How To Flash Huawei Mediapad 10 Fhd

Draw your attention to! Modified recovery (CWM or TWRP), kernels, or custom firmware on the tablet is installed only on an unlocked bootloader.

How to Flash Huawei Mediapad 10 Fhd

How to unlock bootloader

The manual for obtaining the bootloader unlock code on the Huawei website.
1. We collect information about the device Huawei S10-101u MediaPad 10 FHD
– Serial number of the device (S / N):
– Product ID: you can find out using the program “Huawei unlocker”
2. Register on the Huawei website and confirm from your email registration.
3. We proceed to the very receipt of the code by reference and enter the previously collected Old from 1 point.
4. And we get the coveted code.

How to unlock bootloader without any registration on the official website and using Huawei’s voice tech support:
1. Call 8-800-700-1606
2. Press the key with the number “6” will answer you Russian-speaking person.
3. Start talking about getting a bootloader unlock code.
4. You will be asked:

  • – contact number
  • – email address to which the unlock code will be sent
  • – IMEI device
  • – Serial number of the device
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They further informed that “wait” and a code will come to the mail.

To do not register on the site, to unlock, you can use the link to the page that opens when you click on the Huawei Hacker Toolkit: Tools. Bootloader. Request Key. A form will open in Chinese.

After clicking on the green button, we will get our code in the orange field.

Attention! If your tablet spontaneously reboots, then carefully study the contents of the Play Store spoiler, or follow these recommendations:

Need a root (framaroot puts in one click). Then, according to the standard scheme, drop the attached file into system / lib, set permissions as the rest in this folder (rw-r — r—). Reboot. Everything.
At first, it can swear. reboot the animal, clean up problematic applications to their original state, then you can update them. Unpack archive, treasured file.

  • Root, repair, downgrade (RRD). a utility to restore a tablet from a “brick” state
  • RASHR. utility for flashing / backup of custom kernels and recovery directly from Android
  • Android SDK Tools. a set of utilities for working with the Android platform
  • MyPhoneExplorer. one of the best utilities for managing and synchronizing with a PC
  • Hysuite. utility for synchronization, backup and much more from Huawei
  • Cloud. Huawei Cloud Service
  • Huawei Update MultiLoader Tool Utility for flashing a tablet from a PC
  • Huawei Update Extractor. Utility to unpack / repack official Huawei firmware
  • Linux kitchen. Utility to unpack / repack official Huawei firmware
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The official site with the Huawei mediapad 10 firmware is here.

Service manual Huawei mediapad 10. here

How to flash Huawei Mediapad 10

In order to install firmware on Huawei mediapad 10, you need to:

  • SD card (required)
  • Archive with firmware (may contain dload folder with unlmt.cfg and files or only file)
  • Fully charged battery

So, in order to flash Huawei mediapad 10 you need to follow these steps:

1. Copy the dload folder from the archive with the firmware to the root of the SD card (if the archive contains only the file, create the dload folder and copy the file and an empty file with the name unlmt.cfg into it);

2. Reboot the tablet;

3. After the reboot, a green android with gears should appear and the flashing process will begin, during which the reboot will occur;

4. As soon as the process is over (НМР will notify you of this on the screen). remove the SD-card and the device will reboot. Do not insert the SD card until the device reboots again, and then do not forget to delete the firmware files from it.