Samsung a 30 won’t turn on

Physical reasons

The first thing that comes to mind when the smartphone does not charge from the charger is a broken cable, block or the gadget’s connector itself. In this case, it is worth checking everything. An important point. you should not check the functionality of the cord by pulling it out of the power supply and plugging it into the laptop. Due to insufficient voltage, the new Samsung models. A50 and above may not receive power or do it too slowly, which will make the user think about damage to the cable. Ideally, you should take a power supply and cable from a similar Samsung gadget. If they are not available, third-party accessories with the same parameters on the adapter will do.

Checking the cord, power supply and connector does not give unambiguous answers about the presence of physical damage. Sometimes the reason lies in a burned-out power board or microcontroller. He realizes that the battery capacity is full and stops supplying current. This node is extremely important in the phone. if it is broken, then the device may think that the battery is discharged and does not turn on, but in fact it is full, or vice versa. the battery does not charge although the capacity is at zero. It is impossible to establish whether the matter is in the internal nodes in the home environment. Having tried the methods listed below and not finding a solution, you should contact the service.

It is important to know that degradation is characteristic of any battery. This term implies that during use, the battery gradually deteriorates. it charges slowly and autonomy decreases. If the phone is more than a year old, and it began to charge for a long time, but the power supply and cable remained complete, then 100% of the reason is in the battery. it should be changed.

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Choice of accessories

If you look at the accessories for phones five years ago, it is easy to see that the power supply often has a charge (current) of 1 Ampere. Later, blocks with increased power began to appear, and in modern gadgets from the Galaxy A and S series. A70, S8 and above, you can see the most powerful chargers. The reason is the appearance of the fast charging function. It is achieved through increased current flow and it is wrong to assume that this works with any accessory. Sometimes the power supply and cable included in the kit are not designed for quick replenishment of capacity and the necessary accessories are sold separately.

If a proprietary charger cannot be used, then you should not just replace accessories from a third-party smartphone or buy the most inexpensive options. They are highly likely to do a poor job, for example, the phone will remain discharged, although it shows that charging is in progress. The reason is that the current that flows through the incomplete accessory is enough only for minimal actions, and the device cannot send something “to the reserve”. A similar situation is often observed if, while charging, you play or watch videos on YouTube, you do not have to be surprised that the charge remains in one place in this case.

Also, do not charge a modern mobile phone, especially if it is an expensive device like Samsung A80 from the USB connector. they are not designed to recharge the capacious batteries of modern phones. But, if you find a Type-C connector in your laptop or PC, then feel free to connect the appropriate cable. this is a new standard with increased current supply, which is able not only to read data, but also to power the phone.

If the Samsung phone does not charge from the charger, I will tell you why and we will fix it together

Good time, my regular blog readers and subscribers! Often, users of mobile technology are faced with the fact that their device does not charge. Sometimes the device does not display the charging process, and in other cases the indication is present, but the capacity in fact remains unreplenished or the battery gains 100%, but quickly sits down. Why Samsung Phone Won’t Charge, I’ll Explain in This Article.

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Software problems

What to do if Android Samsung does not charge from charging or does it slowly, but you have established that the cable and the unit are working properly. The reasons for this behavior may be in a damaged battery, but sometimes it lies in the software. For proper charging, you need to unload applications from the memory, if there are a lot of them there, reduce the brightness of the screen. If the device is synchronized with something via Bluetooth, then it must be temporarily turned off, a similar situation with access to the network via Wi-Fi and LTE.

It will not be superfluous to look into the smartphone’s power settings. Look for the item “battery” and make sure that the maximum performance mode is not activated. By itself, it is more needed by gamers, but even without it, a good device provides a comfortable work. If you have energy saving, then activate it, but first go and check what it is, sometimes the processor hard cuts off the work of applications, and you will face the fact that you will no longer receive notifications. You will eliminate slow charging this way, but you will get other problems. Power saving mode is not always useful.

Do not forget that any running applications are a drain on battery power. If you closed all the software, but the phone still sits down quickly and does not fill the battery, then the reason may lie in viruses. Do not neglect antiviruses, but if you do not use them constantly, then make it a rule to completely check the device’s memory with some frequency. perhaps cleaning will solve the problem with slow charging or its absence.

Many users are wondering why the phone does not charge up to 100 percent. Technically, this shouldn’t happen at all. If you see that the device has reached 99% and then nothing happens, then everything is working as it should. In modern mobile technology, battery protection is implemented. when it is full, the phone stops being powered directly from charging, as this leads to rapid wear and tear and forcibly cuts off the current supply. This is possible with branded accessories, so this is another reason not to change them for cheap Chinese counterparts. over, in the modern world it has been established that for long-term battery operation, it should be kept between 20 and 80% of its capacity, that is, you should not discharge and charge it completely.

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Use Safe Mode

When the device is in safe mode. it automatically disables all third party applications and works with most of the basic functions. This will help you determine if any downloaded third-party app might be causing the Android freezing issue on the startup screen. Since you don’t have access to your device’s home screen, you’ll have to rely on keyboard shortcuts again to enter Safe Mode on your device.

The only thing about keyboard shortcuts is that they vary from one manufacturer to another. So if you own a Motorola, it can act differently in certain keyboard shortcuts than a Samsung phone. Please check the internet for the correct keyboard shortcuts for you to get it right. Generally, you have to hold down the volume buttons while the phone boots up and when you reach the home screen you will see the words Safe Mode written on it.

Wipe Cache Partition

Clearing the phone cache partition allows you to delete cache files that may have been corrupted and cause the phone to turn off. There is a possibility that corrupted cache files may prevent your phone from turning on. These cache files are temporary and will be generated by the phone again after you delete the current cache files. To erase a cache partition, you need to enter recovery mode by pressing a specific key combination. The combination varies from one Android device to the next. Here are some examples:

Samsung: Power button, Volume down button, Home button.

Nexus: Power button, volume down and volume up

LG: Power button and volume down button

To erase a cache partition, follow these steps:

Press and hold the Power button, Volume down button and Home button (for Samsung) at the same time.

When you see the Android icon, release the power button, but keep pressing and holding the other two buttons until the system recovery screen appears.

You will see a menu with a lot of options. Use the Volume Down key to highlight the ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ option.

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samsung galaxy a30 won’t turn on or charge how to turn on my samsung galaxy A30

Select an option with the power key and the process of clearing the cache partition will begin.

Once completed, your phone will automatically reboot and new cache files will be created on your phone. If you manage to go through the entire process successfully and your phone turns on then your problem is fixed, but if your Samsung Galaxy won’t turn on or charge even after clearing the cache partition, then you should consider resetting your phone to factory settings. customization.

Hard reset

The first thing to do when you encounter this problem is to try performing a soft reset, which should help you restart your phone without getting stuck at the logo screen. A soft reset is device dependent. While this typically requires holding down the power button for 8-10 seconds, there are certain phones, such as the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and Sony Xperia Z3, that require holding down the power and volume up buttons for 8-10 seconds. Depending on your phone model, one of them might be successful.

Remove the battery

If you’re stuck in a boot loop or your phone won’t turn on at all, remove your device’s battery and wait 30 seconds. Now start your phone and check if it turns on completely. If your phone turns on and goes to the home screen, the problem may be minor and the battery was able to fix it quickly and easily.

How to fix your Samsung Galaxy A30 that won’t turn on

If your phone does not have a removable battery, turn off the device and let it power off completely for 5 minutes. Then reboot your device.

Samsung Galaxy won’t start after contact with water. what to do?

While some of Samsung’s flagships are waterproof, it can cause significant water damage. If your Android device has been accidentally damaged in water, do not try to turn on your phone or charge it immediately. Allow all parts of the phone to dry completely before considering using the phone.

When the Samsung Galaxy S3 was introduced as a waterproof phone, some owners complained that their Samsung Galaxy wouldn’t charge after being damaged by water. Although the phone is waterproof, there are many things that can still cause damage. Be sure to try these steps not only for the S3, but for any Samsung Galaxy phone if it gets wet.

Allow the phone to dry for 24 hours by removing the battery (if removable) and back cover and placing all parts of the phone in a bag of rice.

For those with multiple silica gel bags, this also helps to dry the phone quickly.

When it’s dry, clean the charging port and plug in the charger, let the phone charge, then turn it on.

Use a manufacturer-specific PC kit

When you face this problem and your phone won’t turn on, it is recommended that you connect your device to your computer and use a manufacturer-specific PC kit. Smartphones have their own set of PCs depending on the phone manufacturer, for example, Samsung smartphones use Samsung Kies and LG phones have an LG PC set. Likewise, all smartphones have a PC set.

With the PC kit, you can perform many tasks such as transferring data, synchronizing your device with the computer to which it is connected, and creating backups. When your Android gets stuck on the loading screen. connect it to your computer and then transfer all the data. You can update your phone using PC dialing so that if your phone gets stuck during updates it can complete the update and the phone restarts.

This might work if your phone turns on but turns off again after a minute or two. If nothing seems to be working, perform a factory data reset. The steps for this are explained above.

Samsung phone won’t turn on. reasons and how to eliminate

Let’s figure out why Samsung phone won’t turn on. First, we will list the main reasons, and then we will give an explanation for each of the points.

Why Samsung Phone Won’t Turn On

If you are left without communication, then calm down and think about why the phone does not turn on. A common mistake many users make when disconnecting their phone are the following: opening the case cover and jerking the wires, loosening small parts, etc. If you want your smartphone to have a chance of life, then never do that.

A person who does not understand how a modern phone works is unlikely to be able to find the cause of the problem. The answer to the question. “Why does the Samsung phone not want to turn on?” Is hidden in the little things, and “self-medication” will lead to really serious problems.

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OFF / ON button

Sometimes it is because of this button that the phone has a dark screen. When the device is completely new and the on / off button is faulty, get acquainted. this is a factory gaffe. Contact the seller who will change the phone or redirect to the service center.

If the device has been serving you for some time, and it suddenly became clear that the screen image is not loading, take it for repair. Such a problem could have occurred as a result of the impact of the phone or moisture that got into it. The service will offer you the following services:

  • keyboard panel replacement
  • deep cleaning of the device
  • partial or complete replacement of the keyboard controller

Common reasons why your Samsung phone may not turn on:


Your smartphone’s battery can run out at the wrong time, even if you recently charged it. Many modern phones equipped with options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi drain much faster than older models. When you have Wi-Fi turned on and there is no network, the phone will throw all its energy into finding it. If at this time you do not need the Internet, then disable this option, the same applies to Bluetooth.

“Safe mode

Make sure the operating system does not conflict with the software. To do this, boot Android into Safe Mode, which disables all custom applications. This option is possible if the phone starts to turn on, but does not finish, but freezes, for example, on the screen with the logo.

At the bottom of the screen, “Safe Mode” will appear.

If the download was successful in the BR, then you need to look for software that prevents the phone from working normally in normal mode. You can start with recently installed apps. Despite the fact that the third-party software is deactivated at this moment, it still remains in the system, so it can be removed using the method described in a separate article on our website.


After resetting data from the phone, contacts, messages, installed applications, etc. will disappear. This option returns the device to the factory state. However, some of the data can be restored if synchronization with a Google or Samsung account has been enabled on the device. It will then be enough to log into the same account on this or a new smartphone.

The reset procedure is performed automatically after selecting the desired item in Recovery Mode. The complete algorithm of actions is described in a separate article on our website.

Troubleshoot Samsung device startup problems

First of all, make sure that the smartphone does not actually turn on. For example, when the matrix is ​​broken, it continues to work, but the screen remains black with no visible damage. As a test, make a call to it from another device.

Clearing the cache

This option clears the temporary storage partition. Every installed application leaves a cache in the device memory, and this can become the source of the launch problem. We have already written in detail about clearing the cache on a Samsung smartphone via Recovery Mode.

Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is a dedicated boot partition. Its main task is to delete user data and files, reset settings, and update Android when there is no way to do it from a loaded system. This is an effective and safe way to get your Samsung smartphone back on track. Depending on the model, the key combinations for entering Recovery Mode may differ:

    If the mobile device has a “Home” button, we clamp it together with the power and volume up buttons.

If the smartphone has the “Bixby” button, hold it down simultaneously with “Volume up” and “Power”.

On devices without physical buttons “Home” or “Bixby”, just hold down “Power” and “Volume up”.


The real trouble begins when system files are damaged. They can be restored by reinstalling Android, but erroneous actions can change the situation for the worse. Of course, in this case, there are chances to “revive” the phone, but if you are not interested in such prospects or Samsung is still under warranty service, it is better to immediately contact the service.

On the other hand, things are not that complicated. There is a special program. Odin, which only works with Samsung devices. All actions are performed on a computer, and the device itself at this time must be in a special boot mode. The reinstallation process and preparation for it are described in detail in the step-by-step instructions published on our website. There are also several examples of flashing the system for specific models of this manufacturer.