How to Clear RAM On Xiaomi

How to Clear RAM On Xiaomi

In each Xiaomi smartphone (Redmi), a permanent, or internal, memory and RAM are soldered. Internal memory stores files and data that are stored on the phone: photos,s, documents, applications, the operating system and the like. Random access memory (RAM) temporarily stores only the data of running programs and the data with which these applications are currently working.

Such a structure and separation of memory is necessary for one reason. speed. The OP runs orders of magnitude faster than the internal one, precisely because of the need for a very fast data exchange between the processor and the memory, it became necessary to share it. And, of course, the faster, the more expensive, and also by orders of magnitude.

Another unpleasant property of the OP is that it loses everything when the power supply is cut off, which means that if you turn off Xiaomi, everything that is contained in the OP is lost without the possibility of recovery.

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But I digress, in this article I will show how to optimize system memory from unnecessary data using Xiaomi system applications in automatic mode is absolutely safe.

How to clear Xiaomi system memory

Find the icon on the desktop “Security” and click on it. You will be taken to a utility application included in the firmware with MIUI, one of the tasks of which is to clear the memory.
Click on the icon “Garbage”. A memory scan will start to identify temporary data and the cache of applications that are safe to delete. After completing the procedure, click on the button “Clear” at the bottom of the display. There is an additional method that allows you to free up even more space, go back one step, and instead of the icon “Garbage” click on the icon “Deep cleaning”. Here it is possible to detect duplicate photos, removing which will free up a significant amount of space, but first of all we are interested in the section “Data Files”. This is the application cache, deleting it, in my case, it is possible to free 1.76 GB, which is quite a lot. Press on “Clear”, then check the boxes for those programs whose data can be safely cleaned. After press the button Delete selected data.

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How to clear RAM on Xiaomi

From the desktop, launch the menu Recent Applications, this can be done with the left-most button (if it is on your phone model), or by making a gesture from the bottom of the screen to the center while holding down the center button for a second. In the upper right corner you can see the number of OP employed and its total number. We also see a list of programs that are in sleep mode that can be instantly restored to their working state by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail.

Icon at the bottom of the screen “Cross”, which removes data from RAM that are not critical to the operation of the smartphone. Click on it. Back to contents