How to Update Navigator Navigator Via Computer

Do you use the navigator navigator, but began to notice malfunctions in the application or building a route, or is the map section not sufficiently informative? The map or program is probably outdated. To troubleshoot, an update is required. In the article, we will talk in detail how to update the navigator navigator on Android devices and in the car navigator.

Methods for updating the program. On Android devices

There are two ways to upgrade:

A complete reinstallation involves uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Such an action is required if Google Play crashes or the program was installed from other sources, for example, from the official Navitel website.

On car navigator

There are 2 ways to upgrade:

  • Using the Navitel Navigator Updater.
  • Through the official website.

The Navitel Updater method involves installing the program on a PC. Then the navigator is connected, after which the automatic installation and configuration is performed. The utility also allows you to update maps.

When using the site, you should download the archive with new files and install in manual mode.

Ways to update maps. For navigators and Android devices

  • From the menu of the navigation application.
  • From internal or external storage.

When using the “from the application menu” method, it is enough to provide the navigator / Android device access to the Internet. Then go to the appropriate section and update the files.

Downloaded maps using a PC should be transferred to the memory of the navigator or mobile device. After updating through the program, indicating the storage path of the cards. On the car navigator, updating of new maps is performed automatically.

Instructions on how to update Navitel Navigator on Android

The absence of the program in the list indicates the availability of the current version.

How to Update Navigator Navigator Via Computer

Full reinstall

  1. Uninstall the application.
  2. Enter, using the file manager, into memory and clear the residual files.
  3. Download the new version of the program and complete the installation. At the time of installation, you should allow installation from unverified sources, and then return to the original values.

Instructions on how to update Navitel maps on Android. From the menu of the navigation application

  1. Open the main menu.
  2. Select “My Navitel”.
  3. In the new window, click on the item “Updates”.
  4. If there are updates, additional information with a description and the “Update” button will appear.

Install from device memory

  1. Delete previously installed cards. The standard location of maps in the Maps folder, NavitelContent folder.
  2. Upload downloaded maps to the directory where previous maps were stored.
  3. Open the “Main menu” of the application, then the “Settings” item.
  4. Then select “Other cards”.
  5. In the new window, click “Add Atlas”.
  6. Specify a folder with maps. To simplify navigation, you should navigate through the folders containing the globe icon.
  7. Select a map file, after which the atlas will start automatically.

Instructions for updating the application in the navigator. How to update the navigator navigator through a computer

Download the Updater utility on a PC via a direct link.

Complete the installation by following the instructions of the installation wizard.

Run the program and connect the device to the computer in removable media mode.

Back up existing files.

If there are updates, the utility will offer to download and install new files, including maps.

After confirmation, the operation will be performed in automatic mode.

Update through the official website

  1. Go to your personal account.
  2. After authorization, select the section with the added devices and check for updates.
  3. Connect the navigator to the PC using the sync cable.
  4. Back up.
  5. Download the archive with updates for the corresponding device on a PC. Unzip the archive, and then move the files to the device’s memory.

Instructions on how to update maps on the navigator. From the application menu

The algorithm of actions is the same as for devices on the Android OS. You need to start the navigation program, select “Menu”, then the section “My Navitel”, and then the item “Updates”. Click “Update All”, and then confirm the loading of maps.

Important! It is required to provide the device access to the Internet.

Using computer

Important! Before installing cards, you need to update the version of the program on the device.

  1. Download cards in your account from the “Updates” menu.
  2. Connect the device to the PC via a sync cable.
  3. Clear the directory with maps, then place the downloaded maps.
  4. Disconnect device. Updating cards will happen automatically after the first launch of the program.


To update the navigator navigator or maps, you should use the automatic or manual method. Automatic updating is easier and contains fewer additional steps that will suit beginners. The manual method is aimed at advanced owners, or if the automatic method does not work for various reasons.

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You use Navitel, but noticed that the navigator began to indicate the wrong direction? Most likely, the GPS maps are out of date, they need to be updated. There are at least three ways to upgrade, they are described in this guide.

Content. Navitel Maps Update:

How to update maps through the Navitel Navigator application

You can update Navitel maps for Android via the Internet, using the application installed on your tablet or smartphone.

1. Turn on the Internet on your mobile device, making sure that you are using inexpensive traffic. Wifi, and not mobile, otherwise you can update the maps (and it can be tens of megabytes) can fly into a pretty penny.

2. To start the update process, go to Menu My Navitel Updates.

3. Use the button “Update all” to update all components. BY “Navitel Navigator” and cards. If you want to update only a specific map, click on the green icon to the right of its name.

4. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the description of navigation charts (window “Information”) On this page you will find out the volume of the map, the number of cities, the length of the graph and other details.

5. Click “Refresh” to download relevant updates. A status bar will appear next to the name of the update, which displays the remaining time and the status itself.

Read also how to install maps on Navitel. In fact, there are some nuances that you need to know.

Updating Navitel maps through the user’s personal account (via computer)

Another way to update Navitel (and at the same time bring the maps up to date). Download updates through the official site of Navitel.

1. To receive updates through the site you need to register on it, log in to your account and add the device (indicating the license number).

2. Go to your personal account on the site “Navitel” and in the section “My devices”, in the Refresh column, find the line “Available Updates”.

3. In the table “My devices (updates)” available updates specifically for your device will be displayed. Next will be indicated a) the version of Navigator Navigator b) files of activated licenses.

(As already mentioned, you need to add your mobile device or navigator to the list of supported ones.)

4. Indicate map files that are compatible with the device and, accordingly, the version of your software.

5. To download updates, click on the button “Download” opposite the line with the name and description of the map. The downloaded file must have the extension.Nm7, save it on your computer.

6. Connect the memory card or the device itself to the computer so that it is in drive mode and is writable.

7. Go to the directory with the Navitel Navigator maps on the storage device. \ NavitelContent \ Maps \ and delete all old map files from there. This is necessary for downloading updated maps to a new location and avoids incompatibility conflicts between different versions and Navitel maps.

8. Download all the files in.Nm7 format to the place of the old deleted cards, in the same folder on the memory card or mobile device. After that, you can disconnect the device from the computer

9. Launch Navitel to automatically update and check the status / performance of the maps.

How to update maps on the navigator through the Navitel Navigator Update Center application (Autoversion)

This method is suitable for updating the automotive version of Navitel Navigator. We are using the Navitel Navigator Update Center. Official app for easy map updates. Download the program here.

So, here’s how to update Navitel maps for the automotive version:

Launch the Navitel Navigator Update Center installer, perform the installation on a computer running Windows 7 or higher.

Connect the navigator to the computer using a USB cable or in another way so that it appears as a flash drive in the form of a file volume.

Open the app. If the device is connected to a PC, Navitel Navigator Update Center will find it without any problems.

A search will be made for updates to the device, if they are found, the user will be prompted to download map or software updates. In this case, old unnecessary map files will be deleted from the device.

Press buttons “Update” and “OK” for confirmation.

The update wizard will download and install map and software updates for the connected device.

In addition to updates, you can download or purchase other cards (for these actions, use the buttons “Buy” or “Download”)

After downloading and installing updates, you can start Navitel and check the status of the maps.