Honor Band 4 Running Connection

Huawei launches a wide variety of fitness bracelets. Honor Band 4 Running Edition is a smart watch, a fitness bracelet that is a universal device. This will allow us to make our lives more active and efficient. The advantage of the model will be that it is possible to attach the device to shoes. Since the fall of 2018, the bracelet has become popular. Fitness tracker has a number of advantages due to which it stands out among similar devices.

Review Honor Band 4 Running Edition

In place of the smart watch Honor Band 4, came the new model Honor Band 4 Running Edition. This modern and smart device can be worn not only on the arm, but due to its design attached to the leg. this is their advantage. The bracelet has a capsule that is inserted into the silicone strap. It weighs only six grams, but does not sink at a depth of up to fifty meters. The Honor Honor Band 4 Running review is as follows.

Honor Band 4 Running Connection


The kit includes a smartwatch, track, USB cable. Everything is placed in a cardboard box, and there is a step-by-step instruction. The kit also has a quality guarantee.

Features and Functions

The watch consists of a sensor with which you can measure the pulse. But, unfortunately, there is no possibility of heart rhythm. The device can function in several systems. The bracelet is suitable for sports enthusiasts, lead a healthy lifestyle, and the device will provide the necessary and useful information in this area. Information can be viewed not only on the bracelet, but also on the phone to which it is attached. Smart watches show: steps, sleep, calories and more.

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They can be attached to shoes using a case. You can train without a phone, you just need to press the button on the track, and all the data will go to the bracelet.

Case design and strap

The bracelet of this model has a stylish, spectacular look, low weight and dimensions. With daily use, you do not feel it. They are similar to the usual watch model, but some changes are available. these are various variations of the straps. The case itself is made of plastic, but the strap is silicone. Color shades are diverse.

Screen and autonomy

The battery capacity is less than the usual version of the device. 77 mAh is the battery capacity. You can use the bracelet for 12 days, in standby mode for up to three weeks.

Sensors and communications

A modern fitness bracelet has several sensors:

  • sleep monitoring;
  • calorie counting;
  • physical activity monitor;
  • pedometer;
  • heart rate monitor.

Thanks to them, a person can increase his activity. It has all kinds of communications. You can control the device via Bluetooth. Notifications will be sent to the phone. When there is an incoming call, or SMS arrives, the bracelet will vibrate. The device system has support for a gesture system.

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Price Honor Band 4 Running. Honor Band 4 Running. English manual

Sometimes there are questions about setting up the Honor Band 4 Running Russian language. Basically, there are no problems, the bracelet sets up the language that was installed on the phone. If the smartphone does not support the language that is found on the fitness bracelet, then you need to review the supported languages ​​in the application.

If you have any questions or have complaints. let us know

How to enable Honor Band 4 Running

To turn on the bracelet, you must simultaneously hold down the sensor button at the bottom of the fitness bracelet and hold for several minutes. Easy and fast.

Phone connection

To connect the device to the phone, you need to install the application on it, for this you need to download it for free in Google Play or the App Gallery, or by scanning a QR code. When you downloaded the application, turn on Bluetooth to install it. After installing the application, follow these steps:

  • on the phone screen at the top, in the corner, connect the device;
  • in the list, find the “Smart Bracelet”;
  • find the Honor Band 4 Running, if necessary, restart the mechanism;
  • click the “Match” button, agree to the conditions;
  • select “Smart bracelet”, confirm pairing;
  • press the button “Perform work”, thereby confirming the entry.

When the device will request permission with the connection of various servers. It is necessary to agree in order to achieve a positive result. If, in this case, the application does not detect the bracelet, then you need to connect a VPN. Then log in to Huawei Health, and after that, update.

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Setting the clock is possible in two stages:

  1. Installation of profile data;
  2. Function setting.

With the first setup, you can set your personal data, where your physical data and plans will be taken into account. Thanks to the second setting, you can save battery power, or vice versa, use the full power of the device.

How to distinguish from a fake

Before buying a fitness tracker Honor Band 4 Running, read the instructions that must be attached to the device. Also through the site, check the serial number. Pay attention to the presence of the sensor and the battery capacity of 77 mAh.

Is it worth buying

Honor Band 4 Running Edition is a gadget that people can use, engage in an active lifestyle. They will be able to diversify the collection of business people with stylish watches. Bracelets will delight consumers with price and quality. The kit includes not only the device, but also a special mount for shoes.


The device has several advantages:

  • convenient and easy to use;
  • a large selection of color shades of straps;
  • the device is compact;
  • The kit includes an attachment to the shoes;
  • The price is reasonable and affordable.


The device has the following disadvantages:

  • lack of a heart rate reading function;
  • in sunlight, the information on the screen is not clearly visible;
  • secondary battery.

You buy smart watches, and as a result you get quality.