Money Do Not Come On Phone

Money Do Not Come On Phone

Read why SMS does not come to the phone from banks, services and friends. All the reasons. Instructions on how to fix for phones MTS, Megaphone and any operators.

If you notice that you have stopped receiving messages on your phone, you must urgently take action. Indeed, SMS often contains important information from banks and people close to you. The problem may be hidden both in the phone itself and in the service provider to which you are connected. For various reasons, SMS may not come to the phone, we will analyze each situation separately.

The easiest reason: the phone’s internal memory is full

This problem remained with push-button phones, in which the internal memory was limited. Now in modern smartphones there are gigabytes of space for recording information, but sometimes a simple SMS in this space can not accommodate, since it is occupied by photos,s and other files. To solve the problem, it is necessary to use special utilities that will remove temporary files, as well as independently perform cleaning.

The user can do the following:

After you solve the problem, you need to regularly check the phone so that it does not occur again. To do this, check the phone with the utility approximately once a month. In the message settings, select the option in which the chats will be cleared independently after their duration reaches 100 or more messages.

Mobile operator congestion

Even 10 years ago, mobile phone users were not surprised by the delay in delivering messages on holidays. Now problems are less common, but the quality of communication in some areas of large cities leaves much to be desired. You can strengthen it according to the instructions:

  • Open the main menu with system settings (it lists the main parameters such as sound mode, screen brightness, network connection);
  • Activate the item “On the plane”;
  • Wait until the phone is completely disconnected from the network signal;
  • Stop using Airplane mode.

After these manipulations, the phone will connect to the nearest cell tower. This will provide a more confident signal. For reliability, you can restart the phone.

But sometimes even these actions do not help, in this case, go to the Downdetector website and check how the mobile operator works in your area. In most cases, it is enough to wait a few hours, and then SMS will start to come and go again.

Messages get to the Spam folder

Often than other reasons, users of modern smartphones are faced with message blocking. All inboxes are in the Spam folder. They are not visible on the device. At the same time, the signal level on the device remains high, but notifications are not received.

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You can get rid of the problem according to the instructions:

  1. Go to the settings of your smartphone.
  2. Remove the lock from applications.
  3. In the “Application Manager” find the one that is responsible for the messages.
  4. Open its menu.
  5. Find the “Clear Data” button. Click her.
  6. Now go to the “Task Manager”. There, in the message tab, you need to find “Spam settings.” Disconnect them.
  7. Reboot the phone.

This is enough so that the phone no longer blocks incoming SMS. If you have problems with the receipt of messages, then it is worth looking at the settings. Sometimes the system after upgrading includes them yourself. Usually only short numbers get into spam, but it can happen otherwise.

Problems with the SIM card or the phone itself

Long-term operation of the SIM card leads to its failure. Over, the subscriber partially or completely remains without communication. Sometimes voice calls continue to work, but messages cannot be exchanged.

You can check the operation of the SIM card only using another phone. If, after you insert it into a new device, the messages started to arrive, then the matter is in your mobile or its settings.

If changing the device did not help restore the SMS function, then you need to contact the operator and replace the SIM card. Your subscriber number will be saved. Sometimes drastic measures are not required. Just clean the contacts on the SIM card and in the slot where it is inserted. If the case is on the phone, take it to a service center for repair.

Step-by-step instruction on finding out the reason why SMS does not come to the phone

Checking the phone must be carried out based on the frequency of occurrence of certain malfunctions. Therefore, step-by-step instructions have been created for all smartphone owners, which will definitely help solve the problem of not receiving SMS.

Usually these steps are enough to activate SMS delivery. You can make them at home without resorting to the help of qualified craftsmen.

Why may not messages from Sberbank come?

Almost all customers of this bank give 60 rubles a month to receive information about the movement of funds on the account in real time. The bank will notify you of all changes in the balance via SMS. There are several problems that users of the Mobile Bank are faced with:

  • Failure upon activation, within 3 days there was no message about the beginning of the service;
  • SMS duplication;
  • Partial notification (not all balance changes are displayed);
  • Alerts work for only one card (primary).

If SMS from Sberbank does not arrive on the phone, then there may be several reasons. Bank representatives most often call the following:

  1. You have connected the “Economy package”. In this case, you will be able to transfer money using SMS, but you will not know about the change in balance in real time. Messages will not come after each operation. If you want to receive full information and request a balance at any time for free, you must select the paid “Full package”. It will allow you to receive information about all movements of funds.
  2. You cannot keep track of your account due to non-payment for using the service. In this case, SMS will also stop arriving on your phone. Resume the service immediately after replenishing the card.
  3. Like any other system, the Mobile Bank sometimes needs preventive maintenance; no messages are received during its implementation. Malfunctions of the service are also possible, this does not happen often. In this case, you only need to wait a few hours and informing about the status of your account to be updated.
  4. You are in a place where the reception of a cellular network signal is unsure. In this case, messages may be delayed. You can restart the smartphone so that it contacts the nearest tower, as well as move to another place.
  5. In the message settings, a failure occurred and the number 900, from which the newsletter was sent, got into spam or black list. This problem can be fixed in the same way as with other numbers. Clear spam settings and check the black list. Some people use the service from the operator “Prohibition of messages from short numbers”, if you have stopped receiving SMS from the bank, after connecting it, you need to add 900 to the exceptions or completely stop the service.
  6. After recovering the SIM card, messages may not be received for a while, this is due to the fact that the operator is trying to prevent fraud. Most often, users of Tele 2 encounter this.
  7. The most common reason for termination of SMS notifications is a change in phone number. After you have changed the subscriber number from your mobile operator, you need to display new data in your Sberbank’s Personal Account. This is very important, as the old SIM card can be resold to another person over time and he will be able to access your account.
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Sometimes, after changing the phone number in the Personal Account, users encounter another problem. Not all types of alerts come in messages, the subscriber does not receive codes for paying for services. In this case, you need to contact the technical support of Sberbank to resume alerts.

Recommendations for solving the problem from different telecom operators

Cellular operators also name different reasons why SMS may not reach subscribers. We will analyze recommendations from each major operator of the Russian Federation.

SMS do not come to a phone with a Beeline number

If SMS does not arrive on the Beeline phone, then this can happen for the following reasons:

  1. You are in the place where the signal from the tower is “jammed”. Such “anomalous zones” are in many large cities, as well as beyond. The operator recommends moving a few meters to find a place with reliable signal reception. If you are outside the city, you must move to a hill.
  2. Your number has been blocked. To clarify information about the reasons and terms of freezing, call 8800-700-0611.
  3. You have been offline for too long. Many of us turn off the phone for a while, after returning to the network, SMS usually comes almost immediately. In fact, all messages first go to the SMS center, which accumulates them when the subscriber is not online. If you disconnected the phone for more than 24 hours, then the accumulated ones will be destroyed.
  4. The sender indicated the phone number incorrectly. For message delivery, it is important that the subscriber number is indicated in the international format, starting with 7.
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SMS do not come to the phone with the number Tele-2

This operator has a list of reasons almost the same as Beeline. The only difference is that it uses a special SMS center, which can be periodically distorted in the settings. You can restore it according to the rules:

  1. In the Android and Windows systems, you need to go to the message settings and select the SMS.Center item. Re-enter the number 79043490000. Save the changes. You can also copy and paste the existing number again. Then be sure to reboot the device.
  2. On iOS, the settings change differently using USSD commands. You must enter 5005767279043490000 # in the phone number dialing field to replace the SMS center with a universal one.

This operator also recommends checking whether you are in the network coverage area. You can check if your number is blocked by calling 611, the robot will answer you and tell you about the status of the service.

SMS do not come to a phone with a megaphone number

This service provider also has underlying problems that can lead to the inability to deliver messages. Recommendations are as follows:

  • Replace the SMS center number with 79262909090;
  • The sender needs to double-check the addressee’s number: it must begin with 7, it is also worth paying attention to other numbers;
  • The incoming ban is set, you can remove it and all other restrictions with the help of the USSD command # 3301111 #, after sending it reboot the device

It is also worth checking the phone settings and the quality of communication. In some localities, Megafon will be able to malfunction due to congestion. This is due to the fact that the operator does not have time to upgrade and install new towers. Also, do not wait for the quick delivery of messages on public holidays, then all mobile operators experience inconvenience.

SMS do not come to the phone with the MTS number

For this telecom operator, you need to specifically configure the SMS sending service. This is done according to the instructions:

  • Replace the SMS center number with a universal one: 79168999100;
  • Put in the column type SMS plain text;
  • The default format should be SMS (sometimes smartphones install MMS);
  • Set the GSM data transmission channel in the graph (very often GPRS is here, then messages will not come).

After changing the settings, be sure to restart the phone. Usually these actions are enough to resume receiving messages. If even after that SMS does not arrive on the MTS phone, use the general recommendations.

Now you know why SMS do not come to the phone and how to fix it. The above recommendations are enough to resume the transmission of short messages, but if you have any problems, peep in the comments. There you can share your observations. Tell your friends about us.