Iphone Xs Max Rear Window Replacement

Professional repair iPhone Xs Max in Kiev

iPhone Xs Max. a model of “apple” smartphones, presented in parallel with the iPhone Xs. The size of its OLED display has been increased to 6.5 inches. this is the largest diagonal of all 2018 Apple smartphones. Improved color reproduction is provided by advanced True Tone technology, so that even the smallest details in a or photo are very clearly visible. The camera of the new “apple” phone allows you to take perfect pictures ands, regardless of lighting.

  • The A12 Bionic octa-core processor allows you to open new options for any program or application. As a result, the smartphone is several times quicker to cope with any task with minimal energy consumption.
  • Face ID technology blocks all third-party access to information stored in the iPhone Xs max memory. A higher aesthetic level of the model is achieved through the use of a strong steel frame and glass of increased strength.
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IPhone XS MAX repair prices

Free diagnostics are carried out in cases of equipment repair in our service center.

Urgent repair iPhone Xs max

However, no equipment is insured against breakdowns, and therefore, repair is sometimes required for the iPhone Xs max. One cannot do without professional help in such cases, because even a slight unskilled intervention can completely destroy the factory functionality of such a complex digital device. Therefore, we recommend contacting the TotalService SC, where competent professionals work and where original parts are used to repair the iPhone Xs max.

In what cases do they most often contact our service center?

  1. If the glass or screen is damaged. Most often, this breakdown occurs in the event of a strong blow when falling from a height, or with a significant mechanical impact on the device with an external object.
  2. If the original battery fails. This usually happens when using foreign chargers. In this case, the battery is replaced.
  3. If liquid enters, which entails the rapid oxidation of parts and the failure of the entire device. In this case, a thorough diagnosis is carried out, damaged parts are replaced and the original functionality of the phone is restored.
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Glass replacement iPhone xs max

As a very complex digital device, it is quite sensitive to cardinal mechanical loads:

  • hit on a hard surface when falling from a height;
  • radical infringement by rigid objects that deform the body,
  • a sharp change in temperature.

As a result, the screen or the rear window is damaged, after which the operation of the smartphone is impossible. Provided that this model has very reliable protection against breakdowns and mechanical damage, the display of “apple” models is the most vulnerable spot. In our SC, if necessary, we replace the glass of the iPhone Xs max. This procedure takes about 2 hours. At the same time, we give a guarantee for our work.

Iphone Xs Max Rear Window Replacement

The advantage of working with us

I am extremely pleased with the services of the service: the tablet, which they tried to repair in the previous service for 23 days (having lost one of the screws along the way and almost turned the device into a brick) was repaired in 3 working days!

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Dyakuy for operational repair of electronic books

I thank the specialists of the center for prompt and high-quality phone repair.