Apple ID forgot password and mail

On your mac

Forgot Apple ID and mail

Use these steps to find your Apple ID.

Your Apple ID is the account you use to sign in to all Apple services. If you’ve forgotten your Apple ID or aren’t sure which one you have, there are several ways to find it. You can also reset your password to regain access.

Try a different email address

Typically, your Apple ID is your email address. First, try to sign in, all previous email addresses that you might have used as your Apple ID.

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Go to If you’re already signed in to iCloud, click the Options button. If you’re not signed in to iCloud, your Apple ID may fill in on the sign-in screen.

On Apple TV

On your PC

  • Open iCloud for Windows.
  • Open iTunes, then select “Account” to view my account. If you’re signed in to iTunes with your Apple ID, you’ll see your account name and email address.

in iCloud

Touch the [your name] setting. On iOS 10.2 or earlier, tap iCloud Settings.

You can also try these and other services:

  • Tap Settings Accounts & Passwords. On iOS 10.3 or earlier, select Settings mail, contacts, calendars.
  • Tap Settings Messages Send / Receive.
  • Tap Settings FaceTime Apps.
  • Select Options Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

without Apple ID password icloud Activation lock remove with success proof video done! 2021

If you know your Apple ID but can’t turn off Find My iPhone Activation Lock, what to do.

How to find your Apple ID on Mac?

If you’re signed in to your iTunes and Mac App Store account:

    Launch iTunes and go to the Store menu. Your Apple ID will appear on the View Account (your ID) line.

Or in the main iTunes window to the left of the search bar, click on the icon with an avatar and a down arrow. In the window that appears, you will see your Apple ID.

Launch the Mac App Store and go to the Store menu. Your Apple ID will appear on the View Account (your ID) line.

Or on the “Featured” page in the “Quick Links” side menu, click on the “Account” label. you will see your ID in the authorization window.

If you are not signed in to your iTunes account:

    Launch iTunes, go to the “Applications” menu and select “My Programs”. a list of programs downloaded to iTunes will be displayed. Right-click on the icon of any application and click on “Details” in the context menu.

Click on the “File” tab. The identifier with which this application was downloaded will be displayed in the “Buyer” line, for example, “Alexander Varakin (”.

    “System settings. iCloud “(if iCloud is connected).

“System settings. Internet accounts. ICloud account “(if connected).

In Safari, at if AutoFill for Web Forms is enabled and you’ve signed in to the iCloud web interface using Safari at least once.

If you have not signed in to iTunes and the Mac App Store with your Apple ID, and have not connected iCloud in OS X System Preferences, you can identify your Apple ID using a special request. For this:

    In a web browser such as Safari, go to the Apple ID Management page and click Forgot Apple ID or Password, or follow the link.

Click on “Forgot Apple ID”. the “Find Apple ID” page will load. enter the Name, Surname and email address that you may have used when registering an account.

Practice shows that Apple ID search does not work by Name, Surname, aliases (alternative e-mail) and even by a backup e-mail address. Why such a search is necessary for me a mystery.

The cherished message “Found Apple ID” will appear only when you enter the correct First Name, Last Name and the main email address to which the account was registered.

Yes, the Mac is good in everything, but very expensive, for example, the for the 11-inch MacBook Air in the Russian Apple Store start at 69,990.00 rubles (you can find it cheaper). Every home has a Windows computer.

Forgot Apple ID. What to do? How to find your Apple ID?

The main thing. do not despair. there is always a way out! Find it under the cut.

We talked about what Apple ID is and what it is for here. How to create it. here. I will not repeat myself.

Despite the fact that the Apple ID is the email address to which the account is registered, for example,, there are times when users, along with the password, forget it too. How so?

If you use email only for registration, for example, on. Odnoklassinka, or Instagram, you won’t remember your e-mail in a month. What can I say if a new mailbox is created randomly with each new registration? Write how you forgot your Apple ID in the comments. So the question is:

How to find your Apple ID on a Windows computer?

  • Launch iTunes, in the main menu of the program go to the line “iTunes Store” (if the main menu of iTunes is not displayed, press the Alt key). If you are signed in to your account, your Apple ID will be displayed in the “View Account (your ID)” line.

Launch iCloud for Windows. If you are signed in to your account, your Apple ID will be displayed in the main application window on the left.

If you’re not signed in to your iTunes and iCloud for Windows account:

    Launch iTunes, go to the “Applications” menu and select “My Programs”. a list of programs downloaded to iTunes will be displayed. Right-click on the icon of any application and click on “Details” in the context menu.

In the window with the description of the application, go to the “File” tab. The identifier with which it was downloaded will be displayed in the “Buyer” line, for example, “Alexander Varakin (”.

If iTunes is empty or no apps downloaded using your Apple ID, use the Apple ID search form on the Find Apple ID page. enter your First Name, Last Name, and email address that you might have registered for your account. If the data is correct, you will see the message: “Found Apple ID”.

How to find Apple ID on iPhone / iPad?

iTunes Store app on the Music, Movies, or Sounds page (scroll to the bottom).

Podcasts App Featured Page (Scroll to the bottom).

If you connected your Apple ID in iPhone / iPad Settings, you can find your Apple ID in:

    ICloud Menu.

Menu “Mail, Addresses, Calendars” in the iCloud account.

Music menu in the Home Sharing section.

Apple ID Locked? How to Unlock Apple ID without Password, Rescue Email or Security Questions

Video menu in the Home Sharing section.

If you’ve signed in to your account in Find My iPhone at least once, your Apple ID is available in the login window.

If your iPhone or iPad is password-locked, won’t turn on, or you activate your device, your Apple ID can be identified using your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

In case nothing comes out

  • locked with a password;
  • defective;
  • does not turn on;
  • not activated;
  • The Windows or Mac computer it synced with is not signed in to your iTunes and Mac App Store account.
  • iTunes has no downloaded apps;
  • your hacked Apple ID

One thing remains. find the receipt for the purchase of the official device and contact Support Apple. There are no other ways to recover Apple ID.

Forgot Apple ID and so what??

The most dangerous thing that this can lead to is an Activation Lock, which will prevent you from activating your iPhone, iPad, or Mac without your Apple ID password. As a result, you will not be able to use your device. A problem arises. how to remember the Apple ID password, if you do not remember which mail it was registered with?

When the device is activated, the Apple ID name is published encrypted. only the first character of the identifier and the domain of the mail service are displayed, for example, is displayed instead of The number of “asterisks” does not correspond to the real number of hidden characters, that is, there are 5 tokens, and there can be 3, 7, and 10 characters. So chances are that you will remember your Apple ID by the first character and mail domain (@) few.

Fortunately, you can find your Apple ID in plain text:

  • on iPhone / iPad;
  • on Windows and Mac computer.

From all of the above, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • If you use your Apple ID to download games, apps, music, movies, iCloud, iMessage, and FaceTime, you’ll either remember it or find it easily.
  • Even if your iPhone / iPad does not turn on, is locked with a password or is not activated, you can find your Apple ID using your computer in iTunes.
  • Finding Apple ID by First Name, Last Name, and Email Address on the Find Apple ID page is useless.
  • If you have an official iPhone / iPad and have a purchase receipt, Apple Support can help you recover your Apple ID.

Do you still have questions, are there any additions or comments on the text? Write in the comments. we will certainly answer.

If two-factor authentication is not enabled

Go to the address. and enter your Apple ID in the special field. If you don’t remember it, then click on the corresponding link.

Next, choose a recovery method from two options:

1) Receive an email with instructions on what to do.
2) Answer security questions that will help you quickly regain access. In this case, the main thing is to remember the answers.

Choose one of these options and just follow the instructions or answer the questions that will be given to you. Nothing complicated here.

Important! If you have enabled two-factor authentication on your smartphone, then consider the following methods.

If there is no access to iPhone. by number and Email

In this case, too, everything is quite simple, the main thing is to have access to your phone number and Email. put your SIM card in another phone so that you can receive SMS messages.

Also go to the address given in the first chapter, enter your Apple ID, then the number. But this time, tk. there is no access to the smartphone, you need to click on the link. “No access to the iPhone?”.

Further, on the new page you will be offered two options, if one of them suits you, then use it. We need a link. “Can’t use any of these options?” On the next page, immediately click on “Continue”.

Interesting! Of these two options, you can, for example, use the recovery option using your friend’s or acquaintance’s Apple device (consider this method below).

A special code will be sent to your phone number, which will need to be driven into a special field on the site. do this and click on the “Continue” button.

Next, the verification code will be sent to your registered Email address, also enter it and click on the “Continue” button.

A message will appear stating that the check has begun, and after a while you will be sent a message with further instructions.

Interesting! Most often, the letter arrives the next day and it will contain information that you will receive a call or receive a message that your account is ready for recovery.

Forgot Apple ID password. how to recover

The situation when the question arises. what to do if you forgot your Apple ID password can arise with anyone. I faced this myself once.

The problem is pretty frustrating, but the process of getting access back is pretty easy. Everything is done quickly, especially if you have an associated phone number at hand.

From the past material, you learned how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer. Now we will take a closer look at how to recover your Apple ID password, what to do in this situation step by step, regardless of whether you forgot your username or password, or, if the phone number is not available. Also, using this instruction, you can regain access to iCloud.

Interesting! If you have forgotten the code word from the smartphone itself, then I recommend that you read the material. I forgot the password from the iPhone. It describes in detail what to do in this situation.

From the iPhone or iPad itself

Open your smartphone settings and click on your name to open your Apple ID. Then go to the section “Password and Security”.

Here click on the “Change Password” button. Enter your current PIN, and on the next page you will have a new password for your Apple ID.

Forgot your Apple ID password. what to do

Important! If you forgot, Apple ID is your email address to which you registered it, enter it exactly, i.e. your Email.

If it doesn’t work out in any way

In this case, all that remains is to contact Support and explain the situation in as much detail as possible. It is better to call from your number linked to your Apple ID. Proof that the device is indeed yours may be required, usually a receipt and a box.

You can write or call them through the Apple Support app. Or by contacts from the page. or

Via a friend’s iPhone

Ask a friend or acquaintance to install the Apple Support app from the App Store. On the main page in the “Other products” block, go to the “Apple ID” section and then click on the button that you forgot it.

On the new page, click on the “Start” button and indicate that you will not be recovering your Apple ID.

Enter your Apple ID and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Interesting! If the installed IOS version is lower than 13, then you can use the application. Find iPhone for recovery. There you need to delete the current ID and click on the button that you forgot it. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

How to recover Apple ID password by resetting password from a trusted device?

Many users use two-step verification for their Apple ID to further protect their personal information from intruders. If you have this protection measure active, then it will be even easier to recover your password.

Go to the Apple ID page, click on the “Forgot your password” link and enter your account login. After that, you need to enter the recovery key and select a trusted device to which the verification code will be sent. This code will need to be specified in the form that opens on the site, after which password reset will become available.

If the recovery key was forgotten or lost, again you cannot do without contacting Apple technical support.

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Forgot your iCloud password (Apple ID)? There is an exit!

Good time! It’s just that a huge number of questions are received both by e-mail and in comments to articles on the topic of a forgotten (lost, changed by someone, etc.) e-mail iCloud and password to it. To be more precise, this is an Apple ID, but this does not change the essence of the matter. In order to somehow systematize all this information, it was decided to write this article. So, if you do not remember (do not know) the password or e-mail to which your (or “someone else’s”) iPhone or iPad is registered, and you really want to activate it, then this instruction is for you!

A bit of history. With the release of the iOS 7 operating system, Apple introduced additional protection for all device owners from theft, loss, etc. Now no person will be able to access the phone, as well as the data that is on it, if he does not know the Apple ID and password from it. Whatever actions you take:

  • Hard Reset.
  • Restore with iTunes.
  • Upgrading (Upgrading or Downgrading) Firmware.
  • Entering DFU mode and then trying to flash.
  • Parsing into small parts and replacing certain parts of the phone.

NOTHING will help! Do not trust people who promise to “hack” it for money (most often not small!). Remember. it is impossible to delete an Apple ID without a password. iPhone or iPad are rigidly bound to the registration data and can only be unlinked:

  • The direct owner of the device who owns this information.
  • Apple employee.

Speaking of bindings, they come in two flavors:

  • When activated, the system only asks for an Apple ID and password. Everything described below in the article will be devoted to this issue. In this case, there is hope for unlocking.
  • Everything is the same, but the Lost Mode is on, in which case you will see such an inscription. This iPhone (iPad) was lost and erased (can be translated as “This iPhone was lost and all data erased”). In the very last paragraph of the article, there are two “excellent” tips on how to proceed in this case.

So, we have the first scenario and there is no question of any lost mode, but you just forgot the password from iCloud (Apple ID) and the phone (tablet) was locked after updating the firmware or resetting the settings to the factory settings.

What to do? How do I clear the activation message? There are two ways:

  • We go to the recovery page and try to do something there: indicate the mail to which the Apple ID is registered, enter an additional e-mail address, answer security questions. If you know at least something, then the chances of unlocking your iPhone increase.!
  • For those who do not remember anything at all. We write (or better call) to Apple Support. here is the link to the contact page. We describe your situation as accurately and in detail as possible. Remember, there are people sitting there and more often than not stupid! Most likely, after a short conversation, you will be asked to prove the fact that the device belongs and has always belonged to you. How? Provide a photo of the box (of course, not just packaging, but the place where the serial number is indicated), the serial number of the gadget itself, plus a purchase document (receipts). If everything is in order and Apple employees believe you, the iCloud Lock will be removed.

However, it may also happen that this does not happen. Why? The fact is that just a huge number of people began to forge purchase documents and thus deceive the company. I do not presume to judge whether it is good or bad, but the fact is obvious. the number of unlocked devices using this method has decreased and each new application already initially causes distrust.

This means that such a situation may happen. The iPhone or iPad really belongs to you, you provided all the documents, and Apple employees refuse to remove Activation Lock. How to be? Write to the English-language support (the last subtitle in this article will help you figure out how to do this) and tell them the whole story about how you forgot your iCloud password and want to unlock it.

If they do not help, then, unfortunately, nothing remains like:

  • Return the device for spare parts.
  • To put on a shelf until better times.

Such is the slightly sad ending of the article, but I think that in your case everything will be “ok” and the blocking will be removed for you.

P.S. By the way, they say that those who “like” this article, the chances of it increase! Worth a try!

Forgot iCloud password (Apple ID). what to do and what to do? How to recover Apple ID if you forgot your username and password and mail

What to do if you forgot your Apple ID password?

Now that you know your Apple ID, which is e-mail, you can reset your Apple ID password by choosing one of two methods:

  • Via e-mail (e-mail).
  • By answering security questions.

You can reset your password on any device, be it an Android smartphone or tablet, a Windows computer or Mac OS, and of course on an iPhone and iPad.

How to recover Apple ID password using email

The first thing you need to do is go to the page specially created by Apple, write your Apple ID, ie e-mail and press the “continue” button.

Now you need to select the item “Receive a message by e-mail” and again click on the “continue” button. Pay attention! Be sure to look at which specific e-mail the instructions for recovering your Apple ID password will be sent. In my case, messages are sent to a spare e-mail, and not to an Apple ID.

A letter should be sent to your mail with a link to reset your password. By clicking on it, you will go to the page where you will need to come up with and enter a new password.

What to do if you forgot your Apple ID

But there are also such cases when they forget or do not know not only the password, but also the Apple ID. If there is no password on the iPhone or iPad, then you can spy on the Apple ID by going to the device’s settings. To do this, go to Settings → iCloud. There will be the mailing address that you wrote when registering your Apple ID. Actually, he is the Apple ID login.

Another way to find out a forgotten Apple ID is to see which Apple ID one of the apps you purchased is assigned to. But if you bought or downloaded the application from another Apple ID, then this method will not work.

1: Open iTunes on the computer you last connected your iPhone to.

2: Right click on one of the recently purchased apps. They are located in the “Media Library” tab.

3: Select in the menu Edit.> Info.> File.

4: In the item “customer”, you will see your forgotten Apple ID.

Now that you know your Apple ID, it’s time to reset or recover your password from it.

Forgotten password recovery if all the answers to security questions are known

If the answers to the security questions asked by the system have not been forgotten, you can safely proceed with the recovery according to these instructions. First you need to go to the “My Apple ID” page. After that, you should select “Manage Apple ID” and “Forgot your password?” When you select such a question button, a page will appear where you will need to enter your Apple ID and click on the “Next” button.

Then you have to select the item “Answer security questions” as an authentication method, and again click the “Next” button. After that, it remains only to indicate your date of birth associated with the identifier, and click “Next” in order to answer the questions. If the answers are correct, you will be prompted to enter and confirm a new password. When finished, click “Reset Password”.

What to do in unusual situations?

Sometimes it happens that the user:

  • cannot get into the main mailbox or there is a block on the e-mail;
  • does not remember the date of birth, because when registering the account, he entered false data;
  • forgot the answers to the questions.
  • second e-mail address was not confirmed.

In all these situations, a reset using the usual methods discussed in this article will not be possible. All that remains is to contact the support service. But be prepared to show your purchase receipt for the iOS gadget that used your ID. If everything goes well, you will be informed of the login and password from the account.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in resetting Apple ID password characters on an iPhone 4S, 5S or other device from Apple. In most cases, if someone has forgotten the password and cannot remember, the procedure ends successfully.

In this article, we have identified the main approaches to how to fix the unpleasant situation when the user has forgotten the ID characters. It is noteworthy that each of the considered methods is suitable for use on any iOS device.

How to bypass Apple with two-factor authentication?

Basically, if you’ve set up two-factor authentication. And also entered your Apple ID password, you will need to enter a code that Apple will send to your iPhone or Mac.

If you’ve set up two-factor authentication and want to change your Apple ID password recovery, you still need to go to and click Forgot Apple ID or Password.

  • The Apple ID page prompts you to enter your email address (and symbols to prove you’re not a robot). You will then be prompted for the mobile number associated with two-factor authentication.
  • As soon as you enter the correct number. You will see a prompt allowing you to reset your password from another device or from a trusted phone number. Obviously you need to make sure you have access to them.
  • If you choose to reset it from another device, you will receive a warning. in our case, the warning came to the MacBook Pro. Which we used and was given a link to iCloud System Preferences and the option to reset iCloud password.

What to do if Apple 2-Step Verification is enabled?

Apple users who were concerned about security at the time could set up two-step verification for their Apple ID. If this applies to you, you have been sent a 14-character recovery key that Apple recommended that you print and store in a safe place. Where to find the iCloud app on ios 10?

If you are using 2FA (and it might be best because older devices do not support 2FA). Every time you want to sign in to iCloud, you need to enter your Apple ID and password. Also a verification code that will be sent to one of your devices. Flash on iPhone 8 call, how to turn it off or on?

(recover Apple ID password)

If you do not have a verification code and recover your Apple ID password, you will be locked out of your account. If this happens, you must use your 14 character recovery key to gain access.

With two-step verification, recovering to recover Apple ID password depends on whether you know the recovery key. If you don’t, you won’t be able to recover your account. Even Apple can’t reset your Apple ID password if you don’t have this recovery key. so don’t lose it! Apps to download music to iPhone.

If you have this form of security and do not know where your recovery key is located. You can get a new one by going to your Apple ID account, signing in with your password and email address, and choosing Replace Lost Key. How to Record Screen Video in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad?

On iPad or iPhone:

How to recover Apple ID password using questions and mail?

What if you forgot and want to recover your Apple ID password for your account? If you’re having trouble signing in to iCloud, iTunes, or the App Store, these tips will help.

IPhone and Mac users must enter their Apple ID information frequently. when purchasing an iTunes app or music. By using iCloud email or other services. When you update your OS, you don’t think you will forget your passwords, but it happens. If you can’t find a solution in this article, see another similar one. What to do if you forgot your iCloud, iTunes or App Store password?

You may have made a mistake when Apple forced us to change to a new password. You chose to recover your Apple ID password that was too difficult to remember. (How to bypass the password on ios 11?) Whatever the reason, forgetting the password for your Apple ID account can be a serious problem. Therefore, we are going to explain how to recover Apple ID password.

We’re getting started: Your password might not work because it was locked by Apple for security reasons. Perhaps because an attempt was made to hack it. How to bypass ios 11 password lock?

What if I forgot my Apple ID questions? You can change questions by going to.

Remember, it is not the answers themselves that are important, but the way you wrote them: watch out for errors or abbreviations (for example, Avenue becomes Ave). They should be written exactly as they were during setup.

You can change questions and / or answers by going to, but you will need to sign in with your Apple ID and iCloud password. It may not be helpful for anyone reading this article. IPhone 8 music how to download free without iTunes?

However, even if you’ve forgotten the answers to your security questions, you can still request a link to change your Apple ID password. Sent to the alternate email address you registered with your account.

How to recover Apple ID password?

One easy option is to simply reset your Apple ID password. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Apple ID webpage and click Forgot Apple ID or iCloud Password.
  • Enter the email address you use with your Apple ID and click Continue. (If you cannot remember which email address you are using, we will discuss this below).
  • You will also need to enter text to prove that you are not a robot. (Hint: if you can’t read the text, just keep tapping until you can.)
  • The next step will depend on the type of security you’ve set up for your Apple account. If you have set up two-factor authentication or two-factor authentication, it will involve receiving information through another device. We explain the difference between 2SV and 2FA below.
  • If you have not configured any of these additional security levels. In this case, receiving email or answering some security questions.

We will look at different ways to recover Apple ID password in more detail below.

What if you forgot your Apple ID email? You just need to find.

Along with your iCloud password, you will need to enter your Apple ID. Which is usually the email address that you associate with the account. (forgot mail from Apple ID)

It might be less likely, but if you don’t log into Apple services often and buy things from Apple. You may forget which email address is associated with your Apple ID. Fortunately, there is a quick way to find out which email address you need. You just need to find a device that is already subscribed to your Apple ID. How to set a ringtone on iPhone 8, without a computer and with a computer?

How to answer Apple ID questions?

When setting up a new iPad, iPhone, or Mac, or when creating an Apple ID. You were prompted to enter answers to some safety questions: the name of the road where you grew up, or perhaps the name of a favorite teacher. How to stop Autoplay videos in the App Store?

If you choose to answer your security questions, these are the steps you need to go through:

  • Start by entering your date of birth.
  • Then Apple will ask you two questions. Enter the correct answers and you will be taken to the “Reset Password” page.
  • Now enter your new password reset Apple ID twice (so Apple can confirm that you typed it correctly). Your password must be 8 or more characters, upper and lower case letters, and at least one number. It also cannot contain the same character three times in a row (and any spaces). You are not allowed to reuse the password you used last year.

(recover Apple ID password)