Which Anti-Virus To Install On Android

Android is the platform that has become the most popular in the mobile segment in a short time. Now it is not possible to find someone who would not hear about the Android operating system. Recently, users have encountered problems: their mobile phones or tablets infect viruses that were created just for the Android platform. What should I do in these cases? Of course, find the best antivirus for the Android system on your phone or tablet, download and protect your device from intruders. This is very important in our time, since very specialized data, credit cards, photos, SMS correspondence and others are stored on mobile devices. Of course, I would not want the virus to delete all the important information from your device, or your personal data was stolen.

Therefore, we first of all need to answer the question: What is the best antivirus for Android system? To answer this question, it’s enough to list the top 5 free Anti-Viruses for Android systems.

Top 5 best antiviruses for Android

In the first place Dr.Web v.9 Light Antivirus, What are its features? This is a free antivirus for Android, which has sufficient means to ensure the protection of your phone or tablet. Of course, the full paid version will provide you with great opportunities in work and protection, but we consider the best FREE antiviruses for Android phones.

  • Quick scan and vulnerability detection;
  • Origins Tracing. a new technology that allows you to instantly detect viral activity;
  • Real-time protection of SD cards and external media;
  • Minimum consumption of system resources of your gadget;
  • Saving traffic consumption, which is especially important for users with limited traffic;
  • Detailed statistics on the operation of the antivirus;
  • Convenient management and program interface;
  • Ability to add infected files to safe quarantine.
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Second place in the top 5 antivirus software is Kaspersky Internet Security, an optimized antivirus for phones and tablets of any level. The antivirus works very well, without taking up a lot of system resources and not slowing down your device.

Key benefits and how Kaspersky Internet Security works:

  • The operation of the antivirus is carried out in quiet mode;
  • It is possible to search for a device after theft or loss;
  • Manage unwanted SMS and phone calls;
  • Useful feature to protect your device from fraud;
  • Protection against dangerous applications and sites when surfing the Internet;
Which Anti-Virus to Install on Android

The third line is occupied by the Mobile Security antivirus. Antivirus (ESET). its fellow NOD32 is a very popular antivirus for computer systems. As the developers of the antivirus ESET NOD32 Mobile Security claim, this is a mandatory product that must be installed on your Android phone or tablet.

The main functionality of the base version of NOD32 antivirus:

  • Scan the device for viruses on a given request;
  • The ability to quarantine suspicious files;
  • Scanning files in real mode (when downloading, copying, moving);
  • Protect your SIM card;
  • Adapted work with tablet devices.
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AntiVirus FREE: antivirus for Android systems which is a highly reliable protection for your Android device. AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android is a free antivirus that protects and do not miss viruses on your tablet and phone. Over a million people have already opted for this antivirus, and you can also take advantage of the following AVG benefits for free:

  • Anti-Virus scans all applications installed in the phone, settings, in real time;
  • You can block, delete privacy protection data;
  • Monitoring system of traffic, storage and battery;
  • AntiVirus powerful and fast protection for your phone
  • The ability to determine the location of the phone when it is lost using Google maps.

In fifth place we have Antivirus Mobile Security from the company TrustGo. What is the beauty of this antivirus? And why did he break into the top 5 best anti-viruses for Android? Antivirus Mobile Security is a universal kit to protect your gadget from intruders and virus attacks. Developers constantly release new updates of anti-virus databases, so you can not worry about their current status.

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Features and Benefits of Antivirus Antivirus Mobile Security:

  • Antivirus has a security scanner and files;
  • Detects viruses and threats easily and without difficulty;
  • Checking files is carried out before installing them on your Android;
  • Antivirus does not require additional and special settings, which is very useful for beginners.