How to update the browser on a Samsung TV

Updating third-party web browsers via Samsung App TV

You often don’t even have to figure out how to update the browser on a Samsung Smart TV. on new TV models, the offer to download a couple of intermediate patches either appears right while watching, or is not announced at all, since the necessary actions unfold in the background But, if this did not happen, then you will have to act like this:

  • Click on the “Smart Hub” button.
  • Go to the section “App TV” or “Samsung Apps”.
  • Open the list of already installed software and find the desired browser for Smart TV. A button for downloading updates and information about the current version will appear next to the name.

How to update Samsung Smart browser on TV: via settings and USB stick

Hello everyone! A television web browser is functionally similar to computer and mobile counterparts. it also allows you to view sites and download video broadcasts, log in to social networks and even write messages to e-mail or instant messengers.

Despite the rich set of features, the browser built into Samsung Smart TV is far from perfect. it suffers from long downloads and technical problems, offers almost no settings, and does not even allow saving bookmarks and launching a bunch of additional tabs. As a result, you have to either wait until updates from the manufacturer with missing content appear, or look for solutions from third-party developers.

Which smart TV browsers are popular

As on the computer, and on mobile platforms, the leaders are Google Chrome. In addition to advanced synchronization of tabs, passwords and visited pages, the web browser has a predictable interface and offers seamless interaction with news portals and entertainment services (like Twitch and YouTube). There will be no problems with security. Chrome diligently hides ads and protects from spam.

Opera is a powerful alternative for Google’s trendsetter. Among the advantages. lightning-fast processing of loaded web pages with the ability to save traffic (images are compressed, advertisements stop loading in the background) and an additional productive mode.

Yandex Browser is based on the Chrome engine and also supports synchronization, copes with sites and entertainment content, news portals, email clients and web versions of instant messengers. Offers a bunch of customization options (including the start page) and allows you not to worry about ads, banners and pop-up ads that can greatly distract from the case.

Which browser to install on the TV listed?. depends on personal preferences and the desired result, but it is better to experiment and figure out the details: which one does not work, as it should, and where there are more opportunities.

How to download a third-party browser on Smart TVs

Samsung developers offer to interact with the software through the “Smart Hub” section, which opens through the button of the same name on the remote control. often instead of an inscription there is a kind of multi-colored rhombus.

After going to the additional menu, a search bar will appear at the top, then a list of already available software (widgets, software, built-in browser), as well as the App TV (or Samsung Apps) item, from where the content you cannot do without.

update, browser, samsung

The last step is to open the search box and enter the name of the desired web browser. Or. open the list of the most popular applications, and from there choose one of the offers.

How to update your browser

If you find more and more errors while loading sites or entertainment content or you see “unsupported standards” notices, then it may be time to download updates for the software you are using. And the order of actions will depend directly on which browser is currently used. standard or from App TV.

Samsung TV Standard Browser Update

The web browser built into the TV’s firmware is hidden under the name Web Browser (the specific designation depends directly on the TV model and Smart TV version) and does not imply downloading updates through the Application Gallery. The software is updated: browser, widgets, built-in software and others. only together with the firmware and as follows:

Search for updates on the network. Official support for Samsung TVs. 3-5 years. During the specified period of time, the manufacturer releases many updates affecting both security parameters and some firmware. TV owners often forget about updates. Therefore, in case of problems with the browser, it is recommended to look into the “Support” section and the “Software update” sub-item. Depending on the Smart TV version, the items may be called differently, but even beginners will hardly have any problems with navigation.

Search, download and installation of updates occurs automatically. As a result of the actions taken, the system will tell you to which version the updates have been loaded, and in some situations it will even inform you about the new innovations.

Downloading updates via USB. An alternative option involving manual search for intermediate updates, patches and technical patches on the manufacturer’s website by the TV model number.

Files with firmware are distributed in an archive, which must first be unpacked, and the contents must be copied to a USB drive. After preliminary preparation, it remains to insert the USB flash drive into the USB-connector of the TV, open the “Settings” and go to the “Software update” section.

From there, it remains to select USB with the necessary data and agree to the procedure for switching to the new software version. The transition cannot be interrupted in order to avoid serious consequences and further technical problems. And one more thing. it is recommended to download the firmware from the official website, and not from third-party sources with an unknown reputation.

How to download and install the browser on a Samsung TV

All Internet users know that you need a browser to surf the net. But this applies to computers, but what about TVs? And here the same system works: you need a browser to view the Internet on Smart TV. Samsung TVs already have a preinstalled browser that you don’t need to download. It’s called App TV. the app icon can be found on the home screen.

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The ratings users give App TV. mostly positive. Many people like the intuitive interface, the ability to work in multitasking mode and wide functionality.

But not everyone is thrilled with the browser preinstalled by the company. Such users are trying to find an answer to the question of how to install a new browser on Smart TV and is it possible. Not all models offer this feature. To clarify this, read the instructions for the TV in detail. If possible, follow these steps:

The download process is fast, you don’t have to wait longer than 5 minutes. After the end of the process, you can start a new application by clicking on it. When choosing a program, it should be borne in mind that the list can include both paid and free software.

How to update browser on Samsung Smart TV

How to update the browser on a Samsung Smart TV. if the app stopped working? Modern televisions have long ceased to be designed only for the sole function of displaying television programs. Smart TVs have numerous features that make them closer to computers than TVs.

But users of such sophisticated “smart” technology often face unforeseen problems. In particular, many people want to update their browser or install a different one, but do not know how to do it. In the article, we will consider several ways to install and update the browser.

How to update the browser on your TV

As mentioned above, Samsung Smart TV has its own built-in browser. You won’t be able to update the application separately. you will have to update the entire firmware. This does not always bring the desired result, since developers often do not pay due attention to expanding the capabilities of the browser.

How to update Yandex browser on Samsung TV browser and not be disappointed:

  • Check out the features of the updated firmware: what features will be added and what the manufacturer has changed. Then make a decision: whether you need to update the software or is it better to leave the previous version.
  • Check out the dedicated forums and check out the experiences of users who have already tried the update.

If everything suits you, you can update the firmware.

  • Enter the main menu.
  • Open the “Support” item.
  • Select the line “Update software”.
  • Confirm your choice, wait until the download is complete.


You can also find Yandex browser in Smart Hub. This program uses the platform from Google Chrome as a basis.

Therefore, the functionality and general management principles of these programs are very similar to each other. The difference lies in the mail system used and the basic search. Yandex also offers excellent sync, cloud storage, a built-in player and a powerful web tool for browsing sites.

Google chrome

Google Chrome is a very user-friendly browser that features an advanced synchronization system between devices. When using this browser, all bookmarks and browsing history will be available on any device with a linked Google account. Also, mail, cloud storage and much more are synchronized.

The functionality of this browser is constantly being updated, but already now we can say that in its capabilities the program surpasses most of the competitors. In Smart Hub, the browser can usually be found quite simply directly from the list or using the search bar. The program takes up a lot of disk space, so you need to foresee this in advance.

Through the Internet

To install the browser through the TV using the “Content Store”, you need:

Step-by-step instruction

The original is taken from the Russian-language forum Webos

Insert the Tricolor TV Smart-card into the CAM-module (usually CAM WEST CI is used)

We insert the CAM module into your turned off TV.

When you turn on the TV, it will show information about the card and the module, if there is no information or error code 17, check the correct installation and register the equipment on the Tricolor website.

In the settings of the Tricolor satellite dish converter, specify the Eutelsat 36A / 36B satellite. The converter type is single. LNB power supply. on.LNB 10750. Transponder frequency. 12226 MHz (default settings). We look at the signal quality.

We go into the channel setting and turn on automatic search (in new generation TVs) transponder frequencies from 12190 to 12418 will be registered automatically.

If everything went well and the channels were found, go to the sound settings on the TV and set the MPEG parameter in the “Digital TV sound settings” section. This is done so that the sound on the channels does not disappear when watching. Go to the module settings and select the “Reset to factory settings” item. Turn off the TV completely.

LG Smart TV

Google Chrome is the best browser for LG Smart TVs and the most popular in the world. Some Android TV builds have Chrome installed by default. The web browser features high performance, stylish looks, many extensions, and an extensive ecosystem;

  • Mozilla Firefox is another popular browser and one of the ten most downloaded programs on Android. The web browser is slightly inferior in speed to Chrome and Opera, but it has other advantages: many unique extensions, works with a lot of file formats, supports Flash;
  • Dolphin Browser has its main feature. close work with many social networks. The browser can also create PDF files from any page on the web. In terms of speed and stability, the web browser is not inferior to other analogues.

How to install, procedure

Google chrome

Google Chrome is a very user-friendly browser that features an advanced synchronization system between devices. When using this browser, all bookmarks and browsing history will be available on any device with a linked Google account. Also, mail, cloud storage and much more are synchronized.

The functionality of this browser is constantly being updated, but already now we can say that in its capabilities the program surpasses most of the competitors. In Smart Hub, the browser can usually be found quite simply directly from the list or using the search bar. The program takes up a lot of disk space, so you need to foresee this in advance.

What does it give, what is the difference from the built-in App TV

The browser on the TV always performs the same functions as similar programs on a computer or smartphone. First of all, it is searching on the Internet, communicating on social networks, watching movies, downloading files. Stable operation of the program is impossible without periodic updates or fixes.

The App TV browser, which is built in by default, is sometimes replaced by more familiar interfaces. The most common are Opera, Yandex browser and Google Chrome.

They have the same design on all devices, which allows users not to rebuild every time they use one or another device. If a person uses one of these browsers on a computer, it is more logical to install it on other devices as well.

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This will prove to be very useful for keeping general history and bookmarks. At the same time, updating third-party browsers is much easier, and patches for them are released more regularly.

How to update browser on Samsung

The vast majority of Samsung smart TVs have a browser built into the firmware by default. And manufacturers do not provide a separate browser update, offering only periodic updates to all software. But often they simply forget about the need to update the browser too. This can create a number of annoying browser freezes or even the inability to support modern sites.

But for some models, firmware update is the only way to update browser on Samsung Smart TV.

How To Update Your Samsung Smart TV

How to download and install a third-party browser on a Samsung Smart TV

The ability to change the standard browser on the TV should be provided by the developers. However, this is not available on all Smart TVs. To be sure of the reality of your plans, you need to carefully study the instructions for the device. It is there that the possibility of installing a third-party browser should be indicated, as well as instructions on how to carry out this operation are provided.

If possible, do the following:

  • press the bright hexagonal button on the TV remote control, which will open the special Smart Hub application;
  • in the window that opens, you can see the entire list of programs available for installation;
  • you can find the browser you need in the list through the search bar;
  • open the found application, and then click the “Install” button.

The download and installation usually takes a matter of seconds. Immediately after completing the operation, the application icon will appear in the menu. Clicking on this icon will open a new browser and allow you to fully enjoy it.

How to update browser on Samsung Smart TV?

Modern TVs are no longer limited to a simple display of channels. Now these devices can be used to watch movies online, play games, or even search the Internet. To search in devices, special programs are provided. browsers. Browsers help you easily find the information you need on the Internet, use social networks or websites. However, like any software, browsers need to be updated periodically. This article will guide you to properly update your browser on your Samsung Smart TV.


You can also find Yandex browser in Smart Hub. This program uses the platform from Google Chrome as a basis.

Therefore, the functionality and general management principles of these programs are very similar to each other. The difference lies in the mail system used and the basic search. Yandex also offers excellent sync, cloud storage, a built-in player and a powerful web tool for browsing sites.

Browser on Samsung Smart TV

All Samsung TVs are equipped with a standard browser by default, which in many cases has all the necessary functionality. But to speed up its work, it is necessary to periodically update.

For this reason, sometimes users want to replace the standard browser for Samsung Smart TVs with a more convenient program for searching the Internet.

App TV features

All you need to access the Internet is a browser. This principle also works on TVs. Samsung took care of their customers and installed a built-in App TV browser. The icon with the program is located in the main menu. Some consider the browser functionality insufficient and download others, and most of the users use the built-in one, since the program has a number of advantages. Pros of a web browser:

  • multitasking. the ability to open multiple tabs without losing the responsiveness of the TV;
  • Flash player support;
  • the ability to install additional widgets.

Since the browser is popular and in demand, the developers have created extensions that allow you to surf the Internet without interruption. The extension includes:

  • HTML 5.0 protocol support. most sites are developed using this code;
  • work with WebKit-based, which supports sites written using popular libraries for the KDE graphical environment;
  • Tizen platform that allows you to control your TV via your smartphone.

Widgets were developed by technology leaders such as Intel and Samsung.

How to download and install browser on Samsung Smart TV

Digital television gained momentum, and Smart TV completely replaced conventional models that were designed to receive an analog signal. Some models do not support the ability to install additional software. In such cases, the only solution is to change the firmware and completely reinstall the system on TV. It is not recommended to do such maneuvers on your own. In order to understand whether it is possible to install other software, you should look at the operating instructions, where this nuance is spelled out. If possible, the procedure is as follows:

  • go to “Smart Hub” by pressing a button on the remote control, it is presented in the form of a hexagon;

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

Update Browser on Samsung Smart TV

It is high time to forget about those times when TV channels from other countries were the ceiling of the TV functionality. Now, the level of development of these devices has increased so much that it is no longer possible to call them TVs, because in terms of their capabilities they are more like computers. It is not surprising that now such a technique is called nothing more than Smart TV, which means, a smart TV.

How to download and install browser on Samsung Smart TV

Often, owners of smart TVs are poorly versed in how a new browser can be installed there, and whether it is possible at all. This is indeed allowed on many models, but not on all. Therefore, before taking any action, you need to find instructions for your TV. Read if it is possible to replace a web browser on it, for example, with the popular today Yandex or Google.

If so, then you should follow these steps:

Samsung Smart TV has a special assistant called “Smart Hub”. To immediately get into this application, you need to take the remote control and press the bright hexagonal button;

A window will open where the user can see a list of programs that can be downloaded and installed on the TV;

Searching for the desired browser is very simple. you can either rewind the sentences until you find the one you need, or enter the desired application into a special search bar;

After the choice has been made, the application must be downloaded and installed.

App TV features

Naturally, you will not surprise anyone when you hear that using standard browsers is used to enter the world wide web. But this is on the computer, but what about the TV? It turns out that the result does not change from the permutation of the terms, that is, the browser is also used on the TV to access the Internet. Samsung has installed its own standard browser that comes with the Smart TV at the factory. It is called App TV and you can immediately find it when you go to the menu.

Users claim that this browser is one of the most functional in comparison with similar options, but from other manufacturers. We will not rate, since each user decides for himself how much this configuration suits him or not. Nevertheless, consider the features of this application:

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The program is built using Flash technology;

How to get the most out of your TV Web Browser

The browser is multitasking, especially when compared to other peers;

In the process of work, it allows you to open a large number of windows without compromising functionality.

In addition, Samsung has released several interesting add-ons that improve the browser’s performance. Here are the coolest ones:

Ability to support HTML5 protocol;

How to update browser on Samsung

Most Samsung TVs have a browser built into the firmware, and it can only be updated by updating the entire firmware. Naturally, this creates problems, since the manufacturer often overlooks that Smart TV is a TV for surfing the Internet, therefore, improvements for the standard browser are not added to the software.

How can you update it so as not to lose the set of functionality that it already had? It’s a matter of luck.

It is most convenient to read the description of the new firmware, what features it adds, etc.

You can also search the Internet for Комментарии и мнения владельцев from those users who have already tried the update, and share your impressions on specialized forums.

If there is no suspicion about the quality of the new firmware, then you can install it. This is done according to the standard principle:

Seeing that there is a possibility of updating, he clicks on “Ok”.

It remains to wait for the download, carry out the installation, and the browser, along with the entire system, will be updated.

Features of Browser Refresh on Samsung Smart TVs

It is high time to forget about those times when the TV served exclusively for viewing various TV channels, and the display of foreign channels was the ceiling of its capabilities. Now, with the help of TV, you can even access the Internet. This feature is called “Smart TV” and is available on all modern TVs.

Preparing for the upgrade

Updating the browser is only possible by updating the entire firmware on the Samsung Smart TV. Before doing this, you need to familiarize yourself in detail with all the nuances and changes in the new update. To do this, it is worth reading the description for the new firmware, and additionally familiarize yourself with the Комментарии и мнения владельцев of those users who have already been updated on the Internet.

If there is no doubt, then you can safely update.

Samsung Smart TV Browser Update Methods

As we mentioned earlier, updating the browser on a Samsung TV is only possible with the firmware. You can update the software (software) using a USB flash drive, or through the built-in capabilities of the TV. If you do not update the firmware in time, the device may start behaving incorrectly.

How to Update Software on Samsung Smart TV (Also How to Fix if Update is Greyed Out)

General scheme for updating software (software):

In this case, to update the software and browser, you need to go to the main menu and go to the “Support” section. Then we proceed according to the following scheme: “Software update”. “Update now”. The TV will automatically start searching for new software, and when it finds a suitable option, it will offer to update. When the software installation starts, the installation will start, after which the device will reboot.

Important! Before updating the software via the Internet, connect the Internet cable to the TV for stable data transmission. If you access the Internet via Wi-Fi, then there may be interruptions during the update process, and this will lead to a download failure.

To install the software via a USB flash drive, you need to go to the website of the manufacturer of your TV on a computer or laptop and download the firmware from there. Then the downloaded file must be dropped onto a flash drive, if necessary, extracted from the archive, and the USB drive must be connected to the TV. After that, on the TV, go to the main menu, go to the “Support”. “Software update”. “Update now” section. The device will automatically find suitable software, install it, and reboot.

Attention! Download firmware for Samsung only from the official site. Do not use third-party resources for these purposes, as such actions may damage the device.

Installing the browser on Smart TV

Browser for Smart TV is an indispensable element in interaction with various web services. However, the built-in browser on the Samsung TV does not please with a convenient, intuitive interface and good speed of loading web pages. Therefore, many people update their browser, or even want to install a browser from a third-party developer. Below we will look at which browsers you should pay attention to.

So, which browsers should be preferred:

Opera is the best browser for Samsung Smart TVs according to users. It is in demand due to its uncomplicated and user-friendly interface, and of course the fast loading speed of web pages. Also, the Opera browser stands out for its good traffic savings.

Yandex Browser. runs on the same core as Opera. It stands out for its pleasant and thought-out interface to the smallest detail, for example, the presence of a “Smart line” for quick search greatly simplifies the surfing process for the user. Yandex Browser also has a built-in “Turbo” mode, which helps web pages load faster with slow Internet speeds. In addition, the browser has the ability to synchronize the profile with a PC and a smartphone.

UC Browser is not a very popular browser, which is becoming more and more famous every year. The advantage of UC Browser is traffic compression, gesture control, synchronization with other gadgets, and a quick launch panel. The only thing is, there aren’t many plugins here compared to other browsers. But even those that exist are quite enough to perform the basic tasks of an ordinary user.

Important errors and their elimination

It happens that when installing software online or via a USB flash drive, the “Software Update” section is not available. If you encounter such an error, then do the following:

  • If the software is installed from a USB flash drive, then you need to exit the main menu of the TV, wait 5-10 minutes and repeat the installation procedure.
  • If the software is installed on a Samsung Smart TV via the Network, then you need to turn off the device, wait about 30 minutes (more is possible), and turn on the TV. After switching on, you need to select “TV” as the signal source. If the problem reoccurs, then make sure that the device is connected to the network.
  • If the TV does not find the USB flash drive, then you need to format it on the PC, and re-download the firmware to the USB flash drive.