How to Find a Lost Android Phone

How to Find a Lost Android Phone

I’ll analyze the current question: how to find a lost Android phone, in very cool and cool ways.

All smartphones work through android or ios. The ios protection system is known to everyone and is carried out using a special program that allows you to track and find the phone. But what do Android owners do? Is there protection here and can I find a lost phone? We will understand further.

How to find a lost android phone when the phone is lost

Unfortunately, situations often occur when the phone is stolen or lost, and the question arises of how to find the lost android phone. Many of you will immediately go to the nearest police station with a statement, but at the same time know that the option of a positive result is minimal.

Now I will tell you about reliable and effective ways to find a smartphone, rather than contacting the authorities. In order for you to be able to find a smartphone and track its location, no complicated actions are required. However, you must have a Google account. If your data is not entered into the telephone, you will not be able to find it.

You need to activate the Remote Control item yourself, in other words, set all the parameters. To do this, go to “My location” in the settings item of the smartphone and put a checkmark on “Allow tracking coordinates.”

As you can see, everything is easy and simple. Google takes the protection of personal information very seriously, so by checking the box, your smartphone will always be in touch in case of loss.

How to search through a computer

There is an Android Device Manager service specifically for posik through a computer, but if the gadget is turned off or all settings have been reset, then the capabilities are not so functional. However, no one claimed that thieves would be masters of the matter, right? To search for a device in this way, you need to do the following on the computer:

  • Go to the special remote control link
  • Enter your username and password, and then log in to your account. If you do not have an account yet, be sure to create it, as it is very useful and necessary (after creating it, also log in to your account via your smartphone).
  • Then everything happens in automatic mode, and you will see a window with the following information.

As you see in the example, here through a computer you can remotely lock your smartphone by pressing the corresponding button. You can also call or clear all data from the device’s memory.

If the phone is lost at home

Due to forgetfulness or one’s own absent-mindedness, a person can easily lose a phone at home. In this case, you can call yourself using this program via the Internet.

Within a few minutes, your phone will ring, and this does not depend on the established mode. Thus, even in a silent state, the phone will ring loudly and you can easily find it.

We send a message to a lost or stolen phone

If you have lost a gadget, and the person who found it wants to return it to the owner, because even in our time there are responsible people among us, then this can be facilitated. You can send a message by the number that will come to the screen of the lost smartphone. We use the same service and the button “Configure data blocking and deletion”.

In the window that appears, you can do the following:

  • Enter a password with which you can lock the device.
  • Write a message after reading which a person will return the mobile phone.

If there is no way to return the gadget, it is recommended to protect your personal data. To do this, click the “Clear” button. In this case, everything will be deleted and the phone will return to the factory default settings.

Additional programs

In addition to remote access, there are many other programs with similar functionality. The best of them is Lost Android. It is installed on the phone as well as other programs, that is, with the help of the Play Store.

Useful advice: after installation, the program will appear as Personal Notes with the appearance of a regular notebook. This is done so that thieves do not suspect anything. So do not worry if you do not find this program as it is recorded in the Market.

After starting this program, give it administrator rights. To do this, click the appropriate button. How to do this can be seen from the screenshot below.

Then go to the official website of the application and log in again through Google. Enter your username and password, and then log in to your account. All available functions are listed there.

These two methods I have listed, through Google and the program, can even find a turned off smartphone. This is achieved by the fact that Google services record the moment when the device was turned on for the last time, respectively, and location.

Find a phone by imei (via satellite) and by SIM card (by mobile phone number)

Here I hasten to disappoint none of these methods will give results even through a computer by phone number. By imei, only law enforcement agencies, and even the most advanced ones, can track the number through a computer. Those in the provinces may not rely on this method.

Of course, through a computer using a SIM card you can determine extremely vague data such as “Your phone is in the city of Ivanovo”. Modern search services will not provide the correct and accurate information, only the police own such technologies.

By phone number, also unlikely. Because as soon as they find the phone and want to keep it for themselves, they immediately throw out the SIM card, which makes tracking difficult. You can’t even find it through a computer if it is turned on (phone), mobile operators do not bother with such actions, although they are required.

Do not waste time on these methods, but about them below, at the end of the article.

Protection with avast! Anti-Theft for Android

In case of loss, you can pre-configure the phone. For this, I found a very interesting program that attracted my attention. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download antivirus avast! Mobile Security and open it.
  • Go to the settings menu and put a mark in the item “Protection with a PIN code” and “Protection against deletion”. If a person detects an antivirus, then until he enters a PIN code, he will not be able to get rid of it.
  • Then create an avast account.
  • We go to the official antivirus service and click Create Account Now, put the mail and drive in the password.

From now on, your phone is protected.

Customizing the avast! Anti-Theft on the gadget

The following functions are presented in the advanced settings menu in this program:

  1. Protective, that is, what the phone needs to do if it is lost. You can lock the gadget, set an alarm, block access to settings, notify about low battery.
  2. Text blocking, information deletion and GPS tracking. Here you can enter the text that will be displayed on the phone screen. Your device is now fully protected.

Last way

If the previous methods did not give results for one reason or another, for example, you forgot your username and password from your Google account or did not create an account at all, then there is another, as they say, as a last resort.

It is not possible to find your smartphone by phone number. But you, as a victim, can come to the police station, write a statement and attach evidence that this is really your phone. Among them are the following:

  • Warranty card.
  • Purchase receipt.
  • Box from the gadget.
  • IMEI code.

Advice for those who have not lost their phone yet: be sure to keep your IMEI code safe. You can recognize it using the command # 06 #.

Based on the past text, finding a phone at an imei address is not very simple, more precisely, it is 0.5% as statistics show, and less every year. But if you decide to follow this method, then I do not envy you, it is very difficult, the only worthwhile means is the police.


That’s all, dear friends! I have listed the most reliable ways to find a stolen phone. In conclusion, I want to give two main and useful tips:

  1. If possible, turn on the Internet on your smartphone to access data in case of loss.
  2. Set the lock on the screen. This is done as follows: security. encrypt the device. configure the type of lock. password or picture.

I hope my tips will be useful to you and you will find the answer in the article to the question of how to find a lost android phone, although it is better not to encounter this situation at all. Subscribe to my blog, leave comments and share the link on social networks.

Good service! At least the chances of returning the phone are much greater than going and writing a statement.

What is the name of the program to call yourself (and so that there is sound on the phone?

An interesting article and techniques. Google’s wife is set up, I don’t know about tracking.
And today I have solved the problem dramatically. I do not buy expensive phones

Also an option, but I need a smartphone, especially a navigator.

Why navigator? For work?

I live in a small hunger strike, but often I have to go to Ivanovo (the regional center), and that’s where I need it.

What to do if the phone is lost while the above applications are not installed?

Try through gps, if not, then only to the police, in no case go to sites where they promise to find a phone by imei, this is a divorce. Only to the organs.

My daughter’s phone was stolen, she has a Google account, logged in, trying to determine the location of the smartphone, writes. the device was not found. This is due to the fact that it is not turned on or not set on the phone to determine geolocation (or whatever is right there, the essence is clear).
In the second case, there is no hope at all? 🙁
The police, clear the stump, turned)

Hello. Most likely they simply dumped him, cleared all his memory. It is useless to contact our bodies with imei, they simply shake hands and say that they have flashed the phone, although they themselves did not lift a finger, so I advise everyone to install the applications from the article and your smartphones can find the loss field at least somehow. The only way is always on geolocation, it does not eat battery but saves. Linking a profile to all devices is mandatory; do not neglect this. Android is simple so it’s easy to crack.

Thanks! You are right, of course!
As for Avast Anti-Theft, I had such a case. The phone was stolen, I found his location on Avast, the number of the new SIM card! I turned to the police with all this, if only henna))) Well, now, in this particular situation, the location would radically change the situation, since this time we are not in a metropolis, but in a small village.

How many daughters said, download Avast!

From now on there will be a lesson. I hope the smartphone was not very expensive.

Good explanations. Thanks

Hello, could they answer the question, should the Internet be turned on on the smartphone, or can one be found without it?

Hello, I tried on different phones, somewhere you just need geolocation, and somewhere the Internet.

Hello, you said that you can call via the Internet program, but did not leave the name of this program, please tell me what kind of program it is.

So in the previous paragraph, this link is

1. Programs will give a small percentage of hope, and even more so if the phone is locked, then every 3 Android users probably know how to make a hard reset, without the need for any equipment.
2. Find by IMEI is possible, but difficult. T.K. change IMEI, you need a programmer, but it is not cheap, and the service will ask for a lot of it. But just like that, the data in the Service Office will not give (which number is now on IMEI, to whom is registered, an approximate location, etc.), you need a statement from the police that you really have been stolen, and even the presence of a policeman can happen.
3. A more reliable way, to fill in the firmware with spyware, the procedure costs money, even if you have a programmer, you still have to pay for the software. And vice versa, earlier it was tried on Nokia (SMS was sent with a new number to the backup number, etc.), it happened that the phone turned on already in a completely different country.
4. In conclusion, while we have replaceable SIM theft cards will not become smaller.
Although mobile operators could meet users, for example, attach a SIM to IMEI, and then when changing SIM, at least a new number would be sent by e-mail.
5. To help search for a phone, if you do not know your IMEI, about 9 years ago I took a full listing for a month from a megaphone, 30 rubles. then I gave it to restore the phone book, I was then surprised that I could dictate IMEI to anyone I knew from that listing, and it doesn’t matter what kind of mobile operator it has.

Thank you Maxim for the comment for a long time there were none. In general, if you sow it tightly.

Hello, I didn’t find the phone, however, I found when and where the last Internet access through it came from, it was 47 minutes ago today, and now it is turned off, and what to do next, how to return it, shows that it is in one of the kindergartens of my city, in the evening in the kindergarten on the phone can only sit a teacher and a guard!

We must quickly go with the police, and with the outfit it is their duty to look for the phone.

And what if he writes. that there are no active devices? It’s clear that no. he’s lost.

Good afternoon! Can I have a little more detail about deleting all the information from the phone?
That is, in what cases is this possible? Is it necessary for the phone to be turned on, is it necessary for the phone to have an Internet connection at this moment?
And more interestingly, how can it be unlocked? Can they save settings and information? Thanks in advance for the detailed answer!)

Of course you need the Internet, or rather an active and verified account. There are several programs, I will soon add an article, this program, even after the phone is completely zeroed, retains the ability to search.

Valentine, lost a smartphone, on an account from Google, writes the date and time of the last Internet connection, and is it possible to look at the map where it was connected?

It should work, go to the service maybe displayed.

Good afternoon Valentine, can you help me find the phone?

Hello, what happened?

Hello, you wrote that there will be an article about it until full zeroing, you can find the phone. Tell me how? I came to visit a different region and lost my phone for 2 days, I called on it and no one picked up the phone. Then I found through Google account his location. Well, three did not become visible at all. Probably both SIM and account were deleted. I really need

Greetings, I wanted to, but the experiment failed, does not find, maybe it works on newer androids.

Valentine, in googol maps you can see an approximate route, the dots are blue red in time, what does the red dots mean?

Usually it’s a busy road and traffic jams, I don’t use Google maps, Yandex works more adequately.

Valentine, how easy is it to crack a smartphone protected by a graphic key and a fingerprint? In my case, the haomi is lost.

Only a full flashing will not help with a fingerprint. And so you can of course now a lot of information.

Hello, what is the name of the application itself to call from a computer?

Hello. There is a link in the article, or see other comments.

Tell me, the article says about a program with which you can call the androyd from a computer, even if the phone is silent. Tell me where to download this program and what it is called.

What exactly is needed?

Hello. A smartphone was stolen from me, I listened to your advice and went to Google account, found the whole family gadgets there and also stolen. while the phone was still with me. Explain what this means. please

Hello, it means geolocation was not turned on, or the phone is turned off.

And the Internet must be turned on on a stolen phone?

At least geolocation.

My geolocation was definitely turned on. I used the navigator and definitely didn’t turn it off. Does this mean that the phone has not been turned on yet?

Did you call him? If it is turned on and geolocation should also be found, provided that of course the Google account is configured on the smartphone.

Yes they called. but unfortunately the SIM card should have been immediately disposed of. it is unavailable. but the geolocation always worked for me, unless of course it was turned off. does this mean that the phone is turned off? And when it is turned on there will be an opportunity to detect it?

Perhaps, if it has not already been reset, in general, the android is not a particularly protected system from loss.

Thank you very much for your help.

Good afternoon, I click on the link. The FIND DEVICE window appears. and this window does not clean, I can not do anything. Although in the background I see my phones. How to remove this window?

Hello. Ahhh honestly I don’t know, I don’t have any window, just a list of phones and where they were at the last moment.

that is, if a person lost his phone. they found him. zeroed, then everything ?? do nothing. : shock:

In principle, yes, at and imey address if only, but only the police have such means, and even then they do not always help. It’s more difficult to find an Android, in terms of finding the iPhone certainly wins, there is its own network of products, and it’s not afraid of zeroing.

Hello, Valentin. Tell me, maybe you know something about finding Xiaomi phone. Your account there, like with an iPhone, in addition to Google. It shows one point on the map, but is it worth trusting? From the Google account, another point showed, the last exit to the network.

Hello, I didn’t hear about Xiaomi, but if they have their own security system, then this is cool, I think it’s worth checking.

Hello, I wanted to ask, if I use applications such as 2GIS, is this responsible for geolocation? And I did everything on Google items, but the lock action is still on boot.

Hello. Applications use their services, and are unlikely to help find a lost android. But wait for Google, refresh the page, yet the tool is free, so there may be crashes, but this is rare.

Good afternoon!
Tell me, is it possible to find the phone provided that it is not turned on, the battery is dead?

Hey. It is unlikely that it does not always turn on with it turned on.

Good afternoon, please tell me, if I lost it and according to your program it calculated the last location, I’ve restored the SIM card and there it’s old, is it possible to calculate it somehow

If not included, it is unlikely, according to emei, and then only to the police, but you yourself understand how much time it is.

the last time he was in touch 2 days ago avast I have not been installed there by email is possible and if so then please tell me how

At the address only in the authorities do not believe the deceivers on the network, it is useless

But how to find the phone if the jeepies and Wi-Fi are disabled on it, help me urgently

Is there a Google account tied to the phone?

Lost the phone on September a5, help me find.

He has already sat down for anyone. On the next phone, install according to my instructions all applications.

Thank you if you have a Google account and the settings in the phone are enabled to resolve the location, then it really works.

I lost my phone at home. I know exactly what is at home. In the evening she called and hoped that when I called him he would turn on and the light would be visible, but I couldn’t see anything, I searched everywhere and decided to look at the sites how to find him. I found a convenient way with sound but decided to call to check the charging; at the moment the phone was not found and in a rarefied state, what can help in this case?

Daria, hello, there’s nothing to look for. Unless of course you have good friends in the police who can track down at imei address.

Good evening. I send a request to block the phone from the Google site, but constantly writes. wait. Ie the request does not go into memory and does not remain there until the device first appears on the network? It turns out that the service only works online? Thanks in advance.

Greetings, it means that so far the device does not have Internet or geolocation enabled, the request remains inside the Android system in Google, but I don’t remember for how long.

Thank you very much, I was looking for a long time, in the end I found it on a washing machine. With the help of dialing