How to Link Phone to Instagram

How to link Instagram to phone, Facebook or VK, and also link number to your account? Read about it in the submitted article on this page.

How to link Instagram to Facebook. Is it possible now

Recently, Instagram has changed the rules for creating accounts for business (by the way, personal blogs also belong to this category). Just six months ago, the user was required to link the business page to the Facebook profile, and if it is not yet available. Now, moving your Instagram page to commercial footing, you can skip this step. The system itself will open you an account in the sister network. And you later, when the time comes or a desire appears, claim your rights to it and fill in the information.

It would seem that everything is fine: business people were freed from unnecessary trouble. However, ordinary users, having heard about the innovation, but not knowing its essence, became alarmed. Or maybe the binding was completely canceled? And requests to connect Instagram to Facebook began to appear much more often. We want to reassure everyone who cares. Nothing changed.

Insta more than 6 years ago became a part of Facebook. Since then, both social networks have been firmly integrated among themselves. Between them there is an exchange of information about users, statistics. In some cases, for example, for doing business and blogging, a bunch will be very useful. Without it, it’s not possible to create promotional products and promote your account. And users who use the network simply for communication and entertainment can refuse to integrate without significant damage to themselves.

But still, we will answer the question of how to link Instagram to Facebook. The easiest option is to do this during account registration. However, it is only suitable for those who already have a Facebook profile. Let’s say it’s you. Then, opening the Instagram start page, pay attention to the big blue button at the top of the “Login via Facebook”. By clicking it, you will go to the authorization form in this social network, where you need to enter your credentials. And then you can register a new account on Instagram using Facebook. By the way, according to Insta rules, one person can have no more than 5 profiles. And each must have its own nickname.

How to Link Phone to Instagram

Consider a different situation, you simultaneously have pages on Instagram and Facebook. And you decided that it was time to unite them. This is convenient. You will save time because you can simultaneously add publications to both social networks. You will expand the circle of friends, Facebook friends will find out about your account on Instagram. And vice versa.

We’ll instruct you on how to attach Instagram to an existing Facebook:

Go to your Instagram profile and touch the three horizontal bars in the corner above;

Then click on the gear icon;

In the settings we find the option “Linked accounts”;

We select Facebook and print the data from the profile on this network.

An important addition: you can attach all your Instagram accounts to the same Facebook profile (remember, there may be 5 of them). Imagine how wonderful it is. Publications from all five (if you want to) will also go to Facebook.

Another integration option is to transfer your Instagram account to a business page. By the way, such a profile has many advantages over the usual one. But back to the binding. As already mentioned, you will be offered integration with Facebook. If you want, agree. And when you don’t have a Facebook account, select the “Skip” button. In this case, the page will be generated without your participation and will be given a name, for example, “A”. After that, a new option “Claim Facebook Page Share” will appear in your Instagram settings. Activate it and fill out your new profile.

We talked about different ways to integrate Instagram and Facebook. Now let’s talk about disintegration. In other words, how to cancel such a connection.

Breaking up your Instagram page with your Facebook account is easy:

Open your Instagram profile;

Click on the three horizontal bars on the right and top;

Touch the “gear” next to the word “Settings”;

Find the line “Connected accounts” in the menu;

Click on the Facebook symbol and select the “Unlink your account” command.

That’s all. After that, your Instagram and Facebook are again each on its own. Perhaps it will be more convenient for you. For example, if you decide to close your account, the bundle will be an obstacle to enhancing privacy.

And for those who are open to all social networks, we advise you to take a closer look at the site avi1.Ru. There you will find life hacks and secrets for communicating in different online communities.

How to tie Instagram to VK. Combine accounts and audience

As you understand, Instagram lives with Facebook soul to soul. But with the VKontakte network, relations have not worked out lately. Meanwhile, many users would like to learn how to link Instagram to VK. After all, to unite the circle of communication in different social networks is useful for development and promotion. Experienced instagrammers remember that not so long ago, accounts and contacts could be fully synchronized. In Insta function “Subscribe”, and there was the position “Friends from VKontakte”. Using it, it was possible to subscribe to all in a row with one movement. In the latest versions of the application, this algorithm does not work.

But something remains. You can send your friends on VK a link to the Instagram page and invite them to subscribe. How to do this quickly, we told in the article “Instagram via VKontakte. How to find, register and attach.” You can also install an old version of Instagram on your phone, where synchronization is still available. But then there will be no new options in it. It is unlikely that someone will like it.

If you are concerned about the problem of how to link Instagram to VKontakte, you have to be content with little. There is a method that will configure the import of publications from one network to another. It will be necessary to act through the VC, and certainly in the browser. So turn on the computer and get started. Unless, of course, have already acquired accounts in both networks.

Open, go to your profile;

Click the “Edit” button under the avatar or mark the same command in the menu near the thumbnail;

On the new page in the right column, click on “Contacts”;

Select the line “Integration with other services”, it is highlighted in blue and is at the end of the list;

Near the Instagram symbol, select the “Configure Import” command;

Enter your Instagram input to log in;

We agree with the import of the photo and click “Save”, again save the edited VKontakte data.

What will be the result: a link to Instagram will appear in your VK profile. To strengthen the connection, manually add the address of your page from VKontakte to the information “About Me” on Instagram. To do this, there is a special line “Website”. Through cross-references, friends and subscribers will easily find you. In addition, publications from the most visual social network will also appear on VKontakte.

About how to connect Instagram to VK using a computer, you now learned. But the question is whether this can be done on the phone. In principle, it is quite realistic, but more complicated. You will have to use not the mobile application, but the browser version of VKontakte. However, as users report, even there the button for integrating accounts is not always found. Conclusion: if you did not find it, but you still need a binding, you can’t do without a computer.

How to link Instagram to phone or change link from mail

In integration with popular social networks, we figured it out. It remains to find out how to tie Instagram to the phone. There is nothing complicated about it. The binding occurs by itself at the time of registration of the profile. You can specify the mobile number as the main parameter for identification. Then, when authorizing on a computer (if the browser does not remember the data) or in a foreign device, you will need to write your phone, and only then the password. Or you can use the email address or nickname (username) as your credentials. Interestingly, these data are almost equal. Please note: in the login form it says “Enter phone number, username or email address”.

At any time, you can update your profile information, including the phone. And it doesn’t matter which device you use, mobile or stationary PC. But you have to enter your account necessarily. Then everything is simple:

Let’s go to your profile (you need to click on the “little man” icon);

Click on the words “Edit Profile”;

Change the information that needs correction;

Save the changes, click “Submit” on the computer, “Finish” on the iPhone, and touch the “checkmarks” on the Android device.

If you remember everything you need to enter, you won’t have to worry about how to attach Instagram to your phone. But when you can’t log into your account, for example, because you forgot your password, it will be a little more difficult. Although in such a situation there is a way out. You can go to Instagram through a linked Facebook account, and then follow the instructions above and rewrite the phone in your profile.

If you still haven’t completed the integration with Facebook, use the email address to enter. In an Android device, you need to take the following steps:

On the authorization page we touch the words “Help with login”;

We write your email address and follow the prompts on the screen;

When the link arrives in the mail, we enter our profile and change the phone number, and if necessary, the password and other data.

In the iPhone and mobile browser, you need to start with the words “Forgot your password?”. And then everything goes about the same way. So we talked about how to bind a number to Instagram via mail. As you can see, the process is clear and simple. Difficulties will be, if, in addition to the password from Insta, you have managed to forget the “key” from the electronic mailbox or the address itself. Then it remains to ask for help from the administration of his messenger. If the problem could not be resolved after that, write to Instagram technical support.

And the worst option: you need to change the Instagram link to the phone number, but there is no integration with Facebook, and you once deliberately or accidentally wrote the email address incorrectly. After all, no one checks this information during registration. In this case, even instagram tech support may refuse to help you. Until the experts are convinced that the account belongs to you, they will not return access to it. Although there were cases when passport photos were taken as evidence.

If everything is so complicated, you have only one thing left. Register a new account. And already in it write real information about yourself. Then it will be easy to change anything.

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Setting the auto-publish mode to Facebook and Instagram is a great way to get a number of additional features and benefits for your account. Therefore, many users who plan to earn income on these sites are interested in how to link Facebook to Instagram through Facebook. Linking Instagram to Facebook through a computer or phone is very simple. This task will take you no more than a couple of minutes. This will be discussed in this article.

How to use binding?

The main advantage of connecting accounts between two social networks is cross-posting, that is, publishing a post on one Internet site with automatic placement of content on another, which saves time. Additional important advantages include:

  • High security account. In a situation of blocking or hacking a page, it’s much easier to regain access to the page using the Facebook profile link.
  • Increases the level of trust of the Internet resource to the user.
  • Quick access to two accounts using data to authorize one of them.
  • Reach a larger user audience.
  • Opens the opportunity to use advertising on a social network.
  • You can only create a business page after linking to your facebook account.

How many accounts can I bind?

Only one page on Instagram can be linked to one Facebook. When you try to associate a profile with multiple accounts, the system will give an error.

Computer binding

In order to work in the linked accounts of two services, you will need to perform the following actions:

  1. Log in to the instagram website, then go through the authorization procedure using the “Login via Facebook” button
  2. After switching to your Facebook account, click on the arrow icon located in the upper right corner of the interface.
  3. In the pop-up menu, select the section “Settings”, then “Applications”.
  4. Click the pencil button to change application settings.
  5. Click on “App Visibility”, then set “Visible to Everyone”.
  6. To perform the following steps, you need a smartphone with the Instagram application installed.
  7. Open it, then go to your page.
  8. Go to the user menu by clicking on the button with three dots.
  9. From the list of settings, select “Linked accounts”, then tap FB.
  10. Now go to facebook.
  11. A window opens with an offer from Instagram to post publications on your page. Indicate the circle of users to whom photos ands will be available. Confirm your permission to post content and to manage pages.
  12. Touch the “OK” button.

Now the user needs to check if the linking mode of these social networks is working. Take a photo on Insta, process it and click “Share”. From the list, select facebook.

Phone Binding

  1. Go to the profile through the instagram app, then click the gear button.
  2. Enter the “Publish Settings”.
  3. In the new window, find FB and click on it.
  4. Sign in.

Via Facebook

  1. Log in to your Facebook profile, then go to the “Settings” and “Applications” sections.
  2. Touch the inscription “Instagram”, then “Edit”.
  3. Select the item “Application Visibility”, then “Accessible to all”.
  4. Log in to instagram from another device.
  5. Find “Publish Settings” and highlight facebook.
  6. Enter the data that Facebook requests.
  7. Touch the FB field, select “Publish to” in the settings.
  8. Click “Chronicle” and by default.

How to change the binding

There are two ways to edit the auto-publish mode. You can completely untie Instagram from one facebook, then attach to another. Also, you can use the following actions:

  1. We go to the business page.
  2. In the menu, select “Edit Profile”.
  3. Click “Account Information”, then “Pages”.
  4. Selectable page that we want to associate with Insta.

How to attach Instagram to mail, we will consider in the framework of today’s article. The need for such an operation arises when the old e-mail is lost or irrelevant.

To avoid difficulties when using the messenger, it is recommended to have a working email account. Following the prescribed measures will allow you to authorize on a social network. Also, without problems, the user is free to reanimate the Instagram account via mail, if he does not know the password to enter.

First of all, we turn to the manipulation of the PC:

  • Open the official portal;
  • Click the little man icon to launch an account;
  • Select the account editing command;
  • In the field “Email. Address “the previous name of the mail client profile is registered, which must be deleted;
  • Enter another, working e-mail and check it;
  • Click “Submit”;
  • Go to the mail and open the letter sent by photo hosting;
  • Follow the algorithm of actions prescribed by the company to change contact information.

How to attach mail to Instagram

It’s time to consider how to attach email to Instagram using a mobile phone. First, on adjusting the data on “google phones”:

  • Tap the login icon at the bottom right;
  • Tap “Edit profile”;
  • Scroll the page, stopping at the Personal Information group;
  • Delete the old mailbox from the corresponding field;
  • Dial a new contact address;
  • Click the checkmark image to save the edits;
  • Open the received letter and confirm the installation of the e-mail.

The data binding procedure for “apple” phones is similar, so if you understand the Android algorithm, there will be no problems with the iPhone:

  • Start the client;
  • Check the authorization icon in the lower right;
  • Tap the account editing command;
  • Remove the old e-mail (field “Email”);
  • Specify a new box;
  • Click the checkmark in the upper right corner of the frame;
  • Follow the recovery instructions in the email you sent.

How to check which email Instagram is attached to

We have described one method for determining e-mail. The second method is carried out thanks to authorization through Facebook. But before you go into the verification details, remember that connecting mail will help out when stealing a profile.

Therefore, as you attach email to Instagram, so increase the chance of a successful return of control of the account. After all, technical support workers will be asked to inform the attached email.

The history of adjusting synchronized mailboxes is stored in the memory of the server of the social platform in order to further facilitate recovery.

Now in more detail about the FB page, previously created by the user of Instagram:

  • Log in to the project account of Mark Zuckerberg;
  • Run the configuration from the main window;
  • Open the personal information section;
  • Look for information about the e-mail with which you can boldly knock in support of the company.

Is it possible to use an arbitrary e-mail address to contact social network experts? Do not forget that there is a contact and registration box. It is the latter type of e-mail that is used during the design of your personal account. Therefore, it is prioritized in the resuscitation of the page.

Can I link two Instagram accounts to one mail

Flexible program settings allow you to create up to 5 profiles on a single number / email account. However, it is recommended not to rush to stamp new pages, but pay attention to their gradual development.

How to attach email to Instagram, it’s too early to think if the profiles have not gained some trust (trust) from the robot and fans. Otherwise, the owner runs the risk of claiming to verify his identity through Facebook or a contact number.

Instructions for adding a second account:

  • Open the messenger configuration;
  • Tap “Add account”;
  • Specify the login and e-mail, if the profile is pre-registered;
  • Otherwise, click on the registration command and follow the steps:
  • Select the “Email the address”;
  • Enter work mail;
  • Enter the data prescribed at the stage of creating the page;
  • Touch “Skip”, if you do not want to go to the FB profile, you will be transferred to the first registered account.
  • The bind process completed successfully. To exit, run the settings and check the line “End Session”. Leave the checkmark on remembering personal information of authorization active so that you do not have to re-enter it later.