iPad Air 2 Screen Recording

Name of servicePrice, UAHTime
Diagnostics In rare cases, it can take up to several days, for example, after a short circuit on the board or after moistureIs freefrom 5 min.
Glass replacement (original LCD is retained)
Chips and cracks, display works
1099from 2 hours
Display replacement
Colored stripes appeared, the touchscreen does not work
2099from 2 hours
Battery Replacement
It quickly discharges, switches off spontaneously
Or reboots
14993 hours
Straightening, alignment of the body
The body is bent, scratched
from 100from 3 hours
Cleaning after moisture
After cleaning the fluid, a diagnosis is required.
From 399The price depends on the degree of damage to the device by moisture and the results of diagnostics.From 1 hour
Replacing the charge-sync connector
Not charging or not detected in iTunes
7992 hours
Headphone Jack Replacement
Does not respond to headset connection
3992 hours
HOME Button Replacement
HOME button malfunctioning or not working at all
3992 hours
Replacing the POWER Button
The lock / power button does not work
4992 hours
Silent Button Replacement
Button fails or fails
4992 hours
Replacing Volume Buttons
Buttons do not work or are pressed hard
4992 hours
Power Controller Replacement
It does not turn on, does not charge, does not hold a charge well
Specify1 day
USB controller replacement
Not charging, not detected in iTunes
Specify1 day
Replacing Touch Controller (Sensor)
The touchscreen does not work or works partially
Specify1 day
Polyphonic speaker replacement
Quiet sounds, no sound, wheezes
6992 hours
Microphone Replacement
There is no sound when using the camera or recorder
3992 hours
Replacing the main camera
The back camera does not work, blurry image, spots
7992 hours
Front Camera Replacement
Front camera does not work, blurry image, spots
6492 hours
Replacing Wi-Fi Antenna
Wi-Fi does not turn on; poor wifi / bluetooth reception
6992 hours
3G antenna replacement
Poor signal reception, network problems
699from 3 hours
Emergency software update and recovery
Shows Connect to iTunes, iPad Disconnected
449from 15 min.
Transfer or backup data
On a new tablet or on the service’s hard drive
from 249Price depends on the amount of information.From 20 min.
Create Apple ID (account)24910 min.
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iPad Air 2 Screen Recording

Ipad Air. Troubleshooting

At Royal-Service, along with other services, we are ready to offer you a quality and timely repair of iPad Air. Our company offers a wide range of services for the diagnosis, configuration, and repair of your device.

Work with glass / screen iPad Air

The display of the device has two components. The outer glass and the inner part, the so-called touchscreen. It should be noted that just the glass of the device is intended to protect the display from all kinds of damage, shock and scratches. Despite the limited and weak protection of the structural element, when it falls, it takes most of the damage itself, so there is always a chance that you only need to replace the glass of your iPad Air, which is less serious than in the case of the entire replacement display module.

You could also encounter more significant and serious damage to the screen, in which the display module fails completely, the tablet responds incorrectly, random movements appear on the screen or there is no response at all. Repairing and replacing the iPad Air screen is more complicated and requires more resources than in the case of glass, but there are no tasks that our service center specialists cannot handle.

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Ipad Air Battery Operations

For all the manifestations of improper operation or battery breakdown, namely, a decrease in operating time and accidental shutdowns of the tablet, the solutions to problems vary. So, in one case, disconnecting and reconnecting the battery will help, but in another. Ipad Air or a power controller cannot be replaced. To be sure of the reason and solution, bring your tablet to our diagnostic center. Our experts, using the necessary equipment, will determine the problem and the cost of repair, the time frame and, if necessary, will immediately begin to eliminate.

Ipad Air Recovery Work

Restoring a device after an unsuccessful attempt to upgrade firmware or make software changes is the most common reason for accessing such a service. Remember, if you do not know thoroughly all the features of the process, are going to engage in amateur activity. It is better not to make any attempts to update the tablet. Be wiser. Contact our service center for advice, where you will be helped not only by informing, but also by assisting in everything you want to do on iPad Air. It’s better to turn to professionals once than restore your device from time to time.

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Works with the iPad Air speaker

If the interlocutor’s voice is barely distinguishable, increasing the volume does not solve the problem, then, most likely, the tablet’s speaker failed. We will quickly and efficiently replace it. In some circumstances, another cause of the breakdown is a damaged cable (speaker and board connector).

A number of electronic elements are responsible for the operation of the audio channel on the iPad, and it is possible to determine which one has broken down only after a thorough analysis and diagnosis using specialized equipment. All this you can do at RoyalService.

Work with the iPad Air

In fact, the case is one of the most vulnerable places on your tablet. Like the glass of the screen, it is also subject to constant physical exertion, wear, friction and, as is often the case, shock. Falls and other mechanical influences, one way or another, force the owners, at one time or another, to contact our service center with a replacement housing.

Self-replacement of the case is not an easy procedure; it requires professional knowledge and equipment. For the average owner of the iPad, we strongly recommend doing without initiative. The lack of the right tool, details and, most importantly, the necessary experience and skill, usually ends with more serious problems.