Deleted Files From Phone How to Recover

Deleted Files From Phone How to Recover

Accidentally deleted a photo or from your phone?
Learn how to retrieve data in a few steps!

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Agree that the most common source for saving urgent information is a mobile phone for the reason that it is always at hand. But when the memory becomes full, the deletion of unnecessary data begins. And how it becomes insulting when you accidentally delete favorite photos and memorables along with unnecessary data, copies of which you did not manage to make.

“Deleted files from the phone, how to recover them?”. This is the most common question among mobile phone users. In this article you will learn how to recover lost data from your phone without the help of specialists. To do this, you need to follow a few steps. Let’s get started!

1 step. Download and install the program

Russian-language program PHOENIX. Best file recovery program. It has a clear interface, easy to use, allows you to find and restore files from phones, cameras, tablets, computers, etc. Download it from the official site and install it on a computer with the Windows operating system. The program supports any version of Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

2 step. Beginning of work

Before starting PHOENIX, connect the phone to the PC on which you installed the program. Make sure that the computer recognizes the media and only then run the program. In the welcome window of the program, click “Next.”

3 step. Drive selection

At this step, you must specify the drive on which you want to recover files. Select your phone connected to the PC from the list and click “Next”.

4 step. Choosing options for scanning

Everything is simple here. If you know in what format the deleted file was, then mark it with a tick. If you are at a loss with the answer, then put down ticks everywhere in the necessary point: Images, Documents, Multimedia, Archives or Other. Similarly with file size. Select the desired range or “Any size” and click on “Scan”.

5 step. Select files to restore

As soon as the program finishes scanning, a table of deleted data will be generated in the window. You can right in this table tick off the necessary files for recovery. The program also allows you to view detailed information about each file found. To do this, select any file and click on “View”. In the information window there is an opportunity to mark the file with a tick if it needs to be restored, or you can immediately click on “Restore Now”.

6 step. File recovery

When all the necessary files are marked, it remains only to recover deleted files from the phone. To do this, click on the “Restore” button and select one of the proposed options:

  • Restore and save to a folder (data will be saved to the folder of your choice on the computer)
  • Restore and burn to disk (files will be written to a CD or DVD disc)
  • Restore and send via FTP (files will be transferred to the FTP server)

Now you know that using the powerful PHOENIX program it is possible to find and recover deleted files from your phone. And you don’t need to understand the intricacies of the program, everything is simple and convenient.

When deleting files from mobile devices, they are not always possible “reanimate” simple methods. We’ll cover effective ways to recover deleted photos on your phone. If the phone does not see a flash drive or memory card. Read this manual carefully.

How to quickly return erased photos on Android if the phone does not see the USB flash drive

No matter which phone (or tablet) you have, in addition to the internal memory, as a rule, a small memory card (SD card, for example) is supplied inside the device. When you try to get rid of files, they are not lost forever! This space is simply classified as available, so the phone knows that it is now possible to write new data to that area. Lost files will not be recognized by the Android phone, even if they are present in memory. The answer is obvious: you can restore deleted photos on Android. The chances are high until the erased or destroyed Android files are overwritten by other programs! How to do it. I will tell in detail.

Dr Fone. File recovery on smartphone and tablet

In Dr Fone, you can recover not only deleted photos ands on a USB flash drive, but also messages (text / media), contacts, Android files that have been deleted or damaged. You can view images, contacts before recovery. Support for all Android phones, tablets and devices. Runs on Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), Mac OS X (10.4 or higher, including the latest Mountain Lion). Download this program.

A smart program that restores photos on an Android phone. It will help to restore deleted photos on android if the phone does not see the USB flash drive, and also finds the disappeared, documents and other important information on the smartphone and tablet.

CardRecovery program. Tablet recovery

Cardrecovery perfectly copes with the restoration of photos, documents on tablets and phones.

I strongly recommend installing it, since the program has the ability to select the area for reconstruction, as well as the types of files to search on an Android tablet. You can also use this program to return lost / erased / inaccessibles on a USB flash drive, allowing you to not only restore them on Android, but also preserve their visual quality of the original.

Recovery of music, audio files on a USB flash drive

The program knows how to recover deleted files on Android, photos, music or any other lost audio file.

The software is able to recover lost photos, other multimedia files from any internal or external Android media, memory cards, SD cards, CF cards, mini-disks or any other Windows / Mac contained on the hard drive.

Preview scanned files on your phone

When scanning is completed, the program provides a preview of the found pictures, photos,s or music at the same time. The function helps to find the target elements. For example, if a flash drive is not recognized on your phone at all.

Recover Deleted Photos from Phone: Dr Fone

If the phone does not see the memory card, Dr Fone is one of the best optimal programs. It will help to recover deleted photos from your phone, pictures, photos,s, movies and other types of multimedia information. This utility will easily detect known media formats deleted by mistake. As for images, the utility will restore JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, JPG,. 3GP, AVI, audio. MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC. Therefore, it is easy to return all deleted types of media files from Android smartphones and tablets if your Android phone does not see the memory card at point blank range.

You can recover deleted photos from all brands of devices and memory cards, such as Samsung Galaxy, Gionee Android phones, HTC. The software installs and runs on all versions of the Windows operating system.

How to recover deleted photos via Google Photos app (tip of the day)

  1. Launch the Google Photos app on your mobile device.
  2. Find the icon at the top of the screen and click on the image of the basket
  3. Mark photos ands in the list for their further restoration
  4. Find the icon with a circle and an arrow from the top right, after which the files will be returned to your phone.

The procedure for resuscitation of deleted photos, multimedia files

Step. 1: Connect your phone or tablet to the PC using the USB cable.

Fig. 1. Connecting a phone to a computer

Step. 2: After carefully reading the instructions on how to recover deleted files, enable USB debugging. To do this, follow these steps on your phone:

  1. For Android 2 0.3 or earlier: go to section”Settings”. “Applications”. “Development”. and check the box “USB debugging”.
  2. For Android 3.0 or 4.1 version: go to “Settings”. click “Developer Options”. check “USB debugging”.
  3. For Android 4.2 or later: go to section “Settings”. “About phone”. “Build number” so many times until you get a notification “You are in developer mode”. Then go back to “Settings”. “Developer Options”. check “USB debugging”.

This step will help to connect the device to the computer for subsequent scanning of erased files. To recover deleted items, follow these steps:

Step. 3: Press button ” Start”, to scan a tablet or smartphone, recover deleted photos from your phone. After a few seconds, you will get the picture as below, turn on your ?? Phone, press “Allow”, then proceed to the next step. Press button “Start”again.

Fig. 2. The procedure for finding images after they are deleted

Step. 4: After the verification procedure is completed, all recovered multimedia files, such as images,s, audio, will be displayed.

Preview photos on a phone / tablet running Android:

Fig. 3. Image preview

Select the photos that you want to restore on your tablet or smartphone running Android, press the Recovery button, save them on your computer.

Attention! If you didn’t manage to restore the photo or contacts, it’s possible that you don’t have root rights to access the phone’s file system. See our guide on how to get root on Android.

Frequently asked Questions

Formatted the phone, deleted the photo, but previously imported all the data into the laptop. The laptop caught a virus and had to reinstall Windows. I did not have time to transfer to the hard drive.

You write that all the data from the phone was imported to the computer. It is important to clarify whether the data was copied to the Windows system disk or not. If not, take any resuscitator program like Data Recovery Wizard and recover deleted photos on your hard drive.

If the photos were not deleted on the memory card, but on the internal, I advise the Undeleter program for Android.

I deleted the photo in the smartphone, I couldn’t restore it myself, the basket was empty. I did not use the phone and gave it to the laboratory for recovery. But without success.

You could delete files on the sd card or in the phone’s internal memory. In the first case, use any of the recovery programs listed in the list. If the photos were erased from the internal memory of the mobile device, applications such as GT Recovery, DiskDigger, Dumpster are suitable for you. The easiest way to download them is from Google Play.

Deleted photos ands on HTC Desire S. Rather, even the files themselves were deleted. Tell me please, “literally on the fingers” for “kettle”, how to recover.

Download Recuva or DiskDigger. These programs are not available on Google Play, because they are installed on Windows or Mac OS. If you need to return deleted photos from the internal memory, then use Undeleter. You will definitely find this program in the Market, it is put directly to the phone.

All photos on the device were deleted. There is no memory card in the phone, only a SIM card.

In fact, Simka has nothing to do with storing photos. If you did not use the memory card for saving, then recovering the photo on the phone will be more difficult. That is, the choice of resuscitation programs is narrowing significantly, and now only the Undeleter utility will help you. We already wrote about it, study the information in this article.

I moved the photos to Google Drive, as a result, when I deleted them from the gallery, they do not open on Google Drive. Restore using programs failed.

Many readers come to us with a similar problem. The fact is that you always need to wait until the photo is synchronized with the cloud, check whether they are properly stored on the successor, and only then delete it from the phone.

A few words about how to return deleted photos from your phone (most likely, we are talking about a device on the Android OS). Check again if the photos are saved in the Google Drive cloud. Google Drive has a Recycle Bin, files are stored for 25 days, check it too.

As for the photo recovery program, try several different options. For example, in Recuva you can specify the area on the disk where the photos were stored. It is also recommended that you select a deep scan scan.

Updated Android. All default settings were restored and all photos and pictures in the Android Gallery were deleted. How to recover photos on Android after deleting and updating the OS?

Unfortunately, the chances of returning anything are minimal. Tip: store user data (documents,s, photos) on the sd memory card, and after updating Android you will not have such problems.

Your deleted photos may be stored in Dropbox, Picasa, Google Photo, and more. However, only if you synchronized your photos with the corresponding online service accounts.

Lost tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. There were deleted photos, I do not want anyone to see them. Can I recover data on a stolen tablet?

Samsung has a feature “Find phone” (drive into Google). Do not forget about her. You can delete all data on the phone and lock the device. In addition, you can determine the coordinates of the phone, although not always accurately. True, this function had to be activated on the phone initially, until the moment of loss.

If you copied files to a computer or downloaded to the Internet (for example, Google Drive), they can be restored. Unfortunately, you cannot restore deleted photos in other ways. For the lack of a device. We also advise you to contact the police. Let them find your phone. Good luck

Answers to readers’ questions

1. Tell me, with the help of which program I can recover deleted photos from the phone that were on the internal memory. I deleted this folder by accident, but the photos are priceless, a photo of a child for a whole year. The phone model is Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

2. I have a Samsung Galaxy A5. I do not know how to recover deleted photos on the phone. I cut out all the photos from the main memory and transferred them to the phone’s memory card. On it, they did not open, just unreadable photo icons are displayed. I copied them back to the phone’s memory (filling in all the phone’s memory). Nothing changed. Neither the pictures are read there. I copied the photo to the computer. Files are not readable either. Writes: “Photo Viewer could not open this image because the file is corrupt or too large”but the files are all occupied by. 3-5 mb. Is it possible to somehow restore a photo or open images that cannot be read on the phone?

3. I have Lenovo s960, it crashed and disconnected, I rebooted (factory reset recovery). The phone turned on. And everything disappeared (photos,s and part of the contacts were deleted). Photo and files were in the internal memory. How to recover deleted photos and all other data on the phone?

4. There was not enough memory on the phone. I took a mini-flash drive and moved all the photos to it, deleting it from the internal memory of the device. It would be better if I didn’t do this: as a result, all files on the flash card are damaged and do not open (and photo of my son from birth).

5. I have a Samsung j16 phone. It has a memory card and all the pictures were only on it. Then they began to be saved on the device, although the memory on the card is quite enough. But there may be an explanation for this, my daughter could click the wrong way. The problem later turned out to be different. Pictures were transferred from the device’s memory to the memory card, and most of them no longer open. She took out a card, nothing has changed. I can’t transfer it back to the device. How to recover deleted photos?

Answer. In order to restore photos on the phone that are in the internal memory of the device, use the Undeleter or DiskDigger applications. Despite the fact that the chances of recovering photos are not always high, these utilities. Those of the few that scan precisely the internal memory of a mobile phone.

1. About half a year ago, I deleted an important from the phone. Htc one x, only 12GB of memory. Is it possible to restore this? Recuva does not see the device at all, although it is available in the My Computer section, with all the viewing capabilities.

2. Accidentally deleted a file. With what program can I really recover deleted photos from my Honor 4X phone (android version 4.4.2)?

3. Tell me, please, how to restore a photo on an Android phone? We cleaned the photo through the computer, it suddenly hung, the computer stopped seeing the phone. Then, when reconnecting to the phone, there was no or music. And there are only 3 photos left for 2014.

Answer. To restore on a memory card, you need to use a card reader. In this case, you can fully work with the sd card through any resuscitator, download Recuva Professional, Android Data Recovery or CardRecovery. Otherwise, you cannot specify a memory card as a disk for scanning deleted media files.

However, if we are talking about restoring from the internal memory of the phone, then the above-mentioned program Undeleter is there to help (read the application review link).

1. After a complete restart of the Lenovo tablet, photos disappeared, how to return them, advise a good program for recovering photos under Android.

2. Samsung s4 mini itself launched a hard reset, and the phone cleaned all the contacts, photos and more. I wonder how this happened, how to recover data, and is it not the original high-capacity battery that is to blame?

3. Phone Samsung GalaxyS4 mini. The Android Gallery secretly stored photos ands. Apparently, by negligence, trying to clear the cache, I deleted some menu-memory-other files. Now I can’t find anything, even with the help of the file manager. Is it possible to solve the problem and somehow restore the photo on Android?

Answer. It should be noted right away that the battery is hardly to blame for the loss of data on your mobile device. Here you can advise the restoration in two stages:

  • Search for deleted files on a memory card using resuscitation programs (R Studio, Recuva, CardRecovery, etc.)
  • Recovery of files from the internal memory of the phone using the program for recovering photos on Android. Undeleter. You can take a disk partition image using the adb console utility.

One day was an important event. We took a lot of pictures. In the evening I climbed on the phone and went to bed. In the morning I decided to put new photos on the pictures of my friends’ numbers. And bang. There are no photos (even after rebooting the phone). As a rule, I do not make reserves, and therefore now I do not know what to do. And by the way. At the same time, in chat vots up where I sent two photos, they were saved, and if I didn’t have these photos on my device, they would write to me that they were not there and they would be vague. How to recover a photo? Help me please.

Answer. We recommend using Google Photo or Dropbox services for backup. In the future, you can recover deleted photos without difficulty.

You can restore at least 2 photos: check the / WhatsApp / media / folder on your memory card.

Then you should remember where the photo was stored. In the internal memory of Android or on the sd card. In the first case, use the Undeleter utility, in the second. CardRecovery, Recuva, PhotoRec, etc.

I have a problem with the photo, Philips Xenium W732 phone. I click on one photo in the Gallery. Instead, it opens a completely different and from a different folder. What can be done with this, how to restore photos on Android? The third day is such nonsense.

Answer. Try to open these photos not through the Android gallery, but in the file manager (ES Explorer or Total CMD). The fact is that photos in the gallery may not be properly cached.

Another option. Connect the sd card to the PC via the card reader and copy the images to the hard drive.

1. I have a Lenovo A7000, threw off a photo through a cord on my computer, many took off normally, but 200 of the latter took off with a changed format for 400×400. There are none on the phone in the gallery. I barely found them through the Explorer on the memory card, but even there they open, not in full screen, but in a small square. How to recover deleted photos on Android in original size?

2. Recent photos displayed as “unable to display icon” and then disappeared from the camera folder after changing the default memory. Please help restore. Lenovo a 536 phone

Answer. We recommend that you clear the image cache in the Android Gallery.

  • Settings Applications Application Management (or Application Manager). Gallery (click on the icon). Clear cache.
  • You can manually delete the.Thumbnails folder in the DCIM directory.

Here’s the thing. It is possible that the original images were not preserved, but the thumbnails remained. This explains that after copying files you were able to open only thumbnails of deleted photos.

Since photos are stored on a memory card, use CardRecovery to restore original photos.

The daughter deleted photos ands from the gallery of the mobile phone (Android system). By chance or not, I do not know. Not recognized. Installed the utility. Photo recovery program, but deleted images turned out to be too much for the actual phone memory. The utility pulled out everything that is possible. That’s too much! As a result, the phone issued an error and reset everything.

Is it possible to connect portable memory to the phone and restore deleted photos on Android exactly there, without using the phone’s internal memory (otherwise it will give an error)? If this is possible, then how to do it, its algorithm?

Answer. If you use an Android program for these purposes, then you can save the recovered files to an sd memory card. Unfortunately, you did not specify which program you used.

Recovering photos from a memory card is easier and more convenient. To do this, you need to attach the card through the card reader to the PC and use any recovery program like Recuva or CardRecovery.

When restoring, do not save files to the internal memory of Android; always specify a memory card or hard drive as the storage location. If there is no such option in the resuscitation program, change it to another one, since the choice is wide.

On my Samsung, the built-in memory was full. I bought a microflash and moved the photo from the Gallery to it. As a result, many images have deteriorated or do not open. How to recover deleted photos from a Samsung phone, if possible?

Answer. Apparently, the photos were not completely copied from the internal memory. Therefore, it makes sense to restore files on a microsd card, you need to look for them in the internal memory of your Samsung phone. This is the only way you can restore photos on Android. Download DiskDigger application on Google Play, it can find photos in the internal memory.

I saved my photos from the Vkontakte site to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. A lot of photos. Then I cleaned the cache and other files that constantly accumulate and take up space. As a result, after cleaning, the entire folder with photos from Contact disappeared, and with them, respectively, and the photo. How can I restore photos on Android? Nowhere did I manage to save them to a USB flash drive or computer.

Answer. If you saved photos from the social network to internal memory, you can restore files on Samsung using the DiskDigger application for Android. There is a more complicated way. Creating an image of the internal memory and further recovery using the Recuva program through a computer. If deleted photos were stored on a memory card, use CardRecovery.

Samsung galaxy A5 2017 received a notification that the memory card is not supported and needs to be formatted. I pulled out and inserted the card back into the tray. Most of the albums with photos just disappeared. I tried to insert this card into another phone. The situation is still the same. What can be done? How to recover deleted photos on the phone, is it possible to return those photos?

Answer. The notification indicates that the file structure on the memory card is damaged or there are read errors.

You can still recover photos from your phone, however, avoid writing any data to the memory card. Attach the card to the PC (through the card reader), check for errors (Properties. Service. Check) and correct them. If this procedure does not help, use any recovery program mentioned in the article.

There was no space left on the phone’s memory and I purchased an sd card (mini flash drive). When moving from the phone’s memory to the memory card, some of the photos deteriorated (they became just black and the cut silhouette of a man in the center). How to recover deleted photos in the phone? Help, please, very necessary photos.

Answer. Photos were damaged because copying was interrupted and files were not copied to the memory card completely. It is clear that you need to restore images from the source (internal memory), and not the successor.

Read about how to recover photos from your phone (from internal memory). https://softdroid.Net/vosstanovit-dannye-vnutrenney-pamyati-telefon-android. If you are looking for easy ways, try DiskDigger utility for Android.

Tell me how to restore photos on an Android phone? Mom bought a new Android phone, I took the old one for a while, she did not say that there were photos on it and I reset it to the factory settings and put my account on Android. What to do now?

Answer. If the photos were stored in the cloud, you can restore them from there via the web interface. If you don’t have a link to another Google account, you will have to “get out” files from an sd memory card or internal phone memory. How to do this, read this material.

Missing part of the photos! A folder was stored on the sd card. The camera photo was saved in the folder. It had a certain number of photos and photos suddenly disappeared over the past couple of months. Not all, but only a part. What could be the reason and is it possible to recover deleted photos from the phone? Very important shots!

Answer. Photos could be deleted from the phone’s memory card for a number of reasons: human factor, copying failure, sd card file system and write error. To insure against such errors, we advise you to always copy all the files to the cloud (set up synchronization), in which case, perform photo recovery on Android.

If the photos were overwritten with other information, it is no longer possible to restore them, or, at best, you will get damaged frames. Nevertheless, you can try, and we would recommend programs such as Android Data Recovery or CardRecovery.

I had very important photos on the Sony Experiment Z phone, after updating or formatting, they disappeared, and I don’t remember the cloud or Gmail address and password. Is it possible to recover deleted photos on Android? It is very important.

Answer. If you really stored deleted photos in the cloud, it’s much easier to restore access to your account than to restore photos on your phone using programs. This can be done using sms-code or backup email address.

I will make a reservation, I am not an advanced user. Phone Soni Xperia E4g dual. Is it possible to return photos ands of 4 years ago? They somehow began to slowly disappear from the gallery of the phone. Once I read about the termination of the application, it was necessary to transfer the photo in this regard. In a word, a kettle. How to recover photos on Android and scripts from the same phone for all the time since 2014.

Answer. Theoretically, recovering deleted photos on Android after 4 years is possible, but the chances are minimal, especially when it comes to the phone’s internal memory. We advise you to get a capacious memory card and regularly back up your photos to the cloud. E.G. Dropbox or Google Drive.

Deleted photos on the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE. I decided to restore the files using this guide. However, you won’t get away from the problems. When creating a server, it gives permission denied. I tried different sections of memory, but the result is the same. Even manually I gave 777 rights to the mmcblk0 and mmcblk0p files. I’m almost sure that busybox has insufficient rights to read these files, although it is under root. How can I recover deleted photos on Samsung?

Answer. We corrected the instructions and replaced the method of creating a copy of the internal memory with a more universal one. If you wish, you can find other ways, however, this is perhaps the most optimal in terms of time / result.

To recover photos deleted from your phone, use one of the specialized applications available in the “Play Store”. Some of them work only with root access on the phone, others do not require activation of superuser rights. DiskDigger photo recovery software supports mixed mode of operation. When launched without root, a simple search for deleted photos is performed, and with additional rights, a full scan of the file system is performed.

Among the advantages of the DiskDigger program, it can also be noted that it is free. Go to the application page in the “Play Store” and click the “Install” button.

When the download and installation are completed, click “Open” to launch the utility.

Search for deleted photos

Choose your search type. Simple or complete. In the absence of root, only the first option is available. It is not recommended to get root access after deleting files. Such actions significantly reduce the chance of a successful recovery. This is due to the fact that during the activation of the superuser information will be recorded on the internal memory of the phone. It can overwrite files that were deleted but were physically left in memory.

In the next step, the application will request access to the device’s internal memory. For correct operation, provide it by clicking the “Allow” link. No additional access required.

A fairly lengthy analysis process will begin. The utility will check both the internal memory and the SD card, if present in the smartphone. The duration of the search depends on the amount of memory and the speed of the phone. The number of image files found will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Recover Deleted Photos

If the photos you want to save are already found, stop the search. You can do this by clicking the “Pause” button in the upper right corner of the application. Mark the necessary photos and click “Recovery”. For single files, you can use the “Restore this file” item in the photo context menu.

Select the application through which you want to export the recovered files. This is required so that data is not stored in the smartphone’s memory. The ability to resume information directly depends on the number of write operations performed after deletion. The fewer there are, the higher the chance of returning data.

To save a photo to Dropbox, open the folder where you want to save it. Click the Add button in the lower left corner. After that, you can open your account and view the saved photo on any device, not just on the phone. When writing to the “Public” directory, access to the data can be obtained via the link, without authorization.

After saving the photos, the program will offer to upgrade to the paid version. It supports working with files of any type (not only images) and has the ability to download via FTP.