How to flash sony Playstation 2

Sony Playstation 2 STARTING GAMES FROM A USB flash drive

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At the request of fans of the second curling iron, I post my manual for launching games from a flash drive and setting up the Modbo 5 chip.

Downloading the game. Usually it looks like an archive in “rar” format, but the game file itself must be in “iso” format. Unpack the archive using the “WInRAR” program. Open the folder where the game should be in “iso” format

If the game takes less than 4 gigabytes, then you just need to copy it to a USB flash drive in a folder

The file name must contain the region format, for example: SLES_543.40.Need for

speed – Hot Pursuit.iso «SLES_543.40. “Where” SLES_ “. this is the region, and “543.40.” game code. This code is specified if you open the game file itself through the archiver

Now you need to defragment the flash drive. Without this, the games will not work normally or will not start at all! For example, a white screen, brakes in the game itself.

For defragmentation, you can use the “Auslogics Disk Defrag” program

or use the standard program: Start \ All Programs \ Standard \ Service \ Disk Defragmenter. For Windows 7, 8: Start \ Control Panel \ Administrative Tools \ Disk Optimization. We insert the flash into the curling iron and spire!

If the game takes more than 4 gigabytes, run the USBUtil program (Google / download / run) click “Exit \ File \ Create game from ISO

Next, select the file with the game “From the folder”, after which we select our flash drive “To the folder”. We wait.

When the conversion is 100%, click “Close” and close the program. After

Several files with the game should appear on the flash drive. Defragment the flash drive. Play!

The name of the game when converting should be short, for example, there is a game SLES_456.78.GOD OF WAR II.iso, this is still normal, but if the file is named, for example, SLES_456.78 Shadow of the Colossus Sony Playstation 2 Russian Version Special Edition Mat ‘ ego tak.iso, then after the conversion you are guaranteed to get a fatal error and to hell with it, you can start it up, you don’t have to waste time, it’s checked.

If a black and white image appears on the screen, you need to go into the settings and select the desired region (PAL, NTSC, COLOR, VGA).

To do this, turn off the console, on the first joystick, hold down the triangle and circle and

In the service menu, select the item “PS2 SCREEN FIX” and select

mode, for example, “PAL”. Then we press “START” on the joystick and press the power button on the console. If this does not help, similarly change the modes to NTSC, PAL60, COLOR, OFF, except for VGA.

We go to the set-top box menu as described above and in the “Boot mode” line and change the value

“Mass” to “Auto” after press the joystick “START” and press the power button on the console.

Now, if there is no flash drive, the set-top box will boot in standard factory mode.

You can also run games on the disc through the console menu when the flash drive is running

Tip: In order for the prefix to start in normal mode (if there are masses in the boot menu), after turning on the curling iron, press the cross on the joystick and wait until the usual factory screensaver is loaded.

A USB flash drive can be plugged into any connector. If two flash drives will work in the console

at the same time, the priority will be the first.

For normal operation of a flash drive, it is desirable that it has 10-30% of free space

All types of USB flash drives version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 are suitable for the set-top box, it is checked. You can also use various SD. micro sd cards through card readers and other gadgets.

If defragmentation is not complete, it means that there is not enough

free space (less than 10-30% of its volume) or games were often deleted and recorded.

So do not swear if suddenly there is a lot of free meta on the flash drive, but for some reason the games are not recorded or defragmentation knocks out errors.

1) free up enough space on the flash drive and make

2) copy all files to the computer \ format the USB flash drive in the format

“FAT32” \ copy files back to the USB flash drive \ do disk defragmentation

3) format the flash drive \ copy files from the folder “Operating system Modbo 5.0 to

USB flash drive \ copy game images to the “DVD \ CD” folders and convert games through the USBUtil program

During use, I can say that all games work fine if:

1) the flash drive is formatted in “FAT32” format

2) there is enough free space on the flash drive after recording games, movies and other data.

For example, the total volume of a flash drive is 30 gigabytes, 4-5 gigabytes should be free.

games through the USBUtil program, after the games are copied to the “DVD” folder, after which all

other data (programs, movies, music, photos, images of games from other consoles, etc.), after which defragmentation was done.

If the set-top box has a Modbo 5 chip, the set-top box will ask for a USB flash drive, that is, the boot menu mode is set in the “MASS” mode. Thus, if you get a message like this:

You should completely turn off the set-top box, insert a USB flash drive with system files and turn it on again.

“Open PS2 Loader”. this is the first icon on the left, with which

games are launched on a flash drive through the “Open PS2 Loader” or “OPL” program

“SMS”. it is an audio / video player. Run \ go to

settings by clicking the triangle or circle \ select “Device settings” \ put a check mark “Autostart

USB “\ then select” Start USB support “. After that, our flash drive will open, where you can choose

“Ulaunch Elf”. this program allows you to run other programs such as

Playstation 2 Free MC Boot (играем с флешки, без чипа и без привода! =))

set-top box emulators, audio / video players, internet browser.

For example, to start the games of the “SEGA” console, go to the file manager \ press

circle \ then we see the system folders and select “MASS” (mass. This is a flash drive) \ then open the “Sega MD” folder \ run the “PicoDrive.elf” file. After starting the program, select “Load new ROM \ ISO” and press the triangle \ find the folder with games (ROM files) in the bin format and press the triangle

“Brouser”. This is the prefix factory menu. If you want to play a disc

with the game, boldly enter it, insert the disc and use.

How to create a virtual memory card?

It is only possible to save game information without a memory card when starting games with

In order to save game information to a USB flash drive, go to the “Open PS2 Loader” menu \ select the one you want to configure from the list of games, for example, set up the SSX game \ press the triangle \ in the menu that appears, we find the line “VMC Slot 1” \ select item “Use Generic” and press the cross \ then select the item “Save Changes” press the cross \ then a message will appear about the completion of saving, after which we press the circle. All is ready! Now you don’t need a memory card.

Important! When playing on discs, save files are recorded only on the memory card. At the same time, for games with Sony Playstation 1, you need a memory card, respectively, from ps1, usually with a volume

How to change the splash screen in the main menu ?

The screensaver can be changed manually. The “System” folder contains the “desktop.bmp” file. He

has a resolution of 512×384 pixels. In order to put your screensaver, you can

program “Paint” create your own drawing or copy a photo or picture from the Internet,

then compress the image to a size equal to 512×384 pixels (in the right or left

the bottom corner you can see this data when you drag the mouse over the image). Now

create a new folder in the system folder “System”. Move the file to the new folder

“Desktop.bmp”, in case the new splash screen won’t work. Next to the “System” folder

save the new splash screen under the same name “desktop” in the format of a 24-bit picture with

resolution “bmp”. Select the type of resolution in the line below when saving

the downloaded game, when unpacked, has the “MDF” format

How to flash Playstation?

Having bought the Sony Playstation 3, the owners are faced with the fact that it has protection against software changes. This means that you will not be able to install downloaded pirated games and third-party software other than that which can be purchased for money from the official Sony service. This limits your options a lot.

However, you can reflash your console, which will allow you to run pirated versions of games.

How to flash Sony Playstation 3 yourself

Installing a new firmware is done in exactly the same way as in the case of the official one, but with some tricks. To do this, follow a simple instruction:

  • We format a USB flash drive or any other media in the FAT 32 file system.
  • Create PS3 / UPDATE folders on the media.
  • Download pirated firmware from here or from this site. They differ in their capabilities. The first firmware allows you to run almost all released games. However, the second firmware is more stable and will not crash frequently when playing, which will cause fewer problems for the user of the pirate console. Most gamers still choose the first firmware, which has no problems with running third-party software and pirated games, which will allow you to enjoy any games.
  • We write the pirated firmware to the created UPDATE folder on a USB flash drive or other medium.
  • We connect a USB flash drive or other media to the set-top box and immediately turn off the power to the set-top box by pulling out the power cord.
  • We turn on the console again, holding the power button for 30 seconds. During this time, the set-top box should turn on and off by itself.
  • After that, press the power button again and wait for two short squeaks from the console. Then you can release the button and wait for the recovery mode to load.
  • We press the item “System update” and wait for its completion.

After installing the firmware in the “Game” section, new items “Install package files” and “/ app_home / PS3_GAME” should appear.

Now you know how to flash Playstation 3. However, you won’t be able to install and play games right away. This requires a game launch manager. The most popular manager for launching games is “multiMAN”.

Preparing for firmware

Before flashing your set-top box, you need to make sure that the Sony Playstation 3 has official firmware version 3.55 or lower. If the version is higher, then there is no firmware for it yet. You can see it along the path “Settings. system settings. system information”.

If the version is lower than 3.55, then you can install it before starting the firmware. For this:

  • Download the firmware from the site.
  • We write it to the USB flash drive along the “PS3 / UPDATE” path. These folders must be created on your own on a USB flash drive, which must be formatted in the FAT 32 file system.
  • We insert the USB flash drive into the console and select in the menu “System update. update from the storage medium”.
  • After the update, check the version in the system information.

Your STB is now ready for flashing.

Installing multiMAN on a flashed Playstation 3

To install the multiMAN game manager, you need to do the following:

  • Download the program from this site.
  • We copy it to a USB flash drive.
  • We insert the USB flash drive into the console and through the “Install package files” menu in the “Game” section install the program.

Now you have a program for launching games, but first you need to download and write them so that the console can see them.

How to run games on a flashed Playstation 3

The game is mounted and launched on the console via multiMAN. Your pirate game will appear in the games section.

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It should be borne in mind that not all games run without a disc, so it is always better to have a Blu-ray disc with a recorded game.

You can also read our article How to flash your psp if you have a PSP and want to play pirated games.

How to flash PS3 Slim and why you need to do it

The absolute majority of experienced owners of game consoles, the word “firmware” does not cause absolutely no reaction, because for them this business is as familiar as the game itself on the console. Being a fairly common way to “pump” the console, installing additional software gives many different privileges to those who dare.

Play Station firmware is the installation of special software that either fixes errors in the device, or unlocks it for unlicensed content. Most often, the official software is replaced with hacked, or simply modified.

Pros and cons of ps3 slim firmware

Basically, when discussing the pros and cons of installing firmware on the console, we are talking about unofficial software products, so you should remember that everything that has been said below about the advantages and disadvantages is true only for custom firmwares. In general, there are quite a few reasons to flash the console.

  • Unofficial firmware opens up the possibility for unlicensed games, as well as for so-called homebrew programs. Homebrew is mostly unlicensed add-on software that is usually developed by enthusiasts. You can simply download the games and programs of interest from the Internet, and they will be played without problems on the console.
  • With custom software, you can “transfer” programs and games from licensed media to the internal hard drive, after which no external drives are needed anymore.
  • The flashed Play Station 3 can also replace other consoles. That is, in order to play exclusive games for some consoles, you do not need to buy them. It is enough to install an emulator of other consoles on the flashed version of the console and you can play absolutely any games.

As a result, installing “custom” software on the console will save money in the future, significantly expand the gaming capabilities of the console, and also extend the life of the drive (after the firmware, its use will become extremely rare).

The impressive advantages of the idea of ​​flashing your Playstation 3 very much counterbalance the disadvantages of this solution.

  • Sony consoles support the PSN service for online gaming. A special DNAS system is embedded in the service, designed to track down unlicensed games on the network. If the system detects a pirate game, an immediate ban will follow. That is, if the purpose of buying a PS 3 is to play on the network, then the firmware is not quite the option. On the other hand, you can still install the firmware, but purchase licenses for online games, then the ban will be avoided. When using any unlicensed software, the set-top box must be disconnected from the network. And when you access the Internet, you need to turn off all pirated and homebrew programs, even if they are running in the background or if it’s just a file manager shell.
  • Not every model can be equipped with firmware. To date, only official software no higher than version 3.55 can be flashed. Of course, this rule can also be circumvented. To do this, you will have to do a “downgrade”, which is a rather expensive procedure in terms of firmware. The fact is that the procedure for downgrading the software version (“downgrade”) assumes the presence of an E3 flasher. At home, downgrading the software version is difficult and, moreover, unprofitable, since the cost of the programmer is much higher than the price of a downgrade in a workshop. And that’s not all. Not all models can be downgraded. Sony has found a way to protect later versions of consoles. Models that are 100% flashable are all PS thick boxes that were produced before July 2009. As for the “slim” models, models up to 2010 can be flashed, as well as Some versions of 2011. Supersim and Slim models that have been produced since the second half of 2011 are not subject to firmware or downgrade. For them, only ODE (drive emulator) is suitable, which will provide some functionality of custom software.

You can find out if the existing console can be flashed by contacting any workshop. However, before that you need to find out the series of prefixes and when it was produced. The Playstation 3 Slim series code starts with CECH2 or CECH3. Instead of asterisks, there will be a code indicating a specific model of the console. The year and quarter when the console was released is indicated by a specific DATA code written in the format 0A, where the number 0 indicates in which year the console was released (2010), and the letter A is the first quarter. Accordingly, if the prefix was released in the third quarter of 2012, then the prefix will be written 2C. Experts will use the series code and release date of the set-top box to tell you whether it can be flashed, or you will have to be content with only ODE.

Self-flashing Playstation

A large number of ps3 slim owners are interested in how to flash their console at home, and whether you can do it yourself. The answer is unambiguous: if the console is one of those versions that are stitched, then you can flash it yourself. However, it is worth sitting down for this business only for those whose hands grow from the right place, otherwise it may turn out that more money will be spent on restoring the console than on five firmwares in the workshop.

To begin with, it is worth touching on the topic of installing the official firmware.

There are two ways to install:

  • Through the Internet. If there is an Internet connection, the new software is downloaded directly to the Playstation. To do this, you need to select “System Update” in “Settings”, where click on “Network Update”. When using this method, the latest update will be installed.
  • From external media. You need to download software to the USB flash drive from the official site For the entire operation to be successful, the media must be prepared. Before you start downloading the update to a USB flash drive, you need to create a PS3 directory on it, and in it an UPDATE folder (folder names must be entered in capital letters). The software should be loaded into the UPDATE folder. After the download is complete, the media must be connected to the set-top box. Then on the console go to “Settings” “System update” “Update from storage media”. It remains only to select the carrier and wait for a certain time until the system is updated.

The official firmware can only be changed to a newer one. Rollback to older versions is not available. This is possibly due to the fact that Sony creates new firmware when the old ones have already been cracked. That is, when a user wants to “roll back” the system, Sony suspects him of using unlicensed content and tries to prevent an offense.

Considering that it will not be possible to play pirated games on the official firmware, run homebrew programs, run images of games, it is quite natural that many will want to install unlicensed firmware on their console.

To install custom firmware, you need a formatted hard drive. Installation directly over the Internet, as is the case with the official firmware, is not supported.

Manipulations with a flash drive when installing custom firmware are exactly the same as when installing the official software. The media needs to be formatted and two directories created: PS3, and in it UPDATE.

Among unofficial firmware, Rogero 4.55 and 3.55 kmeaw are very popular.

Regardless of which firmware was selected, the downloaded file with the update must be renamed PS3UPDAT.PUP (this is the name of the file with the official firmware). Next, the USB flash drive must be connected to the set-top box, and the set-top box must be disconnected from the power supply. As soon as the set-top box is turned off, it must be plugged into the outlet again and the power button must be pressed. At this time, the set-top box turns on and off. After that, you need to hold down the button again and hold it until the console emits two characteristic “squeaking” sounds. After this sound, the button should be released immediately. The STB will start recovery mode. Then you just need to take the joystick and go to “Settings” and from there click “System Update”. Now all that remains is to wait for the Playstation to install the firmware itself and allow the gamer to enjoy a full-fledged gaming variety.

Upon completion of the installation, the STB should reboot. You can make sure that the update really “became” on the console by two points that were not there before: Install package files and / app home / PS3_GAME.

In order to play games without purchasing a license, you need a MultiMAN manager. It can be downloaded to a USB flash drive from specialized forums. Next, having connected the drive to the console, you need to select “Install package files” and write the path to the manager download file.

After the manager is installed, you can safely download games from torrents and “throw” them into the GAMEZ folder, after which they will be available on the console. You just need to find the game in the MultiMAN manager, click on the “cross”, after which the image of the game will be automatically mounted and the action will begin!


Download the chip diagram for your console model on the Internet. Later, according to the diagram, replace the device chip. Here you will need a soldering station, a wire stripper, tin-lead solder, tweezers. If you are unsatisfactorily familiar with the chiping process of this device, you can refer to the video instructions, for example, download this disc, which describes this process in detail: = 3366079.

If you do not have the necessary tools for chiping the Sony Playstation 2 console, or if performing this process at home causes certain difficulties, and if you do not have the skill to work with chips and programmers, take your console to a service center in your city that works with this type of consoles.

How to flash nokia at home

Phone firmware means replacing software in it in order to install a newer version, fix problems that have arisen, or, say, hacking the phone. Different methods and programs for flashing are used for different models of mobile devices. Below is a method for flashing NOKIA BB5 phones (nokia n73, nokia n70, nokia 6233, nokia 6300, etc.) with support for Phoenix Service Softwar and Diego.

How to flash Sony Playstation 2

The process of flashing a Sony Playstation 2 game console is called a chip. It is recommended to perform this operation only for people who have the skill of working with programmers and device chips, because, by making a mistake, you can completely damage the game console.


Download Phoenix Service Softwar and Diegor. If the PC Suite program is installed on your computer, you need to completely remove it, it is desirable to clear the registry from the corresponding entries. Install Phoenix Service Softwar and Diegor.

Download the firmware and unpack it. Launch Phoenix Service Software. From the File menu, select Manage Connections. In the window that opens, click the Add button. Add a new user, while specifying USB in the connection settings.

Connect the phone to the computer, it should be found, and the installation of its drivers should begin.

In the File menu, select Scan Product, an icon of the connected cable will appear. Go to the Flashing / Firmfare Update tab. If the firmware is installed in the phone, then its version will be indicated in the Product Code. To change it, click on the icon and select the required version. Click Start. The firmware update will start, during which the phone will go into Test Mode, after which it will reboot with the updated firmware version.


Remove the SIM card and USB flash drive from the Sony Ericsson K790i. This is necessary in order to avoid data loss. If you leave the flash card in the device, then in the future there may be problems with its recognition in the mobile phone, and the firmware will have to be repeated again.

Download the SETool2 Lite program. The program allows not only flashing the phone, but also reading FLASH devices and executing certain scripts for the Sony Ericsson software component. It is advisable to download the latest version of the program from the official website of the developer or from forums of the corresponding topic.

Install the program following the instructions of the installer. Run the utility using the icon on the desktop that appears later. You select the phone model k790i from the dropdown list.

Download the firmware files. For Sony Ericsson, the software has two components. Main and FS. It is necessary to download both files offered for downloading.

In SETool add the downloaded firmware files and press the “flash” button.

Disconnect your phone. Press and hold the C key of the device and insert the cable into the appropriate port. The application will automatically determine the software version on the device and prepare it for flashing.

Click the “Clear” button. Download customization files from the Internet and attach them in the MISC Files tab of the program.

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Press the FLASH key and insert the wire into the phone, holding the C key. After the program window says “READY”, you can insert the SIM and USB flash drive into the phone and turn on the computer.

If during the process you see the lines “Block error =.”, then you downloaded the wrong software files. Try downloading the firmware for your phone from another site.

Helpful advice
Before starting the firmware, save all the data that is stored on the phone, from the fact that during the overwrite process all files will be deleted.

How to flash Sony Ericsson k790i

New versions of firmware for mobile phones are released to correct errors in the operation of devices. Occasionally, such software adds additional functionality, although more often than not, each fix is ​​only technical in nature. When a hitch occurs with the functioning of a mobile phone, it is often possible to remove many faults by means of a primitive flashing.

  • – SETool2 Lite;
  • – firmware files

How to flash a chip

In order for the refilled cartridge to be recognized by the printer as full in the future, you need to replace its chip. Also, the chip can be reflashed, having the necessary hardware and software at hand.

  • – program for flashing;
  • – programmer;
  • – a computer.

Before you start flashing your Playstation 3!

Before you start, check the software version of the set-top box at the moment. This can be done in the following way:

Go to PS3 in “Settings”. “System settings”.

We are looking for and click on the item “System Information”. The current version of the STB software will be displayed on the screen.

Item 2. Installing custom firmware.

Format the USB flash drive with the FAT32 file system. Create a PS3 folder at the root of the flash drive, and in it UPDATE (always in capital letters).

Next, you need to download the latest firmware from Habib STARBUCKS CFW 4.81 (it launches almost all games at the moment, the file must be renamed to PS3UPDAT.PUP).

Download the archive with custom firmware, unzip it (if required) and copy the custom firmware file PS3UPDAT.PUP to the PS3 / UPDATE folder. Connect the USB flash drive to the set-top box. Now you need to completely disconnect the Playstation 3 (with the toggle switch on the back on thick models, for slim, pull out the power cord). Plug the power back in.
Press and hold the power button of the set-top box until it turns on and turns off by itself (about 30 seconds). Press the button again and hold it until the attachment beeps twice. As soon as this happens, release the button. Playstation will boot into recovery mode.
Connect the joystick with a wire, press the PS button and select “System Update”. Playstation 3 will start flashing custom.
After the console completes the update and reboots, two new items should appear in the “Game” menu: “Install package files” and “/ app_home / PS3_GAME”.


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Most helpful commenters:


In order for your console to be able to run downloaded games and homebrew (amateur programs), it needs to be flashed with custom firmware. The advantage of a custom over a jailbreak dongle is that you just need to update the software of the set-top box on a custom, and then turn it on and off without unnecessary gestures, and the jailbreak keychain itself will not be needed. In this guide, you will learn how to flash your PS3 yourself with custom firmware to run downloaded games. Indeed, why pay a few thousand and turn to “craftsmen” if you can save a lot and do everything yourself? We will be installing the Habib CFW firmware.

So, what do we need in order to flash PS3 ?

  • Sony Playstation 3 with official software 3.55 or earlier. Unfortunately, firmware 3.56 and higher are not yet supported.
  • A regular flash drive or external hard drive formatted in the FAT32 file system.

Item 1. Installing the official software update version 3.55.

If you already have firmware 3.55. go to the next item. In case you have software version 3.56 or higher. so far, unfortunately, your Playstation 3 cannot be flashed. But work in this direction is underway. read our PS3 news.
Check again that the file system of the flash drive is. FAT32 and if not. format the USB flash drive in it (if the console sees video, music on the USB flash drive, most likely the flash drive is already formatted in FAT32). Create a PS3 folder at the root of the flash drive, and UPDATE in it (always in capital letters). Download the archive with the official software update to 3.55 for Sony Playstation3, unzip it and copy the official firmware file PS3UPDAT.PUP to the PS3 / UPDATE folder.
Connect the USB flash drive to the Playstation 3 and select System Update from the menu. Updating from a storage medium.
The STB will start updating. After the PS3 turns off, turn it on and check the software version. should now be 3.55.

Installing multiMAN manager to run games on custom firmware.

At the moment, the best manager for launching games on custom firmware is multiMAN, we will install it.
Download multiMAN 04.55.00 BASE, copy to the root of the flash drive and paste it into Playstation 3. Via the Games menu. “Install Package Files” on your stitched STB, install the cross of the multiMAN joystick.

Games downloaded from torrents can be written to the internal drive of your Playstation 3 using an FTP server, or to an external drive / flash drive. On the external drive, a GAMEZ folder is created at the root, and there are already folders with games in it. Often there are problems with non-launching games due to the EBOOT.BIN error. This is most often due to an extra folder created in the GAMEZ directory. There should be a folder with the game code in the GAMEZ folder (for example, BLES00229)!
You can download games, for example, here: (open registration, in the “Games for Consoles” section), (open registration).
Then you just go to the multiMAN manager and click the cross on the game. the image will be mounted, and your game will appear in the “Game” menu of the PS3 console (if a disc is inserted. in place of the disc, if there is no disc. in place of / app_home / ps3_game). Be careful: not all games come without a disc, some require any Blu-ray disc in the console’s drive. Instructions for uploading games to the internal Playstation 3 disk via FTP server can be found here.
If you used a jailbreak keychain before the firmware (which were sold for a long time, years in 2010-2011), then after the firmware the Playstation 3 may give you a black screen when you start games. In this case, download and install Fix Permissions on the console. You need to install it in the same way as multiMAN (first copy it to the root of the flash drive, then install it via Install Package Files). You will need to do this once.

That’s all. Congratulations, the Sony Playstation 3 firmware is now complete!

General F.A.Q. by Open PS2 Loader (OPL) or everything for playing on PS2 from a flash drive

New OPL builds can be downloaded from the developer page. OPL “Daily” Builds (Releases).

A program for the Sony Playstation 2 console, designed to run games and applications from a USB drive (flash drive or external hard drive), internal HDD console, or over a network with a computer.

Yes, you can. The latest versions have added support for the POPSstarter emulator. precisely, a separate menu for launching games. Games are saved to a Virtual Memory Card (not the one created in OPL / OPL Manager to save PS2 games, POPStarter uses a different VMC). Game compatibility is not 100%. Read all the information on the emulator in the topic [PS2] [SOFT] POPSstarter. PS1 Emulator For PS2 (emulator) [ENG], in the same place ask questions about launching, having previously studied the instructions.

In 99% of cases, any flash drive or HDD with the FAT, FAT16 or FAT32 file system is suitable (exFAT is not supported), but there are cases of hardware incompatibility with the program.

Many people are interested in the question of whether it is possible to run OPL if the set-top box does not read disks. The PS2 has two lasers, one for CDs and one for DVDs. Therefore, the set-top box may not read DVDs and, at the same time, run the CD properly (as well as vice versa, but this happens extremely rarely). In this case, you can run OPL. If both CD and DVD cannot be read, OPL will fail to start.

Select the uLaunchELF item. Press the “circle” button (File Browser), select mass: // (this is a USB flash drive). Select OPL and launch it by pressing the “circle” button.

Disable Debug Colors (On / Off). enable / disable “color screens” before starting the game. The default is Off. Enabling this feature does not affect the launch speed of the game.
IGR Path. you can specify the path to the application that will be launched if you exit the game using the combination L1R1L2R2StartSelect (path no more than 32 characters). For example: mc0: /BOOT/BOOT.ELF. The same file will run if you select Exit from the OPL main menu. The path should not contain spaces, otherwise, when starting games, OPL will hang before debugging (tested on version 892 DB all).
Enable Delete and Rename actions (in the latest versions. Enable write Operations) (On / Off). enable / disable the ability to rename and delete games in the OPL list using the [O] and [[]] buttons, respectively. Disabled by default (Off).
Remember last played game (On Auto start 0-9 / Off). automatic loading of the last running game after the time (in seconds) specified in the Auto start item. You can cancel the launch by pressing any button except [X]. If Auto start is set to 0, the game will simply be selected from the list. The default is Off. If the game was launched from a device whose download is set to Manual mode, this function will be interrupted by the device that boots automatically.

Select button (Cross / Circle). button to confirm the selection. Default. Cross.
Check USB game fragmentation. checks games for fragmentation. If the selected game is fragmented, the program gives the error Error: this game is fragmented and does not start the game. Disabled by default (Off), it is strongly recommended to change this parameter to (On).
USB delay. sets the delay in seconds for slowing down USB devices. Sometimes it helps to load themes, arts and games from USB correctly. If OPL hangs on a yellow or orange screen while the USB drive is defragmented, try increasing this value. The default is 3.
USB prefix path. see ETH prefix path.
ETH prefix path. there are network devices that, when sharing a folder, do not give its root, but some name, and then its content. That is, as if our ball is placed in a folder. For example, some NAS do not allow sharing the root and you have to add games, for example, to the PS2SMB folder. And when you have to use such a device, then we enter the prefix PS2SMB. Simply put: this is the path from the root of the device to our games folder.
Automatic HDD spin down. Downtime (in seconds) before disconnecting the internal HDD of the console (relevant for older PS2 Fat models, a Network Adapter is required to connect the HDD to the set-top box).
USB device start mode (Off / Manual / Auto). mode for loading a list of games on a USB drive.
HDD device start mode (Off / Manual / Auto). mode for loading the list of games on the internal HDD of the console (relevant for older PS2 Fat models, a Network Adapter is required to connect the HDD to the set-top box).
ETH device start mode (Off / Manual / Auto). mode for downloading a list of games from a shared folder on the computer.
Applications start mode (Off / Manual / Auto). mode of loading the list of applications.
ELF Loader Menu. the mode of loading a list of PSOne games that are launched through the POPStarter emulator.

Default menu (USB, HDD, ETH). selection of the start menu that will be loaded when the program starts. Not installed by default (loads OPL Main Menu).

Theme. select the OPL theme. The distribution includes themes for OPL 0.8 and 0.9. Folders with topics whose names must begin with “thm_” (without quotes) must be in the THM folder. The folder must be named in capital letters and located in the root of the flash drive (see Installing themes, icons, skins and backgrounds in OPL. Installing themes).
Language. select the OPL interface language. By default, there is only English, other languages ​​require additional language packs to be installed. The Russian language pack is included in the distribution. To change the language, you need to copy the font_Russian.ttf and lang_Russian.lng files to the OPL folder on the memory card.
Scrolling (Slow / Medium / Fast). the speed of scrolling the list of games / applications.
Automatic sorting (On / Off). enable / disable alphabetical sorting of the list of games / applications. Enabled by default (On).
Automatic refresh (On / Off). enable / disable automatic refresh of the list of games / applications. Disabled by default (Off).
Enable Cover Art (On / Off). enable / disable cover / background support. Disabled by default (Off).
Display info page (On / Off). if a theme is installed in OPL, pressing the “X” button will open an additional window with information about the game. Not all themes support this feature (see Installing themes, icons, skins and backgrounds in OPL. Installing themes. Setting up info page for themes from Jay-Jay).

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Text color. text color of menu items.
Dialog color. options text color.
Selected color. color of the selected option.
Background color. background color.

Video mode (Auto / PAL / NTSC). OPL image output mode. Default Auto.
V-Sync (On / Off). ?
Wide screen (On / Off). widescreen 16: 9 mode. Disabled by default (Off).

See spoiler Configuring PC and OPL to run games over the network

How to flash PSP

To begin with, it is worth noting that there are two types of firmware: official, distributed by the manufacturer (known under the abbreviation OFW) and third-party, written by enthusiasts to expand the capabilities of the set-top box (CFW). Consider the installation procedure for each of the options.

Step 2: Download the files you want

At this stage, you should decide which version of the third-party firmware you want to get for your console, download it and move it to the memory card.

  • Today there are such CFWs:
  • L (ME) is the oldest existing variant from the Japanese developer neur0n. Supports both running ISO versions of games and third-party Homebrew applications and various plugins;
  • PRO. an alternative version of the previous one, focused on more functionality (includes all possible drivers for a virtual UMD drive and a kind of emulator for multiplayer over Wi-Fi, downloaded and installed separately), but less stable than the L (ME) version.

There were also older versions of firmware from other developers, but now they are out of date. Thus, you just have to choose one of the above CFWs and download from the links below.

Attention! Versions below are for OFW 6.60!

After downloading, unpack the archives to any convenient location.
Connect the PSP to the computer, then copy the following folders to its memory card, at the PSP / GAME address:

    To install 6.60 LME. installer and launcher directories from the corresponding directory;

To install 6.60 PRO. FastRecovery and PROUPDATE, and place the seplugins directory in the root of the memory card. Also, if there was already a custom firmware on the set-top box, the folder with this name could remain. in this case, you can simply transfer only the files.

Attention! The CIPL_Flasher folder needs to be copied only for owners of PSP 1000 and PSP 2000 with the ability to install permanent firmware!

After all the necessary files have been downloaded and copied to the memory of the set-top box, you can go directly to the CFW installation.

Sony Playstation Portable Console Firmware

Installing CFW

Installing third-party system software is somewhat more complicated than the official one. The fact is that there are two types of CFWs. constant and so-called virtual. The first type involves writing data to the system partition, while the second uses a loophole in the RAM, which requires a restart after each shutdown of the set-top box. Permanent firmware can be installed on a limited number of models, and virtual. on all available options. Therefore, the installation procedure consists of several stages: preparatory, which collects all the required information, downloading the necessary files and the actual installation.

Step 3: Install CFW

Installing third-party PSP system software is simple in itself. The procedure for both actual options is largely similar, so we will give a general aLGorithm, noting only the differences.

Important! All further actions you take at your own peril and risk!

  • First of all, make sure that the battery is more than 78% charged or connect the power supply to the set-top box.
  • Then in the XMB interface go to the “Games”. “Memory Stick” and run the files:
  • “LME Installer for 660”. for version 6.60 LME;
  • “PRO Update”. for option 6.60 PRO.

The text interface of the installer will start. To start the installation, you need to press the X button.

Wait until the procedure is completed, after which the set-top box will reboot already in the custom firmware. To check this, open the “Settings”. “System settings”. “System information” items, where the installed third-party option should be indicated in the “Software version” column.

  • Since we installed the virtual firmware, after the set-top box is completely turned off (for example, due to the discharge of the battery), it will fly off, that is, it will be unloaded from the RAM. You can re-launch it using the second file in the “Games”. “Memory Stick” items:
  • “6.60 LME Launcher” for the variant of the same name;
  • “Fast Recovery” for 6.60 PRO CFW.
  • There is a way to make the 6.60 PRO CFW firmware permanent, but only for the supported models mentioned in Step 1.

    Attention! Attempting to make virtual firmware permanent on unsupported models will crash the console!

    To do this, launch the “CIPL Flasher” application, press Cross after opening it and wait for the end of the procedure.

    Done. now you have access to all the features of third-party system software.

    Installing OFW

    Installing the official firmware is a fairly simple operation, which includes downloading a file with firmware, moving it to the STB and installing it.

    • The first step is to get the update data. Initially, it was meant to receive the update “over the air”, via Wi-Fi, but after the release of the set-top box, the servers were disabled and the procedure must be carried out manually. To do this, open the link above, then click on the button “Agree and Download Now”.

    Download the firmware file to any convenient place on your computer, and then connect your PSP to it. After starting the memory card, open the “PSP”. “GAME” folders and create a directory named “UPDATE” inside the latter, and move the firmware to it.

    Next, disconnect the console from your PC or laptop and check the level of its charge. before starting the update, it is advisable to charge the battery to the maximum.

    You will need to accept the terms of the license agreement.

    The process of installing updates will begin. Wait for it to finish. After the message about the successful installation, press the button marked on the screen to restart the device.

    Done. your PSP now has the latest official firmware installed.

    Stage 1: Preparation

    At this stage, the first step is to find out which model is your set-top box and what type of motherboard is installed in it. The aLGorithm is as follows:

      The first thing you need to pay attention to is the form factor of the set-top box case. Models of the 1000, 2000, 3000 and E1000 series are made in the form of a monoblock.

    The PSP Go prefix is ​​made in the form of a slider, the upper half of which is the display, and the lower half is the panel with the keyboard.

    If you have a monoblock version, pay attention to its thickness. the attachment of the first released series, 1000, is noticeably thicker.

    Models 2000, 3000 and E1000 attachments do not differ in thickness.
    Next, you need to find out which series the console belongs to. This can be seen from the front panel. the Slim (2000) and Brite (3000) models look like this:

    After defining the series, we will indicate which firmware options you can install on which:

    • 1000 Fat. both permanent and virtual CFWs are supported;
    • 2000 Slim. similar to the previous one, but depends on the version of the installed motherboard;
    • 3000 Brite (including the version for the Russian Federation PSP 3008), Go, Street. only virtual versions are supported.

    Therefore, now you need to determine the specific model of the device. This is done simply:

    How To Play PS2 Games Off A USB Flash Drive! (OLP Tutorial) 2018!

      Turn off the set-top box, then open its battery compartment and remove the battery.

    Pay attention to the sticker on the back wall of the compartment. the exact series and model of the device are indicated there.

    Below is the “Date Code” line that PSP 2000 Slim users need. The values ​​are as follows:

    • “8a” and “8b”. it will be possible to install permanent firmware;
    • “8c” and “8d”. only virtual firmware are available, installation of a permanent one will lead to “scorching” of the console, since in this version the motherboard TA-088v3 is installed, which is protected from CFW installation.

    If this element is missing on the sticker, open the cover of the UMD drive and look at the upper segment of its inner part. there should be a plastic element with the code. If it is absent there, it is better not to risk it and install a virtual version of CFW.
    You will also need to find out the version of the installed system software. the version of the third-party firmware and the OFW present must match. To do this, open the items “Settings”. “System settings”.

    Then use the option “System Information”.

    A window will appear with the version of the installed software, the network alias and the MAC address of the set-top box.

    Attention! Do not try to install third-party firmware with a version lower than the official one, otherwise you risk getting a “brick”!

    After finding out all the necessary data, we proceed to the next stage.

    Chip PS2

    Expanding the functionality of the Playstation 2 using a chip.

    Service Cost
    Playstation 2 chip 2200 rbl.
    • What Chipovka gives?
    • Which PS2 are suitable for chipovka?
    • How is the process of chipping?
    • How the chip differs from the firmware?
    • Is it possible to chip PS2 (remove the chip)?
    • What to take with you?
    • How long will it take?
    • What about the warranty?

    If you are no longer satisfied with the functionality of your beloved Sony Playstation 2, install an additional module. a chip.

    Such modernization of the game console will remove a number of restrictions imposed by the manufacturer on its use, and open access to the following functionality:

    • The ability to run Homebrew (programs developed by PS lovers);
    • Reading self-written DVDR and DVD-R discs;
    • Downloading games not only from disks, but also from a flash drive;
    • Viewing movies in AVI format;
    • Listening to MP3 music, and more.

    The only drawback of installing the chip is the fact that the factory warranty is canceled.

    Sony has released about 20 modifications of the PS2 model, but visually they can be divided into 2 types: consoles released before 2005 have a larger size. Since 2005, Sony has been releasing the PS2 in the so-called slim format (i.e. smaller).

    For the Russian market, 8 variants of Sony Playstation 2 were released (models are designated as SCPH-XX00X, where X are numbers indicating a specific modification, for example, SCPH-90001).

    Our service center has chips for any Playstation 2 modification.

    After diagnosing and determining the model of your set-top box, the wizard will select the appropriate modchip.

    Chipovka is the installation of an additional module into the console that connects directly to the motherboard. For this, the chips Modbo 4.0, Modbo 5.0, Modbo 760, as well as Mars PRO GM-816HD are used.

    The chip installed in the PS2 works as a programmer, the firmware of which allows you to bypass the manufacturer’s protection.

    When working with chips, special soldering stations with grounding are used. Chipping is carried out in several stages to make it easier to localize and eliminate possible problems.

    Do you want to be completely confident in the performance of your PS2 after a chip? Contact our service center!

    Firmware and chipset provide the user with similar functionality. the ability to run on the console not only licensed games, but also recorded on discs or USB-media (this depends on the console and the modification method).

    Chipping means soldering a chip, an additional board, and firmware means making changes to the set-top box software.

    Chip only available for Playstation 2 consoles.

    What if you need to remove, replace or install a new chip? Bring your console to our center.

    In our workshops, work is performed on stripping or re-stripping PS2 game consoles (removing or replacing a non-working chip).

    In most cases, to transfer the console to the chip, you need to bring only the PS2 game console itself to the workshop, without connection cords and other accessories.

    To clarify what in your case you need to take with you and what you can leave at home, call our consultants.

    The work of installing the chip and its further tuning is a delicate process that takes a long time, but if you contact our center, you will most likely receive a “chip” set-top box on the same day.

    The operator will tell you the approximate duration of the work by phone, based on the workload of the wizards.

    Chipping includes not only disassembling the console, but also soldering inside, so you will lose the official guarantee.