Windows does not start on computer

Why doesn’t Google Chrome start on Windows 7? This question is increasingly being asked by users. And the point here is not at all in the version of the operating system itself. Everything is much more complicated and confusing. Therefore, this problem needs to be sorted out.


As a rule, there are certain reasons for such program behavior. But it is far from always possible to determine exactly the one by which the malfunction occurred in a particular case. Even specialists are often at a loss.

Therefore, we have to sort out and consider all possible solutions to the problem. However, the main trouble is that in this case there are quite a lot of solutions. Therefore, the process can drag on for a long time.

In this article, we will present the most effective measures to restore the functionality of the Google Chrome browser. Let’s start with the simplest and most obvious options. And only then move on to more complex ones.

Method number 1: Disabling a frozen process

Often, Chrome does not want to start for the simple reason that the process is already running and is not responding. The system considers this so that the browser is already running and there is no need to start a new copy. And a separate hanging process is to blame. This happens quite often in Windows 7. And so you need to know how to deal with it.

The main problem is that this process just can not see. To do this, you must use the appropriate tools of the Windows operating system. Namely, the task manager, which is also hidden from the eyes of curious users. The algorithm of actions to solve the problem will be like this:

  1. Press the buttons at the same time on the keyboard Ctrl Alt Del.
  2. In the window that appears, click on the item Run Task Manager.
  3. In the top menu, open the tab “Processes”.
  4. Right click on the graph chrome.Exe.
  5. In the list of options, select “Complete the process tree”.
    Windows does not start on computer
  6. Confirm the action.

After that, you can close the dispatcher and try to start the browser again. In some cases, however, you will have to restart the computer. However, this method will only help if it really was a frozen process. If not, then proceed to the next chapter.

Method number 2: Delete the user profile file

Chrome stores all user settings in a special directory. If this file is damaged, then the web browser will not start under any circumstances. After all, he simply will not have anywhere to get information about the download. Also, if incorrect settings were applied, then they will also be stored in this file, preventing the browser from starting.

The good news is that this file can be updated. And for this, you do not even need a web browser (which does not start). After all, the file is stored in a specific folder on the computer’s hard drive. In fact, everything is very simple. Here is a detailed instruction on how and what to do:

  1. Push Win R.
  2. Now in the text box we enter % LOCALAPPDATA% \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ and click on the button “OK” or key Enter.
  3. We’ll be taken to the Google Chrome settings directory. Here you need to find a folder with the name Default and delete it.

After that, you can try to start the web browser. At startup, it will create a completely new directory with user preferences. Just have to adjust all the parameters again. If it was precisely in it, then this option will definitely help. But if not, then go to the next chapter.

Method number 3: Disable antivirus

Third-party antivirus can also block the launch of a web browser. Over, this happens with Kaspersky, and with Avast, and with ESET, and with many other products. We recommend temporarily disabling protection.

Method number 4: Search and removal of viruses

If Google Chrome still does not start and does not show any signs of life, then most likely there are viruses on the user’s computer. They can not only cause the browser to not start, but also cause much more serious problems that affect the stability of the entire system.

Therefore, malicious objects must be disposed of. We will consider the implementation of this procedure using the ESET Internet Security antivirus example, but you can use any other:

  1. Open the main window of ESET.
  2. After that, click on the item “Computer scan”. It is located in the left column of the main anti-virus window.
  3. Then select the tile with the inscription Advanced Scan, and then in the submenu “Custom Scan”.
  4. A window appears with a selection of objects to scan. Check all available locations here.
  5. The final stage: click on the button “Scan as admin”.

Scanning starts immediately. If malicious objects are found during the scan, they will be deleted immediately. Upon completion of the scanning process, you can view the log with all the information.

After scanning, you must restart your computer. And only after that you can check the health of the web browser. If it was viruses, then this option should definitely help.

Method number 5: Reinstall Google Chrome

Exactly the same situation happens if viruses have managed to damage the files of the web browser itself. Then he may behave inappropriately. And in this case, the browser will completely refuse to start. And there is only one way out: reinstalling the entire application. Otherwise, there’s nothing to think about work.

First you need to take care of the installation file. It must be downloaded from the official website of the developer in advance. Only then can you proceed to uninstall the old version and install the new one. However, do not download the installer from the left sites. You can pick up some kind of virus. It is better to use the official site. Here is a detailed instruction on how and what to do:

  1. Open item “Control Panel” from the Start menu.
  2. Switch the option to display content on “Badges”.
  3. Then click on the inscription “Programs and components”.
  4. Now we are looking in the list of installed applications Google chrome and click on it with the right mouse button.
  5. In the menu that appears, select Delete.
  6. The installation wizard opens. Here, if desired, configure the cleaning of user data.
  7. And then click Delete.
  8. Download the ChromeSetup.Exe installation file.
  9. Next, run it.
  10. We are waiting for the completion of the procedure.

That’s all. Chrome is completely reinstalled. Now it definitely should start and work without any problems. This is the last solution that usually always helps. But you need to resort to it only in the most extreme cases.


So, in this article we tried to talk about what to do if Google Chrome does not open in Windows 7. Now let’s summarize and draw some conclusions. To begin with, there are many reasons for the appearance of such a problem. And even specialists often cannot determine a specific one.

Therefore, you have to go through all the ways to solve the problem. Some users are lucky: they are helped by the simplest solutions. But others have to resort to complex options. But if you do everything in strict accordance with the instructions, then nothing bad will happen. The main thing is not to engage in amateur performances.

A frequent question for computer users is why Windows 7 does not start or does not start. Over, quite often there is no additional information in the question. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to write an article that will describe the most common reasons for which problems may occur when starting Windows 7, errors that the OS writes, and, of course, ways to fix them. New instruction 2016: Windows 10 does not start. Why and what to do.

It may turn out that not one option suits you. In this case, leave a comment on the article with your question, and I will try to answer as soon as possible. I note right away that I do not always have the opportunity to instantly give answers.

Error Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press Enter

One of the most common errors: after turning on the computer instead of loading Windows, you see an error message: Disk Boot Failure. This suggests that the disk from which the system tried to start, in her opinion, is not a system one.

This can be caused by various reasons, the most common of which (after the description of the reason, a solution is immediately given):

  • A disc is inserted in the DVD-ROM, or you plugged in a USB flash drive to the computer, and the BIOS was set up in such a way that it set the drive to be used for boot by default. As a result, Windows does not start. Try disconnecting all external drives (including memory cards, phones and cameras charged from the computer) and removing the drives, then try turning on the computer again. It is likely that Windows 7 will start normally.
  • The BIOS has the wrong boot sequence. In this case, even if the recommendations from the method above were followed, this may not help. At the same time, I note that if, for example, Windows 7 started this morning, but not now, then you should check this option anyway: BIOS settings may fail due to a dead battery on the motherboard, due to power failures and from static discharges. When checking the settings, make sure that the system hard drive is detected in the BIOS.
  • Also, provided that the system sees the hard drive, you can use the Windows 7 startup recovery tool, which will be discussed in the very last section of this article.
  • If the hard drive is not detected by the operating system, try, if possible, disconnect it and reconnect, checking all the connections between it and the motherboard.

There are other possible causes of this error. For example, problems with the hard drive itself, viruses, etc. In any case, I recommend trying everything that is described above, and if this does not help, go to the last part of this guide, which describes another method that is applicable in almost all cases when Windows 7 does not want to start.

BOOTMGR error is missing

Another error that you cannot start Windows 7 with is the message BOOTMGR is missing on a black screen. This problem can be caused by various reasons, including the operation of viruses, independent erroneous actions that change the boot record of a hard disk, or even physical problems on the HDD. I wrote in great detail about how to fix the problem in the article Error BOOTMGR is missing on Windows 7.

Error NTLDR is missing. Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart

In its manifestations and even in the method of solution, this error is somewhat similar to the previous one. In order to remove this message and resume normal Windows 7 startup, use the instruction How to fix NTLDR is missing error.

Windows 7 starts, but only shows a black screen and mouse pointer

If, after starting Windows 7, the desktop does not start up, the start menu, and all you see is just a black screen and cursor, then this situation can also be easily fixed. As a rule, it arises after the virus is removed independently or with the help of an anti-virus program, when at the same time the malicious actions committed by it were not fully corrected. You can read about how to return the desktop boot instead of the black screen after the virus and in other situations here.

Fix Windows 7 startup errors using built-in utilities

Often, if Windows 7 does not start due to changes in the hardware configuration, incorrect shutdown of the computer, and also due to other errors, when you start the computer, you can see the Windows recovery screen on which you can try to restore Windows to start. But, even if this does not happen, if you press F8 immediately after loading the BIOS, but even before Windows 8 starts to boot, you will see a menu where you can launch the item “Computer troubleshooting”.

You will see a message that Windows files are being downloaded, and after that. A suggestion to choose a language, you can leave Russian.

The next step is to log in with your account. It is better to use the Windows 7 Administrator account. If you did not specify a password, leave the field blank.

After that, you will be taken to the system recovery window, where you can start automatic search and fix problems that prevent Windows from starting by clicking on the appropriate link.

Startup recovery failed to find error

After searching for problems, the utility can automatically fix errors due to which Windows does not want to start, or it can report that no problems were found. In this case, you can use the system recovery functions if the operating system stopped starting after installing any updates, drivers or something else. This can help. System recovery, in general, is intuitive and can help quickly solve the problem of starting Windows.

That’s all. If you have not found a solution to your situation with the OS launch, leave a comment and, if possible, describe in detail what exactly is happening, what preceded the error, what actions have already been tried, but did not help.

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01/11/2020 at 12:21

When starting Windows 7 64 bit, the logonUI.Exe error (dui70.Dll) crawls out on a black screen; how to fix it when clicking the cross, it appears again and so on ad infinitum, and the desktop does not appear, restoring the computer system for 2-3 days does not work there is no recovery point, what to do?

02/23/2020 at 11:38

My computer does not boot, writes no signal

02/23/2020 at 12:34

02/25/2020 at 19:29

When I turn on the LENOVO laptop, I immediately see the line below. This is where you need to go into the BIOS. Then the abbreviation LENOVO appears on the screen. Then the screen goes blank and everything starts again. I.E. Line below and abbreviation. What can be done?
Yours faithfully

02/26/2020 at 08:36

And what do they write on this line? There, in theory, they can write something like this: “We had such and such a problem. Press a certain key to enter the BIOS and fix it ”and it’s easier to guess what’s the matter from the description of the problem.
And the first thing you should look at is whether the hard drive in BIOS is visible at all.

02/26/2020 at 09:21

Good afternoon! It is written in the line below. If you translate, press F2 to enter the BIOS. And something there with F12. I went into BIOS and the first boot from the hard drive is in the downloads. I exit BIOS, the monitor goes out right away and everything repeats

02/26/2020 at 13:10

Is the hard drive exactly working and does it have a system? Just maybe a failure of the hard drive?

02/26/2020 at 14:26

Thanks for the answer! I changed the hard drive and everything started to load, now I put Windows. One more question! Will the on-screen keyboard work in the laptop if the built-in keyboard is removed in the device manager. On another laptop, I spilled tea on it and is now buggy.
And another question is how to switch the input language on the on-screen keyboard?

02/27/2020 at 09:45

It should work, but it will not start by itself. Better take out the on-screen keyboard shortcut somewhere (C: \ Windows \ system32 \ osk.Exe) so that you can always start it.
As for the switch, I don’t remember how it was in 7-ke, but in my opinion with a combination of keys (first we press one, it is clamped. Then another).

03/08/2020 at 10:34

Good afternoon. Please tell me how to install Windows 7 on the ACER ESPIRE ES 11 laptop, so that it not only installs, but also starts up. Since wines. I was able to install 7, but when it starts, it all ends up on the splash screen where Windows is written and it doesn’t go beyond that, but this splash screen hangs. If there is a solution to this question, then please throw me the answer to my E-mail.

03/18/2020 at 00:59

How can I record the boot log if Windows 7 does not start?

04/03/2020 at 07:40

After installation, the power was turned off, Windows 7 stopped loading in normal boot in safe mode, you press, load the last successful configuration, a small bar comes out that has been on for a very long time. What to do, tell me?

04/03/2020 at 10:51

If you disconnected while the installation process was ongoing, it might be better to reinstall it.
If there are recovery points (although I doubt it), then you can boot from the USB flash drive and on the second screen, after selecting the language, click “system recovery”, and then try to use recovery points.

04/04/2020 at 10:48

I have another problem, I tried to restart the PC a couple of times, it did not help. The problem was due to the fact that I touched the wire and it turned off. I myself can’t figure it out, but I’m afraid to talk about the problem to the elders. What should I do?

04/05/2020 at 12:04

There may be damage to the file system on the disk (this happens due to power failures). Maybe it’s better to say about the problem just.

04/10/2020 at 09:15

When I turn on the laptop my Windows does not start I press F8 then the panel appears where 1 troubleshooting is pressed I click on it there I need to write the administrator password and then I click on the first one it loads and it turns out that if another device is connected to the laptop, remove it and I’m the laptop nothing connected Toko mouse and all And when I click on 2 it will be written that Windows can not fix the problem

04/10/2020 at 11:01

And then what a problem? There is no guessing what exactly you have, there may be different options. If there is a bootable USB flash drive with 7-koy, you can boot from it, then on the second installation screen in the lower left click “System Restore” and try the restore points.

04/19/2020 at 23:16

Hello! Tell me, on the laptop after shutting down for the first time on 7ke, it was updated. When turned on, writes the system seems to lack either network cards or network drives
Then it starts to fix the problem and for a long time, what can be done?

05/26/2020 at 00:08

I bought an upgrade for pc.
New fx8350 processor and 750 watt TT PSU
The problem is that when I installed all 8 cores. After entering the game / longer in the browser, the PC immediately turns off and the restart starts (which does not end and just a black screen)
I decided to return 6 cores, but something went wrong.
Each time you start, recovery and fixing problems with the launch starts.
The strip runs, no results.
A normal start-up cannot be done, and all start-up options in safe mode lead to a start-up recovery.
I do not know what to do. Do not tell me?

05/26/2020 at 10:40

And how was it set? In msconfig?
There are no accidental recovery points; they could have been launched from safe mode.
If there are no recovery points, and you set the kernel in msconfig, then run the command line as administrator:

This will remove the parameter. Although. In theory and through msconfig you could delete it.

05/28/2020 at 00:43

And if windows boots up, and only after some time “no bootable device.” appears, what is the reason? Thank.

05/28/2020 at 10:40

Do not quite understand. Those. Does the whole system start right away or does the boot logo only appear?
Is there one drive (physical) on the computer or several?

05/31/2020 at 09:40

Hello. I have such a problem, I turn on the laptop, the Lenovo logo goes and everything is just a black screen without a cursor I tried to press both f7 and f8 but it does not help. What to do.

05/31/2020 at 10:50

And then turn off how? Short or long hold the power button? If short, try long (10 seconds) and then turn it back on.
If it does not help, write, after which the problem appeared.