How to bind the remote to your Samsung TV

How to set up a universal remote control to a TV and other devices: Samsung, LG, Huayu, IRC, Philips, GAL, principle of operation and purpose, how to find out the device code

Methods on how to set up a universal remote control to a TV are simple to perform and not difficult even for a beginner. Despite the variety of models, there are only 4 ways to program the device. A dozen remotes in the house is an old way to control equipment. It is more convenient to make one universal and teach home to use it.

How to find out the code

Each device has codes to flash hardware pairing. For example, the BBK code is 0743, 0983, 1313 or 1873. You can find out the password in the instructions for the device. Sometimes such a document is present in the box for a universal device. For example, the rolsen TV remote control, universal for any brand of technology, contains a booklet with company codes in alphabetical order.

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Most brands: Gal Lm P001, Dexp, Changer TV remote, Chunghop, Vix, Gal lm P003, Jumbo Universal Remote, Ritmix Rds Remote, Irc, contain tables of codes for equipment and detailed instructions in Russian that will recode the firmware of access to equipment.

Code table for different brands of TV

The principle of operation and purpose of the universal remote control

The principle of operation of the remote control (remote control) is to control household appliances using infrared radiation. Inside the device there is a circuit programmed using settings and codes for a sensor in a device, such as a set-top box, TV, music center, and so on.

From the sensor on the device, information is transmitted in the form of vibrations to the same sensor in technology. Externally, the control panel almost does not differ from the standard ones. Same buttons: Source, Mute, Set, Power, volume control, channel switching.

It can be programmed to control your TV and change channels. If the house has an air conditioner, a stereo system, a receiver, an electric oven or a cooker hood, and they have a remote control function, it is worth using methods on how to reprogram the remote control and synchronize with the equipment.

Method 1

  • Turn on and point to screen.
  • Hold OK, TV or Set for 5 seconds.
  • If the indicator blinked and went out, the device was able to be tied.
  • Continued blinking: enter the code corresponding to the device on the remote control.
  • Press TV. If, after tuning, the TV does not respond to the remote control signal, the code was entered with an error. Recommended to repeat again.

Instructions on how to connect to the device

Supra brand

The Supra brand universal remote control is configurable with two options.


Instructions on how to configure the Supra remote control using automatic configuration:

  • Turn on equipment.
  • Aim the remote device at the screen.
  • Press the “Power” key and hold it for a few seconds, the indicator on the remote control should light up.
  • If the adjustment operation was successful, the volume level label “volume” will appear on the monitor.
  • Check how the configured device functions.

Setting up the remote

If the choice fell on a trained remote control, the owner will need to program it in several steps:

find the code of your TV in advance in the instructions or on the Internet;

press the “SET (TV)” button and wait for the diode to light up;

press “POVER” and enter the desired code, if the diode does not go out, press “MULT”.

When connecting a programmable remote control, you must:

hold down the “POVER” button and point the remote control at the switched on TV;

the remote control will begin to read the signal and select the built-in code on its own, at this time the diode will blink;

as soon as the TV “reacts” to the remote control (changes the channel, turns off the sound), you must press “MUTE”.

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The reaction of the technician can be anything: it depends on the model of the TV and the remote control. When choosing a remote control, you need to check its compatibility with technology and, if possible, purchase a device from the same company as the TV.

The universal remote control can be extremely useful in many situations: when you lose the main remote control or when you lose control. Most often it is used as a replacement, but a universal remote control can also become a full-fledged replacement.

Watch a video in which an experienced user explains how to set up a universal TV remote:

HUAYU PU setting

HUAYU UPDU is the most common device for LCD and LED TV sets.

We can thank the manufacturers of this device, because they took care of the users so that they did not rack their brains on how to set up the remote control for the TV, and wrote a brief instruction on the back of the device.

The instruction for PU HUAYU reads as follows.

  • It is required to press the SET key, indicated in the figure above with number 1. Without releasing this button, press POWER (2), after which the control panel will enter the programming mode. This is confirmed by the constant glow of the indicator on the device.
  • Pressing the VOL button searches for the required command. Press the button until the volume bar appears on the screen. When you press the button, the indicator will react by changing the intensity of the glow.
  • To exit the HUAYU debug mode, press the SET key, after which the LED will turn off.

This instruction can also be useful in a situation if you do not know how to connect the UNIMAK UPDU.

Configuring UPDU BEELINE

The old models of universal Beeline controllers could only be configured for a TV set-top box, and they did not have a “Setup” button. Also, that PU had complex settings. But in the new models this key is present, and now it has become very easy to set up the remote control. In addition, it can be used for a variety of devices. At first glance, this is not a very large remote control, on which there are many keys.

Binding the Beeline remote control to the Cisco TV set-top box is as follows:

  • first of all, you need to turn on the telly;
  • then the stb key is pressed and released;
  • the setup and c buttons located on the beeline are pressed at the same time, after which it is necessary to wait a little for the stb key indication;
  • after waiting for the stb button to flash twice, the setup and c keys, you can release it;
  • to check if the binding is correct, you can press the volume key.

To bind to the Motorola set-top box, at the step on the Beeline remote control, the SETUP and B keys are pressed. Accordingly, the Tatung TV set-top box is bound by pressing the SETUP and A buttons on the Beeline control panel.

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we can say that there is no universal method for binding the UPDU. In each case, there are nuances of binding the device to various devices. But sometimes there are similarities in the methods of connecting the CP, which can be used by reading these recommendations. If your remote doesn’t work and you want to pick up a new model, turn your attention to a universal device. Its higher cost will pay off with significant ease of use.

Setting up the SUPRA controller

To set up the Supra device. a universal TV remote control, follow these steps.

  • Turn on the TV set and point the remote control towards it. But in advance, you should find on the Internet the code for the PU corresponding to your TV model.
  • Next, press the “Power” button and, while holding it, enter the code for your TV receiver. The button must be held until the indicator on the control panel blinks 2 times, after which it can be released. At this point, the setting can be considered complete.
  • Check the operation of all buttons on the device. If they do not work, repeat the second step again, trying to enter another code found on the Internet.

You can also automate the entire process of linking the PU. This will require:

  • turn on the TV receiver;
  • point the remote at the TV;
  • to switch the PU to the automatic search mode, you need to press and hold the “power” button for 6 seconds. after this time, the light on the PU should light up;
  • if the automatic setup of the universal remote control is successful, an icon will appear on the TV screen, indicating the volume level “volume”. after that the button can be released;
  • check the performance of the configured pu.

Manual setting

  • Find and download on the Internet a suitable code that will correspond to the user’s TV panel.
  • Turn the screen on.
  • Direct the Supra UPDU to TV.
  • Press the “Power” key and at the same time enter the desired code.
  • The “Power” key must be kept pressed until the light on the remote control blinks twice.
  • The basic setup of the universal remote control is completed.
  • Then you need to check all the buttons on the device. If the device does not work, try downloading a different code.

Auto tuning

Setting in automatic mode is suitable for those users who do not want to search for pairing codes, or if the search for the code did not return any results.

Auto tuning for Supra devices:

  • turn on the TV set and point the remote control at the TV screen;
  • hold down the Power key for 5-7 seconds;
  • then the LED will light up;
  • press Power again;
  • the volume bar icon will pop up on the screen, this indicates the correct completion of the setup process.

Auto setup for Huayu devices:

  • point the remote control at the TV screen, hold down the Set button, and then Power;
  • wait a couple of seconds and release both buttons;
  • click on Power;
  • the volume scale that appears on the TV screen indicates the successful completion of the setup;
  • to exit the mode, you need to press the Set key twice.

Auto setup for the “Beeline” remote control:

  • hold and release the TV key;
  • press the OK button and hold it for a while;
  • after automatic search for the code, the TV receiver will turn off;
  • release OK button.

Auto tuning for Gal remote:

  • point the device at the TV receiver, press the device type key and hold for 3 seconds;
  • as soon as the LED lights up, the button must be released;
  • press the power key to automatically search for the code;
  • as soon as the TV receiver turns off, you must quickly press the OK button, this will save the settings in memory.

There are several more auto-tuning algorithms for some remotes:

  • turn on the TV and hold down the TV button until the indicator lights up;
  • press and hold Mute to search for a code;
  • you need to wait for the process to complete and check the result, to do this, just press the volume key.

Another option for auto tuning.

  • Direct the remote control to the TV receiver and press the TV and OK keys. You need to hold down the keys for a while. Then all keys on the remote control will light up. It is necessary to wait until the moment when only the buttons with numbers are highlighted.
  • To save actions, press the TV key.

For Samsung TVs with Smart technology, there are touchscreen remotes. Control devices come with a TV receiver. Touch remotes can also be purchased separately. To configure you need to follow these steps:

  • point the remote control at TV and hold down the Return and Guide keys for a few seconds;
  • the Bluetooth icon should appear, this notification says that the connection was successful.

Many users complain that this kind of touch control fails quickly. For Samsung Smart TV models, you can also use universal button remotes.

Manual configuration instructions

To configure the universal remote control manually, you must first find out the code from the TV receiver model. When you enter the code, the devices are paired. If the code is known, then the procedure for the following.

  • turn on the TV receiver and point the control device at it;
  • hold down the Power key;
  • enter code;
  • after double blinking of the LED sensor, release the button.
  • point the remote control at the TV receiver and hold down two buttons. Power and Set and wait for the LED to flash;
  • enter code;
  • press the Set key after the light sensor goes out.
  • to pair, press the TV button;
  • point the remote control at the TV receiver;
  • hold down Setup until the LED blinks twice;
  • enter code;
  • if the devices are successfully paired, the LED will blink several times;
  • to check the control, you must press the volume key.
  • press the TV button and hold it until the LED flashes;
  • release the key;
  • enter code;
  • after entering the code, the TV will reboot.
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How to set up the remote for your Samsung TV yourself?

Currently, the TV remote control is an indispensable attribute. Manufacturers produce many devices that are designed for different models of TV sets. Most of the remotes are universal and suitable for several types of devices. In this case, we will focus on universal control devices for Samsung TVs. Detailed instructions on auto-tuning and self-manual tuning can be found in this article.

Possible malfunctions

Some problems may occur when using the Samsung TV universal remote control. If it does not work when buying a new device, then you must first carefully study the instructions for use. In the absence of pairing, the reason for the incompatibility of the remote control and the TV model may be hidden.

If the devices are compatible, the batteries must be removed and reinserted. You can replace the batteries with new ones. Fast battery drain can also be a minor problem.

It is better to buy rechargeable batteries, they can be charged several times. This will save a lot of money.

To prevent minor problems, before pairing devices, you must disconnect the TV from the power source, wait a few minutes and then turn it on again. If the manual tuning is done correctly, but the remote control still does not respond to the TV receiver, you need to perform all the steps again. The user may not have entered the code in time. It is important to know that the code must be entered within 1 minute.

Continuous flashing of the LED on the remote control indicates an incorrect setting. To fix the problem, you need to turn off the TV and turn it on again after a while. Then re-configure.

In the next video, you will see an overview and connection of a universal remote to a Samsung TV.

TV SideView

This is a universal program for controlling most modern TV models. After installation and launch, the described application is ready to work. It is worth noting the convenience of the location of the buttons for switching channels, which allows you to immediately switch channels without calling up an additional menu. This application has almost no additional settings. Good or bad, each of the users will decide for himself. It is worth noting a set of software:

  • the application has a completely Russified interface;
  • convenient and intuitive control;
  • fast synchronization with the TV;
  • the program is completely free.
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How to make a remote control out of a phone?

A lot of modern TVs support SmartTV technology and are equipped with a Wi-Fi module. It is through this connection that the TV will be controlled. An important condition for the operation of these 2 devices is to connect to one router, so do not worry about the fact that your neighbor will “click” your channels. For the phone to work properly as a remote control, the following conditions must be met.

  • Your smartphone must be running Android 5 or newer. Otherwise, it will be quite problematic to install new wireless monitoring applications.
  • The TV must support Wi-Fi connections, and if your device has an infrared port, then you can do without Wi-Fi.
  • A dedicated app must be installed on your phone. This program can be specially developed by the manufacturer for Samsung equipment, or you can download any from the Internet.

By observing these simple conditions, you will ensure a fast and hassle-free connection.

How to Control Samsung TV from Phone?

Modern TVs have a huge set of useful and interesting functions, especially if your device has a SmartTV platform. However, using them is not always convenient due to the remote control, the design of which is often given a minimum of attention. This situation can be corrected by using your smartphone as a remote control. In today’s article, we will take a look at how to control a Samsung TV using your phone.

Android TV Remote Control

This program is designed to work with Android TV. Before using this application, make sure that you have Wi-Fi turned on, this will help avoid unexpected problems. During the first start-up, you will need to agree to the privacy policy and fulfill the necessary requirements. After that, select your TV from the list of devices and synchronize. The positive aspects of this program include:

  • it is completely free;
  • there is a Russian language;
  • convenient and simple control;
  • there is support from Google.

TV Remote

According to the developers, this application can work with absolutely all TVs. After successful download and installation, launch the software and configure the remote control. Now you need to go to the “Select TV” section. a menu will appear in which you need to select your TV model.

The list of models with which this program can work is long. For convenience, you can use the search.

After synchronization with the TV, you can start control. You can switch channels in 2 ways: you can dial the channel number, or you can switch them sequentially. Let’s note the main advantages of the described program:

  • the application is completely in Russian;
  • a huge selection of TV models with which this application is synchronized;
  • you can add the selected device to your favorites;
  • connection is very fast.

Samsung TV Remote

From the name it can be understood that this program will only work with TVs of this brand. Using it, you simply will not be able to control the device of the South Korean manufacturer. To get started, download and install this application. It is available not only for Android operating systems, but also for iOS, which allows this program to work on iPhone.

During the first launch, you will need to “Allow” access to all the necessary functions for the application to work. Next, start your TV and connect it to the router.

Now follow the instructions to sync. After that, the application is ready to work.

The number of downloads of this application has exceeded the 10,000,000 mark. Let’s note the main features of this program and see why the users fell in love with it:

  • through it you can watch videos and listen to music stored on your phone;
  • the ability to stream playback of the list of marked files (you can select several video files that will be played in a given order);
  • it is possible to broadcast from the phone screen directly to the TV;
  • there is a “sleep mode” function, at a certain time the TV will turn off.

ZaZa Remote

A very extensive program that allows you to control not only a TV, but also other household appliances that have a Wi-Fi connection. It is worth noting that the menu has only partial Russification, but at the same time it will not be difficult to understand the functionality. everything is simple and obvious. After downloading and installing, the first launch occurs. At this time, a small interactive instruction passes, after which you need to click on the Go Now button.

Further, a small menu will appear at the bottom of the screen, in which you need to click on “I know.” After that, you will need to provide the program with access to the location. The application is now fully operational. In order to add a remote control, you need to click on the corresponding button and select the required device and its model. The main advantages of this program include:

  • free access;
  • support for all versions of Android;
  • clear and convenient design;
  • the presence of a large number of supported devices in the database;
  • fast sync with your TV.

Features of Smart Touch Control

The remote control for Samsung TVs with the Smart TV function, among other things, has a hydrosensor. a motion sensor. Thanks to him, you can control the TV by moving the remote control. In order for the cursor to appear, just touch the touch panel. Then he will move in accordance with the movement of your hand.

You can switch between menu items using the joystick. Also, some models have the ability to display a virtual remote control (analogue of a virtual keyboard on a computer). With it, you can quickly set up TV, activate certain functions and edit content.

To learn about the signal source, you need to touch the touchscreen. If you hold your finger on it, then a list of available channels will appear in front of you. If you hold down the touchpad while in the Smart Hub section, a window with the parameters of the item that you have selected will open in front of you. You can switch between its panels by sliding your finger left and right.

When using this device, it is desirable that the distance between it and the TV be no more than 6 meters. Otherwise, the signal may not reach.

Today, such remote controls are bundled with TVs of the H, K, J and F series, which have the Smart TV function. The devices themselves will differ depending on the series. And not only externally, but also by the customization features.

Smart Touch Control Connection

When connecting for the first time, it is advisable to keep the remote control at a distance of no more than 50 centimeters from the place of signal reception.

Setting up and connecting the Samsung Smart Touch Control

Samsung Smart Control is a touchscreen remote control included with Samsung Smart TVs released after 2012. With it, you can not only control your TV, but also the set-top boxes connected to it, as well as the Blu-ray player. In addition, it is thanks to such a remote control that you can change channels, increase or decrease the sound and perform other actions using voice commands.

Its main advantage is the touchpad, which is located on the front side and occupies about 40% of the total area. With its help, you can perform both ordinary actions related to setting up and controlling TV, and work in a browser. Thanks to the touch panel, cursor control becomes as simple and convenient as possible.

If you cannot configure

If you are unable to set up your Samsung Smart Touch, try the following:

  • Make sure the batteries are charged. If this is not the case, a warning will be displayed on the screen.
  • Remove and insert the batteries again. Make sure they are correctly positioned.
  • Unplug the TV and plug it back on.
  • Make sure that this is the remote control from this TV.
  • Try to set up the remote control again.
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No code

Few people know how to set up a TV remote without a code. but it is really possible to do it. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

  • Take the remote control and turn on the TV.
  • Simultaneously hold down 2 keys on the remote control: “OK” and “TV”. They need to be held for a few seconds. Hold them down until only the numeric keys are lit.
  • Switch TV channels until the TV turns off. Disabled is a sign that the code was picked automatically.
  • To save the specified parameters, press the “TV” button.

How fast will the selection of the required code be carried out? It all depends on the model of the TV you are using. At the moment of pressing the “CH” button, wait a few seconds until the TV responds to the command.

What is a universal remote control and why is it needed

To broadcast a high-quality image on the TV screen, you need to connect terrestrial or cable digital television. Some TVs are not equipped with built-in DVB-T2 and DVB-C modules. Because of this, users have to additionally buy special tuners, which are controlled using the remote control. With this connection scheme, you will have to use two devices for remote control of equipment.

An additional remote control is an extra headache. To solve this problem, you need to find out what a universal TV remote control is. He is able to replace two devices at once. Despite the technical progress, remote controls are mainly presented in the form of a traditional design. an electronic circuit, a plastic case with LEDs, rubber buttons. The basic set of devices of this type often includes batteries that act as a power source.

The universal remote control is no different in its “stuffing” from the usual one. However, this does not mean that any remote control can be turned into a universal one. The similarities are purely external.

To understand how to set up a universal PU. you need to find special codes. We will talk more about the configuration and connection features further.

Lost your Samsung TV Remote? Try This


Now we will look at the second method, how to set up a universal remote control for a TV. You need to use a special code for your TV, entering it, you will need to follow the established procedure. So, for Supra. you need to direct the remote control to the TV and immediately hold down Power, a window will pop up on the screen, into which you have to enter the code for your device. If the code is correct, the LED will blink a couple of times, you can release Power.

To activate the universal Huayu TV remote control, Set and Power are clamped at once. After that, you need to wait for the LED to start blinking. A four-digit code is entered. When the diode has gone out, you must immediately press Set. For Beeline, you have to activate the “TV” button and at the same moment hold down Setup and C. At the end of the installation, the device blinks a couple of times. This is a signal that you can release the keys. Turn up the volume to check if your device is working properly. In general, the process is quite simple, the main thing is to adhere to the sequence of actions. Remember that if the code has not been entered within 1 minute, the whole process will have to be repeated.

Instructions for setting up universal remotes

The instruction says that the universal TV remote control will start working only after the power source is connected. Therefore, first insert the batteries into the appropriate slot. Some devices do not come with batteries, so you need to purchase them separately.

AAA batteries are cheaper, but it is better to buy rechargeable batteries. In the future, they can be charged, and not sent for recycling. As a result, you can save money. Along with the batteries, buy a special slot through which you can charge them, having previously connected it to a regular outlet.

Setting up a universal TV remote starts with synchronization. Open TV settings to select the appropriate mode. The main options are DVD, audio, TV, etc. To complete the connection process, hold down the TV button for three seconds. Enter your equipment code in the appropriate box. To find out it, you need to study the accompanying documentation in detail. We will consider this moment in more detail further.

Universal remote codes

Regardless of which brand you use, you need codes to set up a universal remote control. Without them, it is impossible to configure the equipment. Of course, you can use an alternative solution by automatic selection, which was already discussed earlier, but it is better to find the codes.

In order not to solve such problems after the fact, clarify such details before purchasing equipment. Using the universal remote control is extremely simple, just point it at the TV, and then press the corresponding button.

The difference between the original remote control and the universal

If the subscriber uses the Tricolor TV tuner or the House of RU, then we can say with complete confidence that they are not equipped with a universal remote control. Therefore, you will have to constantly use two devices. from a TV and a set-top box. The principle of operation of any remote control:

  • When a button is pressed on the remote control, a specific microcircuit is activated. Electric impulse is transmitted to TV.
  • The signal is transmitted thanks to the LED. He receives the command, and then sends it to the TV with which he is connected.
  • TVs are equipped with a phototransistor. This hardware model provides reception of an infrared signal from the remote control. After that, the signal is converted into an electrical impulse, which is transferred to the control unit.

To control the TV from the remote control, the PCM communication scheme is used. This method is also called a walking modulator. The peculiarity of the remote control is that a three-digit code is assigned to each command, for example:

  • turning off the TV. 000;
  • channel switching. 001;
  • return to the previous TV channel. 010;
  • increasing and decreasing the volume. 011, 100;
  • turning on the TV. 111.

This means that when a button on the remote control is pressed, the electronic circuitry inside activates the infrared diode. He, in turn, works in accordance with a certain scheme. The duration of the signal is interrupted by standard steps. this is less than one second. For example, to change the channel, you need to use the “001” command. It will be sent three times, but with a certain delay.

Devices for remote TV switching are presented in a wide range. Let’s list the main types:

  • original;
  • unoriginal;
  • universal.

Branded and non-original are ordinary remote controls that are designed to control exclusively the TV. The difference between them is insignificant. It boils down to the fact that the original is sold together with TV, and the non-original is sold as a separate component.

The universal remote control can be programmed for a specific model, but this must be done in accordance with special instructions. Mostly they are used if the original one is broken or lost.

Universal models have external differences. different shapes, designs, colors and sizes. You can choose the best option for yourself in accordance with personal preferences. There is a special device inside, which consists of several units. They ensure correct signal transmission on different TVs. To correctly configure the remote control, you need to know the codes in advance.

How to find the TV code

The TV code for the universal remote control is often indicated in the accompanying documentation. Be sure to check the data sheet of the device. If it is not possible to familiarize yourself with the documents, find the technical specifications of the TV on the Internet. Today this can be done without too many problems. There is also a third way. the manufacturer’s official website. TV companies publish tables with the correct parameters on their portals.