How to Recover Deleted Notes on Iphone

In the Notes program it is convenient to write down your ideas, create checklists and sketches, and perform other actions. And thanks to iCloud, notes will be synchronized with all your devices.

Beginning of work

  • Make sure your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch has the latest iOS installed.
  • To use the new features of Notes, you must configure it for use with iCloud or save notes directly on your device. Many Notes features are not supported by other email service providers.
  • If you have drawings in the Notes program, make sure they are updated so that you can use the latest features.

Create notes

You can create a note manually in the Notes program or ask Siri about it.

Manual note taking

How to Recover Deleted Notes on Iphone

Open the Notes program. Click to create a note. When done, click Finish. The first line of the note will be used as its title.

Create notes using Siri

Need to write something fast? Just say Siri: “Create a new note.” Then dictate the text of the note to Siri.

Delete or pin notes

To delete a note, tap or swipe an unnecessary note in the list to the left, and then click Delete.

To restore a deleted note, go to the list of folders and open the Recently Deleted folder. Open the desired note, tap the screen in it and click “Restore”. Find out what to do if there are no notes.

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To pin a note, swipe it to the right and release your finger. If this was the first pinned note, a pin icon will appear at the top of the note list. To unpin a note, swipe it to the right again.

Other features of the Notes program

In the Notes program, you can draw, create checklists, scan and sign documents, and add attachments, such as photos,s, or web links.

Create a checklist

Tap the note text box, and then tap. Make a list of tasks, then click on empty circles as you complete them. You can also automatically sort the marked items at the bottom, swipe them to add indentation, etc. Learn more about creating task lists in the Notes program.

Format Note

To add a table, title, title or bullet list, tap the screen in an open note, then tap or. When formatting is complete on your iPhone or iPod touch, click Finish. There is no need to press anything on the iPad.

Add attachment

To add data from another program, such as location information from Maps, or a website from Safari, click in the program you need. Open the Notes program, select the note to which you want to add an attachment, and click Save. You can add an attachment to an existing note or create a new one for it.

Adding a photo or

To add a photo or, tap the screen in an open note, then tap. You can add a finished photo or by selecting the “Media Library”, or create a new one to add to the note by clicking “Take a photo or.” Click Finish, Use. photo ”or“ Use.”.

Create folders and organize notes

To make it easier to organize notes, you can create folders and subfolders. The following is the procedure.

  1. If the list of notes is open, click the icon to go to the list of folders.
  2. In the list of folders, click New Folder.
  3. Choose where to add the folder. To create a subfolder, drag the desired folder to the main folder. It will move to the main folder and will be indented.
  4. Give her a name and click “Save.”
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To move a note to another folder, follow these steps:

  1. If a note is open, tap to go to the list of notes.
  2. In the list of notes, click “Change” (), and then. “Select notes.”
  3. Select the notes you want to move.
  4. Select the Move To command and specify the destination folder.

View notes in the Gallery view

In iOS 13, finding the right notes is even easier thanks to the Gallery view. Just tap to display notes as thumbnails. Click again to display them in a list.

To sort notes in folders, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the folder where you want to sort.
  2. Swipe the screen down until the search box appears.
  3. Click the “Sort” field and select a sorting criterion. Notes in each folder can be sorted by creation date, date modified or name.

To sort notes automatically, go to the Settings menu “Notes” and click “Sort”. Then select the sorting criteria.

Search for notes or attachments

To find a specific note, go to the top of the note list, click the search field and enter a key phrase. You can search for printed and handwritten notes. And in iOS 13, the search engine can even recognize what is shown in the images inside the notes. For example, if you enter “motorcycle” in the search field, all available images with motorcycles are displayed. You can also find specific text in scanned documents, such as receipts and invoices.

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To search in a specific note, select the desired note, press and scroll to “Find in note”. Then indicate what you need to find.

Attachment search is also supported. Click in the upper right corner, and then. “View attachments.” To open a note with the desired attachment, press and hold its thumbnail, and then select “Show in note.”

Quickly create a note on the lock screen

Using Apple Pencil and a compatible iPad, you can quickly create a note from the lock screen or continue working on the last note. To change the settings, go to the Settings menu “Notes”, click “Notes on the block. screen ”and select one of the options.

Touch the lock screen with the Apple Pencil accessory and create a note. It will be automatically saved in the Notes program.

Note Protection

The Notes program allows you to block any note and make it inaccessible for viewing by other users of the device. Depending on the device, you can use Face ID, Touch ID or password to lock and unlock notes.

Set up notes using iCloud

Thanks to iCloud service, changes in notes will be displayed on all used devices. To configure Notes for use with iCloud, go to the Settings menu [your name] iCloud and turn on the Notes feature. After that, you can view notes on all Apple devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID.