How to Disable Background Mode on Phone

How to Disable Background Mode on Phone

A large number of users prefer to use the well-known social network Vkontakte on mobile devices through the official application (See the Official VK application for the phone). Active visitors are quite “painful” in every process of updating the application. When it involves limiting the functions that were used previously, the update brings the most inconvenience. For example, with the Vkontakte application version 3.0 (2017 update), a restriction was established on one of the most necessary and popular functions for most VK users. listening to music. Then for free listening to music in VK from a phone in the background, a limited time became possible. 30 minutes. Thus, 2 options were formed. to give up your favorite activity until the next day, or to pay for a subscription, which for many was quite inconvenient. But there are also ways to circumvent the restriction on listening to music in the VC in the background, and as part of this review, we will consider one of the surest ways, namely how to remove the screen lock on the phone.

Why do I need a screen lock on my phone?

We will devote this section to information on what blocking is and what it is for. In the following sections, we will consider how to remove the screen lock on the phone. Initially, the screen lock process on smartphones and phones was designed to protect the phone from sudden touches, unwanted actions by unauthorized persons, and activating the display at the wrong time. Thus, it is possible to save battery power and avoid unpleasant situations. If the locked screen is a hindrance for your interaction with the phone, it can be eliminated and today we will consider how to do it.

Locking the screen on phones allows you to minimize the possibility of unauthorized access to personal information that is stored on it. When it is installed, then no one, except the owner and the people to whom he entrusted the password or the graphic key from him, can use the telephone (except for emergency calls). This makes it possible to prevent the compromise of personal information, for example, as a result of the loss or theft of a smartphone. But it’s also worth understanding that sometimes it’s just necessary to remove the sleep mode on the android and iPhone.

Many, for a number of root causes, do not consider it necessary to install appropriate protection on their own telephone. But it is important to understand that its absence can be completely unprofitable.

Firstly, it prevents the implementation of inadvertent acts. For example, if the unlock button is accidentally pressed in the jeans pocket, then virtually no applications will be launched, as this will be prevented by the lock screen.

The corresponding screen also displays notifications and other information (for example, date, time). This makes it possible to quickly get acquainted with incoming calls, SMS, find out where you like and who reposted, while the owner of the phone did not use the device.

How to remove the screen lock on the phone

Despite all the above advantages of locking, there are still reasons why a person may need to remove the screen lock on the phone. Although this is not recommended, we will look at how this can be done.

The answer to the question of how to unlock the screen lock on a smartphone is very affordable. To do this, either in the menu, or on the main screen, or on the curtain, find the icon with gears and go into it. Before you form the settings menu, and there you will need to perform the following series of actions:

  • find the “Security” section and click on it;
  • click on the item “Screen lock”;
  • enter your password or pattern, which will unlock the device; if you enter it correctly, a list appears where you should select “No”.

After all the actions listed above are completed, the lock will be released, and the phone will be unlocked immediately by exposure with the corresponding key.

Listening to music without limits on the phone

After the freebie ended, and account holders in the social. Vkontakte networks received a 30-minute limit on listening to music, yet users did not give up and started looking for an option on how to get around the restrictions and use the wiretap as much as you like, including such as canceling the screen off on the phone.

It is important to understand that the developers decided on such a step, not out of their own greed. For a long time, the copyright holders of record companies have been putting pressure on the VK social network, all of whose songs we had the right to listen for free. Just at this time, they came to some kind of compromise, and decided not to close the entire music alley because of the massive violation of the authors’ rights. Based on information on further restrictions, it is known that soon this threshold will reach 30 minutes. For the first month, listening to music will be free, you only need to bind your card, later, after the first trial month, 149 rubles will be deducted from your card.

So, now back to the most interesting and important: how to listen to VK music without any restrictions on the phone, so as not to part with your favorite tracks and pay money for listening to them.

Bypass restrictions on Android

In this case, there is the opportunity to recommend you, download tracks and listen to them offline, this will certainly save you internet and save traffic. Thus, you will bypass the restriction and the allowable limit will not be a hindrance for you. To do this, use third-party applications of your choice.

So, if you wanted to listen to your favorite tunes and there was music from your Vkontakte account, and the Internet is absent or there is no desire to pay for it. The best option would be to install a working Android application. Then, using a good application, download music to your phone.

And here the question often arises: so which of the wide variety of applications to choose? Often, changing VKontakte updates do not contribute to stability in this regard. An application that works fine yesterday, does not guarantee the fact that it will carry out its activities efficiently today. Today, you can select the TOP-5 special. Android apps that allow you to listen to music offline with VK.

No matter how ridiculous it looks, but 3 of the above applications with similar names are in the TOP. In addition to various applications, you can listen to music in another way. without attenuating the screen, we will consider how to make the screen not fade on the phone later, but for now the advantage of the programs.

Let’s hope that among them you will choose what you want for yourself, and you will constantly hear VC music on Android. Most users probably have Wi-Fi at home, which will allow them not to waste mobile traffic if it is possible to download music and listen to only the most popular hits without ads at any time. Today, a high-quality phone can easily replace an mp3 player; on the way to study or work, your music will play in the headphones. It is also worth mentioning the AUX cable, which is present in most modern cars (you will have to abandon the use of a navigator), so the phone can brighten up your gloomy mood on the way, music from VK to Android can be played through the cable through the stereo system.

Bypass restriction for listening to music on iPhone

For such an apparatus, there are also special programs for downloading.

Often used and well-proven are the following:

All these iPhone apps for listening to music in VK, you can find here.

With these programs, downloading music will not take you a lot of time, as it was recently. All these applications will give you the opportunity to enjoy listening to music to the maximum! Most of them are focused on audio recordings together with VK, and some give the opportunity to download and listen to files on the iPhone. You can add music through these programs from absolutely any other music resource!

In addition to this method for listening to music from VK there is another way. copying audio tracks to a USB flash drive.

Music on a flash drive from Contact, a very affordable option to listen to music for free. Thus, you can listen to music in the car, player and phone.

The easiest way to download music to a USB flash drive is to use a special plugin. First you need to log into Vkontakt from your computer directly in the Google Chrome browser and then use the plugin.

Well, that’s not all. The current sages have already managed to figure out how to circumvent the limit to remove restrictions when listening to music.

Today, there are at least 2 ways to get around the VK music restriction without locking the screen to listen to music in VK from the phone. a great way without using third-party applications and programs.

First of all, you can open Vkontakte in a mobile browser. Then follow the link There will open the music from your account. You can enable listening, and if your phone remains in the background (the screen goes blank), music will continue to play without limit.

In addition, you can listen to music without blocking the screen, i.e., do not go into the background.

Further, it will be advisable to consider what can be done so that the phone screen does not block and how it happens.

How to disable screen auto-lock on iPhone

You may not be aware that the phone’s screen is set to auto dimming by default, and then turn off completely after a period of operation. Such settings favorably affect the duration of the battery, increasing its life without recharging. However, our situation, on the contrary, requires that a different mode be available to users, which assumes continuous operation of the display without turning it off. Naturally, turning off the phone screen periodically is an unacceptable factor.

In order to remove the screen lock on the iPhone, you need to carry out a number of simple actions.

1) Open “Settings” and then click on “Screen and brightness”.

2) After that, click on “Auto-lock” and select “Never” as an option.

For Android phones, just go to the settings and see a similar function for the screen.

Thus, disabling the screen auto-lock on all mobile devices works. After performing these steps, you can freely enjoy your favorite music from your favorite social. network.