Iphone Quickly Discharges What to Do

Iphone Quickly Discharges What to Do

If the phone starts to run out quickly, this does not mean that the battery is to blame. In 70% of cases, the user himself configured the device so that it consumes a lot of battery power. Of course, the battery may also be to blame, but for a start it’s worth trying to change the settings, as well as calibrate the device’s battery.

What to do if your smartphone is quickly discharging

There are many reasons why a battery runs out in a matter of hours. Now we will look at the most basic of them and see how they are eliminated.

Reason 1: Maximum brightness

Often, users do not hesitate to set the high brightness of the display of their device. However, you need to consider the larger it is, the higher the screen’s battery consumption. An acceptable level of brightness is 40-50%. In the latest version of Android, you can adjust the brightness from the curtain.

Reason 2: Many wireless modules activated

If the battery on your phone starts to run out quickly, you may have turned on mobile Internet, bluetooth, Wi-Fi and don’t turn it off. These modules are capable of decently landing a battery charge in a short period of time. You can disable them through the menu “Settings” your device or through the curtain, which is pulled by a finger from the top of the display.

Reason 3: Applications running in the background

Sometimes the guilty of why the phone on Android quickly began to run out of power are applications that work in the background and consume a charge. To find out which programs work in the background you need:

  1. Open menu “Settings”.
  1. Get down to the block “Device” and tap on the section “Applications”.
  1. There you need to drag your finger to the right until you find yourself in the section “Working”.
  1. Under the inscription: “Using RAM” all currently running programs will be. You need to click on the unnecessary and click “Stop”.

After this, the applications will stop functioning in the background, and the battery in standby mode discharges more slowly.

Reason 4: The charge is not displayed correctly

Incorrect calibration is a common reason why a new phone runs out of charge quickly. You need to calibrate the battery of your device, and for this:

  1. Fully discharge the battery so that the device turns off.
  2. Next, remove the battery for 10 minutes and reinsert it.
  3. Put the smartphone to charge for 8 hours (this is important).
  4. After this period of time has passed, you need to remove the smartphone from charging.
  5. Then you need to remove the battery and wait 10 minutes to insert it back.
  6. You can start the device, the battery is calibrated.

Reason 5: The power controller is out of order

Rarely, but still the power controller may break down and transmit incorrect readings to the system, thereby not all the charge will be used and the battery will slowly charge. What to do? In this case, you need to bring the smartphone to a service center to repair or replace the chip.

Reason 6: Update and firmware

Often, just after updating the device, the battery starts to run out quickly. Developers make a mistake. In this case, roll back if possible. Still unofficial firmware can also be poorly optimized and consume a lot of charge. Therefore, it is always better to use only stock firmware.

Reason 7: Viruses

Malicious applications are one of the reasons why the battery runs out, as they work in the background and constantly consume a charge. To check your phone for threats you need:

  1. Go to Google Play Market.
  1. In the search box enter Dr.Web and install the proposed application on your device.
  1. Run it and check your device for threats.
  1. After scanning and eliminating malware, you can uninstall the application.

Reason 8: Battery Wear

Over time, the battery begins to deteriorate, less charge and heat up. If you use it for about 3 years, it is worth replacing the battery with a new one.

Reason 9: Imbalance

Some devices from Samsung encountered such a problem when the battery capacity was not enough for the installed hardware. In this case, use portable batteries. Power Bank.

Useless recommendations

  • On the Internet, you can often find tips on using battery calibration applications, such as Battery Calibration. In fact, it is absolutely useless. Some claim that it helped, but these are isolated cases, and most likely the reason was not even that.
  • There is also a recommendation to use the Clean Master application to clean the device and optimize. This makes no sense, since all these programs consume a lot of charge and load the device. They are suitable if you need to clear the device’s memory, after which it is recommended to delete them.


That’s all. Now you know why the battery on the phone began to run out quickly. Of course, you can find a number of other reasons, but I highlighted the most basic of them. Use my recommendations and do not see any dubious advice on the Internet.

If you are the person who owns an iPhone 4s phone constantly carries a charger, selects a place at a table near an outlet, and says that the iPhone 4s is quickly discharged, then this article is for you.

We will tell you how to make your favorite gadget hold a charge for two, or even three days. Do not believe? Believe me, it is possible!

The most common reasons why a battery starts to quickly lose its charge:

  • Included geolocation services
  • Constant download mail;
  • Many applications work in the background;
  • The parallax effect works;
  • Screen brightness is at its maximum;
  • Constantly on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • Automatic download is enabled;
  • Spotlight works;
  • Automatic application update is enabled;
  • Airdrop function works;
  • Push notifications activated
  • ICloud services are running.

If you solve all of the above problems, then even an old and worn out battery will last long enough! What to do with each item will be described below.

Clean the device

IPhone 4s is a smartphone running iOS. This OS allows applications to run in the background. If you look from one side. There are a lot of opportunities. For example, you can play a game, then hide it, and then, when there is free time, continue to play. The same thing happens in applications.

But there is a negative side. Not all of course, but almost half of the application, even in stealth mode, continues to work actively, and, accordingly, eat the battery. As a result, the iPhone 4s discharges very quickly. The game is practically not concerned, but the program will have to be constantly closed.

The easiest way to clean your phone of all unnecessary. Use the program Phone Clean. She is able not only to remove software from the phone, but also to clean files that appeared during the work with the smartphone.

Location Services

Apple smartphones constantly ask for your location. Each program asks for access to it. Have you noticed this? Of course they did!

Almost everyone allows the software access to geolocation, but few people know that this thing drains the battery very much, as there are regular and frequent GPS requests. If the iPhone 4s began to discharge quickly, then the reason could be precisely in geolocation.

If you still need geolocation in applications, then set in the settings so that the request is made only when the application is turned on, and not constantly, even in the background.

Download mail

In some cases, the iPhone loads mail and displays messages about a new letter. If you really need it, you will have to sacrifice a few percent per day. If nothing urgent arrives in the mail, it is better to turn off this feature.

Apps in the background

Iphone 4s is a real smartphone, and almost all users use it to the maximum. Games, programs, applications of social networks. All this turns on and off throughout the day.

Few people thought that many programs work in the background, so they consume a good battery. We strongly recommend that you clean background applications.

To see their list, you need:

  • Press the Home button twice quickly.

Remember, apps in the background consume a lot of battery power.

Parallax effect

Parallax is a feature that can create the illusion of screen depth. Some simply did not like it, and some noticed that the battery started to run down much faster after updating the operating system. Experiments have confirmed that parallax affects the battery life of a smartphone.

Now let’s talk about how to disable it:

  1. Go to the iPhone settings;
  2. Select the item “Basic”;
  3. Then “Universal Access” and click on to reduce movement;
  4. After that, the screen will not have a 3D display. Outwardly not so beautiful, but the charge will save.

Screen brightness

In the menu that goes from the bottom there is a strip with brightness. Drag the slider to about the middle, and you will be comfortable using your smartphone in the afternoon. At night, the brightness can generally be lowered to a minimum level.

You do not use airplane mode

If only a few percent of the battery is left, and you do not need cellular communications, feel free to turn on airplane mode. This feature completely disables the cellular network (roughly speaking, now you have the iPod in your hands).

Mobile Internet

If Wi-Fi is at hand and you use it, it’s better to turn off mobile Internet. This is especially true for the included 3G network. Surfing the Internet with 3G can land a smartphone’s battery in just a few hours of use. Wi-Fi refers to the battery more sparingly.

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Turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, although a little, still drain the battery, especially if they are turned on at the same time. If you do not use these functions, it is best to disable them.

Automatic downloads

Automatic download is a useful function, which consists in the fact that everything previously purchased in Appstore and iTunes is loaded on the phone on a fully automatic machine. The function is certainly good, but if long-term battery life is more expensive for you, then it is best to turn it off.

Too much garbage in Spotlight

Spotlight is a feature that allows you to find files on your Apple device that meet your search criteria. This application constantly checks the file system of the phone for changes in it. If you rarely use it, we recommend that you completely disable it.

To disconnect you need:

  1. Go to settings;
  2. Click “basic”;
  3. Select Spotlight Search.

Application update

Updating application content greatly depletes the battery, especially if you have a lot of them. This feature appeared in the seventh version of iOS. The main feature is that the application receives updates even when it is not running.

In order to disable automatic updates, you must do these simple steps:

  1. Go to settings;
  2. Select the category “Basic”;
  3. Click on the “Update Content” item.

Airdrop Included

Airdrop is a technology that allows Apple users to share files between their devices using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The function is not very popular, some do not even know what it is, but nevertheless, in most cases, it is included. So why spend a charge on something that you don’t use?

What to do? To disconnect you need:

  1. Extend the curtain from the bottom;
  2. Click on the inscription Airdrop;
  3. Click on the inscription Off (or Off).

Push notifications

Push notifications are sound and text notifications about a missed call, message, updates, and so on. We advise you to disable them, or leave only the most necessary. How to disconnect? Everything is simple!

Just need:

  1. Go to settings;
  2. Open the “Notification Center”;
  3. Go into each application and turn off notifications.

By the way, turning off these notifications will save not only the battery charge, but also the nerves of the smartphone owner.

Turn off iCloud

ICloud is a service for storing personal data of people in the cloud. There you can keep music,s, photos, documents, contacts, mail, calendars and more. So, if you do not need all this, if the phone is used purely for communication, then you can safely turn it off.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for saving the charge, but we do not recommend using them all together, since the phone can turn into an incapable brick.

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If there is very little battery left, and there is no place to charge, then disconnect everything except cellular communication. If the battery is already old and worn out, then the integrated use of some of the tips described above will allow the smartphone to live from morning to evening without recharging.