way through the advertising modules. Nevertheless, in fact, everything works, support for the Russian language is well implemented. Auto-correction is available, you can use abbreviations, tips work. A custom application dictionary is imported and exported.

For quick input, you can use gestures and hardware keys. For certain buttons (space, dot, Shift, etc.), the action is configured by long pressing them.

As for visual settings, you can change the theme, change the height of the keys and the distance between them, font size. Thus, MultiLing Keyboard adapts well for any finger. It should be noted here that the display setting is not so convenient: there is no way to quickly look at the keyboard and test text input.

In addition to adjusting the appearance, you can activate the split mode: split keyboards for landscape or portrait display. Split on tablets is especially convenient.

Go keyboard

Google play

First of all, Go Keyboard is a keyboard in which the emphasis is on visual diversity. icons and themes. By the way, more than 1000 themes are available in the market for every taste and color. True, by default the choice in the program is small, and finding among hundreds of topics suitable is not so easy. In addition, in the settings you can easily change some of the keyboard display options: height, font size, and so on. A separate section of the parameters is reserved for sounds. they are collected here only as funny options for voice acting. GO Keyboard also has extensions (plugins), formally there are only three of them and they do not offer anything significant.

The program is intuitive: at the beginning of use, the user is shown “by hand” how to switch text input, after which you can turn on the Russian language in the settings and download the dictionary for auto-completion. The Russian layout is presented in two options. YASHERT (phonetic layout) and in 4 rows. In general, support for the Russian language is not bad, but the quality of Russian localization spoils the impression: there are mistakes that are misleading.

In terms of functionality, the Go Keyboard probably cannot offer flexible settings. However, the following features are noteworthy: predictive input, vocabulary, autocomplete, prompts. If necessary, you can export or import the vocabulary to the SD card, but there is no online synchronization of settings and dictionary.

Fleksy keyboard

Google play

Fleksy developers say their development is the fastest mobile keyboard in the world.

After installing Fleksy, it is proposed not only to turn on the keyboard and download the dictionary, but also to watch an interactive lesson on the use of gestures. even a lazy person will be interested. The application does not burden the user with many combinations and gestures for memorizing. instead, a basic set for mastering is given. Then it becomes clear that in Fleksy a few gestures are enough to simplify the input and editing of text. For example: swipe down. word correction, up. cancel correction, swipe left. word deletion, double space. smart punctuation.

Although the Fleksy interface is not localized, the Russian language is supported during input. In the settings, you can enable auto-correction of errors, display of options, correction of capital letters, learning words (saving to a dictionary) and importing contacts. There are not many other settings in Fleksy, which once again indicates minimalism.

The keyboard design is flat and minimalistic, you can choose from 30 available color themes. In addition, transparency, the size of the keyboard buttons (3 sizes) are adjusted, the space is removed, which makes the layout even more compact.

Fleksy supports extensions, and among them there are a few interesting ones: the addition of a digital number, the ability to quickly hide the keyboard, shortcuts, hot keys, etc. However, in the free version, you can use no more than three expansion slots.

How to change keyboard on android?

Android users usually rely on the keyboard for the default application that comes pre-installed on the device. However, the Google Play Store has countless third-party apps for Android key fobs. These alternative keyboard apps come with interesting themes, new features, advanced scanning capabilities, and customizable layouts.

When it comes to a third-party keyboard application, there is always the risk of using keyloggers and other malicious programs. But, as the array of Android keyboards is constantly evolving, the need for an effective keyboard looks like the need to stay up to date with the latest features. So, we have presented a list of seven reliable and secure Android applications from third-party developers that you can use as an alternative to your default keyboard. Today we will consider. how to change the keyboard on android? And which application to choose.

Note. This list is not in order of preference; This is a compilation of the best Android keyboard apps. You are advised to choose one according to your needs.

List of seven best Android keyboard apps

SwiftKey for Android is one of the best Android keyboard apps that will replace the native keyboard app on iOS or Android devices. It is trusted by more than 250 million users worldwide. SwiftKey was recently acquired by Microsoft for an impressive amount.

Th. An application for the Android keyboard uses artificial intelligence, which allows it to automatically learn and predict the next word that the user intends to enter. Swiftkey has an auto-correction and gesture input feature for faster input. He intelligently learns your typing template and adapts to it. This keyboard app also includes many different themes, emoji, built-in GIF search engine, private number rows and a great keyboard for bilingual people.

over, SwiftKey has a strong privacy policy. He does not recognize anything from the fields marked as a password field, and does not remember long credit card numbers. It allows you to choose a cloud service and delete information. In general, SwiftKey can do typing a lot better. It is available for free with some in-app purchases for additional themes.

Swype for Android is an awesome keyboard app for Android that gets smarter the more you use it. This is similar to the SwiftKey keyboard concept. Swype has been around for a very long time. It was originally developed in 2002, and later a keyboard application was acquired by Nuance Communication in 2011. It continued its development from there.

Swype uses an error correction algorithm and language model to learn your unique vocabulary and predicts your words based on your previous use. His Android keyboard app is highly customizable and comes with an extensive collection of themes and emoji. It has bilingual support and allows you to enter words from two languages ​​at the same time.

How to Increase Keyboard Size on Android

Swype boasts its speech recognition software, Dragon Dictation. It provides accurate and quick work with text. There is a free version of this Android keyboard, but you can unlock many features if you go to the paid version.

Google updated the Google Keyboard app for Android users on Gboard in December 2016. Gboard has everything you like in the Google Keyboard application. speed and reliability, gesture input, voice dialing, etc. The new update also includes a fully integrated Google search engine, allowing you to quickly share search results from the keyboard. It also offers GIFs and emoji when you type.

Gboard has a minimalist design that fits perfectly with the material design. Its additional functionality includes options for a dark theme, adding a personal image as a keyboard background, voice dictation, phrase prediction and emotion recognition in manual mode. In addition, it supports multilingual typing and supports more than 100 different languages. This feature-rich and simple keyboard app for Android is completely free to download. It does not display unnecessary ads or includes any in-app purchases.

Fleksy Keyboard for Android is known as the fastest Android app in the world. He twice records the world record for print speed. Fleksy uses next-generation Auto Correction and Gesture Control so you can print accurately in less time. The gesture of gestures is used to control standard functions, such as quickly adding punctuation, space, deleting and correcting words.

Fleksy is very customizable. It covers over 50 different multi-colored themes, three separate customizable keyboard sizes, over 800 Emojis, GIFs, etc. In addition, you can create keyboard shortcuts, navigate applications directly from the keyboard, copy / paste, and even have easy access to numbers row. It also supports over 40 different languages.

In addition, this third-party Android keyboard app complies with strict privacy policies. It does not collect any personal data without your permission. All in all, Fleksy is a great Android keyboard app. It is available for free and does not display any annoying ads.

Chrooma for Android is very similar to the Google keyboard, except that it provides much more customizable options than the Google keyboard. You will find all the essential features, such as typing, gesture input, resizing the keyboard, predictive text input and auto-correction. Chrooma also includes some additional features, such as adding a separate line of numbers, Emojis support, GIF search, multilingual support, one-handed mode, etc. He also added a night mode function that can change the color tone of the keyboard when it is turned on. You can also set a timer and program the night mode.

This Android keyboard app is equipped with intelligent artificial intelligence that provides you with more accuracy and better contextual typing prediction. The most pleasant thing about the Chrooma keyboard application is its adaptive color mode, i.e. it can automatically adapt to the color of the application used and make the keyboard like it is part of the application.

Chrooma has a free version that comes with some in-app purchases. The paid version provides you with several customizable options, such as disabling the action bar, other themes and further changing the appearance of the keyboard.

Go Keyboard for Android is one of the best Android keyboard apps that will replace the default keyboard. The keyboard has a simple, minimalist design, which is very convenient. It can improve and ease your typing habits.

Among its many features, Go supports a keyboard for different languages, even those that do not use the Roman script. It also includes integrated dictionaries that can tell you the meaning of any word in any language. Go Keyboard contains over 1000 different themes, emojis, GIFs, fonts, etc. In addition, it includes an unlock screen and a charging mode function that is unique to the application.

Go Keyboard is free, but contains ads and some in-app purchases.

TouchPal for Android is an impressive award-winning Android app that has over 500 million users worldwide. The application has been running for a very long time. It is available for free and is compatible with most Android phones.

Great Keyboard for Android Devices [SwiftKey Keyboard]

Not less important function for the user of android devices is typing on a smartphone, tablet. Choosing the right keyboard should guarantee the fastest and most convenient typing of the desired text. One of the most popular keyboards is SwiftKey Keyboard. a free application for android devices from the super developer SwiftKey.

This is the best (in my opinion) keyboard for typing on android. Typing in this application is much faster than in the built-in android keyboard from Google. The program remembers previously entered words and phrases, therefore, when re-typing, you will see them first, that is, when typing 1-4 characters, it automatically substitutes the necessary words. There is also voice input for text.

Key features of SwiftKey Keyboard:

  • The choice of a large number of themes;
  • Voice input text;
  • Corrects most typing errors;
  • Support for a large number of languages ​​(including Russian); language switching is done by space, swipe right or left;
  • Beautiful and user-friendly interface;
  • The selected keyboard can be customized individually;
  • The keyboard size is much larger than other similar ones;

You can download and install SwiftKey Keyboard from the Play Market here. The installation is standard, as for most other applications from the play store. You can find out how to download any application from Google Play to your computer here.

SwiftKey Keyboard looks something like this. Settings are opened by clicking in the upper left corner of the keyboard.

Everything is in Russian and quite understandable to a simple user. Settings are divided into six sections:

  • Layout. select a keyboard layout for a tablet, smartphone;
  • Resize. select a keyboard size;
  • Unpin. install the keyboard anywhere on the display.
  • Keys. select additional keys (numeric keypad, arrow keys, etc.);
  • Input and auto correction;
  • . additional settings;

For large smartphones, tablets.

Resize keyboard:

When you press and hold the blue circle at the bottom of the keyboard, you can move it to anywhere on the screen.

Input and auto correction:

advanced settings:

SwiftKey Keyboard supports a large number of free themes (there are also paid ones if someone is not enough). To purchase themes, click on the link “ topics”. If anyone is interested here is the assembly of this keyboard with more than 80 free themes. Here is another build. We delete the previous version, put a new one.

Supports over 80 languages.

I think that with the installation and configuration, questions should not arise. That’s all, I’m finishing my short post, for now, see you soon.