Samsung Smart TV lost sound

There is no picture on the TV, but there is sound. how to fix the problem

In our time, a rare person does without a TV. Every year, the models are getting thinner, larger and offer more and more new functionalities. Modern plasma screens with Smart TV technology have little in common with devices that were on sale some ten years ago. However, the commonality between the old and new generations still remains. breakdowns and malfunctions still happen. The reasons for this can be very different: blows, falling, ingress of moisture and direct sunlight, or an elementary marriage. In this article, we will take a closer look at what to do if the TV has lost the image, but there is sound. Let’s figure it out. Go!

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What to do if there is no picture on the TV

First, it should be noted that such a malfunction occurs quite often in a wide variety of brands of TVs. TVs of all brands are equally affected by this: Samsung, LG, Philips, Sony, Panasonic and many others. Therefore, it makes no sense to blame the manufacturer.

There are many reasons for the absence of an image on the screen, and you are unlikely to be able to determine it yourself by eye. Most likely, you still have to contact a service center or other repair service. It all depends on the nature of the problem. on this below.

It happens that when you turn on the TV, a splash screen with the manufacturer’s logo appears first (LG, Samsung, Philips, and so on), after which the screen simply goes out. With this, you can change channels and hear the sound. Some users noticed that after a while the image appears, but when you turn it on again, everything repeats and the picture is absent. In this case, try the following tips:

  • Check the connection of the receiver cord as it may have become disconnected. Make sure the cord is plugged in securely. If there is no video signal from the set-top box, many TVs simply turn off the screen.
  • Also, the problem may be in the cable itself. The wire may be damaged or simply be of poor quality. This applies not only to HDMI cables, but also to cables with bells. In them, the transmission of audio and video signals occurs on separate wires, and the problem may lie simply in a broken wire or poor contact. In some cases, replacing the wire can correct the situation.
  • Check the power cable. It must also be securely connected.
  • Some users have found a rather original way to solve the problem. to increase the volume to the maximum (or close to it). After a few seconds, the image will appear and then you can set an acceptable volume level.

Please note that all of the above tips will only help if the screen is working. This is indicated by the splash screen when the TV is switched on. If there is no screensaver and the screen is constantly dark, this already indicates that some component of the TV that is responsible for the image is out of order.

There are several components, failure of which can cause no picture on the screen. It is quite common that the inverter breaks down, which supplies voltage to the backlight lamps. Also, the lamps themselves can fail, and this, in turn, provokes a breakdown of the power supply. In addition to the above malfunctions, it is not uncommon for a matrix or motherboard to break down. Also, the problem may lie in the loops, converter and decoder. In this case, non-working parts and elements will have to be replaced with new ones.

It is not recommended to carry out repairs on your own, since modern TVs are rather complex devices, and you risk aggravating the situation even more. If the above simple tips did not help, then the best solution would be to contact the professionals, since the TV will need to be disassembled. This can be a service center of a manufacturing company or a private office, where repairs will be carried out efficiently and quickly.

One way or another, it is impossible to determine what is the reason for the breakdown of your particular TV without a thorough examination. In any case, the device must be disassembled and diagnosed for non-working parts and components. It is best if this is done in a workshop with appropriate conditions, however, if you do not like this option, then many telemasters provide all these services at home.

Of course, replacing some parts can cost a pretty penny, but it should be noted that matrices or motherboards themselves rarely fail. Usually, breakage occurs as a result of physical damage to the part, for example, when the TV falls or gets wet. In general, you cannot do without a TV master.

Now you know what to do if the TV has lost the picture, but there is sound. You will also understand what could be the reason for such a malfunction. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if this article was useful for you, share with other users your experience in solving similar situations, and ask any questions of this article.

Why YouTube disappeared on Samsung Smart TV and how to get it back

What to do if the YouTube app icon is missing from your TV desktop? The specificity of recovery is determined according to the cause of the software failure. Therefore, first you need to find out the cause of the problem, and only then you can decide how to return YouTube on a Samsung TV.

Why did access to the application disappear abruptly? YouTube on Smart TV Samsung stops working for several reasons. Now let’s take a closer look at each of them. We will definitely offer effective solutions to the problem. There is no need to call specialists. You can restore the operation of the TV yourself.

Reasons why YouTube isn’t working

YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting service today. Why is this site so popular? The dynamic growth in the number of active users of this service is explained by several arguments:

  • Access to video content is provided exclusively free of charge;
  • Each user has the ability to freely upload their own videos;
  • Bloggers, whose videos are gaining many views, will be able to monetize their channel;
  • Purchasing a paid subscription will allow you to disable advertising and open access to additional materials;
  • Video hosting is adapted for watching videos on mobile devices. tablets, smartphones. You can download a special application for free;
  • This service can be seen as a full-fledged replacement for television broadcasting;
  • On the vastness of video hosting, you can find videos of various topics;
  • The service is constantly progressing and developing, new functions appear;
  • The quality of content uploaded by users is also gradually improving.
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Where to go to open YouTube on Smart TV? TVs have a preinstalled “client”. The interface is not much different from a regular mobile application. With it, you can watch videos and monitor the activity of bloggers. It is completely optional to use a browser to view the content.

Why did the app stop working on my TV? If there are certain difficulties, then first you need to figure out the reason for their appearance. The most common options are:

If we talk about Samsung TVs, then the main reason for the incorrect operation of the application is often the refusal to support old models. Last year, the multinational Google Corporation announced that all devices older than 2012 can no longer be used to watch videos through the official app.

Ways to Watch YouTube Videos on Samsung TV

There are several ways to open YouTube on your Samsung Smart TV to watch videos later. If the application has disappeared, then you can play the content using third-party devices: tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop. The essence of this method is that the equipment must be connected to the home wireless network. In the YouTube application on your smartphone or tablet, click on the special icon to transfer the image to the large TV screen.

You can also download the YouTube app on your Samsung Smart TV. Mostly it is included in the list of preinstalled programs. Use the search to find the video you are interested in. The video is launched by clicking on the Play button. The intuitively simple functionality of the application will help you figure out how it works as quickly as possible.

Let’s go back to broadcasting an image from a certain device to the TV screen. The advantage is that Samsung has proprietary mirroring technology. This type of functionality can only be used by users with Chromecast-enabled devices.

If the application was removed from the TV during the firmware update, then you can connect a device that will function as a Smart set-top box, such as an Xbox or Playstation game console. Remember that if you still decide to connect a smartphone or tablet to the TV, then all equipment must be connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

Equipment synchronization is mainly carried out automatically. However, there are exceptions. In this case, you need to perform a few simple manual steps:

  • Using the TV remote control, open “Settings”.
  • Select “Connect to Phone” from the list of options.
  • A blue code will appear at the bottom of the screen, enter it on your smartphone.

In principle, there is nothing complicated. Each of the proposed methods is effective in its own way. The choice is up to the user.

Is it possible to get YouTube back if it is missing

It is impossible to restore the official widget missing from the toolbar. The South Korean manufacturer has officially dropped support for legacy devices. Because of this, you will not be able to return YouTube. However, you can watch videos and live broadcasts through the browser. Resetting user settings and flashing will not help restore the correct operation of the application.

If the “client” icon disappeared on the Samsung TV, you can go the other way. It’s about installing an unofficial application. You can do this by following a simple step-by-step instruction:

  • Download and install the You Tube analog app on your TV.
  • Unpack the archive downloaded to your PC onto a USB flash drive, name the folder You Tube.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to the USB connector of the TV, after disconnecting the equipment.
  • Turn on your TV and then immediately launch Smart Hub.
  • A new icon will appear in the list of available widgets. You Tube.

This app was specially designed for owners of TVs that were released before 2012.

Alternative way out of the situation

What to do if YouTube app on Samsung Smart TV stops working or slows down? Your actions directly depend on what exactly caused the software malfunction. If the matter is in an outdated TV, then it will not work to restore the work of the official YouTube application. Therefore, it is necessary to look for alternative options.

Alternative methods are not so convenient, but they are effective. Therefore, you will be able to play videos from the most popular hosting even if there is no YouTube on the TV. Step-by-step instructions for setting up YouTube videos on older Samsung TVs:

If your TV has a browser, then the task is much easier.

Most of the problems with the operation of the YouTube application occur if you are using a Samsung TV older than 2012. In all other cases, the situation is solved by restarting the application. The alternatives presented above will help you solve the problem with watching videos on YouTube.

Audio disabled

The most common situation when the user himself mutes the sound on his TV looks like this: the user pressed the Mute button on the remote control to talk on the phone or not disturb others, and forgot about it. As a result, the TV turns on and there is no sound on it. However, on some models, the icon in the form of a crossed-out speaker is not displayed until the user starts adjusting the volume. The answer to the question of what to do in this case sounds simple: you need to press the Mute button or add the sound with the volume keys on the remote control or the body of the device.

No sound when connected via HDMI

All problems with connecting external devices have one explanation, which is suitable for most cases. this is poor contact due to oxidation of the connector or plugs. So, when you connect an external disc player via HDMI, there may simply be an open circuit on the audio transmission lines. It is clear what to do for verification: inspect contact groups and, if necessary, clean them.

Another problem that sometimes occurs when connecting via HDMI is the wrong version of the cable. In this case, not only audio may be missing, but also normal video playback. You can find out which version of HDMI is supported by the TV and is recommended for use from the instruction manual for a specific product.

No sound on TV, only picture

This group of cases is the most extensive. It includes both physical hardware problems and options when there is no sound due to incorrect user actions. There are situations in which a Samsung, LG or Philips TV turns on and is silent due to SmartTV malfunctions. There are also purely temporary factors of accumulation of dirt and violations of the definition of the closedness of contact groups.

Sound is completely absent or unregulated

Software glitches often lead to audio processing problems. All TVs from different brands suffer from this. They can hang, work without audio, do not allow changing the signal source, and so on. Therefore, if the sound on the TV with Smart TV is not regulated, you first need to reboot it, that is, turn it off and on.

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This simple solution helps in a lot of cases. But if the device continues to fail anyway, it is recommended to do a factory reset or a full flashing.

Invalid contact status detection

The situation described above with the automatic blocking of the built-in speakers during long-term use of the TV can have one unpleasant consequence. In Sony and Samsung models, this subtlety of using the audio jack is known. The following happens:

  • during prolonged use, repeated plugging and unplugging of headphones, the elements of the 3.5 mm minijack jack are deformed;
  • dirt accumulates inside the connector;
  • the plug-in pin of a 3.5 mm minijack is not always clean, fatty secretions of a person’s fingers remain on it.

In addition, the contact groups inside the nest are oxidized. As a result of a complex of such processes, the function of determining an external device begins to fail at the TV. It is blocking the speakers because it thinks headphones or other equipment are plugged into it. To enable sound on the TV, the connector must be cleaned. You can do this yourself using a match with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Advice! If the detection system fails due to deformation of the contacts, and the connector is non-separable, it must be replaced. It is better to do this in a service center, or by calling for help from a qualified specialist.

Take a close look at the TV

Make sure that there is no mechanical damage on the TV: cracks, dents, impact marks.

If there is no mechanical damage, go to the next recommendation. If there is mechanical damage, contact a Samsung service center.

There is no sound from the connected equipment to the TV

If there is no sound in the headphones or speakers connected to the TV, the reasons may be as follows:

  • Incorrect connection, it mostly happens with HDMI or VGA cable.
  • The connectors have become unusable, the contacts have become loose. In such a situation, the volume may disappear and appear if you correct the inserted cable.
  • Defective cable. It happens, rarely, but everything needs to be checked.

Most often the connectors fail. Owners of TVs like to connect various additional equipment to them. a USB flash drive with various videos, a game console, a computer and much more. When this happens, the connector quickly deteriorates, resulting in no signal.

Also, TV owners often complain that the minimum volume is observed on third-party equipment. In this case, there are problems with the settings. So, if a PC is connected, go to the multimedia settings and transfer the signal to the TV.

The TV turned on but no sound came out

If, when turned on, the sound on the new Samsung TV disappeared, then we proceed as follows:

  • We adjust the volume using the control panel. It is possible that someone accidentally twisted it to a minimum or turned it off altogether.
  • If the TV ignores the commands from the remote control, we change the batteries or use the keys on the TV itself.
  • You can diagnose a breakdown by connecting headphones or speakers. If we hear sound, the speaker is broken. We call the master or take the device to the service center.

By the way, sometimes such a breakdown occurs after a thunderstorm. However, only a specialist can identify such a defect, in the process of diagnosis.

Contact the service center

If the recommendations above do not help, the TV is defective. Contact Samsung Service Center for repair.

The sound on the Samsung TV is missing. this is not a reason to immediately take the device to the service center for repair. The malfunction may be temporary, so review the settings and carry out a visual inspection. Make sure there are no visible damage. dents or cracks. And read our life hack about the causes of the problem.

Run a sound test

Sound test will help you check if the problem is TV or signal.

If there is sound during the test, then the problem is in the signal source (antenna, computer, set-top box.). If there is no sound or it comes up intermittently, go to the next recommendation.

In conclusion

The sound suddenly disappeared on the TV, what to do in such a situation was figured out in detail in this article. Immediately you need to check the current settings using the control panel. If there is no result, the breakdown lies in the inner filling. In this case, professional diagnostics and repairs will be required.

Missing sound on Samsung Smart TV

Modern TVs Samsung or LG amaze with crisp images, rich colors, surround sound. However, sometimes such a nuisance happens as the sound on the TV disappeared. A completely logical question arises of what to do in such a situation, is it possible to cope with the breakdown on your own or you need to immediately go to the service center.

The main cases and reasons for the lack of sound on the TV

If you suddenly lost high-quality sound on a plasma, LCD or CRT TV, this is not an unambiguous malfunction. The device should be checked visually. Users forget to turn up the volume, switch settings. But there are more serious failures.

Advice! Sometimes the sound disappears if the batteries in the remote control run out. Replace them.

Full TOP list of reasons for the lack of sound

When all or part of the sound on a working TV disappears, the following breakdowns may occur:

  • burnout of microcircuits due to voltage drops;
  • problem with connecting the HDMI cable;
  • crashes in speaker settings;
  • breakage of connectors or speakers as a result of marriage, natural wear and tear, mechanical stress;
  • loosening of contacts due to improper assembly;
  • defects in the memory of the device, processor and node that receives channel signals;
  • the amplifier has burned out due to voltage fluctuations;
  • problems with audio channels;
  • moisture has entered the device, due to which the contacts are oxidized;
  • bypass capacitor closures.

Important! “Looseness” of contacts most often occurs at the end of the warranty.

Nuances of mechanical damage

In some cases, the lack of sound is a consequence of physical problems:

  • moisture has entered the speakers;
  • impacts during transportation;
  • playing music at the highest volume;
  • natural wear and tear;
  • cable breaks.

Electronic faults are among the most unpredictable. They can only be identified by representatives of the service center.

No sound from speaker or home theater connection

  • Disconnect HDMI cable or bells from all gadgets.
  • Increase the volume on the remote control.
  • Track accidental shutdown by pressing the MUTE key on the remote control. If there is no sound, the button must be pressed again.
  • Reset settings. Go to Home, then to the Settings section, select the Sound subsection, press Reset and enter your parameters.


Users with knowledge of electronics and highly specialized tools can try to repair minor mechanical failures. People who practically do not understand the TV device can only fix the simplest problems.

The TV has lost sound what to do

Recent questions

Sound is missing on the Samsung UE32EH5307K TV. The remote control does not work, although when you press any buttons on the remote control, the indicator on the remote control flashes. The controller on the TV doesn’t work either.

Try updating / reinstalling the TV software, for this you need to download the firmware from the office. the manufacturer’s website and install from a USB flash drive. If the situation does not change, then diagnostics in the SC is necessary. The base cost of repairs will be 3000r.

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First, update the software (download from the site’s site, copy to a USB flash drive, specify the path in the TV menu in the settings tab) If it does not help, it looks like a faulty main board, it is advisable to make diagnostics

The problem is most likely with the software. if it does not update from the flash drive, then look for a service where they can flash a nand flash. Those who do not have hardware are likely to offer a replacement board.

The defect assumes several faults: a fault in the power supply, a fault on the main board, a fault on the sound processing board, as well as in the TV software, diagnostics are required. At a cost of repair 3000 rubles. free diagnostics.

You will need to update the TV to the latest one, if the problem persists, then reflash the TV via a USB flash drive with 4 GB memory in the Fat 32 file system. The firmware itself can be purchased at the website:

Samsung TV No Sound Fix it Now

Alternatively, the electrolytes in the power supply dry out, because the voltage filtering is broken, there is a ripple, perhaps a problem with the mine, namely broken software.

the problem can be of both software and hardware nature. Diagnostics is needed, preferably in the hospital of the service center, and not by the field technician! he most likely will not solve the problem, but he will take money for the call!

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Loose contacts and connectors

On the panel of TV monitors (mainly on the back) there are connectors that are used to connect an additional headset: headphones, mobile gadgets, computers, etc. Regular reusable connection and disconnection of equipment over time leads to wear, poor contact and loosening knots.

The reason why the sound on a Samsung TV or another brand has disappeared is that the contacts have moved away from the connector.

What to do to fix the problem yourself:

  • Remove and check the plugs that connect to the speaker.
  • Verify the presence of a signal at the output of the microprocessor.
  • Check if voltage is supplied to amplifier.
  • Tap lightly on the speaker cone. maybe the contact has come off.
  • Using an indicator screwdriver (working side), touch the amplifier input to see if the signal is reaching the speakers.

Attention: This way you can find the probable causes of breakdowns, but you need to perform the actions with great care so as not to get an electric shock.

If the contact nodes are broken, the situation can be resolved using a multimeter, for example, NEO 94-001, (a special electrical measuring device), which will help find the damaged part. In the case of a broken connector, it can be removed and replaced with a new one.

Broken speakers or a connector may be a factory defect or mechanical damage. Improper monitor assembly is another factor that can cause loose contacts. When connecting via cable, it is important to check the speaker setting on the monitor.

Reasons why there is no sound on the TV

A breakdown can be caused by many reasons, and improper handling of the device is far from the main one. Build quality, service life and operating conditions, model features, etc all this can be a trigger for problems.

Accidental self-mutilation or setting the volume level to minimum are common reasons for the loss of a sound signal. If, after clarifying these points, the sound did not appear, the reason is much deeper. What can be attributed to the lack of sound on the TV. more.

Important: Having no experience in repairing plasma TV monitors, as well as in case of impossibility to fix the problem yourself, it is better to contact the technical service.

Sound too quiet

When connected to a laptop TV, the reason for the quiet sound may be related to the settings of the latter.

The inability to increase the volume, despite the fact that the control on the remote control is set to maximum, indicates a breakdown of the radio channel or control processor (needs to be changed). Memory failure may also be the cause. Diagnostics and repair of the TV will be required.

No sound when turned on

May be caused by poor contact between the speakers and the TV motherboard. In this situation, you can try to turn off and turn on the TV again, if the result is the same. you need to look for the reason further.

Check if the speakers are working properly. You can try connecting headphones, then speakers. If the problem is not with the connectors, it is possible that the speakers have simply reached the end of their useful life. But in the case when the TV was bought quite recently, the reason is clearly a factory defect or mechanical damage.

Another, albeit infrequent, reason is the breakage of the part of the cable that is responsible for audio transmission. In this case, a cable replacement is required.

Missing sound while watching

The reason that could cause problems with sound is damage to the microcircuit. precisely, its burnout due to voltage surges, overloads or poor-quality power supply. You can calculate the problem by the unpleasant smell of burning, which appears immediately after the loss of sound.

You must immediately disconnect the TV from the mains and make sure that there is no fire. After. seek help from the master. It is not recommended to repair the damage on your own.

The microcircuit can also be damaged due to moisture entering it. To wipe dust off the TV, some users use a damp cloth or spray bottle. The risk that moisture gets inside and spoils the microcircuit is, albeit small. Situations are best avoided as replacement parts for modern LCD or plasma monitors are expensive. If the microcircuit was nevertheless so damaged, it is worth calling the wizard. Self-repair can be dangerous for the user.

If there is no burning smell, but suddenly the sound on the TV (LG or other) disappeared, you can try to disconnect the TV device from the network, wait up to 10 minutes and then turn it on again. If the sound appeared. the reason could be overheating of the TV or a malfunction of the microcircuit.

Sound comes later

When you turn on the TV, there is no sound, but after a couple of seconds it appears. The result of a malfunction may be speaker breakage, loose connectors, or poor contact between the device modules. All worn parts must be replaced.