LG Tv Picture Settings For

Burosch’s various Full HD and Ultra HD tests are used as benchmarks and are used to evaluate image quality. On the TV or monitor screen.

With these tests, you can optimize and adjust the image. You only need to achieve the correct display of pictures from the test on the screen and you can say that your TV is set up.

This setting takes place regardless of the size of the screen and is evaluated by eye, each user makes a customization.

All pictures are static to give the eyes time to determine inaccuracies in the display on the screen.

Test images are divided into five groups:

  1. Basic samples for initial visual adjustment
  2. Test images for metrological calibration with a light sensor
  3. Professional static reference images for image optimization
  4. Dynamic tests
  5. Professionally made real pictures

This lists the general characteristics of the tests that may occur. In our tests, there are only some pictures, but they are enough to set up the TV.

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Each test image is used to configure a separate parameter.

LG Tv Picture Settings For

Our test has:

  • Five basic images for the first basic image quality setting on the screen:
    1. Format, size
    2. Brightness
    3. Contrast
    4. Colour
    5. Focus (sharpness)
    6. Test images with lots of test zones
    7. Images for professional customization
    8. Real images for advanced customization and verification

    Test images for each setting

    Such images are used only for one setting, in contrast to images with several test zones. Therefore, after making one setting, you need to change the picture to another and adjust another parameter. The setup procedure is described below.

    Multiple Test Zones

    Images with a large number of test zones (five zones are used here) are intended for TV setup by inexperienced users or for quick setup. On each such picture you can configure the five main parameters immediately controlling them on the screen.

    The initial setup of the TV must be carried out either with the help of five primary test pictures or with one of the presented here.

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      Adjust screen size or size. For proper settings, you must disable the various image scaling functions in the menu. Different manufacturers, in their own way, call such scaling functions (image resizing).

    After all the settings, you can turn on real photos in the desired resolution from the set. From these pictures you check the naturalness of all settings.

    Other test pictures

    For example, monochromatic images are needed to test the health of pixels on the screen. Various grid images can also be used to detect broken pixels that stop working at a certain position of neighboring pixels.

    Colored stripes are needed for checking color. Different shades of gray are used to check white balance (no color tones) and to check brightness and contrast.

    Download test pictures in Ultra HD 4K resolution (3840×2160) here.

    Test images with Full HD resolution (1920×1080) here.