How to tell the difference between a refurbished iPhone XR

Sign 1: box

The box in which a refurbished device comes in always shows the iPhone status as “refurbished” or “pre-owned.” If the purchase is made through a private person, it is possible to prove that this particular box belongs to the smartphone only by checking for the coincidence of the data indicated on it and in the iPhone settings. All information must match.

How to Check if iPhone is Refurbished or New?

Apple website

You can check the coincidence of all the mentioned data through the official website of the company by requesting this information from the support service. To confirm ownership of an iPhone, you will need to log in with your Apple ID on any of the company’s services, which will give the specialist information about linking the profile to the device.

Symptom 2: Device Model

If the seller gives you the opportunity to study the device a little more, be sure to look in the settings for the model name.

  • Open your phone settings and then go to the “General” section.
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  • Select “About this device”. Pay attention to the line “Model”. The first letter in the character set should give you comprehensive information about your smartphone:
  • M is a completely new smartphone;
  • F is a remanufactured model that has undergone Apple repair and replacement process;
  • N. device intended for replacement under warranty;
  • P. dear version of the smartphone with engraving.
  • Compare the model from the settings with the number indicated on the box. these data must be the same.

    Symptom 4: Check by IMEI

    In the settings of the smartphone (and on the box) there is a special unique identifier that contains information about the device model, memory size and color. Checking by IMEI, of course, will not give an unambiguous answer whether the smartphone has been restored (if it is not about official repair). But, as a rule, when performing recovery outside Apple, the masters rarely try to keep the IMEI correct, and therefore, when checking the information about the phone, it will differ from the real one.

    Be sure to check the smartphone by IMEI. if the received data does not match (for example, IMEI indicates that the color of the case is Silver, although you have Space Gray on your hands), it is better to refuse to purchase such a device.

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    Distinguishing a new iPhone from a refurbished one

    There are several signs that will allow you to clearly check if the device is new or refurbished.

    Main features of a refurbished iPhone

    It should be noted that the iPhone refurbished by the manufacturer is original for several reasons:

    • the company replaces worn out or damaged components, functional elements that can no longer be considered “new” due to the used operation (for example, a battery);
    • the device restored by the manufacturer is completely and completely serviceable, meets all the quality and functionality standards declared by the developer;
    • The iPhone sold with the “refurbished” mark on the box (ie, “refurbished”) is not a copy of the original Apple, all components are original, the operating system is not jailbroken, the smartphone does not receive new features or capabilities that are not available on conventional devices with standard iOS.

    That is, if a user purchases such an iPhone on the company’s official website, he gets a completely ordinary device that is no different from new smartphones. The only difference is the price. Often, buying a refurbished iPhone of any model, you can save from 80 to 200. Buying such a phone from Apple, the user receives the same guarantees as when buying a regular phone that has not been repackaged.

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    Similar Apple smartphones have the same manufacturer’s warranty, are officially registered with the company by IMEI and undergo full testing before being returned for resale.

    • information on the box;
    • model;
    • IMEI check via iTunes and company website.

    If the purchase is made through an individual who owns an iPhone, or any service center that resells previously faulty smartphones, no one gives any guarantees. Any non-Apple third party restoring iOS or Mac devices is illegal, even if original parts were used in the repair or replacement.

    Symptom 2: device model

    Model, serial number, IMEI and any other information must match:

    • box;
    • internal settings of the iPhone;
    • iTunes;
    • Apple website.

    The model that has been restored always includes the letter F or RFB in its name.

    IMEI check

    On models 6s, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, IMEI indicates:

    I bought a Refurbished iPhone XR from Amazon.

    • in the smartphone settings (“Settings”. “General”. “About device”);

    The code must match everywhere. If this does not happen, the device is not refurbished, and in some cases it cannot be considered original Apple products at all.