Tv Hangs Up Not Responding To The Remote

Why Samsung Smart TV freezes. an up-to-date request in 2020. Smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular. Through the Smart Hub app, you can watch onlines, pictures, web pages, listen to music, play games. and that’s it on TV. In our material, we identify common problems associated with the freezing of Smart TV, the reasons for their occurrence and possible ways to fix the problem.

Why Samsung Smart TV slows down and freezes: reasons

To understand the possible source of braking for the Samsung TV, let’s determine what is happening on the screen.

If you watch television, perhaps the weak antenna is to blame. In the case of an Internet connection, there may be several options for permissible problems:

  • low speed or no network connection;
  • many widgets downloaded. memory overloaded;
  • the browser has not cleared the cache for a long time;
  • old firmware.

The cause of the freeze may also be an incorrect Smart TV setting.

The remote does not respond

The lack of response from the remote control can be caused by various factors.

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First of all, check that the batteries are working on other equipment. Perhaps they are out of order and need to be replaced with new ones. With low energy consumption of the batteries, the remote control buttons may not immediately respond to pressing, and therefore the user begins to suspect that the remote control is inoperative.

Another check the operation of the remote control will help the camera on your smartphone. Each device has an infrared sensor that sends a command signal. You need to position the remote control with the indicator up over the camera and try to press the buttons. If the signal goes, it is immediately visible on the display. the sensor is on.

TV Hangs Up Not Responding To The Remote

In most cases, when Samsung Smart TV is frozen and the remote does not respond, the reason for this is the remote. Take it to a service center, where specialists will quickly help solve the problem.

Lags when watching movies online

If Smart TV slows down when watching movies online, the problems may be as follows:

  1. Slowly transmitted signal;
  2. Incorrect network settings on a Wi-Fi router.
  3. Full TV memory.
  4. With frequent use of the browser, the cache is full.

To get rid of a hardware malfunction, clear the memory from the cache, delete unnecessary applications, etc. If you connect via WiFi, try switching directly via cable to increase the speed of the Internet. When automatically configuring the router, try to adjust it manually to exclude this error option.

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What to do if Samsung Smart TV slows down

If the TV with the Smart TV function is stupid, we will try to identify the problem and how to fix it. An elementary reboot of the device sometimes helps. If the problem persists, we will see the stability of the network connection, new firmware, change the settings.


If the equipment stops responding to the remote control commands, and the indicator starts flashing or constantly lights up, try restarting the TV. Unplug and unplug after about 5-10 minutes. With a second problem, we move on.

Internet and its connection

There are two ways to connect the TV to the Internet:

  • wireless. via Wi-Fi;
  • directly by cable.

To connect the equipment to the router, go to the “Menu” and go to the “Network Type” section. select “Wireless” connection.

In the window that appears, enter the WiFi authorization settings. The connection will be established. If the notification “Cannot get network settings” pops up, update the router software. When wired through a cable, follow the same steps, only select “Cable” in the menu.

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For the most part, the provider provides a dynamic IP, but if the protocol is PPPoE, PPtP, L2TP, then you will also need to enter a username and password. This data needs to be obtained from the manager of the service provider.

Software Update

Samsung Smart TV often slows down if a new firmware version has appeared. Because for the TV to function properly, it needs to be updated, otherwise it just won’t start. If you do not have enough Internet speed, new software can be downloaded to flash memory via a PC. After that, you need to connect the USB flash drive to the TV and update the system.

Device settings

Sometimes the TV lags due to incorrect settings. The fault may be your carelessness or the child “played” with the remote control. The solution to this problem is to reset Samsung Smart TV to the factory settings. If there is no reaction from the equipment to actions, try disconnecting from the network and reconnecting. This should help.

So, in this article, the possible factors of the TV freezing and the ways to eliminate them are considered. If the described actions did not help, feel free to contact the service center from the manufacturer.