Iphone 8 Display Problems

According to Tim Cook, iPhone 11 is sold in record runs. What would it mean, and can one be trusted? Let him be at least three times the head of Apple, the numbers in the studio! Everyone for whom Apple is not just another company really wants to believe that the companies finally smiled on luck. But what if something goes wrong? Gone. The supplier of LCD displays for the iPhone 11, Japan Display (JDI) has become the center of a dangerous and unpleasant scandal.

Iphone 8 Display Problems

It turned out that one of the top managers of the company, from 2014 to 2018 eased its accounts by 5.3 million. While he is accused of misappropriation of funds, and in addition, fraud with financial statements. Despite the fact that for several years now the company has suffered losses, and exists on a subsidy, the main sources of which are the Japanese state and the main client of the company is Apple. In Japan Display, where everything was not too good without it, auditors, investigators are now working, all financial documentation is being checked.

All this is very serious, and could end very badly for a company compromised by one of its leaders, and while Apple was pausing, the fate of the iPhone 11 hung on a thin thread over a bottomless abyss. It’s not that JDI has no alternatives. They are. But even in the most cloudless-ideal case, the transition from one supplier to another at the peak of the season, which feeds all year, will cause disruptions in the production of the hottest product of the season.

IPhone display issues

About Japan Display (JDI) and before that it was possible to write a thriller. JDI management made a mistake after a mistake, ignoring the burning interest of the public in OLED displays (using organic LEDs), and reducing the number of clients, in fact, to one. 70% of the company’s production is acquired by Apple. And Nintendo, in whose hybrid game console (Nintendo Switch) about half of the LCDs are made by JDI. The company has several times over the past years been on the verge of destruction, and if it had not been for the financial assistance from it, it would not have been there. In fact, from a technical point of view, it is very good, there are a lot of innovations on its account, no one would invest huge sums in it and generally make it the main supplier of one of the most important iPhone components if JDI did not have a “highlight”. JDI’s LCDs are some of the best in the world, possibly the best. OLED displays, which JDI took up late and, apparently, without much love, are none. But all these troubles were flowers. The chief financier of JDI, who was dismissed with shame in 2018, was also not without creative abilities.

It is still unknown what will be the reaction of government bodies in Japan, which allocated JDI in 2014-2018 billions of dollars. Inspections and investigations are not yet completed, the court may sentence the stealing company to the highest degree of economic protection, and perhaps it is destined to go down in history not as the creator of a unique version of IPS or ingenious active matrices of its own invention, but as an example that causes dumbness and loathing. Created by some, stole others, to answer. all together. But while there is no court decision, and the company exists, displays for the iPhone 11 arrive on time, and their quality is not satisfactory. Apple, which invested 100 million in JDI at the beginning of 2019, decided to increase it to 200 million. JDI owed Apple 1.5 billion (spent on the construction of a factory producing displays almost exclusively for Apple). earlier this year, Apple Empire agreed to postpone the return of the debt until better times, and now it has again confirmed this decision.

Why does Apple need this “lame horse”? We have already mentioned the creative and technical component, this aspect should not be underestimated. But there is a more prosaic reason. Of all the companies working in this area, only one can be compared in terms of competence with JDI: Samsung. Actually, a direct competitor. The services of Samsung and without that Apple have to use more often than would like the leadership of the company. Business is business, whole herds of furious cats can run between corporations, but the terms of the contracts are respected by both parties punctually. and yet, the ability to diversify the supply of displays is not a whim. Situations are different, you can not give anyone a seductive opportunity to cling to his throat. How many events will develop?

What is Japan Display (JDI)

JDI is a joint venture of INCJ (Innovation Network Corporation of Japan), which has 70% in the enterprise, Hitachi (10%), Sony Corporation (10%) and Toshiba Corporation (10%). The decision to create it was made in the summer of 2011, on November 15 of the same year it was officially established, and from April 1, 2012 it began work. The joint venture was created to combine the disparate efforts of small and medium-sized manufacturers of LCD displays into something solid and powerful. In Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba there were units involved in this area, but none could compete on equal terms in this segment. Since 2014, JDI has been a major supplier of LCD displays for the iPhone. Due to JDI (and themselves, who dared to choose this particular company), Tim Cook and Phil Schiller had something to show in the new iPhone models. iPhone X with a vulgar despicable OLED display seemed to draw these same “Xs” on the heart of a genius and masterful Japanese company. True, Apple still used LCD-displays, from JDI, in the iPhone 8, 8 Max, XR and 11. And in something else, but in much smaller quantities.

And in 2020, according to data from various sources (the information is the same), all three iPhone models (presumably they will be called iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max) will have OLED displays. In the iPhone 12. simpler, without frills and anything out of the ordinary, and in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max this display should be, to put it mildly, unusual, and as if, after that, all the OLED displays in the world will only such. I believe and do not believe. That in all versions of the iPhone 12 will be OLED. I believe. And that for Pro they use something “that way”. too. The rest strongly doubt it.