Power Bank Flashing But Not Charging Phone

some simple tips to solve the problem

Due to the fact that a modern person spends half his life on a smartphone, using applications, the Internet, a camera, etc., the battery is very depleted. It doesn’t matter if the user is at home either at work, outdoors or in a restaurant, a mobile friend is always active. An external energy storage device was invented to maintain battery power. He helps out always and everywhere, but it happens that Power Bank does not charge the phone. This article describes all the possible damage options and how to solve them.

Power Bank Flashing But Not Charging Phone

External battery and its right choice

A power bank (portable charger) is an energy storage device capable of energizing a device in circumstances of inaccessibility of outlets.

The portable charger has become a lifeline for the modern user, because with its support there is no need to worry about the low battery level if you use the gadget dynamically.

The use of external charging batteries is quite wide:

  • A tourist expedition where there is no access to outlets.
  • Long flight or train journey.
  • Active use of the device, if the capacity is not enough for a day.
  • Low power integrated battery.

The correct choice of an external battery is quite a difficult task, due to the fact that they differ in size and characteristics. For example, many power banks can charge only one phone, therefore, if you want to feed something larger (such as a camera), you need a stronger external battery. It is worth considering that the rated power declared by the manufacturer is 20 percent less than real, so take it with a margin.


The output voltage power, which is measured in amperes, sets the level of Power Bank speed with which it is able to charge your gadget. The higher the output, the sooner the mechanism will charge using a compatible USB cable. You can choose a device with an output power of 1A or 2A. Most smartphones can easily take a current of 1 A, however, for tablets, more power is desirable, otherwise such a device will charge for a rather long time. It is best to take an external battery, which is equipped with a current of at least 2 A.

If possible, check with the seller if the device supports the Quick Charge function 1.O, 2.O or 3.O. It will make it possible to charge devices compatible with this technology in accelerated mode.

Note! The smartphone cannot be charged if the external battery is almost empty.

The number of USB outputs has a big impact on how many phones you can charge in parallel through an external battery. The more ports a Power bank has, the more devices you can charge together. Often they have 1 or 2 USB ports. The newest and most elite modifications have USB Toure-S. When charging has 2 outputs, they have different current powers (1 A and 2 A).

It is allowed to charge several devices at the same time, for example, a mobile one using the 1 A output and a tablet using 2 A. It should be noted that 2 mobile phones will charge faster than a phone and a tablet. In daily use, the 1st port is enough.

The power of the input current should also not be neglected, because it has a great influence on how quickly the Power Bank is able to charge from 220V. By standard, it ranges from 1A to 2A. The higher the number, the sooner your portable assistant will charge. We advise you to purchase a unit with a current power of at least 2 A.

Identify problems

When the charge was bought not so long ago or a long period was not used, you can try to recharge it for at least 10 hours. The problem is that while the device was lying around in the warehouse and not used, the chemical processes in the battery could slow down significantly, which is typical of lithium-ion batteries even when they do not work. It may well be that he is not charging a mobile phone precisely because of this. During the “buildup”, the elements that slow down the battery will disintegrate, and the device will produce the required amount of energy, you need to verify this by trying to charge the smartphone.

It happens that the charging procedure goes first, and then stops. Because a large half of autonomous charges are brought from China, it is not surprising that the capacity coefficient shown on the charge does not meet its current level. Undoubtedly, a Powerbank with a genuine capacity of 2500 mAh will not be able to fully charge the phone, whose battery is 3500 mAh.

Port contacts

Due to the increased humidity, the plates on the inlet openings and the contacts on the cable loop may not be oxidized; they will not have the necessary circuit. It is still possible to tear off the port legs from the board, this can be checked only by disassembling the case, and then you will have to hand over the Powerbank for repair.

Broken wire replacement

The external battery may be faulty if the usb cable is damaged. Inspect the wire visually for a break or tear, if nothing is visible, try connecting another cord and the verdict will be known when the mobile is working properly. Either cut a damaged piece of wire and rewind whole parts or buy a new one.

Checking the battery

The reason for the poor operation of the Power bank is not always in the device itself. The smartphone battery itself with a depleted capacity simply does not accumulate energy, which indicates a problem. Charge the device from the mains and operate it for 30 minutes; if the charge drops by more than 50%, the battery will be replaced.

Running applications

Some programs for phones have a “heavy” filling, which heavily loads the system and processor. Such processes drain the battery, working even in the background, because of this, the device will begin to charge very slowly. You can check which applications draw a lot of energy in the settings by going to the “Applications”, then clicking on the tab “All”, then in the submenu indicating viewing the cache.


Do not rush to carry your Power bank for repair, the cause of its malfunction may lie on the surface and we hope that this article will help to determine it.

How to charge Power Bank?

So, finally you have a mobile charger (Power Bank).

Congratulations! Buying Power Bank in Ukraine is the right decision!

Of course, you would like the charging to last as long as possible and please your gadgets forever “online”. To do this, you need to know some of the features of Li-Ion batteries and follow a few simple rules of use:

1. After purchasing an external battery, charge it fully immediately.

The ideal charging process (both of Powerbank and the battery of your phone / tablet) includes the so-called “drop” charging. charging the gadget for some time after the indicators show that the device is 100% charged, while the charge continues low current.

For smartphones and tablets, special applications have been created that recognize “drip” charging:

http://bit.ly/battery-doc. for Android

http://bit.ly/battery-doc2. for Apple (the application is no longer available in the AppStore)

Previously, to find out when the “drop” charging was over, you needed special measuring equipment (ammeter, voltmeter. tester). How all this equipment works, knows a rather narrow circle of ham radio enthusiasts, and not everyone will want to delve into all these details (even for the sake of increasing the battery life).

That is why the USB tester of current, voltage, energy consumption (Charger Doctor II) has become such a joyful and salutary novelty for everyone (now there is another model that allows you to track the time spent on charging, and a professional one with which you can measure everything not only in Ah, but also in W. In addition, this USB tester supports fast charging Qualcomm 2.0, 3.0).

With this small device, you can see not only the voltage and current strength, but also the quantity Ah (ampere / hour is the unit of capacity for all batteries) that passed through the USB tester. Therefore, you will always know in what condition the battery of your phone, tablet or, since we are talking about Power Bank, the capacity of Power Bank.

(detailed review of the USB tester)

Typically, charging Power Bank is a current of 1-1.5A. The closer to the end of charging, the smaller the number of amperes. “Drip” charging is 0.1-0.05A. In order for your battery to have a maximum capacity for as long as possible, wait until the “drop” charge is completed. As soon as your USB tester shows 0.00A, charging is complete and the device can be disconnected from the network.

2. In order for your Power Bank to reach its maximum capacity, you need to do 2-3 cycles of full charge / discharge.

Also, if in the future Power Bank began to discharge faster than usual, you should repeat this cycle of 2-3 repetitions and thereby rewrite the battery statistics.

3. ALWAYS charge the Li-Ion batteries to 100%!

Try to never stop charging ahead of time. only after the battery is 100% charged. Yes, many will say that “modern Li-Ion batteries do not have a“ memory effect ”. Yes, manufacturers also claim this. But, based on our practice and experience, this is not entirely true: in Li-Ion batteries this effect is much less, but still present (this applies to phones and any other gadgets).

4. Do not discharge the PowerBank completely (up to 0%). modern Li-Ion batteries that are equipped with mobile batteries do not require this. over, their constant discharge to 0% reduces the service life. Charge the Power Bank when it still has 10-20% charge.

In external chargers with a percentage indication of the level of discharge / charge, it is very easy to find out, in devices with LED-indication. you have to do it “by eye”.

(example of devices with% indication:

5. This item contradicts the previous one, but nevertheless it is also very important: from time to time completely discharge the battery (once every 1-3 months).

This allows you to reset the charge boundaries (upper and lower. calibrate Power Bank).

6. If you do not plan to use an external battery for a long time. discharge it by about half.

To store a fully charged (as well as a fully discharged) battery is very harmful for him and significantly reduces its service life.

7. Use only original AC adapters or those that have the required characteristics (if PowerBank is recommended to charge with a current of 2A, then use a charger that gives 2A).

The problem is that if you do not have a USB tester, you can’t find out if your charge is normal or not. The phone is charging. everything seems to be in order. This is exactly what unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers expect (the same can be said about cables. even if charging gives 1A, a poor quality cable can lose up to 80% of the current, and again, you won’t know about it without a tester).

Speaking of adapters:

For a long time we did not sell them at all precisely because of this: we could not find a reliable supplier who has good and (very important) constant quality. However, buyers constantly asked, and we did not stop looking. After many test purchases, I managed to find it. Now we even have 4 excellent models:

1.http: //bit.ly/Ugreen1. Apple Certified

2.http: //bit.ly/Ugreen2-QC30. Certified by Apple, supports Qualcomm 3.0 fast charge mode (1 Output)

3.http: //bit.ly/Ugreen3-QC30. Apple Certified, Supports Qualcomm 3.0 Fast Charge Mode (2 Output)

4. http://bit.ly/adapt_1. just a very high-quality adapter

8. Do not allow the PowerBank to overheat. both during charging and from external factors (heating battery, direct sunlight, etc.)

If you do not neglect these tips, your Power Bank (like any other device with a Li-Ion battery) will last you a long time and properly.

Select a power bank or usb tester in the directory http://mypowerbank.com.ua/products

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how to charge a portable charger

In order to charge phones and tablets in those conditions where there is no possibility of access to the mains or there is no electricity at all, a portable charger was invented. It is called a bank and at the present stage it is used everywhere. Of course, he also needs regular exercise. If you purchase a power bank, how to charge it correctly and which charging method is better, it will always be important to know about it.

How can I charge a bank with different methods

Now a large number of such portable devices are being produced. To understand how to properly charge the power bank of a particular model, you need to carefully read the operating instructions attached to it. It should be borne in mind that different models are charged with certain features and nuances.

The most popular method is charge power bank just from the network. In order to connect the bank to the network, it is possible to use telephone chargers. Given that the average time during which the device is fully charged is 4-5 hours, it’s better to leave it online at night, and turn it off in the morning.

Sometimes novice users ask which method of charging is better. network or using a USB cable from a computer? Any direct network connection will help to “power up” your device much faster than a USB port. Although practice shows that for many, connecting power to a computer is much faster and easier. To charge the bank from a PC, you just need to connect the supplied cable to the computer.

As for the popular question of whether it is possible to charge the device in the sun, you should not make such mistakes if your power is not equipped with a solar battery. Such devices can be found on sale, but they are not cheap and are much less common than standard models.

If there is such a device in the car as a “cigarette lighter”, it is possible to directly feed your turn. In this case, charging occurs when the car begins to move. By the way, there is another method that is still not very actively used for some reason.

You can quickly recharge the power bank from the mobile phone itself. models with the possibility of using them as an external battery device have already appeared on sale.

Determine if the bank is charged

How to understand that the power bank is charged? It is not difficult to find out the percentage of charge when using standard power supplies, thanks to the divisions or numbers that show the quantitative percentage of the charge. When the power bank is fully charged, the indicator lamp starts flashing, or the number 100 appears on the display (depending on the model of the device). On simple external batteries, everything is much simpler due to the fact that there are only two indicator lights.

When the bank is fully charged, the system will automatically disconnect it from the power supply.

Power bank charging time

How much does a power bank charge? The average time is 4-5 hours. Although such models have already appeared on sale that require a minimum time of 3.5 hours to fully charge. For example, the power bank Xiaomi pro with a capacity of 10,000 mAh (we will talk about it below). It was previously believed that the larger the capacity of the power, the slower it charges. But now, new production technologies can minimize this drawback.

It is recommended that you always charge up to 100%, fully. When this indicator is already achieved, you should not rush in order to disconnect the device from the network. You need to hold it for about another hour. so that he receives the necessary drip charge using low currents. It is it that contributes to the long-term preservation and maintenance of the maximum level of capacity of the power bank. By the way, there is a special application on the Web designed to track the process of drip charging. It is suitable for smartphones based on Android, as well as for Apple.

Do I need to charge a new power bank

There are many different opinions on this score. Someone says that it does not matter. However manufacturers recommend charging a new power bank fully, taking into account the time allocated to the “drop” power supply of the charged device with small currents. And how to choose a power bank, read here →

Many online sources say that lithium-ion batteries, which are now supplied with all models of banks, do not have a “memory effect.” But practice shows that this is not always the case. If you look objectively, lithium batteries still have a “memory effect”. But it is less pronounced than that of the older batteries. Therefore, a new power should be a few charge-discharge cycles immediately after purchase.

Do not completely and deeply discharge the bank: Lithium-ion batteries are very sensitive to this. Make sure that your device is not discharged by more than 10-20%.

The full charge-discharge cycle can be carried out no more than once every two to three months. This will help to adjust the work of the bank so that its battery capacity is maintained at an optimal level.

Which charger suits the most faith

Both manufacturers and specialists agree in unanimous opinion that for this you should always use only the charger that fits the power, matching its technical specifications. Do not save on chargers and buy tempting cheap models that can contribute to the failure of a power bank.

Why the bank is not charging

If the bank does not charge and stops working, the reason may be that it is equipped with a controller of not very high quality. There can be two options: either the device simply “flashes”, but does not work, or the bank does not turn on. and that’s it. What to do in this case and is it possible to fix the power?

If the device has stopped charging at all and cannot be charged even if it has been plugged in for longer than usual, this means that the controller simply “does not see” the remaining charge level and does not start the battery “to start”. For such a controller, the energy inside the battery simply does not exist.

Therefore, for the future: never discharge the “budget” Chinese devices to zero, and make sure that they have at least the minimum amount of charge. The controller cannot record the residual energy level in the battery, so the power bank cannot turn on and fully function.

In this case, it makes no sense to keep it on charge for a long time: the controller will still not start it without additional incentive. This is precisely the most common reason why the bank does not charge. This problem can be solved in an elementary way: you need to remove the discharged battery from the device and briefly connect the power wires to the contacts. It is necessary that the battery is slightly charged “directly.” This energy is quite enough to start it. And do not be afraid that this method will lead to battery disrepair. Practice shows that many power sources that were charged in this way did not fail and even began to work better.

If there are no suitable wires at hand, but there is an unnecessary electronic lighter, the wires can be borrowed from it, having previously tinned them. Then, the power case is carefully disassembled with a knife, the battery itself is removed. You can not touch the board; handle it as carefully as possible so as not to damage it. Lead wires to the contacts, and a new finger-type battery can serve as a power source, to which the wires, in fact, are connected.

Keep the battery of the bank on such an impromptu charge for thirty minutes. After that, the controller should “see” the charge of the battery. When this happens, start charging the device in the usual way. You can assemble the case back with a simple superglue.

Xiaomi model of a bank: breakthrough in charging time

Not so long ago, a new bank was launched by the famous Chinese company Xiaomi, which can be charged for no more than 3.5 hours. At the same time, its declared capacity is 10,000 mAh. This device has a universal cable with which you can properly charge not only the Xiaomi power bank pro itself, but also any other gadget suitable for it. This version supports the fast charge function, or fast charge of the 2nd generation. He is not only quickly charges the gadget connected to it, but also charges itself. In this way, the entire bank is charged in 3.5 hours.

A universal cable, with which you can charge the bank itself, has the ability to connect to type C-port, to a network or to a computer. If you need to charge any device that has a tipe s port, insert this port into the USB of the bank. and charge it. In the case when charging a device with a micro USB output is required, but there is no cable from it, we simply remove the large nozzle and get a micro USB adapter. Buying such a turn, we purchase a universal cable with an adapter, as well as with the function of automatic voltage selection.

Progress does not stand still. There are Xiaomi banks and with a much larger capacity.

Thus, if you have a power bank, how to charge it correctly and how much is needed for this time, it becomes quite understandable, and the appearance on the market of new, more “advanced” models can significantly reduce the actual charging time. if the device has significant indicators of actual capacities. In order to properly carry out the charging process, do not forget to use the recommendations that the manufacturer always gives in the attached instructions.

What can be the problems when using an external battery?

Posted: 08/16/2017 Category: Author’s essay

After reading our review of the portable charger (power bank), you probably realized that nothing is impossible. Modern man “feeds” his equipment with energy, being very far from civilization.

However, in every barrel of honey there is a fly in the ointment. A specific drive is not ideal for some conditions. The case heats up, the bank turns charging for a long time, disconnect with some gadgets, the bank does not hold charging. all these troubles can await the traveler at certain stages of operation of the charger.

Why does the bank take a long time to charge?

The problem associated with the fact that the bank is charging for a long time is the most common. In order to get rid of it, you should perform a few simple steps.

Make sure that you inserted more powerful equipment not into the phone jack (1A), but into the 2A or 2.4A jack.

After purchasing an external battery, do not be too lazy to charge it “all the way”, and then completely discharge it using connected gadgets. This activates the “stuffing” properly. As for lithium-ion models, 100% charge is the only condition for proper operation.

A good process speed is developed only after 3-4 charging-discharging cycles (it is easier to monitor the process in banks with a percentage indication, led devices do not always make it possible to correctly determine the “finish”).

Most often, the bank turns for a long time when the street is cold. energy loss occurs with even greater intensity, significantly exceeding the “standby” 20 percent rate.

Why doesn’t the bank keep charging?

As a rule, the bank does not hold charging due to network adapters. Even buying a cool adapter in a brand shop, more often you will get 0.5A instead of 1A. This is not all (in this case, charging the device will only slightly stretch in time). There is a more terrible consequence when the adapter in fact produces a much greater current strength or simply does not smooth out voltage surges. So innocent gadgets die!

Sometimes the reason is the manufacturer itself. Removing the “stuffing” from the “masterpiece” of some little-known company, you find there disconnected terminals (connecting internal batteries), as well as contacts disconnected from the USB port.

And yet, the bank does not hold charging for a number of reasons related to its improper operation. the “emergency” insert of the plug, the use of a non-original cord.

Finally, trouble can come about due to the natural wear of the connector. Buy a new ROM.

Why doesn’t the power bank charge the gadget?

If the power bank does not charge the phone, then the matter, of course, is not the power (2000 MAh is enough for a mobile phone). The cable is most likely defective. Try another one.

In the case when the power bank does not charge the smartphone, the matter most often concerns the compatibility of its port and driver with the type of charger. A smartphone is a mini-computer controlled by its operating system. It is up to her to decide who can connect to your device and who cannot. Therefore, it makes sense to visit a service workshop.

Does the Power bank not charge the iPhone, but on its panel shows the movement of energy? This most often happens with Samsung Galaxy. Some models require a current of only one force. 2A (no more and no less). Professionals can solder something on the power bank matrix. Now the iPhone will be charging.

In nature, it often turns out that a power bank does not charge a flashlight, tablet, camera or camera. What to do in such a situation? In addition to the reasons already described, there is a lack of energy. See how much power your units require. A charged ROM in power should exceed (or equal to) this parameter. If you spared money and bought a weak device. it will only “steal” energy.

How to avoid future difficulties?

It’s easy to get rid of trouble initially. Already during the purchase of ROM, compare the power of gadgets and a charger.

It is hoped that the information presented here will insure readers from any technical malfunctions during their fascinating wanderings or work expeditions. Now you do not have to think about unworthy things.

xiaomi power bank does not charge to the end. SOVHOZ.ME

Posted: 187 days ago (May 12, 2018)

power bank xiaomi does not charge until the end

Vera Demidenko Naturally, for basement offices there is a real expanse in terms of cheaper production. over, the fake, most likely, will be sold at the same price as the original, or else more expensive. But we will talk about the selfish issue a little later, while a few tips to buyers of Xiaomi Power Bank, so as not to run into a fake.:

Margarita Isaeva I have such a gadget, but of another company. Mine charges from USB for half a day to 100% and weighs like a brick. It’s time to invest in a newer model! Reviews xiaomi power bank not end:

power bank xiaomi 8800 mah [/ i] power bank xiaomi does not charge until the end power bank interstep 15000 [/ b], xiaomi mi power bank 2 10000 button, mi power bank 5000 ampere power bank xiaomi 8800 mah.

power bank xiaomi does not charge to the end. Construction portal VolkhovStroyka.ru. power bank xiaomi does not charge until the end

Eva Bessalova:

As a rule, when buying a portable battery for a mobile device, experts advise avoiding cheap models, especially those whose specifications seem too good to match the price at which they are sold. But from time to time there are products that refute this rule. An example of this is the Xiaomi Mi 10400 Power Bank.

Veronika Levchenko:

I have such a gadget, but of another company. Mine charges from USB for half a day to 100% and weighs like a brick. It’s time to invest in a newer model! Reviews xiaomi power bank does not charge until the end

Eva Levchenko:

I have such a gadget, but of another company. Mine charges from USB for half a day to 100% and weighs like a brick. It’s time to invest in a newer model!

The model with a capacity of 20,000 mAh is made in a plastic case measuring 135.5×67.6×23.9 mm. The battery is charged with a current of 1.5 A, divided: from 1.5 A to 2.4 A, there is also Quick Charge 2.0 technology. A full charge takes 6-7 hours.
what is a power bank description power bank xiaomi does not charge until the end of xiaomi mi power bank 2 10000 eldorado [/ b], xiaomi power bank 2 modes, portable charger for xiaomi phone what is power bank description.

What to do if the external battery does not charge the phone

When you connect the phone to a portable battery, the process of charging it is not in normal mode and it cannot be charged. Or it discharges very quickly. Or the charge lasts a few seconds and stops. What to do if the external battery does not charge the phone. we consider possible options and give answers.

External battery and its right choice

An external battery, a portable charger, a portable battery, a universal battery, Power Bank (energy keeper, English) are all synonyms that mean a device that you can carry with you for the purpose of autonomous charging of devices.

To properly charge the phone with an external battery, you must first select it correctly. When buying, of course, the first thing they pay attention to is size, weight. Try on how he lies in his hand (along with the phone), what place is in the purse or in the purse.

When choosing Power Bank, you must pay attention to the size of the device

But its most important parameter is capacity. It should be remembered that its efficiency is about 80 percent of the capacity indicated on the package (nominal). And the rest during operation is converted to heat or lost during transmission.


Also, the case of a universal battery is marked with a current value on the connectors and which is actually supplied for energy storage. On the one hand, the speed of the process depends on this quantity, and on the other hand, some devices (or rather, their controllers) require a clear value.

As a rule, a current of one ampere is considered normal for the phone.

Identify problems

If you encounter problems when transferring capacity from a portable charger to the phone’s battery, you first need to make sure that the “Power Bank”.cable pair works properly.

To do this, connect another gadget to the device. And if the process is normal in it, it means that the cause of the problem is hidden in the phone itself.

Then you need to move on to diagnosing the problem. how exactly does the phone not charge?

  • Not charging at all?
  • Is it charging extremely slowly (the current discharge of the mobile is not blocked by the incoming charge)?

Port contacts

Poor contacts inside the ports due to manufacturing defects or frequent disconnections can cause a lack of electricity flow.

To fix this problem, when the phone is turned off, remove the battery and use a toothpick-type object to carefully lift the fasteners inside the port. After that, return everything to its place.

Broken wire replacement

Violation of the charging process can be due to poor-quality or broken wire. Currently, due to the reduction in price, wires are made very thin and delicate. During the life cycle, they are constantly twisted, pulled together differently several times a day. No wonder their breaking, invisible from the outside.

It is necessary to check the operation of the wire using another cable. Replace if necessary.

Clearing Port Contacts

The inside of the phone is someone more, someone less, but somehow clogged. Small specks, fabric spools, dust, and shipwreck fragments stuck inside the ports can cause a power failure inside the phone. Stripping will return the smartphone to working condition.

IMPORTANT. Do not charge in a damp or hot environment. If the connection to the outlet is too long, the contacts with the plastic fuse and even the batteries explode. Protection mechanisms do not always work! Yes, and factory marriage is no exception.

Damaged phone jack

Check battery

Despite the number of charge-discharge cycles, the phone’s battery does not last forever. Usually she will work without problems for two years. But over time, it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to hold (accumulate) a charge. You need to make sure that it is working.

In the presence of deformation or swelling, corrosion. immediately replace the element.

Try to use a battery recommended by the manufacturer.

TIP. An interesting simple way to check a non-removable element is proposed. try to twist it on a flat table like a bucket: the problem one will easily spin.

Is a socket better?

If you can’t fully charge the battery from an external battery, you should try to charge it from a regular wall outlet. In this case, the amount of electricity supplied can be up to two times higher than when supplied through a USB port.

Try charging your smartphone from a wall outlet

Power Bank / wire

Another reason for the insufficient supply of electricity may be the use of “extraneous” devices. In this case, the strength or power of the current supplied to the battery may not be enough to accumulate a resource.

Running applications

The culprits of a weak charge flow may be the services, services or applications running on the phone. And this is not surprising. they require a lot of energy. This is especially true for toys, skype in audio-mode, hard Internet surfing, the use of high brightness on the monitor, connecting to 4G networks. A cardinal way to accelerate the charge is to turn off all of these charms. And the most reliable is to completely turn off the phone.


Sometimes modern devices make unjustified errors. For example, the phone switches itself off due to the fact that “he considers” his charge to be less than actually. no more than two or three percent. And the corresponding message is sent to the system. Although the gadget is charged.

Calibration is just the process of “teaching” the battery its capabilities. Helps solve many nutritional problems before they occur. It is worth doing this before you have to update the batteries with new ones.

Smartphone calibration required

Update Rollback

Application updates, firmware installation, and rollbacks to previous versions can also be causes of a violation in the flow of electricity.

This is explained by the fact that the new devices are optimized for modern versions and are equipped with more powerful batteries. But purchased even a couple of years ago. they can not always cope with the load.

Therefore, if a sharp change in the effectiveness of the gadget is detected, it is worth trying to roll back its software. Although it happens that the new version just reduces exorbitant energy consumption.

The presence of current in the outlet

If the above methods fail, it is really worth checking the presence of voltage in the outlet or in the USB port. No matter how funny it sounds, but this is also possible.

The final option is to replace the portable device.


Through various network windows, the phone can be infected with viruses. Some of them, due to the excessive activation of some application, can drain the energy supply (for example, the Carib virus seriously activates Bluetooth).

IMPORTANT. You can’t do without visiting a service center during a sharp discharge due to a vibration or sound signal. This occurs with a power amplifier problem.

Why doesn’t the external battery charge my phone? We shared with you all aspects of this problem. And you share with your friends and write in the comments.