Which iPads Support iOS 12

Not all devices running iOS 12 will be able to upgrade to iOS 13. This is evidenced by data from the official Apple website. The company removed support for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and several other smartphones, which was not mentioned at the presentation.

Which iPads Support iOS 12

In iOS 12, Apple did not give up support for older iPhone / iPad, and instead, it ultimately improved their performance. Ios 13 is slightly different in this regard. Due to the sheer number of new features, Apple has dropped support for some older devices due to performance and resource limitations.

Which iPhones support iOS 13

  • Iphone XS Max
  • Iphone XS
  • Iphone XR
  • Iphone X
  • Iphone 8 Plus
  • Iphone 8
  • Iphone 7 Plus
  • Iphone 7
  • Iphone 6s Plus
  • Iphone 6s
  • Iphone SE

Which iPads support iPadOS 13

  • Ipad Air 3
  • Ipad Pro 2018
  • Ipad Pro 2017
  • 6th generation iPad
  • 5th generation iPad
  • Ipad Air 2
  • Ipad mini 5
  • Ipad mini 4
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Which iPhone and iPad are not compatible with iOS 13

In iOS 13 and iPadOS, Apple dropped support for the following iPhones and iPads:

  • Iphone 5s
  • Iphone 6
  • Iphone 6 Plus
  • Ipad Air

Although the above iPhone and iPad can run iOS 13, not all features introduced at WWDC 2019 will be available to them. Some innovations are too resource-intensive and only work on the relatively new iPhone and iPad.

Is your iPhone or iPad compatible with iOS 13? If so, you can install the operating system after the public beta in July. Write whether you will do this in our Telegram chat.