Program For Creating Programs For Computer

Program For Creating Programs For Computer

Programming is a creative and interesting process. In order to create programs you do not always need to know languages. What tool is needed to create programs? You need a programming environment. With its help, your commands are translated into a binary code that is understandable for a computer. Here are just a lot of languages, and programming environments even more. We will consider the list of programs for creating programs.


PascalABC.NET is a simple free development environment for Pascal. It is it that is most often used in schools and universities for training. This program in Russian will allow you to create projects of any complexity. The code editor will prompt and help you, and the compiler will point out errors. It has a high speed of program execution.

The advantage of using Pascal is that it is an object-oriented programming. OOP is much more convenient than procedural programming, although more voluminous.

Unfortunately, PascalABC.NET is a little demanding on computer resources and can hang on older machines.

Free pascal

Free Pascal is a cross-platform compiler, not a programming environment. With it, you can check the program for correct spelling, as well as run it. But you cannot compile it in.Exe. Free Pascal has a high speed of execution, as well as a simple and intuitive interface.

Just like in many similar programs, the code editor in Free Pascal can help the programmer by completing command writing for him.

Its minus is that the compiler can only determine whether there are errors or not. It does not highlight the line in which the error was made, so the user has to look for it himself.

Turbo pascal

Almost the first tool for creating programs on a computer is Turbo Pascal. This programming environment was created for the DOS operating system, and to run it on Windows you need to install additional software. It supports the Russian language, has a high speed of execution and compilation.

Turbo Pascal has such an interesting feature as tracing. In trace mode, you can monitor the operation of the program step by step and monitor the data changes. This will help to detect errors, the most difficult to find. Logical errors.

Although Turbo Pascal is simple and reliable to use, it is still slightly outdated: created in 1996, Turbo Pascal is relevant for only one OS. DOS.


This is a visual programming environment in Pascal. Its convenient, intuitive interface allows you to easily create programs with minimal language knowledge. Lazarus is almost completely compatible with the Delphi programming language.

Unlike the Algorithm and HiAsm, Lazarus nevertheless assumes knowledge of the language, in our case. Pascal. Here you not only assemble the program with the mouse in pieces, but also prescribe the code for each element. This allows you to better understand the processes taking place in the program.

Lazarus allows you to use a graphics module with which you can work with images, as well as create games.

Unfortunately, if you have questions, you will have to search for answers on the Internet, since Lazarus does not have documentation.


HiAsm is a free constructor that is available in Russian. You do not need to know the language for creating programs. Here you are just piece by piece, as a constructor, assemble it. Many components are available here, but you can expand their range by installing add-ons.

Unlike the Algorithm, it is a graphical programming environment. Everything that you create will be displayed on the screen in the form of a picture and diagram, not a code. This is quite convenient, although some people like the text recording more.

HiAsm is quite powerful and it has a high program execution speed. This is especially important when creating games when using a graphics module, which significantly slows down the work. But for HiAsm, this is not a problem.


An algorithm is an environment for creating programs in Russian, one of the few. Its feature is that it uses textual visual programming. This means that you can create a program without knowing the language. An algorithm is a constructor that has a large set of components. You can find information about each component in the program documentation.

The Algorithm also allows you to work with the graphics module, but applications using graphics will run for quite some time.

In the free version, you can compile a project from.Alg to.Exe only on the developer’s site and only 3 times a day. This is one of the main disadvantages. You can purchase a licensed version and compile projects directly in the program.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is one of the most popular cross-platform IDEs. This environment has a free, slightly limited version and a paid one. For most programmers, the free version is enough. It has a powerful code editor that will correct errors and complete the code for you. If you make a mistake, the environment informs you of this and offers possible solutions. This is an intelligent development environment that predicts your actions.

Another convenient feature in InteliiJ IDEA is automatic memory management. The so-called “garbage collector” constantly monitors the memory that is allocated for the program, and, in the case when the memory is no longer needed, the collector frees it.

But everything has cons. A slightly confusing interface is one of the problems that novice programmers face. It is also obvious that such a powerful environment has fairly high system requirements for correct operation.


Most often, Eclipse is used to work with the Java programming language, but it also supports working with other languages. This is one of IntelliJ IDEA’s main competitors. The difference between Eclipse and similar programs is that you can install various add-ons to it and it can be completely customized for you.

Eclipse also has a high compilation and execution speed. You can run each program created in this environment on any operating system, since Java is a cross-platform language.

The difference between Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA is its interface. In Eclipse, it is much simpler and more understandable, which makes it more convenient for beginners.

But also, like all IDEs for Java, Eclipse still has its own system requirements, so it will not work on every computer. Although these requirements are not so high.

It is impossible to say with certainty which program for creating programs is the best. You must select a language and then try each environment for it. After all, each IDE is different and has its own characteristics. Who knows which one you like best.

Creating a photo collage is a creative process of composing several pictures into a single image. Take the time to choose the brightest moments captured on digital media to make a photo collage. A beautiful collage of photos can decorate your desktop wallpaper, poster, poster, poster or wedding invitation. To create it, it is absolutely not necessary to have special skills. Using one of the programs offered in our selection. Collage generators.

General Information:. Features:

A program that allows you to create collages easily and quickly. Is your family or family planning a holiday? Create an incredibly colorful greeting card in just a few clicks using the collage app!

Among most analogues, attachment Demonstrates extremely high quality indicators. Also worth noting is a simple and intuitive interface for beginners.

Key Features:

  • Creation of cards of various subjects;
  • Ability to save finished layouts;
  • Use of signatures and text on editable images;
  • Full work with clipart;
  • A huge database of built-in templates;
  • Formation of frames and creation of unique transition effects;
  • Support for all common formats;
  • Stable updates with useful additions from the developer AMS Software;
  • Convenient and stylish excellent Russian-language interface;
  • Sending ready-made collages to social networks VKontakte, Facebook and other web resources;
  • Support for any current OS versions from Microsoft;
  • The presence of a built-in module for printing collage images.

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A free program for viewing, distribution and graphic processing of digital images, includes a simple photo editor and application for collages. The service is convenient in that it is configured to automatically structure all the photos that are on the PC. By launching the program, you can quickly categorize photos and carry out simple editing, add text to photos, watermarks, etc.

Key Features:

  • Download and index photos from all folders on your hard drive;
  • View in full screen extension or in slide show mode;
  • Retouching, alignment and cropping;
  • Create spectacular collages with the addition of various elements;
  • Production of screen savers and slide shows;
  • Saving the original image when editing it;
  • Create a web gallery.

This is a convenient solution for working with digital images. A simple navigation system is understandable even to a beginner. You can create a personal photo gallery on web pages and add edited photos directly from Picasa.

The function of sending finished images by e-mail adds advantages to the graphic editor. Google Cloud Download is also available. But, despite all the advantages, the project is closed. Its functionality is partially duplicated in the web photos Google Web for browsers and mobile devices. Google Photo also supports face recognition technology.

Photoscape. A program for creating collages and a multifunctional graphic editor that provides the user with a wide field for creative achievements. The application for viewing and processing digital images allows you to create beautiful collages from several files, greeting cards and attractive desktop wallpapers using dozens of ready-made templates, as well as in manual mode.

Also, the software will help you adjust the brightness, contrast, crop, combine photos into one, save the result to an online gallery, etc. Many features are provided for your creativity absolutely free.

The main features of Photoscape:

  • A rich arsenal of tools;
  • Automatic file unpacking;
  • Batch photo editing;
  • Animation mode with various effects;
  • Simultaneous work with several photos;
  • Universal master with a wide selection of templates and frames;
  • Built-in browser for viewing finished photo collages;
  • Convert files from RAW to JPG formats for a photo album.

Photoscape is a universal assistant that is equipped with auxiliary effects and filters for professional image processing. A significant plus of the collage program is the user-friendly panel and low weight, so it takes up a little space on the computer’s hard drive.

Collagerator photocollage. A successful mix of two programs for creating photo collages Collage and Creator, which produces unique photo masterpieces in just a couple of minutes. The free program works on Mac OS X and windows 7 platforms, supports Retina display with its own catalog of theme templates.


  • Clear toolbar;
  • Display a selection of recently created works;
  • Flexible parameter setting system, easy scaling;
  • The “mosaic” function to add abstract unique patterns;
  • The Theme tab contains functions for arranging pictures, applying shadows, adding frames and changing the background;
  • Converting saved files to BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIF;
  • Collage resolution control during export.

A handy utility that provides quick collage generation from multiple shots. Advanced functionality will please fans of photo design with new solutions for processing digital images. It is possible to control the number of images, change the orientation on the page and select the appropriate theme. The interface is represented by tabs with a set of tools and a preview area. Management is designed competently so that the user does not get confused in the rich arsenal of functions.

The lightest of the proposed options for creating photo collages, which, having a minimal package of tools, allows you to create beautiful collages in automatic mode. The specifics of working with the service is very simple: you need to select several photos, decide on the type of collage, layout frame and start the process with one click.


  • Three-step master of collages;
  • The catalog has 15 presets;
  • The ability to change the background of the photo collage;
  • The ability to combine photos for the author’s collage;
  • The function of sending a file by mail and uploading to the server;
  • Correction of the sizes of the processed image;
  • The inability to add background and texture besides the standard predefined;
  • Support for various formats (TGA, JPEG, TIF) to save the finished image.

A handy utility with the ability to create a collage using a minimum of effort. A simple interface allows you to quickly navigate in the navigation panel and immediately begin the creative process. Among the editor’s shortcomings, one can note the lack of the Russian language and the photo cropping function, which is available only in the CollageIt Pro version.

A versatile and easy-to-use graphic editor with the option of combining photos to create collages, photo books, suitable for amateur use. The free program does not pretend to be a professional level, but offers users a convenient service for the implementation of interesting ideas.

Using the editor, you can make greeting cards and designer calendars yourself. Add photos, apply text, specify a background image and print!

Key Features:

  • The presence of a selection of templates for cards and calendars;
  • Support for JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TGA formats for author editing;
  • Jumble and layont tools for adding original effects;
  • Create photo collages using the Grid Collage Maker tool for symmetrical arrangement of images;
  • Quick installation on your computer;
  • English interface.

The graphic file processing tool allows you to make a collage in a few minutes, using quality tools for creativity. A collage master that is understandable for inexperienced users can become your indispensable assistant in the processing of your own photographs.

All the photo collage creation programs discussed in the review are available for free download. Therefore, it remains to be determined for whom which photo editor is best suited. For use by designers or creative people for professional purposes, it is worth choosing multifunctional applications that have huge capabilities.

PhotoCollage is the most powerful universal program designed for both professionals and beginners. Thanks to an impressive set of unique templates, you can create exclusive collages, high-quality wallpapers, greeting cards or layouts for website design! Against the background of competitors, the utility boasts the highest quality of finished content and a surprisingly simple implementation of controls.

Photoscape and Collagerator. Meet the specified requirements. A confident user with the help of multi-component creation programs can create an incredible work of art photography. An abundance of templates and special effects, support for various formats and a professional interface. This is the secret to creating spectacular collages, greeting cards and calendars.

For amateur collage of photos from a personal album, the functional applications Picasa, CollageIt and Picture Collage Maker Free are suitable. All of them have a standard arsenal of tools, a specific set of templates and editing functions. Convenient and compact graphic editors will be indispensable helpers on your PC. The only minus CollageIt in the absence of the Russian language. But the English-language versions of the utilities have an intuitive appearance.

If you do not want to install new software on your PC, use a simple English-language online. Photo Collage Maker service. To find it, enter the name in Google. And for those who have already figured out collages and want to move to a new level, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the PhotoSHOW Pro slide show creation tool from the developer of the Photo Collage 8.15 application (also makes a). It will help to make beautifuls from photos with music in just 2 clicks. Your photos will sparkle in a completely new way! If you were looking for a tool for Android and iOS, try Pic Collage or any online service that allows you to work directly on your smartphone. As a rule, their only minus. The presence of advertising. But the resulting images can be quickly and easily uploaded to Instagram.

We also originally planned to include Funny Photo Maker in the selection. According to some users, it allows you to easily compose several pictures, crop, modify and edit them, add labels, choosing any of dozens of text fonts, add stickers and stickers. But the tool has a couple of significant minuses: the last supported OS is Windows 7; it is difficult to download for free. Antiviruses swear; the base of built-in templates and settings does not allow you to realize your full creative potential and turn ordinary photos into a masterpiece on the cover of the magazine. In a word, it is outdated and can be dangerous.